Phoenix, or Nix as he preferred, left me upstairs in the library screaming in desire for sex. I got to work at eleven in the morning and didn't get off work until after eight that night. I groaned in misery thinking about what he was doing to himself at this point and what he will do to me tonight. I know I'm a virgin and have never ever done anything with another person, but the thought makes my imagination run wild. At several points through my shift, I had to go to the men's room to jack-off so as not to have this giant persistent hard-on protruding through my pants. After the second time, I had to force myself to calm down.

Finally, after hours of miserable but arousing fantasy playing in my mind, eight o'clock arrived and I was done for the day. I hurried outside and looked around eagerly for Nix. Sadly, I could not find him anywhere. My spirits drowned and despair filled my heart as I sulked all the way to my car. I put the key into the door and unlocked it when a pair of hands gently grabbed my waist and slowly and menacingly found their way into the sides of my jeans but fondling me on the outside of the boxer briefs I was wearing. I turned my head, and, sure enough, there was Nix in all his clothed glory. Staring deeply into my light blue eyes were his dark chocolate brown ones, peering into my soul. I felt the sadness leave my body once more.

"Thank God, I thought you'd never leave the building," Nix whispered into my ear, his hands still caressing my waist. His breath was intoxicating; spicy cinnamon toothpaste and chocolate. I inhaled deeply so as to savor his scent. My back was still to him, but I could feel the heat of his body. He was only centimeters from pressing his firm muscular frame against my own firm ass. I had the thought that I couldn't wait to get to wherever it was we were going and we were just going to tear off our clothes right here and fuck in the middle of the campus parking lot. To preserve my dignity, he opened my car door and guided me inside, then took the passenger seat next to me.

"I was scared you'd stood me up," I said. He laughed.

"I could never do that on purpose," he replied.

"So, where are we going; my place or yours?"

"I think your place would be great," he said, "Where do you live?"

"It's about fifteen minutes away and it's actually quite small, but it's quite comfortable for two people."

"It sounds like heaven." He made sure to be as seductive with his words as possible, but he could have said, "Drive, you prick!" and I would have obeyed willingly. Every sound, every move, even the way he looked when he was thinking was enough to send me spinning into infinity.

I drove the short distance to my house from the library, but tonight seemed exceptionally long because of what was about to take place. I was about to lose my virginity to a fabulously gorgeous hunk! Nothing at all could make my day better. This morning, I'm whacking off in the shower thinking about my dream guy, and then barely twelve hours later I'm moments from getting fucked in my tight, virgin chute by this perfect god of a man.

I pulled into the drive and parked the car inside the garage. The two of us got out and I prepared for the clothes to fall off. Instead, Nix wanted to take it slow and savor the moments. Grudgingly, I showed him the house. I had a one story house with a two car garage. I opened the door and we entered the living room. Most of the house was built on a foundation, but this room was originally the garage until the new garage was added on. Then, we went from my living room through the kitchen into the small study room I had in the next hallway. I guided him past the family room an empty guest room I used for when my friends got exceptionally drunk and passed out at parties, and then I showed him the room I planned on spending the night in with him: my room.

He stared in curiosity. It had white walls with milk chocolate trim on the walls and ceiling. Against the wall was my queen sized bed, messy from this morning. Now that I was looking around, it was actually quite messy.

The next thing I know he has his hands wrapped around my waist from behind and is hugging me in the most romantic way I have ever experienced (but that's not much, mind you). This time, he kept his soft powerful hands outside on my clothes, softly pressing his warm crotch against the small of my back, just above my cheeks, and breathing softly in my ear and on my neck. It was the most erotic thing I could only dream about before. He moved his hands to start massaging my body; gracefully moving from waist to shoulders to abs to my pecs and then taking extra care to graze my hardening nipples. I could feel my stiff cock trying to break through the fabric of my briefs and jeans.

Nix turned me around swiftly, placed one hand on my back and the other on my tender cock, and pulled me into a passionate kiss. His lips seemed to match mine perfectly. I couldn't keep myself still. I started moving my hands to start my own search of his body. He was flawless; sturdy body, hairless, tall, and succeeding in the attempt to get laid. By now, his tongue and mine were massaging each other's and the only thing you could hear in the room was the shuffling of hands on clothes, desperately clawing at the flesh beneath its surface, and the clear sucking sound of two men making out.

This went on for about ten minutes, driving me absolutely insane with lust, but Nix seemed to be enjoying it, I guess. I felt him reach up my shirt and start playing with my soft sensitive skin. I lifted my shirt over my head and let him have a better look at what he had ahold of. He gazed greedily at my chest and swooped down into the nape of my neck where he kissed the hollow where my collar bone is and then, moving up to my ears and licking and nipping the lobes and occasionally blowing ever so softly into it, sending my arousal skyrocketing. My nipples nearly hurt from him twisting and playing with them. I forced his shirt off of his back and rolled him over so that I could get a look at him in the fading summer light. He was better than I could have hoped for; beyond perfect. His abs were clearly defined and there were two manly pecs on each side of his body. I could feel Nix's cock rising steadily as I kissed his body. Slowly but surely, I made my way down to his abs, then his belly button, then his waist, only to be thwarted by those damned pants, again. I quickly unbuttoned the jeans he was wearing and yanked them off completely and threw them somewhere in the room. He was wearing a pair of boxers that seemed a bit smaller than they needed to be, but I could totally see his gigantic bulge where his erect cock was waiting to be discovered.

I placed my mouth on the outline of his dick and let my tongue tease him a bit. I heard him gasp in surprise, but I knew he was hoping for more. His boxers were stained with traces of pre-cum. I tasted it and I was overwhelmed with saltiness and slight sweetness. Finally, I pulled off his boxers. There, inches from my mouth was the monster that I wanted to tame. From the tip of his penis I could see the pre-cum flowing like a river. I gladly licked it up and began feeling his pulsing cock in my hand. I let my lips graze over him while my right hand began to give him a soft hand-job. I spent years imagining how this moment would turn out, but this was nowhere near the top of the list of possibilities (in a good way, I assure you). I moved my hand to his balls and started massaging them instead.

"Oh... Yeah. Fuck!" He moaned.

If this was the start, it will only get better. I listened to his moans some more as my mouth continued to touch him. He had to have at least ten inches of man meat. His cut cock made me want to cum right then and there, but I somehow resisted the urge.

"You have a big one," I said. And with that, I opened my mouth and descended on the huge dong before me.

"Holy fucking shit!!" He yelled. His cock tasted so good. I was slightly lubed up with his pre-cum so it wasn't a difficult thing to start doing. I started salivating and let my spit cover him. Moving my head, slowly, up and down, I started making slurping noises, which seemed to make Nix shiver with anticipation. My tongue massaged him uncontrollably and unpredictably. I was hungry for this beautiful man and I was going to savor him. He grabbed the back of my head and guided me all the way down his thick shaft. I was about three-fourths down when I started to gag. I fought it, though, and let him enter my throat fully. When my nose reached his belly, and my chin on his balls, he let out this amazing grunt of pleasure that satisfied something inside me that I had not known existed.

While I was sucking him off, I twisted my head so that I could taste his cock at every angle. He was moaning so loud I thought that my neighbors would hear. Suddenly, Nix sat up and let his hand explore my back while I tried to finish him off. He massaged my back softly and gently made his way down to my jeans. He slid a hand underneath the jeans and boxer briefs I had on and started massaging my ass cheeks. His hands were so smooth and firm.

I felt his dick start to twitch. He was about to cum. Excited to taste him, I started moving faster and faster; my head almost a blur. I took my mouth off, moved my right hand to give him a hand-job finale. My hand moved so fast, I could barely see it.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH, SHIT!!!" Nix was howling with ecstasy. My tongue was playing with his dick hole and within a matter of ten seconds, torrents of cum were splashing inside my mouth. Before I lost my chance, I placed my mouth on top of him, again, and let him fill my mouth. Amazingly, he kept cumming, and my mouth overflowed with his semen.

"Oh, my God," He moaned. His breathing was fast and heavy and his cock was softening. "Give me a second; I was not... prepared for that." He sighed and panted for about ten more seconds. Then, he lifted his body and kissed me again.

"So that's what I taste like?" He teased. I smiled and let him take control of my body.

Then I felt something hardening on top of my own stiff dick. "Holy fuck, I'm hard again! That hasn't happened in quite a while."

I smiled, proud of myself for turning him on so much.

"You want me inside you, don't you?" He could sense my desire immediately.

"Yes, fuck me 'til we cum."

He smiled. He did what I did to his body; kissing, licking, et cetera. Unprepared for this moment, he suddenly pulled off my pants and briefs with no problem whatsoever and dove onto my cock. His tongue flickered back and forth and his head moved up and down.

"Oh my God... Oh my God... Oooooohhhhhh!" I was about to cum all over him. Then he stopped.

"I don't want you to cum just yet, virgin."

"Is it that obvious?" I asked.

"Quite." Smiling again at me, he flipped me over so that my ass was up. He moved his mouth from my shoulder blades down to the beginning of my crack. He took his firm hands and played with my cheeks like they were dough. He spread them apart and moved his mouth to my pucker and started to give me my first rim job. His hot, wet tongue tickled me as he swept over my anus.

"I can't take it anymore," I moaned, on the brink of orgasm, "Fuck me... Fuck me!!"

"You asked for it." He started playing with himself to get him fully hard, again. Thankfully, it only took about ten or fifteen seconds.

"Wait," I said, forgetting I didn't have a condom anywhere, "Do you have a rubber?"

"No, but I can guarantee I don't have diseases."

I was so close to cumming I didn't care at this point. "Okay, but I will hunt you down and kill you myself if end up with some disease." This only made him smirk and chuckle.

"Then, I have nothing to worry about." He took his firm dick in his hand and began teasing my boy-pussy. He pressed against it and penetrated me. I gasped in pain as the shock took me, but his cock was still extremely lubed up with his cum so it could have been worse. I relaxed myself as he slowly pushed himself into me. His throbbing cock felt so... different, but in a good way; in a very erotic and arousing good way. It felt like there was no end to him when he had just gotten all of himself pushed in. I could feel the shaved skin of his crotch touch my cheeks. Next, he began to pull out slowly, but shoved himself back in. He repeated the process of in and out; each time getting faster. Eventually, he was brutally fucking me. His cock was a raging hot monster inside me. My asshole was starting to get tender to every slight movement. Something inside of me (not him I don't think) told me that he was only toying with me again.

And I was right. He was ramming me with full force. At the end of each of his thrusts, I could feel him grazing my prostate, making me buck on the bed, and making me moan for more. After enduring his intense fuck strokes, I could hear him grunting and moaning again. I was dying from ecstasy and only wanted it to continue, but I could feel cum building up at the base of my cock and preparing to shoot everywhere.

"Oh, fuck... Oh, fuck... Oh, fuck! I'm cumming!!" He barely had time to give me warning before his cock was shooting yet another strong load inside me. He must have hit my prostate at the right moment because as he was letting loose inside me, cum was shooting everywhere like a machine gun in war. My body collapsed on my pool of semen, and Nix had collapsed on top of me; his cock still semi-hard, but softening. His breathing was heavy and loud just like mine.

"I can't believe you were a virgin," he gasped, "That was, by far, the best sex I've had in years."

I could only sigh in agreement. I couldn't yet form actual words. That was the best orgasm I have ever had, and probably will ever have. We slipped beneath the covers of my bed and I rested my head on his glistening chest. He wrapped his strong arms around me while we both slipped into a blissful sleep.

"I love you," he whispered.

I woke up from a dreamless sleep to find my bed empty of Nix. I know that what happened wasn't a dream because of the clothes all over the floor and my pucker being extremely sensitive. I slipped out of bed, still naked, and found me a robe. I slipped it on and only folded it over myself. I found Nix standing in the kitchen with his boxers on and making something on the stove.

He must have heard me coming because he didn't even turn around when he asked me how I slept.

"I don't think I've ever slept that good," I said, grinning in satisfaction.

"Good," he replied. "What are those books you have on the counter?"

My heart dropped. I forgot to put away the family tomes from the other night. Shit! Why did I have to be so lazy when it came to putting certain things away? I tried to scramble for an answer, but no words were forming in my head. There was no way to avoid the truth without it being obvious, so I told him the truth.

"My family has descended from one of the families that lived around Salem before the Witch Trials," I explained, "These are all of our family's spells, potions, remedies, and other stuff that I found at my grandparent's house. Why do you ask?"

"Did any of them work?" He was now facing me, his morning stiff cock taunting me.

"Um... well, no. I was told our family had lost our power and we were just mortals now, but I found a page marked to bind and unbind powers. I tried to unbind our powers, but I don't think it worked." I couldn't tell how he felt about this. Like I said, Indiana is not very accepting of other beliefs, so he couldn't be thinking very good thoughts about me.

Finally, he sighed, "I have a secret, too. And since you've been honest with me and made me experience what no one else has ever been able to give me, I think it only fair to share it with you."

"Okay," I couldn't hide the anxiety in my voice.

"My family comes from... far away; far to the South."

"Like... Cuba South or like South America?"

"A lot farther, actually." He took a hesitant breath, "My parents and family, are demons; from hell. They- we- are succubus'."

I couldn't believe this. What the hell?! If this man is actually a demon, what are the possibilities that I actually am a witch? Or sorcerer or whatever you want to call it?

"You're a demon?" I breathed heavily.

"Wait," he pleaded, "I'm different. I swear."

"That's what demon's do, lie," I retorted.

"If I wasn't different, I wouldn't have tried to meet you. A Succubus is supposed to attract the opposite sex and feed of their prey's hormones. Female Succubus' feed on mortal men's testosterone; Male Succubus', estrogen. It's how we reproduce. But I don't want to be with women."

"So, it's unheard of for creatures like you to change and pursue others of the same sex," I asked coldly.

"Not just unheard of but impossible. No Succubus has ever changed their feeding habits."

"So how are you surviving?" My curiosity was rising. I did know what a Succubus was but never thought they existed.

"My body produces something that keeps me alive whenever I have sex, but I don't know what it is."

"So was I just your survival kit, or did you mean it when you said, 'I love you?'" I don't know what it was that made me so upset. I was falling in love with him after barely twenty four hours. It is not what I do. Maybe it was because he was making me fall for him.

"How do I know that I'm not under your demonic influence? How can I be sure that everything I feel right now is because it's my feelings and not you're power influencing me?" I asked.

"You don't know right now," he replied, "but if you'd like to take some time to think about this, I can leave and you can call me when you know how you feel about this situation."

I considered his offer. Something inside me wanted to attack him and do everything in my power to make him suffer. Another part of me wanted to jump into his arms and kiss him. While yet another part of me didn't know what to feel; just jumbled up emotions and total confusion. I came to the conclusion that it would probably be better for both of us if I analyzed this before I acted. I hated logic sometimes.

"Fine," I growled, "get out." He walked cautiously across the room and back into my room. I waited impatiently while he got his clothes on as fast as he could. While he was waiting, I called a taxi to come pick him up so I didn't have to drive him. He left his cell number on the table before closing the door behind him.

Once he was gone, I couldn't feel any change in my emotion. So instead of moping about, I decided to pour over my newly acquired books once more. I got through two volumes that told how to heal various sicknesses, how the illnesses worked, and how to cast curses to inflict the wicked with boils or some kind of rash. The other was much more interesting. The pages were filled front and back with labeled diagrams of creatures; each indicating what body parts were used for what spell. About halfway through this particular book, I came across a ritual that would force the truth out of people for twenty-four hours.

"I wonder..." I murmured. It told me everything I needed. Dog's Tongue (plant not animal), Ginger Root (I still had some left over from the other night), Poppy Seed (there's some in the cabinet), and Bones of a Cat. That would be a problem. I can't just kill a cat for its bones. I guess I could call her again, I asked, she might know where I could find cat bones without killing a cat. I picked up my cell and called the local witch.

"Mina, it's Troy," I said, "I was wondering if you could tell me where to get my hands on cat bones without killing a cat."

"Troy Richards," she replied, "are you casting a truth spell? What's made you so interested in the Craft?"

"If it satisfies your curiosity, yes, I'm casting a truth spell, and you know as well as I do that my family settled here after being in Salem." She inquired more and more about the truth I wanted to discover. The further she pried, the more I found it harder to avoid telling her about Nix. She finally relented and said she would be over in a few hours with a cat skull (apparently they worked best for truth spells).

While I was waiting for Mina to show up, I decided to clean up a bit. By 2:15 that afternoon, I had cleaned my kitchen, washed all of my laundry, dusted the wood furniture and TV, vacuumed, and swept and mopped bathrooms.

Mina still hadn't shown up so I decided to think about last night. Nix had shown up out of nowhere and had thrown himself at me. After he left, I was thinking on my own and all I wanted was him to come back and do it with me in stacks of the library. Then I felt depressed and abandoned when I didn't see him when I had left the building. Could it be possible that this demon has actually gone rogue and is doing what he wants instead of what his 'family' wants? I have, so why does it sound so impossible and crazy?

What about what I felt when he was around? I was overwhelmed with ecstasy and happiness when I looked at his body, even when it's clothed. I felt warmth and acceptance when I was alone with him and when the two of us talked and when we didn't. When we had sex, I experienced everything good the universe had to offer and more. There was nothing about last night I regretted. Maybe I should just call him...

Mina had arrived and was knocking on the door. When I answered the door, she was staring at me intently.

"Why hello there," she said.

"Hi," I replied, "You have the skull?"

"Yes, and I have decided to help you cast it."


"The truth spell you are thinking of casting needs more than one witch to get it to work even a little bit, and you need fresher and more potent herbs." She had a bag of all sorts of plants in her hand. "All I need to know is who you plan on using this spell on."

"No one," I lied, "I just wanted to test it out."

"One witch can't lie to another, Troy," she replied, "What's his name?"

I was petrified. "Phoenix. I met him yesterday at work and he told me a secret of his and I want to know a bit more."

"There's more. What else?"

"He's a Succubus." Her expression went from pensive to fear. Her eyes started bulging and all the color from her face vanished. Her breathing became shallow and she was swaying where she stood.

"Mina, are you alright?" I asked.

"You found a Succubus and you want to bed it?!"

"Well... it's a bit late for that," I whispered to myself, but not quietly enough.

The color rushed to her face and she was now red, almost purple. "What are you talking about?" She said in a dangerous tone.

"Well, he's different. This is a male Succubus that's gone rogue. All he needs to do to survive is to have sex."

She laughed, "You are so naïve. Do you-?" She stopped herself before she said the next thing. "Did you say 'he'?"

"Yes. That's what I mean by different."

"Something's not right. I'll still help you cast this spell if you do me a favor."


"Find out what he is and what he's after, because it's our duty as witches to purge this world of black magic and evil practices that hinder the growth of our people."

"Deal," I spoke before I thought what that could entail.

"Draw a pentacle in white chalk, put blue candles on each of the points and light them, and I'll start the brew. You still have some ginger root left from the other night?"

"Yeah, it's in the fridge," I replied. She started boiling a small amount of water and began cutting and peeling different plants. I left her in the kitchen and went to get every candle in my house. I found two in the living room on a table, one in the kitchen, and one in my room.

"Mina, I'm short one blue candle so I'm going to run to the dollar store and pick one up," I said.

"Hurry up. This isn't supposed to sit and stew. And don't screw any demons while you're out." She smiled to herself.

I lived around the corner from a Family Dollar general store so I walked there. Along the way I found myself thinking of Nix again. I think I'll call him tomorrow and fix this problem. I walked into the store to find they shuffled the store. Thankfully I found the candles were moved only to another shelf parallel to the one it resided on previously. I grabbed a blue, scented candle from the shelf and was startled when another man spoke to me.

"'Mountain Pine,'" the deep voice said, "good choice." This man had to be a hallucination; he was too flawless not to be. He had dark silky black hair that had a messy, tousled look to it. His eyes were black like the night and they were colder than they should be. That's when I noticed his pale skin. His skin was so milky white it was almost blinding. He had long legs and stood about 6'4". His arms had the appearance of sledge hammers; large and destructive. His hands, however, looked smooth and firm; untainted from the trials of life. He wore a pair of jeans with a charcoal colored shirt that made him look even paler. He smiled, noticing I was stunned by his comment. Then I saw them; the row of teeth that resembled a sharks; long, pointed, and deadly. This man was a predator; a vampire.

Fear filled my chest as I gazed knowingly into the killer's eyes. He smelled of spearmint, cloves, and something that resembled cologne or aftershave. Looking back, I think it was just his pheromones, and man were they seductive. His eyes kept me hypnotized while I took my own sweet time responding.

"Thanks," I finally sputtered out, "I, uh, needed it for my kitchen. My roommate is an awful cook." I was lying through my teeth. I had no roommate, and the kitchen never smelled horrible. I hardly ever burned anything I made.

He laughed. "Funny."

"Thanks," I said, "I really have to go. I think she's trying to make soup and I don't trust her with fire."

"If I hear a siren, I'll try and find you," he replied. I left him in the candle aisle and felt him staring at my ass. I smiled a little before remembering what he is. Vampires, like demons, are extremely dangerous beings. They only mate with humans, who they turn into other vampires, and love hunting. Some vamps like the hunt more than the blood, others preferred the taste. I did know a little about vampires and their habits, but never claimed to be an expert. I only knew he was a vampire because of this energy I felt radiating off of him.

I didn't even realize I left the store until I found myself sitting in my car, engine off, mesmerized by the vamp. Fuck, I thought. I went inside and found Mina finishing the setup. I handed her the candle and watched her put it on the last point of the pentacle that was drawn on my counter.

"Troy?" She asked, "Are you okay? Did you run into him again?"

"No," I murmured, "but I found a vampire stalking me in the store."

Her face blanched. "A vampire; are you sure?"

"Yes, he had this black, intimidating energy and when he smiled I saw a row of sharp pointed teeth. Not the two fangs that descend like in movies, but like shark teeth waiting to come down and rip out someone's throat."

"We'll deal with this later," she said, fear dominating her voice, "we need to cast this spell first." I walked over to her and she held out the cat skull. The potion on the counter was emitting white smoke, but was odorless.

"When we finish reciting the spell, add the skull to the brew and the spell is complete. Anyone you ask a question to will be forced to respond with the truth. Ready?" We began the rhyme.

For those who want the truth revealed

Hidden thoughts and secrets unsealed

Let this spell weave the truth

Cold hard answers given to you

I placed the skull in the concoction and watched as a bombardment of smoke filled the room. I inhaled from surprise and my lungs were filled with the smoke. I coughed and opened the windows and let the smoke escape.

"That could've gone better," I said.

"Well, that was the most successful truth spell I've ever seen."

"How can you tell?" I asked.

She looked at me. "Ask me anything."

"How can you tell what I'm doing when we are on the phone and you are miles and miles away?"

"The witch's third eye can See who they speak to, even though not all witches are accomplished at this I have the supernatural gift of Prophecy which also allows me to see who I speak to even though I'm not there." She looked at me, the truth sinking in from her words.

"Were you not supposed to tell me that?"

"No," she was scared, I could tell, "The spell definitely worked. I've never told anyone about my powers. Do you have any?"

"None that I know of," I replied.

She paused, "Call your demon. You'll get your answer, whether you like it or not. Then we need to deal with the vampire when you're finished."

She left and I did as she told. I called Nix on his cell and he picked up. Instead of doing this over the phone, I invited him back over to talk. Before he arrived, I had restored the kitchen to its previous appearance.

"So," he started, "what'd you decide?"

"I have a question or two for you."

"Fair enough, ask away." He looked deep into my eyes. I could tell he wanted me. I wanted him badly, too. I suddenly remembered our night together; making out in my room and the clothes falling off, and the amazing blowjobs and the tenderness of my asshole this morning.

"Why do you need me?" I asked.

"Other than for survival, I need you... emotionally. I don't understand it but I feel... something when I'm with you. And I've never felt that way around anyone, and I want to know what it is."

"Did you mean it when you said, 'I love you'?" I asked. If he was going to say yes, then I was going to tackle him to the ground, wrestle off his clothes and let him fuck me like there's no tomorrow. I impatiently waited for his reply. It seemed to last an eternity before any sound came out of his mouth. I looked at the clock and he took almost five minutes to say one word. For what I had in mind if I got the answer I wanted, I was getting ten shades of shitty with the waiting.

"I don't know." My heart stopped. "Demons don't feel, but if this is love then I think I would prefer being human over demon."

That started my heart again. I think I could take that answer.

"That's not what I wanted to say," he said, "It's the truth, but how did that happen?"

"I cast a truth spell." I blurted out. My hands flew to my mouth and shock filled my eyes.

He was mad for a moment, but then understood why I did it. "It's okay, I get why you did."

I hung my head in shame. I think I should have trusted him. I don't know why, but casting this spell was a violation of some kind of trust. I felt his warm hands on my chin, lifting it up.

"What's wrong?" He asked concerned with the way I looked.

The truth spell kicked in. I asked questions, I got the answer. Someone else asked the question, I give the truth. "I feel like I violated your trust in me." My eyes started to water. I haven't cried or sobbed at anything since my parent's divorce. I was shocked with myself. I NEVER cried about anything unless it was extremely intense physical pain, never anything emotionally painful. One of the family traits I guess I inherited was the ability to suppress emotions and act happy.

He took my face in his hands and pressed his lips on mine. Again, they fitted themselves perfectly on my own and I felt the spark. I lost it after that. My eyes let loose a torrent of water like never before. My eyes were closed and I didn't realize I was in a ball of water. My tears had become baseball sized and were flooding the house! I let my sadness creep over me and fill me up. The isolation was unbearable. I just wanted to be with Nix once more.

Why am I so upset? He's here in front of me; I can have him.

"Troy," He yelled, "what's going on?"

I ceased the crying and the water immediately retreated back into my body, leaving the kitchen like it was never there. Once I was back to normal (whatever that was), I was cold as ice. Nix rushed forward and wrapped his arms around my freezing body and took to the shower. He turned the water on a cool temperature and said he'd heat it up as I got warmer. I never did anything to thwart him. I let him strip off my clothes and lift me into the tub. I was still shivering but the water was so soothing. Part of me wanted to get out and leave because I could still feel the power the water had on me.

"Relax," Nix whispered. He was sitting next to me, shirtless. This was what I needed; hot guy stripping me and putting me in a bath of warm water and sitting in front of me. I did as he said, regardless of my anger at myself, and slid into the water. I could feel the warmth entering my body and I felt almost completely revived. I even started to get a hard-on. I tried to hide it, but Nix pushed me back down.

"It's okay," he said, "you're okay." His eyes filled with sympathy and reached in to kiss me again. I let him. He must have put some kind of oil in the tub because he was stroking my cock with one hand and moving his other along my chest. I felt so horny, again. I kissed back harder this time, trying to prove I'm not dependent.

"Just let me take care of you." I did as I was told and relaxed into his hands. My cock was throbbing from his strokes in the oily water. He had removed his pants and boxers and was now in the shower with me. I stood up as he entered and the water was falling on my back as he continued to kiss and masturbate me. I moaned softly as he was hitting every sensitive spot that made me want to cum.

"Having sex with a succubus is one of the best pleasures you'll ever experience." I heard him whisper in excitement. I felt him go down to my chest as he sucked on my nipples. I closed my eyes and felt the heat of the water running down my backside and into my crack while Nix tried to get me off. I looked down and saw that he was semi-hard as well. He moved his mouth further down and began sucking my cock. It was as fantastic as last time if not better; his hot mouth moving slowly and quickly down my shaft. His hands were massaging me once more. I felt his right hand reaching around and searching for my hole. His left hand was gently, yet aggressively, pulling on my balls.

His right hand finally found my orifice and he inserted a finger inside me.

"Oh!!" I moaned/screamed. I was still sensitive surprisingly and he chuckled-still giving me head- at my gasp. My breathing quickened and I was close to cumming. Nix could feel the shift in my body and got more aggressive with his head and tongue. He moved at a rapid pace, and when he moved his mouth to the crown of my penis he let his hand move along it; giving me complete and absolute pleasure from him.

"Oh, shit. Oh shit!" I moaned once more. I felt my body stiffen as I unloaded gobs of my semen into his mouth. I guess he didn't think I'd have that much because he didn't swallow and his mouth overflowed with cum. He turned me around and started eating me out.

"God fucking damn it!!" I yelled. I was hard again. I reached down to jack off but found that Nix was taking care of me, again. I let him do as he pleased. His tongue was exploring the rim of my anus when I moaned and blasted the wall with more cum. Then, Nix had been jacking off and had started to slowly fuck me in my ass as I finished cumming the second time. He was a few pumps into me when I was hard for the third time! I've never had a multiple orgasm, but I liked it now. He was fiercely pounding my ass when I felt his hand slam on my cheek. I had both arms and was leaning on the wall with my legs spread wide, for maximum penetration. I could feel cum slipping down the inside of my legs. He clearly spat my cum that was in his mouth on his dick and was using it as lube. I was so blind with ecstasy that nothing mattered to me anymore.

"I'm coming," he whispered into my ear. I moved my hand to my own dick and began to jack off vigorously.

"Oh, fuck. Oh, FUCK!!" I felt him stiffen his body against my own and, his cock thrust inside me to the hilt, release his sperm inside. With that, I came for the third and final time. The water was still hot and pouring down my back when Nix pulled out of me, twitching from sensitivity. I turned around, my legs weak, and kissed him the best I could.

"Thank you," I said, tears in my eyes once more.

The next day, I was getting out of my car at the library and found myself face to face, again, with the vampire I met at the store. He registered my fear and moved before I took a step. Apparently the myths about vampires having heightened senses were not myths at all, and the bit about them bursting into flame in the sun was a lie, too. He wore sunglasses to shield his sensitive eyes, but other than that he was unperturbed.

"Hi," he spoke as if we were best friends.

"Hi," I replied cautiously.

"I never introduced myself. I'm Doctor Nicholas Perry."

"Troy." Of course he would be a doctor, there's blood involved. "What do you want? I know what you are."

"I'm aware. You get scared when you see me and try to run. I smell it," he explained, "I want you to come with me." His eyes had a dark green iris around them I hadn't noticed. He either needed to feed or had fed and was in total control. The latter seemed unlikely.

"And what can I do for you, Dr. Perry?" No sooner had I asked him the question he had the back of my head in his hand and pulled my lips to his. Lust took me and I found myself enthralled in his scent of spearmint, cloves, and cologne-scented pheromones.

"You can let me fuck you, witch," he replied.

To Be Continued...



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