The night had grown silent downstairs, and I continued to stare at the ceiling, wondering what Trent could have meant. He was sincere in his apology, I thought. But, what was he truly sorry for? After all, I myself felt horrible about kissing him...about possibly misreading the signals just because of my own feelings for Trent. "You've really made of mess of it all, Pat" I whispered to myself.

The house had grown still in the night, and as the hours passed, my mind raced from one concept to the other. And, in a weary mind, stressed to no end, I began easing my hand down into my shorts kneading my cock and feeling it expand in my hand. In my mind, I replayed the kiss, the way his tongue tasted, the strong hand that held me in place as he did all of the girls, I was sure. I let my eyes close and succumbed to my hand as I smeared the pre-cum leaking from the head of my cock when I heard the knock at the door.

"Pat," Trent whispered, "Are you awake man?"

I lay silent and still, withdrawing my hand from my shorts and resting it on my forehead. From underneath the door, I saw his shadowy feet block the light as he seemed to begin to pace back and forth. "No, Patrick. No. You aren't dealing with this right now. You don't even know how you feel...let alone try to help him in his time of need. No." I remain perfectly still, holding my breath even as to not make a sound in hopes that he would go away.

However, as the light from under the door seemed to dance in my eyes as I watched his presence shift from side to side, waiting for my response, my coldness began to melt. And the more I looked at the tango of shadow and light from underneath the door I couldn't help but worry that if I said nothing then it would forever stain who we were as brothers. As much as I wanted to break free from this hold that I had let him have over me, the bond just couldn't be broken.

I sat up on the side of the bed and eased my way across the room and lost my breath when his shadow was gone. "No! No!" I screamed within my own mind as I jerked the door find him cowered on his haunches by the door. As my eyes cast down upon him, shirtless and only wearing his infamous black and gold athletic shorts, my heart skipped merrily on again and off again.

The dim hallway light cast a shadow on half of his face, but his eyes twinkled as if the stars were captured there within them. He began to stand; raising like a tower it seemed right there in front of me. "Did I wake you up?" Trent said in a low growl...his tone was powerful and masterful in the most seductive way...a way I'd never noticed before.

"No, I haven't been to sleep yet. What's wrong?" I searched his face...still unable to read what was running through his mind. For so long, I had been connected to his connected that words were often unnecessary.

"Nothing...everything...can I" Trent trailed off as he looked down the hall. "Can I come talk? We need to talk, Pat." His voice was smooth, like a lover's whisper. I opened the door and waved my hand inviting him in. The room was dim, the only light coming from the cascade of water into my fish tank...his gift to me last year.

The wood floors creaked beneath us as I made my way to my desk chair, and he shifted over to the aqueous pool of fresh water fish. He nervously tapped at the glass, watching the fish dart from here to there. And, I held my breath as I watched him...his muscular back that rippled with every move of his arm...with every breath. The shorts that rode low on his hips and ass, giving the slightest peek of his crack and venous dimples. And then, he stood still, silently still like a statue on display as he rested his hand on the back of his neck and looked out of window into the night.

"What is it, Trent?" I finally asked.

"You know, I never expected to have a brother. When Mom died, Dad and I had just decided we were going to be on our own. I always wanted a brother or a sister to play with growing up. But, Mom had been sick for years...and she fought hard. I guess not hard enough." Trent stood there in thought, and my heart broke hearing him say this. We'd been so close for so long now, but never had I heard him speak of Cheryl. It was a sore spot for him, I was sure.

"When Dad met your Mom, that night he came home and told me all about the two of in particular...or at least what he knew from your Mom's description. And, I remember praying that you would like me. I remember thinking that you'd be my chance to have what I never had before. And, I remember the first day we met; when you called me brother...I don't meant the world to me...even if Dad made you say it."

"Oh no!" I interrupted. "Rick didn't ask me to do just kinda came was the way I felt...I still do, Trent. I always will."

Trent turned to look at me for the first time, and I could see the tear rolling down his cheek. "You don't hate me?" He asked. "I mean, I understand if you do...but you don't?"

I stood up and walked over to him as he tried to wipe his face. "Trent, you are my brother. I love you...I'm proud of you. You are one of the biggest blessings in my life. I could never hate you." I rested my hand on his shoulder and offered him a genuine smile. He had choked back the tears long enough and began to let it out as he wrapped his arms around me, holding me tighter than ever before. As he rested his face in my neck and shoulder, I stoked his hair...reassuring him all would be fine. And, in my mind, I knew that if this was all that we were ever to be, then I could be okay with that.

"Is it okay if I sleep in here tonight?" Trent's voice was weak almost that of a child, frightened in the dark of the night. Without saying a word, I ushered him over to the bed. His tall body seemed to shrink with every step, almost cowering to me. And as he lay down, I shuffled in beside him. I lay on my back as the mammoth frame of my brother shifted around, almost fetal like, as he rested his head on my right shoulder, drawing his long arms and legs up close. Minutes turned into hours as I lay there with him sleeping soundly on me, my arm draped over his massive back and shoulders; I lay there entranced by the sound of his deep breathing.

"I love you, Trent" I whispered. And almost instinctively, his right arm--long and muscular--came up and rested itself on my stomach with his hand covering my heart. I remember smiling before drifting off into a twilight sleep.


Months would pass, and I had my brother back at my side. And, it seemed that we were closer than ever. He had decided to not date and focus on grades and making sure that he would be accepted into the University of Alabama now that he had secured his football scholarship to play for the Crimson Tide. And, as luck would have it, I was also accepted at UA on a fine arts scholarship to play in the Million Dollar Band.

As anyone could imagine, our parents were more than proud. And as graduation day approached, Mom and Dad would present us with our graduation present. Not only were we both doing well in school, I would be valedictorian and Trent had worked tirelessly to make the honors group. And as a reward, our parents had surprised Trent and me with a lavish trip to New York. We were more than thrilled.

The morning of the big day was typical with any senior rite of passage. The class gathered for the senior breakfast followed by a trip to the stadium for practice and sound check. I was also performing the National Anthem for the ceremony. And as Trent and I made our way home, we chatted about this and that...about the trip...about the future. Trent and I gushed over each other, of how proud we were of our achievements and our brotherhood.

When we arrived home on such a beautiful sunny day, we decided to just relax for a while in the living room and watch TV. Even in our silences, our bond was more than strong. I lay back in the recliner and looked on as Trent stretched out on the couch and slept. It was undeniable how beautiful of a man he was from his long shaggy hair, to his chiseled features, the jaw line covered in scruff from not shaving for a day or two. His perfect build and defined body. His legs covered in a dusting of hair that splayed across his massive thighs and swollen calves. Even his shapely, enormous feet.

I closed my eyes for a moment and woke some time later to find that I was alone. As I got up to head for a drink in the kitchen, there was a note in Trent's serial killer handwriting that simply said, "Headed right back." I decided since it was getting a little later in the afternoon, it was time to start getting ready: a shower, a shave, dressing in our suits for the evening, pressing my graduation gown.

I headed upstairs to begin my routine, thinking about what was to come the night ahead. I was more nervous about speaking than singing, of course. My speech was very poignant and sincere...and, I wanted to say it just right. After all, I had a lot to be thankful for...and a lot to say.

I got in the shower and began practicing my song, washing my hair that was my own take on the pompadour cut. As I soaped my body, my mind automatically went to Trent, thinking of him, loving him, wanting him. But, I'd put that dream away. After all, he was more valuable to me as my brother than a lay...even if me shoving my aching cock deep in his virgin ass was my ultimate fantasy.

As I stroked my cock, getting closer to my moment of release, I envisioned what could have been with Trent. Seeing him lay on my bed, naked and inviting. Worshipping his muscles and feeling him tense beneath me with every kiss, lick and nibble. Watching him take my cock, forcing it down his throat as his beautiful brown eyes looked up at me. Heaving his enormous legs up, exposing what I was sure was the most perfect pink hole, unspoiled, untouched. And, then the moment would come when I would press my reddened cock head into him, pushing until the moment that I breeched his insides. Feeling his body gasp and writhe underneath me as he adjusted to my intrusion...and finally succumbing to my forceful fucking. The thoughts of the moment sent me over the edge as I shot ropes of my white, creamy essence on the shower wall, my body quaking with desire. I was in total bliss.

"You know, that's exactly where I shoot my wad too!" Trent chuckled. I turned around to see him standing on the other side of the glass, grinning...more in admiration of the coincidence than anything.

"Dude, what the hell!?" I stammered as I reached for the towel.

"I came to show you my surprise," he pointed to his head. He'd gotten the shaggy hair cut into a very becoming style, short and faded on the sides, with a moderate length on the accentuated his beauty even more. "But, I see that you're, uh...yeah, I'll hit you up later." I could hear him continue to laugh as he headed down the hall.


The stadium was filled to the brim, and the entire community watched as our commencement began with us filing into the stadium grounds. As we were all seated, I performed the National Anthem, a prayer was spoken and the principal welcomed us all to the evening's event. Traditionally, the principal would have introduced the valedictorian to the audience and welcomed him or her to the stage. However, to my surprise, as I rehearsed frantically in my head, the principal looked me in the eye and winked.

"Usually, it is the principal's duty to introduce to you the class valedictorian with his own remarks about the student. However, it was my privilege to be asked to grant that honor to someone else. It is my distinct pleasure to present to you, a 2010 graduate and recipient of a scholarship this year to the prestigious University of Alabama, Mr. Trent Michaels."

The crowd erupted in applause, and my mouth hit the ground as I looked down the row to see Trent rise and proceed to the podium, turning corners in military precision as we had practiced. "Good evening," he said as he began to speak. "I would personally like to thank the faculty, staff and our principal, Mr. Clyde Goode, for the opportunity to introduce this year's valedictorian." Trent's eyes met mine, and I immediately began to wipe the tears away.

"As many of you know, I have a close bond with my brother. We are more than brothers, in fact, we are best friends. And, over the last decade, I have thanked my God above countless times for not only blessing me with loving, caring parents that worked day and night to provide for me...but also for an amazing guy that was once a boy...and is now a man.

Many people say that the two of us are extremes of the other. And while I'm not as good with words as my brother, I'd like to offer this simple sentiment. Yes, we are very different in almost every way...but, our hearts beat as one in the same." My throat began to close up as I watched him wipe a tear from his eye. "I couldn't be more proud to call this man my friend, my confidant, my brother. A man that's helped define me as I am...and taught me to love myself for it. A man that has been there to root for me in my victories and comfort me in my losses. A man that has been present in every success and failure. A man that I love more than any other...Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the valedictorian of the class of 2010, Mr. Patrick Johnson."

As the crowd stood in applause, I approached the podium and stood before my brother and greeted him with a strong embrace, a bond that I never thought I could let go of. "I love you, Patrick." I couldn't even speak. As he returned to his seat and the audience settled back in their seats, I stood in silence, unable to even clear my throat.

"Ladies and gentlemen, faculty and staff, students and friends, Mom, Dad...Trent. What can I say?

Before coming to the stadium this evening, I decided to walk the halls of our school one final time. And as my hand touched the brick of each corridor, I was taken back to the wonderful times that I have enjoyed being part of this student body, being a friend, a student, a leader and a follower. It seems that just a moment ago I had walked down those halls for the first time. And even though everything has changed, nothing--it seems--has changed at all."

For several minutes, I droned on about the meaning of success and failure and the adages of "getting back up again" and "never giving up." The typical stock words of any good commencement speech. But, it was the end of my speech that I still struggled with.

"Several years ago, I remember asking God to bless me. I wanted to sit in the place my brother, Trent, sits. I wanted to be popular...the All-American guy. I wanted to play sports and command that certain presence as I strode down the hall. I wanted people to look at me and think, 'Now he is something special.'

But, I've always been amazed at how God answered those prayers. He blessed me with an adoring mother, a stellar father and one amazing brother and they all find me to be popular. They all recognize that I command a presence. They have all cheered me on and loved me without remorse, regret or condition.

My brother has told me time and time again that the bond we share is unbreakable. He's been my best much so that I had to get into UA because I didn't want to lose him." I chuckled nervously. "Terri Guillemets once said, 'There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother.' I love you, Trent...from here to the moon and back.

So, it is with distinct pleasure that I usher each of you to press on, move ahead, dream abundantly, live richly, laugh as often as possible...and love hard knowing how to receive that love in return. Thank you."

As the crowd stood and applauded, I walked to my brother and hugged him, causing the crowd to cheer in a deafening roar. And, as I looked into Trent's eyes, I sensed something had changed. But, what...I was not sure.


A few days later, we set out on our trip and after arguing with Mom and Dad, we had gotten our way so we could drive instead of flying to New York. A road trip was to be the best part of the journey.

On the way, we talked, laughed, joked, made sexual innuendo about everything and enjoyed each other's company. Our trip included stops in Knoxville, Tennessee and Lexington, Kentucky before stopping for the night in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. We were exhausted after being on the road for thirteen hours.

As we settled in our hotel, we decided to grab a bite to eat and try the local fare. We'd never been in this part of country, and both of us were admittedly skittish towards it if it didn't come from the South. We had decided to go to Hersheypark the next day and see some of the sights while in town before making our last leg of the drive to New York City.

After having dinner, we returned to the room where Trent decided on getting a shower, and I collapsed in front of the TV. Trent awoke me a short time later since I'd fallen asleep and ushered me to get washed up. And as he stood there in his towel, his tanned and toned body wet still, I realized that another jerking session in the shower might be in order.

But, I was too tired. It never helped anyway. But, I was okay with that. After all, sex would have been just a bonus built upon the relationship we already had. I quickly washed up and returned to the king bed that awaited.

Trent was already in bed, propped up on a couple of pillows with this hand behind his head as he watched a news report of something going on in the Middle East. And as I pulled the covers back, I noticed Trent wasn't wearing anything. Without breaking his gaze at the TV set he whispered, "You know I sleep naked." A light crooked grin came over his face.

"Yeah, I know...I just figured." My eyes devoured his body, his sculpted abs, his hairless crotch, his low-hanging balls with a perfect cock that rested on them and lay over on his left thigh.

"Dude, figured what? You've seen it all before. I didn't think you cared." He said, finally looking over at me. "You sleep naked what's the big deal?"

"No big deal..." I said as I took off my towel. I noticed his eyes dart from mine to my chest, my stomach and my cock, still semi-hard from earlier. "So, what time do you want to get up?"

"No alarms man...let's just get up when we get up. This is vacation...let's enjoy it for a little while." He turned off the TV and left us in only the glow from the night light in the bathroom. I lay down, on my side facing away from Trent and thought of what I'd give for tonight to be the finally have him as feel his tight hole stretch over my cock and devour him as only I knew I could.

I could feel him shuffle in the bed and all was quiet and still. I dared not look over my shoulder, the darkness would have given him an advantage to see me without being seen. So, I lay there waiting to hear the familiar sound of his deep breathing as he drifted off to sleep.

"Pat..." Trent whispered.

"Yeah?" I replied in a hushed tone that matched his.

"Will you...hold me?" Trent's voice cracked as he spoke the words. And, without a response, I rolled over to find his back to me. I shuffled over and got close to him. His body smelled so clean, his skin so soft. His size was much bigger than mine, but I made do and shifted my head, resting my forehead on the back of his neck. My arm draped over his side, on top of the covers, my chest at his back. And my stomach and crotch matched the dip of his spine perfectly.

"You okay, Trent?" I had asked.

"I least I am now."

We lay there for what seemed like an hour as my heart pounded against my chest, surely allowing him to feel it through his back. My cock lay perfectly nestled beneath his ass, the heat emanating from it. Trent pulled on the covers to his shoulder, causing my arm to fall beneath them, onto is quivering chest.

I moved it, further down onto his stomach, and I felt his body tense as my fingertips stroked the line of his abs before resting there. I felt him breathe deeply, furtively, silently. My cock began to grown and press against the supple flesh it longed for. I eased my hips back trying to prevent Trent from feeling my hardness. However, I felt his hips press backward, forcing my aching cock to slide between his legs. And, then his hand began to move...




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