The Story that I'm about to write is based on an that happened Last year.

I must tell you the I have been gay since I was...... Well lets just say that I don't remember when I wasn't.

I have a powerful sex drive and If I was truthfull, I would say that I guess I could suck a base ball thru a garden hose, I have this thing for sucking cock,all shapes and sizes.

I got the great pleasure of sucking off my best friends father when I was sixteen, he was a divorcee and needed some attention, during a sleepover I snuck into his bedroom late at night and I ended up enjoying his thick cock and tasted cum for the first time, my friend never knew about that either. Actually I sucked him off from that time untill they moved away several years later, His Dad was always glad to see me come over,I guess I was about twenty then.

Well to the story, It was the first of June, getting warmer heading toward summer with a heated vengence. It was about eighty degrees out side and quite humid that day.

I had heard the chain saws buzzing and knew they were taking down a couple dead trees in the apartment complex.

The saws had been buzzing all morning and I went out and did some shopping, got some groceries and paid a few bills, and when I returned I noticed every on else had gone and left, but this very nicely built guy in his late twenties maybe his early thirties by himself, was raking up the scraps and remnants of the fallen trees, cleaning up the area where they had been.

I watched out my front picture window and just almost swallowed my tongue with lust and desire, ogling his awesome chest, clean and smooth, his washboard stomach muscles, his thick muscular arms, all covered with shiny sweat, and he had a flat-top haircut and a slight goatee and light matching mustache, he was very handsome and so manly looking.

I popped wood just admiring this gorgeous guy and thinking what I would do if given the chance.

Well as the afternoon went on I sorta lost sight of him then I went shopping, just giving it up to a lost whim or desire, but he was fantastic eye candy for a while, it was like looking at a menu at a fancy restaurant but knowing your on a diet and can't have any of that stuff.

When I came home all the trucks were gone but one and the job was almost done.

There was one pickup truck filled with debree from the tree trimming job with some of their rakes and tools laying on top of the debree.

I went on in and decided to play the piano,(I use to play professionally, at malls, private parties ect.) and I was quite good at it too.

I was playing the piano when I saw Rich our maintenance man talking to this young half naked man.

I just kept playing and then got up and went into the kitchen to get me something to drink.

I was coming back into the living room when the doorbell rang and I set my drink down, turned on the t.v. and opened the front door.

I was totally shocked and surprised to see this hunk, standing there with his naked chest, covered with sweat, Holy shit, I wanted to open up, grab his arm and drag him into my bedroom.

I sorta studdered and stammered a second, 'Hey there, are you Ken?' he asked.

'Yes, that would be me,' I said.

'Well, Rich your maintenance man, said that was you playing the piano that I heard a while ago.' he said.

'Sorry didn't mean to annoy anyone with my playing.' I said.

'No, No, not at all, it wasn't annoying at all, it was awesome.' he said.

'Oh Pardon my manners, won't you come in?' I said.

'Man, I'm really dusty and sorta dirty,' he said.

'Oh hell so friggen what? get on in here, besides its hot out there and you could use a cool drink I'm sure.' I said.

'Well yeah! I could use that,' he said.

I got him a cool glass of Iced Tea and he set down on my kitchen chair, By now I was drooling, thru his dust and sweat, I got a wiff of his manly odor and almost lost it. It was like a sexual stimuli to my nose.

'Well I guess your wondering why I came over here?' he said.

'Well I was just wondering, it's not every day that such a well built, good looking guy like yourself comes knocking on my door.' I said.

I made him blush, as his face turned red.

'Well to be honest, I have loved the piano for years now and Untill recently I never had the priviledge of learning to play, I bought a used one last summer but I can only hunt and peck out songs with one finger, I want to play like I heard you doing earlier, I was wondering what you would charge to teach me.' he said.

To me that was a loaded question. I took charge of the conversation then and went for gold.

'Well I have never taught anyone the piano before but I do know how, Hummmm! What to charge?'

'Just talk to me, Whats your name, I don't even know your name?' I said.

'Oh! sorry sir, it's Eric, Eric Hanson, sorry about that,' he said.

'Well Eric, tell me a little about yourself, you married, dating or got a lady friend, someone as handsome as you must have a female on the string somewhere?' I asked.

'Sorry, no sir, no wife, no lady, no females at all in my life, except my Mom, but she lives in L.A.' he said.

At this point a light went on in my head.

'WEll don't that leave you sorta hurting for sex,' I asked.

'Well not really sir, you see, I don't go for women, but I have enjoyed sex with a couple guys in my earlier years.' He said.

' Holy shit man, there is a God after all.' I said with a big smile.

'Sorry sir, I don't understand.' he said.

'Well Eric, I am gay, alright, and I was about to suggest that I take you on as a piano student if I can exchange Piano lessons for you letting me suck your cock for each lesson, I want to suck your cock so bad I'm aching.' I said.

The expression on Eric's face was worth a million bucks, such a beautiful smile and a look of total pleasure when he realized what I had said.

'Well tell me something Eric, how long's it been since your buddy gave you a good blowjob?' I asked.

'About a year and a half.' he said.

I got up walked over and began to feel his chest, it felt so awesome, he looked up and I noticed a nicely cut flat-top hair cut, his hair was almost black, his little goatee was neatly trimmed and his face was almost doll like, he was truly one handsome guy, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because I was sure beholding beauty that afternoon.

Without saying a word as Eric looked up at me standing beside him I was in La-La land.

I was gently squeezing his nipples and then my hand went down to his faded blue jeand and I began to massage the inner part of his right thigh, I moved my hand ever so gently upward untill it felt his cock in his crotch, which was swelling, 'I think it wants some attention don't you?' I asked.

'I know it does,' Eric said.

'But I'm all sweaty and stinky from working all day,' he said.

'Hey Eric, you smell absolutely delicious to me, so manly, I could bottle your aroma in a bottle just for my pleasure son.' I said.

I took Eric by the hand and led him to the bedroom like a little puppy being led on a leash.

When in the bedroom I leaned over and kissed Eric on the lips and he responded in passionate kind.

'Damn, I barely remember what this feels like,' he said.

I began undoing his belt and letting his faded jeans fall to the floor, Eric stood there with his gorgeous white briefs bulging like there was a huge hunk pipe in them.

My mind was racing as I set Eric on the bed, and layed him back and began to nibble on his nipples and lick his awesome sweat from his chest and stomach.

As I licked and nibbled on his upper body, I noticed his cock was jutting upward in his briefs pulling the elastic away from his body, and there was a wet spot forming where the tip was pushing, it was fantastic looking.

I leaned down and started sucking on the end thru his briefs. The taste of his pre-cum was phenomenal, and I was lost in what I was doing.

Finally I pulled his briefs out and down and saw a perfectly straight cock, awesomely cut, with a glowing pink head and even tho it was only about six and a half inches long it was thick, and harder than a rock.

Those beautiful rounded orbs that hand in a sack under that shaft was pulled up toward his cock and I began to lick and suck on the nutsack and Heard his grunt of pleasure, I began to suck each nut into my mouth seperately and he loved it, then I Lifted his legs and began to eat his ass out.

Eric loved getting his ass eaten.

The mixture of his salty sweat and that sweet pre-cum was truly an aphordesiac to my senses.

Eric was totally enjoying what I was doing,

But when I raised up and took that cock into my mouth and began to service Eric, I thought I was going to have to hold him down to keep him from flying away.

I had pulled my shorts down an was working my cock over too.

Eric realized it and told me to crawl up on the bed beside him and we would suck each other off, I did and we did, and Fuck man, this kid could suck cock, just about one of the best I ever had.

We brought each other to a jerking, explosive, fullfilling climax and just lay back and almost quit breathing.

Erics cum was so good, I had forgotten he took my load too.

Eric Smiled and said, Fuck this visit turned out a lot better than I planned.

I smiled 'Yeah man, for both of us. God your beautiful Eric.' I said.

Eric Smiled,'So this is what it will cost for piano lessons each week, what if I need more than one lessen a week, still the same price?' Eric said with a smile.

'Well Eric, we'll work something out.' I said.

Eric go up and took a shower, and I invited him to stay for supper which turned out him staying for the night and Me giving a great piano lesson to Eric.

Well the night I let Eric Fuck me and god he was good at it. To feel that awesome cock sliding in and out of me as fantastic, and watching Eric's face as he shot his load was priceless.

Eric spoke up after shooting his load, Never knew that takeing piano lessons would be this much fun, damn wish I would have found you a year ago.

Well all I can say is that Eric has been coming by weekly for piano lessons about three times a week and believe it or not, he never goes away with paying my price, and what can we say, I teach him the piano and get to play with his organ. Now thats a trade and a half. ciao.



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