I arrived to pick up the triplets right on time and found them waiting. Their parents were ;oading the car for their trip out of town. I had never met them and introductions were made. I liked Don and Joan right off, especially Don.

He was about six-two, extremely well built with dark brown hair and a short neatly trimmed moustache and goatee. His waist was small compared to his muscled barrel chest. As we shook hands I smiled and said, 'You look more like their brother instead of their father.'

'Well, they were born a couple of months before my nineteenth birthday. I'm only eighteen years older than them.'

Doing soome quick math, I calculated that Don was thirty-seven. A young looking thirty-seven at that.

We talked for a few minutes. Don said that workers had been there the day before but he didn't know how to reach me to verify that they belonged. I told him that it was fine and that they were putting in a large jacuzzi on the patio.

Then Don said in front of the boys, 'If they don't work like they should, don't pay them. They also like to party but know that it's not allowed if we're gone, so if anything goes on over the eekend. let me know Monday when we get back.'

I assured him that I'd look out for them and that they didn't need to worry. We left for the old house, stopping to pick up some breakfast sandwichs and the rental truck. We arrived at the house and after eating, began loading the truck. Before long the boys had removed their shirts and I got to see their beautiful upper torsos.

Shortly after noon we were finished and headed for the new house. On the way, I called and ordered Pizza to be delivered for our lunch. After eating, we unoaded and placed the furniture. Then as the boys unloaded boxes, I unpacked them and put things away. By late afternoon, everything was unloaded and the truck returned. I told the boys to shower and dress as I was taking them out to dinner.

We went to dinner and while eating, two of the boys excused themselves and went to the restroom. The one that was left looked at me and asked, 'Matt, can I come over later alone and talk to you? You have to promise that you won't say anything to John or Joe.'

I assumed that I was talking to Jim and promised him that I wouldn't say anything. I noticed a small mole on the right side of his neck. I finally had a clue on telling which was Jim.

We returned home and the boys said that they were exhausted and headed home. About an hour later, there was a knock on the door. I answered and it was Jim. I invited him in asking, 'What is it that you don't want your brothers to know? I thought brothers told each other everything.'

'We do but I just can't talk to them about this. I'm afraid that they would hate me.'

'It can't be that bad. What is it?'

'Matt, I'm gay and want to have sex with you,' he blurted out.

'Taken off guard, I asked, 'And they don't know that your gay?'

'No, they don't. And I've wanted to suck your cock since the day we met. Please, may I suck you off?' His hand was sliding up my thigh as hje spoke and my cock was hard as steel.

'Jim, you know that this could lead to problems if anyone found out.'

'I know but I want you and it feels like he wants it,' he said squeezing my hard cock.

I sat silent as he unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. Hethen immediately began pulling them down. I raised my hips to make it easier.

Throwing my shorts aside, he began licking my balls before taking the head of my cock into his mouth. I couldn't hold ack the moan of pleasure that escaped my lips.

As he began swallowing my cock, he began stripping off his shorts and shirt. Within seconds we were both totally nude. I wanted so badly to go down on long beautiful cock, but I held back.

Jim coaxed me off the sofa and onto the floor. We were basically in a sixty-nine position. My mouth was watering but after a few minutes of him sucking me I began stroking him off. Before long, I reached my climax and as I shot rope after rope of hot thick cum into his mouth and down his throat, I could hear him moaning as he eagerly swallowed my man juice.

He quickly reached his climax and shot his load all over my chest. He apologized and I told him that not to worry because I was about to shower. He thanked me for letting him suck me off and asked if he could do it again.

'I guess so,' I replied.

He dressed and left and after he did, I quickly began collecting his cum on my fingers and licking them clean. It tasted fantastic.

The next morning as I prepared a cup of coffee, there was a knock on my door. I answered and as he stepped in he said, 'I've got to have it again.'

I shut the door and he quickly dropped to his knees and after exposing my cock began sucking. Again, I was in ecstacy as the young stud devoured my cock. After again feeding him my cum he jumped up saying that his brothers were getting dressed so that they could go for breakfast. As he left, he smiled and said, 'I'll be back this afternoon for another round.'

Before I could reply he was gone.

I spent the day hanging pictures and such on the walls. About three I heard a knock. I answered and he smiled and said, 'Ready to go again?'

He led me to the sofa where he removed my shorts and started sucking. I happened to see his neck. No mole. I stopped him and yelled, 'Hold it! What's going on? You're not Jim.'

He looked at me and said, 'I'm John.'

'Who was here last night?' I asked.

'Joe,' he replied.

'Get the thers over here right now,' I said.

He called on his cell phone and I heard him say, 'Get over here. He figured it out and wants to see all of us.'

Seconds later I was staring at the three boys. 'Okay, fill me in,' I said.

Jim spoke up and said, 'Well, we are all gay. We have sex together daily but when we saw you we decided to find a way for each of us to get to suck you. How did you figure it out?'

'The small mole on your neck. I didn't see it today.'

Matt, don't be mad at us. You're so fucking hot, we all wanted to have sex with you.'

'Why didn't you just tell me straight out what you wanted?'

'What? And have you tell us all to get lost?'

'No, I'd have said let's get it on.' They looked at me with a puzzled look on their faces. 'I've wanted the three of you since that first day.'

'You're gay also?'

'Try me,' I said, as I leaned over and began kissing Jim, then Joe and finally John.

'How fast can you strip?' I asked. they began stripping their clothes and when they were all nude I had them sit side by side on the sofa. I sucked off each one in turn, swallowing and enjoying all three loads. They all roteted between eating my ass, sucking my balls and sucking my cock. Never before had I had the pleasure of three such hot studs working on me at the same time. They stayed at my place until midnight with us having sex many times. One of the hottest times was when I said I wanted to watch the three of them get it on together. I stayed hard as a rock as I watched them suck and fuck each other.

Monday, I returned to work. Shortly after I got settled at my desk, Sam walked in and said, How'd the move go, son?'

'Great, and you won't believe what happened?'

'Did it have to do with sex?'

'Yep,' I said.

Shutting the door, he smiled and said, 'Tell me every detail.'

I began at the beginning and told him everything. I could see his boner in his suit pants, and by the time I was half through the story, he had it out and was jerking wildly.

I finished just before he climaxed and was able to go down on him just seconds before and sucked every drop of cum from his hard cock.

'I want to meet them,' he said.

'I think I have a way for that to happen.' I explained that they were law students and that I could bring them to the office on Saturdays to do some legal work for me and then get them to the gym where he would be waiting.

'Sounds perfect. Just let me know when.'

'I will try to get it started this coming Saturday,' I told him.

'Perfect. Now come over here. I've missed your cock.' I stepped over to him and after unzipping my pants and extracting my cock he began sucking me hungrily. It didn't take me long to climax and when I did he swaloowed quickly then said how much he had missed my cock and cum.

I presented the idea to the boys about going to the office on Saturday. 'After some legal work, we can go to the gym and play,' I said, not telling them that Sam would be there. They were all for it. I told Don what I was going to do and he thanked me for helping the boys with their law work. As we talked, I noticed him looking me over almost as I had done him previously.

Saturday arrived and after a few hours of having them look up legal briefs, we headed for the gym. Sam was hiding in the sauna and after we four stripped and did some working out, we began having sex. As we did Sam suddenly appeared and the boys were scared that we had been caught.

Then they noticed that he was naked and boned. I introduced him and told them his position. Jim looked up and as Sam began sucking his cock, he said, 'Fuck it all. I'm getting sucked off by the head honcho.' We all laughed including Sam, even though his mouth was filled with Jim's cock.

Sam sucked us all off then we began to all fuck Sam in the ass. One of the boys fucked me while I was fucking Sam. We all left at almost four.

This went on for several months. Don and I had become good friends but I had not had the opportunity to get him alone. Then the chance came.

The boys told me that Joan's mother was ill and that their mother was driving to see her and take care of her for the week and they had to go along and help with the driving. I asked when they were leaving and they said on Friday morning and would be back on Sunday evening the following week and that they would be gone nine days.

I set my plan in motion. I bought a couple of nice steaks and some potatoes and on Friday, I left the office early to prepare. I already had the steaks marinating and ready to throw on the grill. I watched for Don and when he arrived I walked out and said, 'Since were both alone tonight, come on over and have dinner with me. I've got a couple of steaks ready for the grill.'

He smiled and said that it sounded good to him and that he'd bring the beer. At almost six he knocked and to set the stage, I answered the door shirtless and wearing just a pair of nylon gym shorts.

'Come on in and make yourself at home,' I said. He entered and followed me to the kitchen where I checked on the potatoes in the oven. We placed the beer in the fridge after each grabbed one.

We went out on the patio and relaxed and I again told Don to get comfortable. He kicked off his sandles as I went back in for a moment. When I returned he also had removed his shirt.

My previous appraisal of him was verified. His chest was extremely well built with beautiful pecs and an eight pac down lower. It was covered with a medium coating of dark brown hair. His nippl;es were very pronounced and delicious looking. I could feel my cock begin to awaken,and I willed it back to sleep.

After a few beers, we ate dinner and returned to the patio. It was close to nine, and I decided to turn on just the soft mood lighting. After doing so, I asked if he'd like to hit the jacuzzi.

He said that he'd have to go home to change. I asked why and said, 'I always go in nude. It's a lot more relaxing that way. You're welcome to do the same.'

'I bet it is a lot better nude and it's not like either of have never seen another man nude before.'

'Very true,' I said as I stood and turned on the jets. I turned and casually removed my shorts and stepped into the bubbling water. Within seconds he smiled and said, 'Oh, what the hell,' and stood, stripped and joined me in the hot relaxing water.

I did notice that hen he got in and sat down he sat much closer than necessary. I had my left hand resting on the seat next to me and after a few minutes i felt his hand next to mine. I did't remove mine and after another minute or so, he placed his hand on top of mine and squeezed slightly. I smiled and turned my hand palm up and felt his fingers intertwine with mine.

We looked into each other's eyes and as if on cue, leaned toward each other.

TO BE CONTINUED.................



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