(Author's Note: Due to a special request from Josh (no connection to the Josh in the story) I am continuing the saga of Josh and Brad and some of their encounters. Thanks Josh for the comment.)

Brad and I have been together for five years and are still deeply in love. We live in his two bedroom apartment. One bedroom is mine and the master is his. That is for appearances only so that when his straight coworkers come by it appears that we are roommates only.

We decided to write down and share some of the encounters we have had during that time.

About a year after I moved in with Brad, he came in from patrol and after our usual hug and kiss he told me about a new officer that had been assigned to his district.

'Baby, that kid is a real stud.' he told me. 'He rode with me today and of course I was fullof questions for him.'

'Knowing you they were age, height, weight, cock size and do you suck,' I said with a laugh.

'Smart ass,' he said as he stripped from his uniform and joined me in the nude. We lived that way at home.

'What exactly did you find out?' I asked.

'Well, his name is Troy Davis and he's fresh out of the Marines. He was a military cop and after his tour was up he didn't reenlist. He applied to the acadamy and was accepted and just graduated top in his class. He's twenty-five, six foot four inches, weighs two-twenty, blond hair, beautiful sky blue eyes, stache, and built like a brich shit-house. When we finished patrol, I hung around the station a few minutes while he changed. Has a nice blond hairy chest and his cock is right at seven inches soft. I did notice that it appeared to grow slightly before he got completely changed.'

'Damn, he does sound hot. Maybe you need to be a good guy and invite him over for dinner one weekend.'

'I've been thinking about that too. He'll be riding with me all week for evaluation. Let me see how the week goes.'

We decided to go out to dinner and when we returned we made hot passionate love, first slowly sucking each other off then after a rest fucking each other slow and deep.

Two days later Brad returned home telling me about he and Troy being on patrol near a county park.

'We were pulled off the road and had our radar going and we saw a car pass with two guys in it, one leaning close to the other and obviously making advances. We both noticed it but I was just going to let it pass. I knew they were going to the park and out into the woods for sex.

Troy noticed it and said that things looked suspicious and that we ought to check it out.'

'Well. rather than blow it off and possibly arouse suspicion I said okay and that we'd let them get ahead before making our move. I was frankly curious to see what his reaction would be if we did catch them in a sexual act.'

He finished undressing and as i dished up dinner he continued. 'We gave them a few minutes and drove to the park and sure enough there was their car and they were no where in sight. We got out and slowly headed down the hiking trail. After about a hundred yards we heard moaning and eased over to it. Through the thick folage we saw them both with their shirts off and pants around their ankles and two beautiful cocks standing at attention as they kissed. He wanted to go right in but I told him we should wait until they did more.'

'What was his reaction to them standing there naked and kissing?' I asked.

'His eyes were glued on them. I glanced over at his crotch several times and it was obvious that he was getting an erection. After a few minutes of kissing one guy squatted down and began sucking the other. Troy wanted to go in but I suggested we wait to see if the other was going to do the same. Soon he did. I sure hated having to bust the guys but I had no choice with Troy there.'

'We came out of the bushes and as we were arresting them I again looked over at Troy and his boner was very visable. He saw me looking and turned red nd tried to hide it by turning his back to me.'

'Did you say anything to him about it?'

'No. I thought I'd wait until tomorrow and bring it up while on patrol.'

'Damn, I can't wait to hear what he has to say.

The next night Brad told me that while on patrol he mentioned to Troy that he couldn't help but notice that watching the guys had had an effect on Troy. He said Troy blushed and said it did but he didn't know why because he wasn't gay. Brad said that sometimes something like that is a way that the brain is telling you to re-evaluate yourself and what you desire. He said he told him that it could be a signal that he really is gay deep inside but it hasn't surfaced yet.

The week was up and when Brad did the evaluation, even though Troy could probably handle being out on his own, Brad recommended that Troy ride with him until further notice. Brad began changing at the station so that he could be naked with Troy in the locker room and showers and see his reaction. Brad made sure that he looked at Troy's cock and would hae thoughts that would give him a partial boner for Troy to see. Troy would inevitably get one also.

After several days of this Brad again brought up the subject, asking Troy why he was getting boners in the shower. Troy said he didn't know.

He told Troy that he needed to know so he would know how to write future evaluations.

'Look Troy,' Brad had said, 'if you're having curious thoughts tell me. There are several gay patrol officers, but it is not widely known. They do their job and that is all that is expected. Their private life is there own, but I need to know, as your trainer, what is going through your head.'

'Brad, do you personally know these gay officers?' Troy asked.

'Yes I do. They are great guys. I know one for sure has a lover. They make a great couple. They have even had dinner with me and my roommate.'

'Brad, will what I say stay strictly between me and you and go no further?'

'You have my word on it partner.'

Brad said Troy took a deep breath before saying, 'After that arrest in the park and what you said, I have been looking at myself more closely. I went to an adult bookstore and rented both a couple of straight fuck movies and a couple of gay movies. I watched the straight movies first, and found that I kept looking more at the guys dicks than the women's pussy. I did get an erection but I wasn't what you might call really 'turned on'.'

He took another deep breath as Brad sat quietly and drove on patrol. 'Then I watched the gay movies and found that my dick was harder that ever and I was leaking like crazy. I have to admit that I was curious as to how it would feel to have my dick sucked by a guy and what it would be like to suck a guy. Then they started fucking each other and I was curious about that. I guess I am gay but I don't know what to do to find out for sure or how to go about it. Has this confession ruined my career as a state cop?'

'Fuck no. It's just between you and me. But let me say this. Do not go to the book stores and to their arcades to find out. Yes you can get sucked there and suck there, but you never know which of the guys is vice.'

'Then what do I do? I want to try it and see if that is my true lifestyle. Do you know someone that you can hook me up with so I can try it all?'

'You mean sucking, getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked?'

'Yea. I want to do it all and see what it's like. I may find that it's just a phase and not really for me. Can you help, please?'

'Yea, I think so. My roommate is open minded like me and to be honest, I've talked to him about you. Why don't you come over for dinner saturday and we can all talk and see what we can do for you.'

'I'd like that and really appreciate anything you can do. 'I'll be there.'

'Look, like I said, Josh and I are both very open minded. If you'd like to experiment and see what it's like to feel another guys cock, I'm willing to be your guinea pig. Feel free to reach over anytime and feel me up.'

'Are you serious?'

'Yep, I am. I said I'd help you any way I could. If you get ready just reach over and feel it, besides, he likes attention.' Troy laughed and the tension was broken. Brad said later that he decided to turn off onto a deserted side road to give Troy some privacy from the traffic on the main highway. He said before long, he noticed Troy turn and look back then reach over, and with shaking hands, begin to feel his cock. Brad got hard and Troy continued to feel his manhood. He glanced over and saw the huge bulge in Troy's pants.

When Troy stopped, Brad looked at him and said, 'Man that felt good. We may need to find a spot so I can get out and strok it off. Care to join me?'

Brad pulled onto another side road and got out. Unzipping his pants he watched as Troy got out and walked toward him. Brad pulled out his hard cock and began stroking. Soon Troy was doing the same. Brad looked at him and asked, 'You ever do this with a buddy when you were a kid?'

'Oh fuck yea. What male hasn't?'

'That's what this reminds me of,' Brad said.

Troy laughed and said, 'Yea, it does bring back memories.'

It was Friday and the end of their shift was nearing. They both had the weekend off and Troy had accepted the dinner invitation for the next night. After showering and dressing, they walked out to their cars. Brad handed Troy the address and phone number and looking around to make sure that they were alone, said 'Troy, there is something I think you should know. My roommate and I are both nudist. We usually are both nude when we are at home. Tomorrow though, we will be dressed. If you like going nude it's fine with us. We'll take our cue from you.'

'Yea, I go nude at home quite a bit. It's so comfortable. I'd like to see what it's like around others.'

'That's fine with us, but we will be dressed when you get there. If you decide to try it, just start stripping and we'll follow your lead.'

'Brad, I can't believe you are so open and uninhibited, or that you're willing to help me out like this.'

'Hey, look, Josh and I both believe that the world would be a much better place if everyone accepted others for who they are inside and not what their private lives are about. See you tomorrow. Come on over anytime after three. We'll make an evening of it.'

'Sounds good. See you tomorrow.'

Brad filled me in on all this when he got home. 'He actually felt you up and jerked off with you?'

'Yep. And his cock is at least eight inches or better when hard. It is fucking beautiful.'

'As nice as mine?' I asked jokingly.

'No, but close.'

Saturday arrived and we decided on an easy meal: pasta with meat sauce, salad, and breadsticks.

We had sodas, iced tea and beer all available to drink. We figured Troy would go for the beer to help relieve his anxiety.

At half passed three, there was a knock at the door. Brad answered and let Troy in and introduced him to me. He was wearing shorts and a printed tee shirt and sandles. He seemed on edge, not knowing what to expect. He immediately accepted the beer offer.

'Drink up,' Brad told him. 'If you have too much you can stay here. We're both off tomorrow also so what the hell.'

We talked and found out that Troy was from Virginia, had a brother and that his parents were deceased. His brother was a county deputy sheriff back home. He was twenty seven and also single.

After the second beer, Troy asked where the bathroom was and we directed him to it. when he was gone I looked at Brad and said, 'You're right. Fucking hot!' Brad smiled.

When he returned from the bathroom, he looked at us and asked, 'Do you mind if I get comfortable?'

We knew what he meant. 'No not at all. Go right ahead and make yourself at home.'

As he kicked off his sandals and started to remove his shirt, Brad said, 'In fact, we'll join you.'

He hesitated with his shorts until we were removing ours, then he dropped his and kicked them aside.

'Now this is being comfortable,' Brad said as Josh looked me over.

'Yes it is,' Troy replied.

With the clothes gone, Troy slowed down on the beer and went to sodas. As I prepared dinner Troy would watch as Brad would walk by and place his hands on my hips or pat my ass.

We ate early and afterwards as we sat in the living room with Brad and I fairly close together on the sofa, Troy looked over and said, 'Brad, you're one of those gay officers you were talking about, aren't you?'

'Yes I am. What gave it away?'

'I suspected it yeaterday when you said you two go nude at home. I was sure when I saw you with your hands on his hips and patting his butt. Are there others?'

'I'm sure there are but I don't know of any for sure. There are a couple I have suspicions about.'

'So you and Josh are going to be the ones to let me see if it's for me?'

'If you want us to?'

'I'm glad it's you. I'll feel more comfortable with you than I would with someone else. How do we get started?'

'Well, I'd say just watch us and do what we do whenever you feel ready. Just dive in.'

Brad and I got on the floor and began kissing. Troy watched. After a while I began sucking Brad's cock and as I did, Troy lay beside Brad and began kissing him, with Brad showing him how to use his tongue.

I stopped sucking Brad and moved over to Troy and licked the drop of precum from the cock's eye. He jerked and moaned softly. I began licking the head and slipped it into my mouth. As I did, he tensed and said, 'Oh, fuck.'

'Relax and go with the flow,' Brad whispered to him, kissing him again. I slowly swallowed his cock until my nose was buried in his pubes. His moaning continued and after a while he said to Brad, 'Let me have yours.' Brad changed positions and made his cock available to Troy who cautiously began licking it then slipped it into his mouth.

As Troy sucked Brad, I glanced up at Brad who smiled and gave me a thumbs up sign. Before long, I could tell that Troy was nearing his climax. I prepared myself for his eruption. Usually, a virgins first climax with a guy is huge. I was ready. Then it happened. His cock exploded sending huge ropes of cum down my throat and into my mouth. I eagerly swallowed the delicious nectar. Watching me swallow brought Brad to his Climax. 'I'm about ready to cum,' he warned Troy who kept sucking. Brad exploded and with a few gags, Trow swallowed it all. He lay on his back, his breathing heavy.

'Oh, fuck, that was awesome,' he said. Then looking at me he said, 'Can I have yours?'

'Come and get it,' I told him. He immediately turned and began sucking my cock. It wasn't long before i climaxed and again he took it all and swallowed.

We took a break and Brad asked what he was thinking.

'Well, I guess I am gay because the sucking and getting sucked was fantastic. That was a real turn on. The only thing I'm not sure about is getting fucked. That looks like it would hurt like hell.'

'It can if the guy isn't gentle. For first timers, there is pain, but with the right person doing the fucking he can make the pain turn into tremendous pleasure.'

Before long, Brad was on his back with his legs raised as Troy entered his ass, sliding in deep. 'Oh, yea, Troy. Fuck that hole,' Brad said. Troy did as instructed and soon filled Brad's ass with his load.

Troy wanted to try it. Brad was his teacher and after lubing up Troy's ass, Brad began using his fingers to open Troy's hole. When he had four fingers up Troy and the hole somewhat relaxed, he eased them out and began inserting the head of his cock. As the head popped in Troy let out with an 'Oh, fuck!'

'Just relax,' I said as I caressed his chest and nipples. After a few minutes, he looked at Brad and said, 'It's feeling better. Go ahead.' Brad slowly began going deeper and when he passed Troy's love button, Troy shuddered and said, 'Oh, shit. What was that?'

'That was your prostate, but I call it the mans clit.' Brad pumped in and out, each time going deeper until he was entirely up Troys ass. Troy began moaning with pleasure, saying how fucking hot it was getting fucked. Soon, Brad neared his climax and as he began exploding into Troy's ass, Troy exploded sending long ropes of cum out into his own face and chest. He tasted his own cum as I began licking him clean. Brad slowly pulled out and as he did, Troy laughed and said, 'I never dreamed that anything up my ass could feel so fucking good. Guys, thanks. I've loved it all. Would you mind if I spent the night with you two. I want more.'

'We'd love to have you stay,' Brad told him.

Troy spent the night and sucked us each off again and fucked me before I fucked him. We introduced him to rimming and being rimmed, which he loved.

Troy is now out on patrol on his own and comes by to see us once or twice a month for sex. He has come ot realize that gay life is what he was meant to lead. He is extremely masculine on patrol and at the station, but when he visits he asked us to fuck his pussy.

There are other experiences we'll tell you about in future chapters.




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