Having found out that my dad was gay, we began going nude in front of each other and jerking together occasionally.

Then one night as we jerked, I asked for my dad to give me my first blow job.

'Are you sure, Brad?'

'Yes, I am dad. I'd like to satisfy my curiosity about it and would prefer that it be with you rather than some stranger.'

'Oh, so would I,' dad replied.

I slid lower on the sofa and spread my legs. as dad got up and kneeled on the floor between them, he said, 'I have to admit, this is weird feeling.'

'I bet it's something you never thought would happen.'

'No, I didn't,' he said as he lifted my hard cock off my stomach. As he held it he began to gently lick and suck my balls. I began to moan softly in pleasure. Soon, I felt his tongue lick up the underside of my rock hard tool then lick the clear pre-cum off the tip.

Then, I nearly came off the sofa as he swallowed my entire cock. 'Oh fuck yea, dad. Suck me,' I said.

Dad sucked my cock lovingly, sending me into outer space. I had never felt anything so fucking awesome. Soon, I began to breath heavily and dad knew I was close, sucking me more energetically.

Seconds later, my cock exploded into dad's mouth and as it did, he eagerly swallowed. When he had me totally drained, he slowly pulled off. Smiling, he said, 'That was the best load I've ever had.'

'Dad, that was awesome! I loved it. You can do it any time you want, and you don't have to ask.'

'You really mean that?'

'Hell, yes. I'd love that several times a day.'

Dad laughed and said, 'Son, you might regret saying that.'

I had seen dad kiss Carl and Jim, and decided to do it myself. I leaned forward and gently held dad's face and pressed my lips to his. remembering that they had tongue kissed, I parted my lips and extended my tongue. Dad eagerly responded the same way, and we kissed passionately for several minutes.

'What brought that on?' dad asked when we separated.

'I just wanted to show you how much I love you.'

'Thanks, and I couldn't have thought of a better way to show it. I loved it.'

'So did I, dad.'

Dad was still boned and sat up on the sofa next to me saying, 'I've got to give this thing some relief after all that.'

He began slowly stroking his cock and as I watched I became even more curious. I knew I had to see what it was like to suck a cock.

I got up and before he could react, I quickly dropped between his legs and took his cock into my mouth.

'Brad, what are you doing?' he asked. 'You don't have to do that.'

Pausing, I said, 'Yes, I do, I want to see what it's like.' With that, I went back to sucking his cock as he moaned softly. I found that it was erotic, feeling a hard cock in my mouth. I could taste the pre-cum and found it sweet. I continued sucking dad's cock and soon he warned me that he was close. I continued sucking and within seconds, his cock bucked in my mouth as his hot thick creamy load fired off into my mouth.

I collected it all and when he was drained, I savored the taste, finding it intoxicating and well as tasty. I eagerly swallowed as I looked into dad's eyes.

'Son, you just ate the seed that created you.

'I know, dad, and I loved it. I hope you allow me to do it again and often.'

'If you want to, sure,' he said, then asked, 'You getting any pussy at school?'

'Yea, some, but never have I been this satisfied after fucking. I don't think I want any pussy in the future. I'll just come home on weekends and have sex with you.'

'Son, are you sure you want the gay life?'

'Yes, I think so. I've totally enjoyed what I've experienced tonight. I know a few places on campus that guys go to suck and get sucked. I might try them out.'

'Just be careful who you go with.'

'I will.'

'You know Carl and Jim are coming over for dinner tomorrow night. are you going to say anything to them?'

'I'm not sure yet. I know that if i do it will shock the shit out of them.'

'Most definitely,' dad replied.

We went to the kitchen and got a snack and returned to the den. Later, I wanted to suck dad again and began fondling his cock. Ashe began to stiffen, I leaned toward him to suck him.

Stopping me, he said, 'If you want to do it again, let's do each other.'

We got on the floor and had our first sixty-nine, and it was awesome. After eating each others load, we kissed and I asked, 'Dad, can I share your bed with you tonight?'

'Son, you can share my bed any night you want to.'

Soon, we were cuddled in bed wrapped in each others arms, drifting off to sleep.

We both slept soundly and after waking, we had our second sixty-nine, which I instigated.

Later, as we prepared for Carl and Jim's dinner visit, I said to dad, 'I'm going to tell them tonight in my own way.'

'That's your decision,' he replied, 'but do you know how you're going to do it?'

'Yea,' I said and then told dad that I wanted him nude when they arrived. I said that I'd be out of sight in the kitchen naked and after they were inside, I'd walk out.

'After that, I'm just going to play it by ear,' I said.

'Well, I'll just follow your lead.'

That evening, when they knocked, I headed for the kitchen. Dad called out for them to come on in. When they did and saw dad nude, Carl asked, 'Is Brad out for the night?'

Calling out from the kitchen, I said, 'No, sorry. I'm here.'

Seconds later, I walked out to the den and the shocked look on their faces was priceless.

'What the fuck?' asked Clay.

Well,' I began, 'I've seen all three of you nude before. Dad and I enjoy going nude and I thought it only fair that you get to see me nude also. Please, fee free to get nude with us.'

'I'm not believing this shit,' Jim said as he began undressing.

'Hell, if I have to look at that hot young stud body much, I just might pop a boner.' Carl said.

'Well, if you do, I'm sure someone here can take care of it,' I said.

They looked at dad and he just smiled and shook his head. After a couple of beers for all four of us. we had dinner.

Afterward, as we sat in the den, I began hoping that Carl would get an erection. I found him just slightly more attractive than Jim, although both were what you would call 'hot'.

I kept looking at Carl and casually scratching my balls. As I had hoped, Carl's cock began to rise. Slowly, it continued to stiffen. I was sitting about a foot from Carl on the sofa and said, 'Well, if no one else is going to take care of him, I guess i will.'

In a flash, I leaned over and began sucking Carl's cock.

Carl yelled out, 'Holy shit! What the fuck is up with your boy, Greg?'

'Hey, I can't control what he does,' dad replied, smiling.

I soon brought Carl to a climax and shocked him when I swallowed his load. Looking over at Jim, who was rock hard and slowly stroking, I said, 'I guess you're next.'

I moved over to Jim and sucked him to his climax, swallowing his load also.

'Okay, would someone tell me what the fuck is going on here?' Clay said.

Dad and I together told them about my curiosity and what we had done the night before and that morning.

'And before you ask, yes, I do enjoy sucking cock,' I said.

It took a few minutes for them to comprehend what had happened. Suddenly, Carl said, 'Brad, you have seen Jim and I have sex with your dad, right?'

'Yes,' I answered.

'Well, I think it only fair that Jim and I get to watch you and Greg have sex.'

'Fine with me,' I said.

Dad and I got on the floor and began kissing. After a moment, I got between his legs and after lifting them rimmed his ass for the first time. He then rimmed mine and hen flipped around and we had a sixty-nine. Soon, we were each swallowing the others load.

'Fucking hot!' they both exclaimed.

Before the evening was over, they had each sucked me to a climax also. They asked if dad and I had done any fucking.

'I've never been fucked before. At least not yet,' I said.

Dad looked at them, saying, 'So far we've only done oral but if Brad wants to fuck me, I'd love it and have no problem with you two watching him fuck his first man ass.'

'Hey, let's do it,' I said. 'I think it will be hot having them watch.'

Dad got the lube and lay on his back on the floor. after lubing my cock and his ass, I began my insertion as Clay and Jim sat on the floor near us, watching intently.

As I began to piston in and out, Carl spoke up saying, 'That's it Brad. Fuck your old man's hot ass.'

Soon, I climaxed up dad's ass as we both moaned loudly.

'Son, that was fantastic,' dad said, as both Clay and Jim jerked themselves to another climax.

'Dad, fuck me.'

'Now? Here?'


'Son, I'll warn you now. It being your first time, it's going to hurt like hell to start.'

'Do it,' I said.

Dad agreed and with Carl and Jim talking softly to me, trying to help me relax, dad lubed his cock and my hole. When he made his insertion, I screamed out in pain as Carl and Jim comforted me.

'You want me to stop?' dad asked.

'NO! I want to get fucked.'

Slowly, dad eased in deeper and after a few minutes he began to slowly piston in and out of my ass. Before long, the pain eased and was replaced with pleasure.

Soon, I was saying, 'Oh yea, dad, fuck me. Shoot your seed up me.'

And soon, he did just that,and it was awesome. I felt his cock swell and then begin throbbing as he emptied his hot load up my ass.

'Fuck man, that was awesome to watch,' Carl said.

'You'll get your turn, but not tonight,' I said.

'Whenever your ready, just let us know.'

Before long, they dressed and left and after they were gone, Dad told me how proud he was of me that night.

We kissed and I told him that I could tell he loved me by the way he fucked me.

'What do you mean?'

'You didn't fuck like you just wanted to bust your nuts. You did it lovingly and passionately, making sure that I was enjoying it also.'

'And did you?'

'Oh yes. I want you again.'

He smiled and led me to bed. Soon we were asleep, however the next morning I had him fuck me again. That afternoon, I returned to campus, happier than I had been in months and looking forward to the next weekend.

That night, Dave, my roommate, said, 'Man, what are you so happy about? It must have been a great weekend.'

'It was,' I said. 'It was awesome.'

He asked about it, but I just said it was due to the time dad and I spent together.

I looked over at Dave and saw him in a different light. He was on the wrestling team and was extremely well built and handsome. I was not looking at him in a sexual way.

On Tuesday, I was between classes in the dorm and checked my e-mails. I saw I had one from dad. It told me just how great the weekend had been for him and said 'Thought you might like to have something to look at until you get home again.'

There was an attachment and when I opened it it was a frontal nude picture of dad with a full erection. I sat and stared at it for a while then realized I was going to be late for class.

In a hurry, I forgot to log off my computer. I thought about it during my next class. After class, I literally ran back to the dorm.

Unfortunately, Dave at there in the room when I returned, the picture of dad still on the screen.

As casually as possible, yet quickly, I closed the e-mail.

'Nice picture,' Dave said. 'May I ask who it is? He's damn hot?'

'What?' I asked.

'He's hot. Brad, when I saw that picture, I was totally shocked. I admit that as I looked at it I also read the short note. I wish my dad was as understanding as yours seems to be.'

'Then you know it's my dad?'

'Yea. Are you both gay?'

'I'm not going to lie to you, but I will ask that you keep this to yourself. Yes, we are.'

'So am I, but my dad is a complete homophobe. When he found out I was gay my senior year of high school, he kicked me out of the house. I lived three months with my best friend. He was gay also but his parents accepted it and allowed me to live with them to finish school. dad didn't even come to my graduation.'

'Who's paying for your college?' I asked.

'I was lucky enough to get a scholarship.'

We talked and he said he had been gay since he was fifteen. I told him about seeing dad and his buds and watching them have sex and after confronting them I became curious. I told him the whole story.

That night, Dave and I had sex for the first time together. He opened up and became more outgoing than he had been. After a few months, I invited Dave home for the weekend. He joined dad, Clay, Jim and I in hot sex.

We remained room mates through out college. He graduated with a degree in physical education and I got my degree in accounting. I managed to get a position with a company back home. We kept in touch by both phone and e-mails.

Jim was transferred to the New York office and dad and Carl became lovers.

I dated some but thought a lot about Dave. Two years after graduation, there was a knock on my apartment door.

I opened it to find Dave standing there. I was shocked.

'What are you doing here?' I asked.

'I'm the new trainer at the high school. I wanted to surprise you.'

I was thrilled and had him move in with me. that summer while on vacation together we became lovers. We've been together six years now and are happy as ever. I'm so glad I left that awesome picture of dad on my computer.

THE END............



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