I was setting on the sideline bleachers at my sons soccer game when I first saw Bill, my first thought was God he looks awesome, handsome, built, had that air about him that made you want to jump up and grab him. He was so damned outgoing I thought at first he was a politician running for office or something.

Then I noticed my son Timmy running over and greeting his son Billy, they were on the same team, they played soccer together. I had not really become aquainted with any of the other parents of the players on Timmy's team.

I just sat there watching my sons happiness at seeing his little buddy, and walked over and introduced my self to Billy's Dad, Also William, or Bill as he liked to be called.

I asked him if he would like to set with me during their game, he accepted and our friendship took off, we had a lot in common, at first it was our choice in beer, I loved Budweiser, so did Bill, then we found out our taste in foods were just about on the same pitch with each other.

I was really getting into being friends with Bill, we cheered the boys on during the game etc, you know did all the Dads stuff, we both were very proud of ours sons as they walked away from the soccer park with a win on their shoulders and we proudly held our chests out.

Bill and I had become pretty good friends over the course of a few months, and finally opened up to each other, having never mentioned Billy's mother, we finally told each other our situations.

We were both raising our sons as single parents, Bill's wife had been having an affair with her boss, a lawyer, she had been a paralegal in the office of a Firm, Bill had really been traumatized from the experience, she didn't want custody of their son and he was raising him by himself.

Me it was slightly different Timmy's mother had developed Breast cancer and passed away at the age of twenty three, when Timmy was three, I was very lost for quite a while.

I had no idea what to do, how to raise a little child by myself, so we, Timmy and I, just sorta learned the father and son thing together and we had done quite well, but being both mother and father sometimes was a real task.

It was during a game that Bill and I were setting in the bleachers at the soccer park, watching a really good game with the boys, when Timmy came up to me and said, 'Dad, Can Billy sleep over tonight, its friday night and there's no school tomorrow,' I said, I have no problem with it if Billy's Dad don't object. Well of course there was not problem with Bill in the sleepover.

I invited Bill over after the game that night and we sat in my kitchen at the table drinking a beer.

It was getting late, I guess about eleven thirty, we were both beginning to feel the beers we had consumed when Bill stood up and said, 'Hey man, I need to get out of here so you can hit the sack,'

I caught my self saying,'Hey Bill, Why don't you sleep over here too, make it a father and son's sleepover.'

'You serious, man, I haven't done anything like this with a buddy in years.'

Thats when I realized It had been years for me to have a friend spend the night too.

'Yeah! Man that would be fun,' Then I remembered the last time I had a buddy sleep over, that was a night to remember, We were young dumb and full of cum, as the old saying goes, but Layton Mcalister, my high school buddy and I had spent the night together, damn, I don't even remember how it got started but the next thing I knew Layton and I were bare assed naked, with each others cocks in our hands working each other over and the feeling, as I rememebered was phenomional, I was almost to the point of shooting my load when Layton raised up looked at me,smiled, and went down on my cock that night, I started shooting my load into his mouth and god damn, that was the most awesome sensation I had ever had, I had loved my wife but she couldn't do that, nor would she.

'Hey Ken, you there?' I had evidently been engrossed in my thoughts about that night with Layton,when Bill spoke up and brought me back to reality. 'Sorry, just thinking back to my high school days at a sleepover I had.'

Bill accepted my invitation to sleep over that night, we went up to the boys room and peeked in and saw the boys setting there in just their little white briefs playing the X-box 360, they were in another zone doing their thing.

'We went into my bedroom and I said, 'Hope you don't mind but we can sleep together if you don't mind, I have a queen sized bed. Bill smiled and said, 'Damn, I haven't slept with another guy since high school days. This might be more fun than I thought, 'Whats that mean?'

'Oh nothing, just thinking outloud.' then he smiled really big.

We both started undressing, got down to our underwear, Bill wore boxers, I wore white briefs, I always liked the feeling of something pushing on my cock and balls, which by the way are nice sized, I was always proud of all seven and a half inches of my cock, which it seemed had layed dormant since Trish had died, except for an occasional stroking which I performed myself.

'Well I usually sleep in the nude at home,' Bill said.

'I do too,' I told Bill.

'Hey why not, it's natural, and you don't have anything I don't know about do you, you don't have anthing under those shorts that might scare me do you,? HEHEHEHE' We both giggled.

I slipped my shorts off and Bill looked at my naked body there in the night light and just smiled, 'Damn there dude, you have a really nice body, shit man, I don't know if I should be sleeping with you or not.'

Then when I saw Bill lean over and slip of his boxers, I almost fainted. Having not been close to another living human being naked in a very long time, Bill's ass was gorgeous, his body was beautiful, his chest was nice an muscular looking, covered with a dark covering of beautiful hair, his stomach was defined, very ripped, I smiled and said, 'Damn dude you have one hell of a body,' But when I saw his cock, I couldn't take my eyes off it, His cock was least six inches long, and it was still soft, Damn.

Was I really this fucked up, had doing without sex made me a flameing homo, god man what was happening?

We complimented each other on our bodies, and then we crawled into the bed, laying there on our backs and acting like a couple young teenagers, giggeling and laughing, just having a really great time with each other.

Then our conversation turned to sex, or the lack of it, being working Dads with boys to raise.

I just kinda thought back to my younger years and began to talk to Bill, 'Hey man, did you ever do anything sexual with your buddies when you were a kid, you know? in your teens?'

'Hell yeah man, didn't all boys, there was this kid named Ricky Mullins, god he loved to touch guys cocks, he used to sleep over and I had heard from others guys that he liked to jack guys off, damn did he ever, he spent the night at my house one time and I had always wanted to see what that felt like, you know, another guy jerking you off, and he ended up sucking my cock for me, I held his head down and made him take my load into his outh, after that every time we got together he would suck my cock for me,' Then Bill looked over at me and said, 'I Don't think that makes me a queer, does it? I mean liking to get sucked off.'

'Who gives a shit, let people think what they want, Almost the same thing happened to me, this kid named Layton Mcalister, man,we used to like to jerk off together, then one night he was sleeping over and we were into a jerkoff session in bed and he leaned over and started sucking me off, I came in his mouth too, but he wanted me to. He sucked me off quite a few time back then.'

Bill looked over to me and said, 'Man Look at this.' he threw the covers back and there between his legs was this beautiful, cut, thick, long, throbbing hardon, Damn man, it looked like it was at least eight and a half inches long.

'Talking about this shit has gotten me all turned on and hard as a fucking rock,' then he started giggling like a teenager. 'Hey man, don't laugh,' I threw back my cover and My cock was standing up thick, tall and proud, harder than flintrock.

'Hey Ken, lets jerk off together, you know just for fun and old times sake,'

We threw back the covers and looked into each others eyes and started both stroking our cocks, I felt like a kid again, I was rekindling old feelings that I hadn't had in years.

I was watching his gorgeous cock, it was quite thick and long, god Bill was hung really nicely, then after about five minutes I began to have this strange feeling, one I had never had before, a feeling that just stroking my cock wasn't enough, I wanted to feel another human being, to touch, and I spread my legs, and my right leg touched Bills leg, and sensations went thru me like a bullit, god I was really getting turned on like crazy, I wanted to do it all with Bill, I was starting to see him in another light, he was not just good looking, he was gorgeous, so fucking hot and desireable.

I stopped jerking on my cock, I leaned over and started rubbing his beautiful hairy chest, he started smileing, He looked up at me and said, 'Ken I feel like Im going to explode, would you kiss me, please?' I went after Bill's mouth with my lips and tongue like a starving wolf, god it tasted so fantastic, I found myself rubbing inside his legs and working my way up toward his thick, hard cock, and then I felt his big oval nuts drawn up tight against his tightly muscled body, god it felt awesome. Then the most awesome feeling I remember to this day was when I wrapped my hand around his pre-cum coverd cock, it was slick, thick, and throbbing in my hand, I felt his body tighten up as I stroked his manhood, I heard Bill's voice as he mumbled something almost undiscernable, I heard his throat as he made this gutteral moan, and raised up on his elbows, I stroked his gorgeous cock for about ten minutes untill I was almost hearing a constant moan coming from Bill's body, then the overwelming desire took over me, and I leaned down and engulfed Bill's cock to his pubic bush, I had never sucked on a guys cock before, but I wanted it all, I wanted to devour Bill completely starting at his cock and working my way up.

I stopped,remembering how much I love doing something else,I had had it done to me once by Layton, and I had wanted it again, but to no avail.

I stopped sucking on Bill's cock, and crawled between his legs, he grabbed his cock with his right hand and I lifted his legs up and raised up his ass and I dove into his furry little pinkish red starfish looking asshole with my wet hot tongue, I thought Bill would loose it, 'Oh Jesus, Awh Fuck man, what you doing? God Damn man, that feels fantastic.'

I worked my tongue in and out of his asshole for about twenty minutes, Bill was almost to the point of shooting his load from just me licking and sucking and tongueing his rosebud, and knowing it was making him wild with sensations, did me just fine, my cock was leaking pre-cum like a faucet. I wanted to sink my cock into his little hole, but not this time, maybe later.

I finally let him back down on the bed, his breathing was almost to a gasping mode, he was hot, very hot, and his cock was so hard you could have cut glass with it.

I looked at it again, it was so hard and tight, it was shiny, and I took it and engulfed it into my mouth and went wild, I felt Bills body go rigid, his stomach started jerking in and out, he started that moaning that signals the climax, and I tasted his cum, thick, creamy, musty,salty and bleachy tasting, awesomely delicious cum, it was my first time to taste anyone elses cum besides my own, which I had tasted several times just for the hell of it. I loved it.

Bill was totally wasted by the time I was finished. I just layed there with my own boner sticking up straight and hard and wet from pre-cum.

Bill said, 'Mother fucker Ken, I had no Idea this would happen.'

Then he reached over and began to stroke my cock and It felt so fantastic, I had gotten quickly to the point of cumming when He leaned over and took my cock into his mouth, It took me about three more strokes and I was filling his mouth with my seed, It had been so long for both of us that we layed there entwined in each others arms and slept like babies, actually the boys woke us up the next morning laughting at us laying there, both naked, and sporting morning wood.

We grabbed the covers and just smiled and said, 'Go on downstairs and get out the cereal and milk, We'll be down to make breakfast in a minute, we both need a shower, thank goodness they were both to young to put two and two together, but if they're anything like their Dad's they will be doing something like this themselves in a few years. Now thats a thought.

Well I must say that Bill and I became very good friends and the boys have been like little brothers. We now go on campouts, fishing trips, andBill and I always share the motels together, Hey what can I say, we just have really become good, close, very close friends. Probably the two closest soccer Dads ever.



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