His breathing was ragged, his body was tense. And, in a complete moment of silence, as we both held our breath, his warm hand reached out and touched mine. I raised my head and kissed his shoulder as our fingers intertwined. The scent of him filled me, the heat radiating from his body, his trembling matching my own.

"Patrick...I've never..." Trent said softly.

"I know...me either." I had replied.

We lay there for all of eternity as his hand clasped over mine and manipulated my hand to gently stroke his developed pecs and masterful abs. Slowly, seductively, my fingers grazed upon this flesh over and over again, my body aching to have him, my tortured cock trapped and yet, so close to its desires.

Trent leaned forward, releasing my hand, and rolled over facing me. His eyes twinkled in the low light. He reached for my face, combing his fingers through my hair before tracing the line of my jaw. "Patrick, you know I love you, right?" His tone was low, almost inaudible. His husky, throaty words lingered in the air like honeysuckle on the warm breeze.

"All I know, Trent...all I know is that I love you. I have for a long time...almost as if before we met, my soul was waiting for yours." My throat squelched my words as they escaped from me. On a perfect night, a night like this, a night I had longed for, I lay in bed with the most amazing man I'd known. A man I loved.

"That night in the band room, when we kissed...I...I didn't know what to do...how to deal with it. I mean, it felt so right and I wanted so much more. But the whole thing just got to me. How was I supposed to handle all of it?" He began to tear up.

"You did the right thing, Trent. I wouldn't have wanted you to do something you weren't comfortable with. I felt like it was my fault...kinda pushing you into it. Trent, I've had feelings for you for a long time...I worry about you. I can't ever get you off my mind. But your friendship, your brotherhood...they mean so much more to me than I could ever say. That's why I gave you some space. I just didn't want to lose you." His hand gently kneaded my neck and shoulder as I spoke. He was so warm, so endearing...a side of him that I had rarely seen. This mammoth of a man seemed vulnerable and meek...and, my heart ached for him.

"Well...I'm still right here." Trent pulled me to him, and our lips met gently. And as I took a shallow breath, he pulled me into him with a force like no other. His mouth opened and his tongue ventured into me, exploring me and bathing my own with caresses and splendor. My hand gently held the back of his head as we gave ourselves to one another...and gave nothing to the inhibitions that we'd been chained by for so long.

"I love you, Pat" Trent had said when he finally broke our kiss. With this forehead against mine, he tried to catch his breath as he said, "I want you...I need you." His hand rested on my shoulder as he worked his way down my arm, squeezing my bicep and forearm. He lifted my arm, resting it behind my head as he stroked my side and leaned into me.

His mouth landed on my ribs as he buried his face into my flesh, and I could feel his stubble grinding into me. It was so seductive and alluring. His wide tongue ventured out as he licked upwards and finally nuzzling my armpit. I held my breath at his advances, savoring every second of it. He raised his head, his eyes meeting mine as if seeking some kind of approval. I smiled at him, his dark brown eyes captivating me.

I pushed him back, forcing him onto his elbows and climbed on top of his massive build. And as I sat there perched upon this perfect man that lovingly smiled at me, I realized at that moment, I was complete.

"Trent, do you remember much Greek mythology?" I asked.

"Um, well, kinda. Which part?" He responded as he lay back propping his hands behind his head. I traced the lines of his muscles with my thumb and admired him.

"It is said that the first humans were made with four arms, four legs and two heads. And the gods feared the humans' power. So, Zeus split each one in two..." Trent began to smile.

"And, the punishment was to spend all of eternity...looking for the missing half? Yes, I remember Mr. Moore's class." Trent rubbed his hands over my thighs and began to look at me in a way I'd never seen before...a way that I had looked at him secretly for years.

"For so long, Trent...for so long, I have felt like you were the missing piece of me...but, if we do this, I can't bear the thought of losing you...of losing who we are as friends." He sat up, holding my weight in his masculine hands.

"What we have can't be broken, Pat." He leaned in and kissed me, with fury and passion that ignited everything in me. I feverishly fought back, searching his body with my hands, exploring the chiseled back, the broad shoulders, the thickness of his neck as he cradled me in his strong arms. I could feel his cock beneath me rising, straining to be free.

He shifted my weight closer to him, and as we fell back onto the bed, I felt his god-like fingers explore the tender flesh of my ass and inner thighs. As I came up for air, I looked at him, adoringly, as his chest heaved with passion. "I love you, Trent." I buried my face in his neck, ferociously licking and biting at the sinews of his neck. He began to moan softly at my advances, gripping my back and legs with his hands, digging his fingers into my flesh.

I worked myself down onto his shoulders and remembered him talk about him loving how some of his girls bite him there on the shoulder above the collar bone and used the knowledge to my advantage. As I sunk my teeth into his manly flesh, his soft moan turned into a demonic growl as he grasped the hair on the back of my head, forcing me harder into his muscles. "Fuck YES, baby! Yes, c'mon, c'mon...bite me, do it, YES." He ushered me on as I felt my senses leave my body in the ecstasy-filled moment.

His hips bucked wildly as I continued to assault his flesh traveling further down to his chest, licking his erect nipples. In a flash, he pulled me into his chest, muffling my moans as I continued to suck at his skin and bite at his pec. Guided by his forceful hand, he pushed me further down to his abs, all of which I bathed with my tongue and kissed passionately. His body was heaving hard, as hard as my own, and I knew that we were in perfect sync.

In the corner of my eye, however, I saw his most prized possession. His cock stood strong and tall in the air; the skin shimmered in the low light. His shaft, like a rugged mountain range mapped in veins, filled him with the power of a mighty tree. And, as his reddened helmet head stood at attention, I could see the slickness of his essence that had beaded at his piss slit and drooled over itself. My mouth began to water.

Hungrily, I reached for his meat, with two gentle strokes of my hand before impaling myself on him, surging his cock to the back of my throat. His entire body went rigid as the sensation of my warm mouth cocooned his rod, forcing him to release a roar that any lion could have envied. "Oh FUCK," he moaned as I plummeted continuously on his cock, knowing the practice I had had with the dildo I had bought earlier in the year was paying off.

I felt his hands grab at my hair, and holding me steady, he began to pump his hips, forcing his cock violently through my lips and into my waiting throat, again and again and again. My moans and cries of pleasure were completely blocked by his pervasive meat that had made its home in my mouth. My hand massaged his massive, hairless balls as he continued his face fucking.

After several minutes, he masterfully withdrew his cock from me and lifted me up to him, kissing me passionately, frantically trying to taste himself on my lips and then pushing me onto my back. He crawled on top of me, and feeling the weight of this magnificent man, my lover, my brother, my friend...it was enough to bring me to the edge of my own orgasm.

He buried his face in my neck, licking at my ear, rimming it and teasing me without abandon. He nuzzled my neck, biting softly, testing my own limits of pain and pleasure. "Do it, Trent. Bite me! BITE ME!" I screamed, and without hesitation he clamped down onto my waiting flesh, growling with desire like the sexual animal that I knew he was. He lifted me up off of the bed into him, forcing me to claw into his hot skin, totally lost in his sex.

He lay me back down and swiftly flipped himself around exposing his god-like cock, nuts and ass to me as he gingerly began licking my waiting cock. And in that moment when he seemed to become docile for but a brief moment, as he timidly seemed to lick at my cock head and foreskin, the animal returned as he engulfed my flared, aching cock to the hilt, his moans escaping around it.

I rested my head back down and gazed upon the feast above me: his glorious cock, his bull-like nuts, and his perfectly smooth hole that seemed to wink with each throb of his cock all supported on the trunk-like thighs of the man that I had so loved. I began licking at his sac, enticing the beast as he continued to piston his head up and down my cock. With each lick, with each suck of one his plum-sized balls, moans escaped from his stuffed mouth.

I continued on, keeping my gaze fixed upon his perfect hole...the hole that I had fantasized about for so long. I slathered my spit onto my right thumb and began kneading it into his waiting hole. Cries and gasps began to emanate from his taken mouth that reached the animal-like roar again as I pushed through his muscular ring into his insides.

I felt him punch the bed beside my leg in a frenzy that I couldn't comprehend but thoroughly enjoyed, nonetheless. I began working my thumb around in his warm guts, and he began to rock his body over mine, backing into my intrusion. Forcing himself on and off my thumb, I withdrew it to replace it with my index finger, then middle finger and finally my ring finger. With every addition he moaned, growled and roared...buckling at the knees as I twisted my fingers inside of him, loosening up the hole that I would soon claim as mine.

He pulled forward, taking himself off of my fingers and sat up, burying face in his round ass, allowing my tongue to dart in and out of his sweet hole. The taste, the smell, the sensation of it all was almost too much to bear. And as he continued to rock his hips and ride my face, his moaning and growling only continued and echoed throughout the room. "Yes, baby. Yeah. Eat it, baby. Take it, boy. C'mon, Patrick. I want you to take it." He backed up and crawled off of the bed, his hole dripping wet and my body heaving and breathless.

"Pat, I'm ready," Trent said as he lay back on the edge of the bed. "C'mon, brother. I'm ready for you." His voice was ragged and hoarse from his roars and growls. And, as I climbed off of the bed and came to the other side where he lay, I again gazed at this mammoth of a man that I so loved.

He hoisted his legs into the air, exposing his precious hole. I immediately dropped to my knees and allowed my tongue to worship it again, pressing my face hard into the mass of muscle, rawness and sweat. His moans became more pleaded, as if begging to be completed with my cock.

I stood, my dick drooling with pre-cum, reddened and waiting for this very moment throbbed in anticipation. As he shifted closer to the edge of the bed, I slip my cock up and down the crevice of his beautiful ass and shuddered at the heat that came from his perfect hole. And, in a frenzy of passion, I aligned my cock with it, and began to press forward.

His body, racked with the pain of my fuck, tensed...exposing every muscle he had. Under clenched teeth and every vein in his neck distended outward, he growled as he gripped the edge of the bed and thrust himself onto me in one sure jolt. As I stood there, sunk to the hilt, my cock encased by the warmth and tightness of my brother, I watched amazed as he began to fuck himself on me.

I grabbed his ankles and pressed his legs back to him and began my fuck, with long, hard, debilitating strokes that shook the bed, and the earth itself. "YES, GODDAMMIT! FUCK ME!" Trent ordered as I plowed into him, drilling to the maximum depth that our bodies allowed. His cock bobbed with every thrust and seemed to surge all the more, growing to a size that even I hadn't seen before on him.

Trent grabbed at my hips, pulling me closer, and further into his as he continued to growl and moan at my fuck. "Pat, c'mon! Fuck me, harder. Harder! HARDER!" he commanded and I obeyed with every ounce of strength I had. Feverishly, I thrust myself into him...the slap of my nut sack on his back shattering any corner of silence in that hotel room.

"Oh, God! Oh Fuck! FUCK!" he began to shout as we both watched in amazement as his tortured cock began to explode with come without the slightest bit of manipulation. His cream surged well over his head in the first volley, then his face, chin, neck and chest before spilling the rest of its seed upon his taught stomach. The sight of it, the throbbing of his hole around my cock was more than enough to send me over the edge.

As Trent continued to lay there breathless, he sensed my impending orgasm. "Feed it to me! C'mon, feed it to me!" I pulled my cock from his spent hole and moved onto the bed over his waiting mouth. And in but a second, I was cumming my load into his waiting mouth. Thick ropes, one after another after another filled his mouth, all of which he greedily accepted as he licked at the head of my dick, waiting for more.

We collapsed upon the bed, spent, breathless, exhausted. And in the bliss of the moment, I fell asleep with my arm around him.


Daylight had begun to shine across my face as I awoke the next morning. My body was tired but my soul was refreshed from my first sexual experience...and, that being with Trent made it all the more better. I rolled over, reaching for my lover, my friend, my brother...only to find an empty bed.

"Trent? Where'd you go?" I called out and was only met with silence. As I stood up, and stretched my aching muscles, I thought of how he'd probably gone to get up breakfast and would be back soon...when I saw the note:


When you read this, I'll be gone. It's better off this way. I'm sorry for what I've done...but, I regret nothing. I've called a cab and left you the car. I'll always love you.

No matter what, I meant what I said. Ours is a bond that can't be broken.



"Did he say why?" Mom asked when I returned home. All of us were still in shock at Trent leaving the hotel that day, going off to the recruiting office and signing up for the Marines.

"No, Mom. He didn't. I know he had thought about it last year, but I had no idea." My mind moved a million miles a minute trying to understand what had happened. Wondering if that night was real. Was it a pity fuck? Was it the reason he left? I was in such a daze.

In the next few weeks, Mom and Dad would get letters from Trent talking about boot camp and when graduation would be. And, he'd end each letter with, "Say hey to Pat for me." Nothing was ever directly to me. And, even though Mom and Dad encouraged me to write to him since I was so good at it, I just couldn't bring myself to.

Graduation day at boot camp would come well after I started back to school my freshman year at UA, and I was more than happy to use that as an excuse not to go. No, obviously, the bond could be broken...it had been. Mom and Dad would return and tell me how good he looked, how proud they were, how he had hoped to see me. But, I had been taken for my last ride.


I was entering my sophomore year, and on a whim, I decided to move onto campus instead of living at home. I was ready for some independence. So, as the football season was heating up and we were looking at yet another championship year, I was always pleased for Mom and Dad to come to see me at the games.

It was October of 2011, and Mom and Dad decided to take me out to eat on a beautiful, crisp Sunday afternoon. The conversation was pretty much the same. What was I up to? How was school? Have you heard from Trent? And, no, I hadn't. I didn't try and certainly didn't expect to hear from him.

"Well, I've got some interesting news on that front. You know he's stationed in Tokyo. Well, I got an e-mail from him earlier this week. He has gotten married!!! Oh, Pat, she's gorgeous and is also in the Marines. He's bringing her home for Christmas, so you must make sure to be home for us all to meet her."

"Sure, Mom" I said, forcing myself to hold down my lunch. "Whatever you say..."




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