It was a cold rainy afternoon driving along interstate 95 close to Charlotte whenI decide to stop off at the local biker bar that I found on my GPS. The time was around 9 pm on this Thursday evening and the bar was somewhat busy by now. I was sitting alone on the stool when this Daddy bear biker came and sat right beside me now. We had a very nice long chat he was around 6'1 a good 200 plus short balding hairy with darkish blonde beard, He look very close to WCW wrestler Arn Anderson the same style look.  

He told me his name was Matt before I told my name was Colt, I was a bear cub in many way's about 160 5'8 blonde hairy body and goatee.  I also told Matt that I have been driving Transport for only 2 years now. The time was just getting pass 10 now as the conversation started getting personal and a bout sex a bit, Matt cam out of the blue and ask me quietly if I ever had sex with a man before ? I smile and told him yes only a few times that it was just oral.He then smile and ask me if I was interested in coming back to his place for a beer? I was a little nervous and told him yes. The both of us got up and headed out the door back to his house.

Matt had a very well kept small house in the country my guess it was about a 20 minute ride back to his place. We are now in his Men den watching some college football game now and started getting into the beers good and hard by now. I look at my watch it was showing  almost 11 30 pm when Matt made the first move on me now. He gave me a nice huge kiss on my lips before he took me into his new Sling Room that he had just build. He slowly undress me and strip me down to my new Under Armour underwear that I was wearing. Now it was his turn to take his clothes off. I was laying back in the sling watching peel off all his clothes except his nice powder blue jockey briefs with the same colour T-shirt that match.

I can now fell his strong hands pull off my underwear before he rub us both down with some heated active massage oil, I was so nervous before I told him that he would be the first person ever to fuck me, He reply back and said to me " Colt I will go very slow with you "  I was watching him now pour more oil his hairy chest and body, He then got the tube of KY Jelly and put some on his nice 7 semi cut cock that was sticking out of his underwear hole.

He then walk with over to the sling as he pull my ass up right close to his cock before he took a snort of rush poppers he had in his hands, I did try poppers some time ago and they felt great. He then pass me the bottle as I took a huge snort and was all relax by now for Matt cock, I felt Matt cock go slowly inside me as he told me to hang out tightly to his powder blue briefs, I gasp and moan of pain and pleasure as his cock went in further. It took about a good 1 minute or more until he was all the way inside me stroking me very slowly,I can hear his moans now getting louder now after each more aggressive  stroke. 

He was pounding my ass good and hard as his hairy chest and underwear were soaking wet from his sweat, He was now yelling out loud now that he was getting close in cumin! My ass was good and sore now from his huge cock before we took one last snort of poppers, I can now see Matt mouth open as his eyes roll back as he was about to orgasming into my hole, His hole body cover with sweat as he vibrated and his head jolted forward a few times as I felt his cock shooting out his load into my virgin ass. He was very exhausted by now his hole body all smoking with sexual sweat before he pull out of my ass.

We both took a nice hot shower together and he was watching me now get dress before I head out the door. I then saw him put on a fresh pair of tight red bikini briefs as he then walk over to grab his house coat. He came me one last kiss at the door before I went back to the Truck Stop for the night.




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