Our lips met and our tongues gently explored the other's mouth. Soon, it became extremely passionate and wild.

When we seperated, I stood and stepped out of the jacuzzi and held out my hand. Don stood and took my hand and I led him to my bedroom. Neither of us said a word.

We lay on the bed and again kissed passionately. Don pulled away and began kissing my neck, working his way lower on my body. Soon he was gently licking and sucking my nipples. I moaned softly with pleasure.

Don slowly licked down my body, stopping momentarily at my navel before going lower. Reaching my pubic area, he licked and sucked my cum filled balls ever so gently. Again I moaned. Slowly lifting my legs, his tongue went lower and began licking my hole. I grabbed my legs and held them for him as he spread my ass cheeks wider and buried his tongue as deep as he could. My body shook with erotic pleasure. He then moved to my cock, and after licking up the underside of the shaft, he sucked the head into his hot wet mouth. In one swift movement, he buried his nose in my pubic bush, my cock completely buried in his thraot. Gently at first then with more speed and sucktion, he soon brought me to a climax. My cock shot numerous hot ropes of cum into his throat then slowed and gently filled his mouth with the remainder of my load. Don collected every drop before looking up at me and swallowing.

He lay back beside me and we kissed. I could taste the remnants of my cum in his mouth. I then took my time and serviced his body, duplicating his movements and actions. After Taking and swallowing his huge hot load, we again kissed.

Now, for the first time, words were spoken. Don looked into my eyes and said softly, 'I've wanted to do that since the day we met.'

'So have I,' I answered. 'I decided that with your family out of town, I'd go for broke tonight.'

'That's why you suggested going nude in the jacuzzi, isn't it?'

'Yes, it was. And it worked,' I said with a smile.

Don spent the night with me that night. Later we had the pleasure of fucking each others in the ass.

Saturday, Don had to go to his office for a while. When he returned he came over immediately and we were soon in a sixty-nine on the den floor.

Afterwards, I casually asked. 'Do the boys or Joan know or suspect that you are into men?'

'Joan is in her own world. She doesn't have a clue. as for the boys, I've given them no reason to suspect however I do know that they are sucking and fucking each other.'

'What?' I said, pretending to be shocked. 'Are you sure? How did you find that out?'

'Ever since they were born, the last thing I do is quietly check on them. The weekend we moved in, Joan was tired and went to bed early. The boys were in their rooms upstairs and I watched TV late downstairs. When I went to bed about midnight as usual I went upstairs to check on them. The first room I checked was empty, then I heard soft moanings coming from another room. The door was cracked and I peeked in. Luckily, they didn't see me.'

'What was going on?' I asked.

'When I first looked in, they were on the floor sucking each other in a 'daisy chain'. After a few minutes, they stopped and Joe began fucking Jim and Jim started fucking John. I was hard as a rock and jerked off right there in the hall. I've watched them at night many times since then. It may sound sick as hell but I'd love to join them and suck all three and let all three fuck me. I think it would be so hot.'

'Next time why don't you ease in and tell them that you'd like to join in?'

'I've thought about it but chicken out at the last minute. I don't guess I have the balls to do it.'

'Well, you certainly had the balls to come on to me,' I said with a laugh. 'And I'm sure glad you did.'

'Me too,' he added.

'Don, I have to admit that I'd love to get the boys in bed also. They are hot as hell.'

'I know. If you want to try, go ahead. You have my permission, but if you succeed, you must tell me all about it.'

'If I decide to try and succeed, I'll fill you in on everything, I promise.'

That week, Don spent every night with me in my bed. By the time Joan and the boys returned, I had lost count of how many time we had sucked and fucked each other.

Upon their return, the boys were eager to come over. They told Don and Joan that they were going to a movie that night and after parking their car on a back street, they walked back to my place for sex. Before they left, I told them that our Saturday routine would start that weekend coming up.

We had our Saturday play days for several weeks and Don would slip over as often as possible. A few times Don would call me from a locak hourly motel and I would go meet him there.

A couple of months later, Joan was killed in a car accident. Don and the boys were devistated. I did all I could to console them and after a while they were somewhat back to normal.

One Friday night Don came over and told me that he had decided to come out to the boys and asked if I would be there when he told them. I said that I thought that it should be just him and the boys there when he told them.

'Matt, I need your support to do this. Please. Will you be there for me?'

I told he yes and he said to come over Saturday night about seven.

I arrived on time and Don let me in then gave me a hug and said softly, 'Thank you.'

We went into the family room and he called the boys down. When they came in, he looked at them and said, 'Boys, there is something that we need to discuss, and it involves Matt.'

That caught me off guard, and the boys had a look of total shock and fear on their face.

The boys sat down on the sofa as Don paced back and forth in front of them.

He finally began.

'Boys, the day we moved in, before I went to bed I went upstairs to check on you as I've always done. It was about midnight and what I saw shocked me. Boys, I know that you three are having sex together. I've seen all three of you sucking each other and fucking each other and getting fucked.'

The boys looked at each other with fear again showing on their faces. Then Don continued.

'I'm not going to condemn you for it. It's fine with me if that's the lifestyle you want. I do not hate you or find it disgusting. I still love you with all my heart. The reason I can't condemn you is the fact that I like the same thing.'

This time there was a look of shock and amazement on their faces.

John spoke up and said, 'Dad, are you telling us that you have sex with other men?'

'Yes, I am. I have been since high school. To be very blunt, I enjoy sucking a nice cock and swallowing the cum. I enjoy kissing and making out. I enjoy fucking a guy in the ass and getting fucked.'

Don paused as the boys just looked at each other. He soon continued.

'I have another confession. I've sneaked upstairs many times and spied on yu having sex and have wanted to join in every time. I'd love to have sex with you three.'

'Dad, you should have told us sooner,' Jim said.

'Yea dad. We have even talked and said that we'd like to get you in bed also,' Joe added.

Then Jim spoke up and said, 'But where does Matt fit into all this?'

Don looked at me and said, 'Matt, can I tell them?'

I looked at him and nodded.

'Do you remember the weekend that you went to your grandmothers with your mom?' they all nodded yes. 'Well, I've been having sex with Matt ever since that weekend. Matt is gay also.'

The boys looked at me and I nodded.

Jim spoke up and said, Since the confessions are coming out we have one. Dad, we know about Matt. We've been having sex with him since the weekend he moved in.'

Don turned to me and said, 'And all the time we talked and discussed the boys and how we both wanted them, yu never let on or said anything.'

'No, I didn't,' I replied. 'I promised them I'd not say anything. Just as I promised you that I'd never say anything about having sex with you. I didn't feel that it was my place to rat on either of you.'

'Well, It's all out in the open now so what are we going to do about it?' Don asked.

The boys looked at each other then stood and walked over to their dad. Each hugged him and John was the first to lean in and kiss him opened mouth. Don returned the kiss and was shocked when John reached down and gropped his cock. Jim and Joe followed John's lead. Don in utrn gopped them.

I stood and eased out and returned to my house. I figured that they needed some private time to talk and do what ever they desired.

Sunday morning, my phone rang and when I answered Don said, 'Matt, how about coming over and joining us for coffee?'

'Sure. I'll be right there.'

When I arrived, Don answered the door totally naked. He led me to the kitchen where the boys were standing at the counter, also totally nude.

I had to smile and Don said, 'Feel free to join us if you want. We've decided to live this way at home.' I quickly stripped and joined them.

We returned to the family room to have our coffee. To my surprise, just after I sat down, Don knelt on the floor between my legs and began sucking my cock. I looked at the boys and they smiled then John said, 'We wanted to watch him suck another guys cock.'

After a few minutes, Don stopped and said, 'Now boys, I want to watch you three take turned on this nice tool.' In turn, all three boys sucked on my cock. As they did, Don stood by me and the got to watch their dad get sucked.

After I had taken and swallowed Don's load, he looked at me and said, 'Now they want to watch you fuck me and cum up my ass.'

I gladly oblidged, and with Don on his back with legs pulled up, he got to watch me suck off all three of his sons while getting his ass fucked.

That was five years ago. Don and I are lovers and the boys still all live at home, although we have another home.

Sam passed away three years ago and in his will he left a set sum to each employee of the firm. Sam owned the law firm outright and upon his death everyone assumed that it would go to Lisa. He left her only one dollar and she was banned from the company property for life.

The company, his home and all of his assets were left to me. In his will, he said that he considered me to be the son he never had. Me, Don, and the boys moved into Sam's large home. We continue to have sex and the boys have all received their law degree and passed the bar. Per Sam's wishes, they went to work for the firm. We no longer have to resort to sex in the gym on Saturdays. We can do it at home now.

We have set some rules. Mondays and Wednesdays are Don and I private time as it is for the boys. Tuesday and Thursdays are open sex at home. Anyone can do anything with anyone else at any time. Basically it's orgy time. Friday through Sunday is free time. We either go out and cruise, stay home and invite friends over or what ever we want. It's not uncommon for us to see guest of one of the others in the pool nude or having sex on a lounge.

We are open and everyone at the firm knows about me. They have all accepted me as I am and everything runs like a smooth engine.

Don and I are deeply in love, and the boys are dating but so far haven't found that certain someone. They will eventually, but in the meantime we are enjoying having them at home and having sex with them.




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