From the age of sixteen, I knew I had more interest in guys sexually instead of girls, but I didn’t know how to act on it.  It was all new to me.  My mother had been killed in an accident when I was young and my dad worked hard to provide for the two of us. As I grew older, the feelings became stronger and stronger.

Then, as a senior in high school, I discovered more that I had expected.  At the age of seventeen, my father needed a bone marrow transplant and when I volunteered to donate, I was suddenly turned down.

The doctors had said that since I was his son, I should be an excellent match.  However when testing was done, I was told that after examining both his and my DNA, there was no way I could be his son.  

I didn’t understand, since he was the only father I ever knew.  He and mom had married young and I was born only five months after they married.  I was never told anything to dispute that until now.  I graduated from high school and a week later I turned eighteen.  My dad  was critical and wasn’t expected to live long.

Three weeks later he passed and when his will was read, I was the sole beneficiary and was given a sealed letter that appeared to be quite old.

Alone in what was now my house, I sat and opened the envelope.  It was from my mother and as I began reading I learned more that I really wanted to know.

It turned out that, at fifteen, my mother became pregnant by a fellow student just before his family moved out of state.  My “dad” agreed to marry her and be a father to her unborn child. According to the letter, no one knew anything different.  I always knew she was young when I was born but never really thought anything about it.  The only thing I hated, was that mom never once mentioned my real father’s name.  The only thing I knew was that he was not quite fifteen when my mother got pregnant.

My dad’s younger brother was in his mid twenties and agreed to help me handle the estate.  He was single and moved in with me  to give me ‘companionship’ as he put it.

He often went around the house wearing only a pair of briefs and I loved looking at his body.  I started doing the same and he would make comments about what a nice build I had and how good looking I was.

Then, one afternoon, with both of us in briefs, he came up behind  me and said that he ‘loved’ me. and as he did, he wrapped his arms around me and I suddenly felt his cock pressing against my body and it was steadily getting harder.  Immediately, my own cock began to stiffen and I turned to face him and as I did, our hard cocks pressed together and he looked into my eyes and leaned forward and kissed me, slipping his tongue into my mouth as I had done to some of the girls I had dated.

Immediately, shock waves of pleasure flooded my body and I eagerly kissed him back.  The next thing I reme3mber in detail was the two of us in my bed, both naked, fondling each others cocks as we kissed.  Then, he suddenly slid lower in bed and I felt his hot wet mouth encase my hard cock and I loved it.  It was much better than jerking off, and when I climaxed, I watched as he took it all and swallowed.

After another kiss, without any hesitation, I did the same to him and found that I totally enjoyed the experience.  From that day on, we lived nude and shared the same bed and had sex several times a day when possible.  He introduced me to the pleasures of anal sex, both in giving and receiving.

Within six months, I was totally into men, both orally and anally.  I lived in a small town and finding sex with another male was not easy to do without the entire town finding out.  I sold the house and the hardware store dad had left me and moved to a larger city across the state.

I enrolled in college and found a small house to rent and settled in.  I soon learned the best places to find males into the same thing that enjoyed, and when I wasn’t in school or working, I looked for sex.

Then, one afternoon, I was discussing the lessons with my economics instructor and asked if he knew who I could find to tutor me to bring up my grades.

“Mark, if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll tutor you.  Faculty members are prohibited from tutoring their own students, but I like you.”

Mr. Sims was only thirty-two, and extremely nice looking with a nice build.  I liked him in more ways than one, secretly wanting to get him in bed.  He was single and liked by everyone, both other staff and the students.

I began going to his house three times a week and always after dark, to hopefully keep his tutoring secret.  On a Wednesday, two months after the tutoring started, we had become extremely comfortable being around each other and I decided to push the limits of our relationship.

As we sat side by side at his dining table going over some work, he was on my right and as we discussed the lesson, I casually placed my right hand on his left thigh.

He squirmed slightly and stammered while talking, but didn’t mention anything about where my hand was.   However, as I slowly slid my hand higher, I suddenly felt his rock hard cock against my hand.

As I placed my hand around it as much as possible and squeezed, he said, “Mark, I think it best that you stop.  You shouldn’t be doing this.”

When  alone, I was now calling him Tom, and asked, “Tom, it seems to me that you are enjoying it.”

“Mark,” he began, “you have no idea how much I am enjoying it and wanting to do the same to you, but it’s not right.  I’m your instructor.”

“So? Aren’t you allowed to have a private life?”

“Yes, but not with a student,” he replied.

“Can’t you forget this student-instructor shit for a while?” then blurted out, “I want to have sex with you, even if you don’t reciprocate.”

“Mark, I would love it, but if anyone finds out, I would be ruined and my career as a teacher would be over.”

“Tom, no one will find out, because neither of us will say anything.  Follow your inner yearnings.”

He looked at me for a moment as I continued to rub his hard cock through his slacks, then suddenly reached over and began rubbing mine as we leaned toward each other, soon kissing passionately.

After a short yet passionate kiss, he stood up and after taking my hand led me to his bed room.  Standing next to his bed, we began undressing each other as we again kissed, sucking each others tongues.

Moments later we lay totally naked on his bed caressing each others body with our hands and tongue.  As I slid lower and began sucking his beautiful, long cock, he stopped me and flipped into a sixty-nine and we hungrily began devouring each others cock, working to receive the thick creamy reward.

Minutes later, we climaxed simultaneously, swallowing each others load without any hesitation, followed by a long hot kiss.

As we lay cuddled together, my head on his shoulder and his arm around me, he said, “Mark, you have no idea how long I have wanted to do that with you, even if you hadn’t reciprocated.”

“Tom, the feeling is mutual and tonight I had to risk it, hoping you wouldn’t throw me out.”

Holding me tighter, he said, “Would you like this to be part of each tutor lesson?”

“Definitely!  This and more,” I replied.

“More?” he asked.

“Oh, yes.  I want you to fuck me  and feed me your piss as well as your cum.”

“Damn, it’s been so long since I found anyone into water sports.  I love it, both giving and receiving.”

“So do I,” I said, “so it’s obvious that we are meant to have sex together.”

That Friday, he went to a small motel on the edge of town and after getting a room, called me and asked me to join him.  I did and besides sucking each other and eating each others loads that weekend, we also drank from each others cock, ate and fucked each others ass.

Sex on Monday and Wednesday during tutoring and weekends together at the motel became the norm, and after about three months, I began to question him about how and when he started with men.

He said he was in his teens and after fucking his first pussy, he moved and was later seduced by a neighbor when he was seventeen.  

I asked how he liked fucking a pussy and he said that he and the girl were both virgins but it was enjoyable.

“That was over in Titusville.  Sue and I had fooled around with me fingering her pussy and her jerking my cock.  It was fun, but fucking her was awesome.  A month later my dad was transferred with his job and I never saw her again.”

My heart raced when he said he was from Titusville, and the girl he fucked was named Sue.  I was from Titusville and my mom’s name was Sue.

Trying to remain calm, I said, “I lived in Titusville for a while. What was Sue’s last name?”

“Miller,” he replied.  “You know any Miller’s?”

“A few,” I replied.

I began to wonder if it was possible that he was actually my real dad.  I had to find out.  

On our next weekend at the motel, after he had fucked me, I went to the bathroom and collected some of his semen in a small container.  Then upon returning to campus, a close bud was studying forensics, and I gave him the container of Tom sperm marked ‘A’  and a sample of mine marked ‘B’, asking him to get his professor to check them and see if there was any form of a match.

He was a graduate student that I was having sex with and I filled him in on my suspicions and the story Tom had told me, saying it was from a frequent partner, and that the sperm sample was from him.

A week later, as I was  sucking him off in his apartment, he said, “Hey, Mark, you know those samples you brought me?”

Almost choking on his hot cock, I paused and said, ”Yea. Have you found out anything?”

“I got my professor to help me out to speed it up for you, and guess what.  I’m ninety-five percent sure you are having sex with your real father.”

“No shit?  Are you sure?”

“My professor said that from what he could tell the two samples were most definitely related, probably father and son or siblings.”

As I shook my head in disbelief, he asked, “how does it feel, knowing that the man you have been having sex with is probably your dad?”

“Strange, yet exciting,” I replied.

“Are you going to tell him?” he asked.

“Eventually,” I replied.

Tom and I continued our clandestine meetings throughout the remainder of the year, and with his tutoring I passed the course legally, with him grading me just as he did his other students. 

Our sexual encounters became more intense, and included more water sports, and sucking our own cum out of the others ass after we had fucked them then kiss and share it.

We both took the summer off and he asked if I would like to take about six weeks touring the western states in his motor home, and I immediately agreed.  We were in Nevada, and he had found a gay nudist resort and asked if I was game.  I said definitely.

We pulled in and after registering and getting our cottage key, we parked and went in.  After settling  in, we stripped and as we walked around the compound, nude and seeing other men kiss and fondle, he said, “I’m glad you came with me, Mark.”

I decided to tell him everything and said, “So am I, dad.”

“What did you call me?”

“Dad,” I replied.

“Hey, man, I’m not that old,” he said.

Reaching a bench next to the lake, I said, “Sit down.  I have something to tell you.” 

With a very puzzled look on his face, I began by saying, “You said the girl you fucked lived in Titusville, right?”


“And her name was Sue Miller?”

“Yes.  What are you getting at?” he demanded.

“Just be patient.  From what you said, you fucked a Sue Miller, then a month later your family left town.  Well, my mother was fucked when she was fourteen and the boy left town with his family and her name was Sue Miller.”

“Wait just a fucking minute.  I never had a son.  I only fucked one other girl after that before I went strictly to cock.”

“Tom, a while back after you fucked me I went to the bathroom and pushed some of your cum out into a small container.  Later I jerked off and collected my own sperm and took them to a friend and had them tested.  The results show that there is a ninety-five percent match that we are father and son.”

“Mother fuck!  What are the fucking odds of that happening thenm us meeting up and having sex?”

“I don’t know the odds, but I think it’s awesome that I have been enjoying my dad’s cock in my mouth and up my ass.”

“Mark, you’re sure about all this?” he asked.

“Positive, and may I now call you dad?”

Looking t me he smiled and said, “I can’t believe that I have a son, and a hot one at that.” 

Pulling me toward him, he kissed me passionately, saying how much he loved me and that I was the best sex he had ever encountered.

Back in our cabin, he continually called me son and I called him dad.  At one point, I said, “Dad, would you fuck my ass, please?”  he smiled and said “Gladly, son.”

While there, we met twin brothers that were lovers and in their mid twenties.  

We invited them to join us for dinner in our cabin and later we had a four-way sex party.  
They thought it was awesome to see a father and son enjoying sex together.  They said that they would love to suck their dad and have him fuck them.  They said he knows that they are lovers and has even watch them having sex but has refused their offers to have him join in.

As we later drove back home, Dad asked, “Son, how would you like to meet some of my close friends and have an orgy?”

“Fuck, yea, dad.  I’d love to have you watch me get gang fucked.”

“How about you and I laying together kissing and making out as we both get gang fucked?” he asked.

“Even better,” I replied.

We returned home and had our orgy and I moved in with him and openly became his son, but of course we kept our preference for sex with men a secret.

We are both free to have sex with other males, but we consider ourselves lovers, and neither of us could be happier.  Having your own dads cock in your mouth or ass is hotter than I ever dreamed.


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