I had been out of town for a couple of months on business and when I returned I couldn't wait to return to my favorite gay bar and see my friends.

The bar caters to the biker-construction worker type guys and those that desire them. I'm one of those that desire them.

I entered and took a stool at the bar and was greeted immediately by Tony, the bartender.

"Want your usual, Mark?"

"You know it," I replied.

We talked a moment before I started looking around the bar to see who else I knew. That's when I saw him.

He sat at the end of the bar all alone. He was extremely rugged looking, with a thick black moustache that came down the side of his mouth and met his long goatee. His hair was shoulder length and also jet black. His piercing eyes were bright blue and looked menacing, which intrigued me.

He work a tank top which revealed the edges of tattoos on his chest ad his arms had numerous tats. His tank top and jeans were snug and he work black biker boots.

Our eyes met and his drilled into me.

Suddenly, from behind, I heard, "Hello stranger!"

Tuning, I saw my best friend, Brad. After a hello hug and kiss he said, "I see you finally made it back home."

"Yea, I got in this afternoon and am I ever glad to be home. That small town i was in was like a graveyard. Mainly old retirees and few younger people. The only place I could find any sex was at the small truck stop on the edge of town."

"Man, what a bummer," he said. "It's good to have you back. I've missed you."

"Same here," I replied and asked, "Who's the new guy at the end of the bar?"

"No one knows. He started coming in about three weeks ago and is here every evening for a while before leaving. He stays totally to himself."

"Well, I think he's hot. I might have to see if I get to know him."

"Good luck," Brad said, laughing.

I saw several of my friends but every time I glanced toward the stranger he was looking at me. When I'd turn toward him he would look away.

Around ten, the stranger got up and left glancing at me as he passed. There was something about his look and the way he carried himself that really turned me on.

Shortly afterward, Brad came up and asked, "You got any plans for later?"

"Not really. You got something in mind?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. What you think about you and i going to get something to eat then go to my place for some relaxation?"

Smiling, I said, "Sounds like a perfect end to an evening. You ready?"

"Yea. Follow me."

We left and went and got a bite to eat then went to Brad's apartment for a wild night of hot sex, sucking and fucking. Brad and I had been having sex together for several years and were great friends but each of us enjoyed playing the field too much to settle down.

I would stop by the bar usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work for a couple of beers and then Longer says on Friday and Saturday night.

The back outdoor patio of the bar was a members only area and most anything was allowed out there. It was common to see guys sucking or fucking out on the patio with others watching.

For several weeks, when I stopped by the bar I would see the stranger. Each time, i would find him looking at me frequently.

Finally, one Friday night I decided to go for broke. After seeing him looking at me a few times, I picked up my beer and walked over to him.

"You're new to the area aren't you?"

"Yea, so?"

"Well, I just thought I'd say hello and welcome you. I'm here frequently like you. I'm Mark."

Looking at me for a second, he said, "Thanks. I'm Greg."

Offering my hand I said, "Nice to meet you Greg."

"Same here," he replied.

It took effort but I managed to get him talking, finding out that he was thirty- four, and single and did construction.

After a while he looked over toward me and said, "Just so you know, I don't jump into bed when i first meet someone. I like to get to know them first."

"That sounds like a good plan," I told him.

We talked more and Greg began to loosen up some. For the next few weeks we visited hen e saw each other in the bar. Then, one night I decided to see if he'd go farther. I invited him to join me for dinner. I said I'd pick him up to go to the restaurant. He accepted and when I picked him up I almost didn't recognize him. He wore slacks and sport shirt ad his hair was very neatly brushed.

We had a great evening ad when we returned to his place he even invited me in for a beer. Our going out continued for a few months. Then one night he invited me to dinner at his place. I wondered if this might be the night.

When I arrived, after letting me in and closing the door, he leaned toward me and gently kissed me on the lips. My heart raced as he said it was good to see me.

We made small talk while he prepared dinner and after we ate and cleaned the kitchen, we went to the living room with a beer.

As I sat on the sofa slightly to the right of the center, he excused himself and left the room. when he returned moments later, he was wearing only a bathrobe. My heart skipped a beat with the thought of what might happen later.

He picked up his beer and stood near me and asked, "Mark, would you like to stay the night with me?"

"Greg, I'd love to," I replied.

"I was hoping you'd say that but their is something you need to know first."

I looked at him questioningly and ask, "And what might that be?"

He took a big swallow of his beer and sat it down then loosened his robe and let it quickly drop to the floor.

I started looking down his body and suddenly froze saying,"What the fuck!!!!"

"Mark, let me start at the beginning. I was born a female but from the age of abut five or so I never felt that way. I was all boy. As I grew older, that feeling got much stronger and i began dressing as a boy. Then at eighteen, I began my transformation. I had my breast removed as well as all my internal female sexual organs. I began taking male hormones. I began growing face and chest hair. I was becoming the man I always knew I was. However, I was afraid that if I had surgery to remove my pussy and turn it into a cock I might loose my sexual feelings, if you know what I mean. The hormones made my clitoris grow and look like a small penis. For all practical purposes, I'm a man. The only difference is I have two pussies."

"Greg, personally, I think it's hot as hell. I still want to make love to you."

"I'm glad because I want sex with you also, but when most guys find out, they consider me some kind of freak."

"Greg, your definitely not a freak, but you are something different. At least you had the guts to know who you were and do something about it."

"Come here, stud."

I stood and stepped to him and he kissed me passionately. He was all man in my opinion.

After the kiss he took my hand and led me to his bedroom. As I started to unbutton my shirt, he said, "No, wait. Let me do that please?"

He slowly stripped me and once I was nude, my hard cock was pointing straight out.

Looking at it he said, "Umm, nice."

With that he dropped to his knees and began sucking me taking me into his mouth balls deep. I soon stopped him and had him get in bed.

Ashe lay there, I got between his muscular legs and began sucking his enlarged clit, or baby cock as he called it. He moaned audibly and soon had me get into a sixty-nine. Soon we were bringing each other to a roaring climax. the only difference was that he got my load and I got some thin juices that were delicious.

We cuddled and kissed for quite a while when he asked if I'd like to fuck him. I said yes and he asked which hole I wanted. I asked him which he'd prefer for me to fuck.

Smiling, he said, "My front pussy first and my back pussy later."

"What ever you want," I replied.

He lay on his back and spread his legs and I slipped my cock into his hot wet pussy. We fucked like wild men and both climaxed together. After filling his cunt with my cum, I pulled out and went down and began sucking it out. As I did he said, "Don't swallow it. Kiss me and lets share it." I did as he requested and we shared my cum.

Later, as I lay on my back he began sucking me and once I was hard he sat on my cock and began riding me. As he did, I smiled at him and said, "Ride'm cowboy."

"I plan to," he said.

After a few moments he began moaning saying how good my cock felt up his ass. And I told him how good his ass felt on my cock. I soon reached another climax and filled his ass with my load.

Totally spent, we cuddled together and went to sleep.

The following Friday, I arrived at the bar and saw Brad at the bar. I walked up and kissed and hugged him hello. As we talked, I began looking around the bar. Brad knew that I had been talking to Greg in the bar, but nothing else.

Looking at me, he said, "He's at the table in the corner."

"Thanks," I said ordering two beers and going to the table as Brad watched. When i sat them down and sat next to Greg, he turned to me and tongue kissed me passionately. I glanced over at Brad and saw the stunned shocked look on his face.

At one point, Greg went to the restroom and Brad hurried over and said, "Mark, you've been holding out on me. Call me tomorrow and fill me in."

Greg and I cuddled and kissed all evening to every one's amazement, and watched as we left the bar together hand in hand. I knew that half the guys there in the bar was wanting sex with Greg.

After another night of wild uninhibited sex, I returned to my place and later called Brad.

"Okay, bud, start talking," he said after answering the phone.

"Come on over. I think it best if I tell you in person."

"Shit! What's up?"

"Just get over here."

Twenty minutes later Brad was knocking on my door. after letting him in we sat in the living room and I started at the beginning and soon told him everything greg had told me, swearing him to secrecy.

"Fuck! That hot hunk of a man was born a woman and still has his pussy?"

"That's right. He's a super nice and sensitive human being and I think a lot of him."

"How is he in bed?"

"Hot as hell," I said.

"Is that why he never talked to anyone?"

"Yes. He said that when he took most guys to bed they thought he was a freak. That's why he dates and gets to know the person first." I explained how he told me that first night.

"He's unique but definitely not a freak. I'd love to have sex with him myself."

"I'll tell you what. Next time we're in the bar, come over and say hello and I'll introduce you to him."

"Deal," he said.

The following Friday, I went in the bar and saw Greg at the back table. A big smile crossed his face. I got two beers and went to the table. again, he kissed me passionately. A short time later Brad came up to say hello and I introduced him to Greg. Brad joined us for a few minutes and talked, not letting on that he knew anything.

When Brad left, I told Greg that Brad had mentioned to me before that he would love to have sex with him.

"What about my pussy? How do you think he'd react?"

"Baby, he's like me. He judges a person for who he is, not what he's got between his legs. He'd be totally cool with it."

"You think so?"

"I know so."

Greg smiled and moments later as Brad passed our table Greg called out to him. Brad sat down and greg looked at him and said, "Mark here says you'd like to have sex with me. Is that right?"

Looking at me, Brad smiled and said, "Yea, I would."

"Well, I'm game but only in a three way with me you and Mark."

"Fuck man! I definitely don't have a problem with that."

"Good. Let me go take a piss and we can go to my place."

When greg left the table, Brad looked at me and said, "Man, I owe you big time."

"Just promise me one thing. When you see him nude under no circumstances are you to let on that you knew ahead of time."

"I understand."

Greg returned and Brad and I followed Greg in our own cars. Once inside Greg's place greg excused himself. I knew what he was doing. He returned again wearing just his robe. Standing in front of Brad, he quickly dropped his robe and asked, "Were you expecting this?"

With a shocked expression, Brad exclaimed, "What the fuck!"

Laughing, I said, "Fill him in, baby."

Greg began and told brad his life story. Brad assured Greg he thought it was hot and that he admired him for doing what he wanted and not what society dictated.

Greg thanked him and we went to the bedroom. Soon, we were all having sex. I watched as Brad and Greg had a sixty-nine. Then later, as Brad sucked me of, Greg whispered in my ear, "I like it when you call me baby."

"I like doing it," I whispered back before kissing him. We had a wild night and at one point as Brad fucked Greg in the pussy I fucked him in his ass. Greg loved having a cock in each hole at the same time.

Greg and I spent every weekend together and Greg became more comfortable with his body. He became more open in talking about it with my friends who soon became his friends. We would go out onto the patio and he would slowly strip, to the cheers of the others and show his pussy. Guys that had never been with a woman, were wanting to eat his cunt. We became the most popular couple at the bar.

We dated for about a year when he spoke up one night and said, "Since I'm the one here with the pussy, will you be my husband?"

"No, Greg, I won't," I said. Seeing the disappointment in his face, I added quickly, "But, I'd love nothing better than to be your life partner."

He quickly smiled and kissed me. When we told Brad, he got with the bar owner and together they planned a huge reception for the two of us. It was a locked door party and everyone wanted to see us have sex. We obliged and had a sixty-nine on the bar before Greg sat on my cock burying it in his pussy and rode me wildly as everyone cheered.

That was nine years ago and Greg and I are still together. Every once in a while, someone new comes into the bar and when they find out about Greg they want to see for themselves. Now, Greg is totally comfortable with dropping his pants and showing off his pussy. We couldn't be happier.






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