My name is Greg Turner and I am twenty seven years old. I am an outside sales rep for a large distributing company based in Dallas. As an outside rep, my time is pretty much my own as long as I get my accounts serviced.

As I headed for the gym one afternoon, I suddenly heard a siren and glanced in my rearview mirror. There was a Highway Patrol car behind me. What had i done? I knew I wasn't speeding and the last light I went through was green.

I pulled to the shoulder of the road and he pulled in behind me. I watched in my side mirror as he got out of his car and walked toward me. He looked to be in his mid to late twenties and was damn good looking and well built. there was also a nice bulge down his right leg that I noticed immediately. Being gay, I notice those things.

He walked up to the driver's window and said, 'May I see your driver's license, registration and proof of insurance please?'

'Certainly, officer.' I got out my license and reached into the glove box for my registration and insurance papers. 'What did I do wrong?'

'You have a taillight out and you failed to signal a lane change.'

I sighed and thought this guy was really being a prick. He must have a quota of tickets to write. He walked back to his car and i saw him on his computer checking me out. I didn't worry about that because I knew I was clean.

As he walked back I again noticed the nice bulge in his tight uniform pants. My mouth began to water as i looked to see if he was wearing a wedding ring. I saw nothing.

'I'm just going to give you a warning ticket. Make sure you get that taillight fixed.'

'I will officer.' I noticed that his name badge said 'B. Wilson'.

As he handed me the warning ticket he asked where I was headed. I told him to the gym and he asked which one. I told him 'The Body Works' without thinking. It was private membership only and mainly gay.

'I've heard it's very nice,' he said.

'It is. It has everything a guy needs to keep in shape.'

'I've wanted to try it out but haven't found anyone to take me as their guest. I think they are afraid to because I'm a cop, but when this uniform comes off I'm just a regular citizen.'

Playing dumb, I asked, 'Why wouldn't they want to take you?'

'Well, I have heard some stories about some of the things that are supposed to go on there, but that wouldn't bother me any.'

I knew he was talking about the sexual activities that took place in some of the privaate rooms and in the steam room.

'Look, I'm Greg, but you know that. I'd be glad to take you as my guest but I'd like to get to know you better first.'

'Hey, thanks. I'm Brad by the way. Brad Wilson. Would you like to come by my place tomorrow night for burgers and a beer and get acquainted?'

'Sure, that sounds good.' On my copy of the warning ticket he wrote down his address and phone number. 'Come on over anytime after five. I get off at three and by the time I get home and shower it will be close to five.'

'Great. See you then, Brad.' We shook hands and I swear I think the bulge in his pants had grown.

i went to the gym, worked out, sucked a couple of cocks in the steam room and returned home. When I got home, I noticed the message light flashing on my answering machine. I pressed the play button and began stripping. Then I heard his voice.

'Greg, this is Brad. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed meeting you this afternoon and am looking forward to tomorrow. Oh, yea. Come comfortable. I'll be in shorts and tank top. See you then.'

My cock got hard hearing his sexy masculine voice and the thought of him being in shorts and tank top. I had to stroke it off, sending a huge load of my spunk out onto my chest and stomach.

The next day crept by. I didn't think it would pass. I finished up my work and headed home at three. I showered, shaved, and got into some comfortable clothes. I, too, put on shorts, tank top, and sandles. I was going commando; no underwear.

I arrived at Brad's house at five to five. I was a little nervous as I walked to the door and rang the bell. He answered holding his tank top in his hand. I got to see his hairy muscular chest and beautiful pecs before he slipped it on.

'Hey,' he said. 'Come on in. I'm running a little behind. We had a stolen auto chase not long before I was to get off.'

'Damn, sounds interesting.'

'It can be sometimes, but mostly it's pretty boring. How about a beer while I get the burgers ready?'

I accepted the beer, hoping it would calm my nerves. I sat at the bar and watched him work, hardly able to take my eyes off his hairy muscular legs and the hot nylon shorts he was wearing. He was definately advertising, but I just wasn't quite ready to buy.

We went into the back yard while he grilled the burgers and as we sat on the deck, I could see up the leg of the shorts.Brad was commando also, and at times I got a glimpse of the end of his uncut cock. We talked and I found out that he was twenty nine, single, and had been with the Highway Patrol for eight years.

I asked about some of his more exciting events while on patrol and he gladly told me. He then suddenly said, 'Hey, tomorrow is Friday and I have the night patrol from ten to six saturday morning. How would you like to do a ride-along?'

'What's that?'

'It's a program where citizens can ride along on patrol with an officer and see what goes on. Of course, you'd have to sign a waiver for any possible injuries.'

'Hey, man, I'd love that.'

'Great. Let me make a call.'

He grabbed the phone and I heard him asked for the shift captain and get permission. 'Yes, sir. We'll be there early so he can sign the waiver and releases before we go out.' There was a pause then he said, 'Yes, sir. He's a good friend of mine.' Another pause then, 'Thank you sir.'

'It's all set. You need to be hereno later than eight so we can get to headquarters and get the papers signed and be on time for roll call.'

We ate and talked more. I noticed that he always sat across from me and as I watched his face I noticed that his eyes kept going to my crotch and shorts. At one point when he went to the kitchen, I adjusted things so that he'd be able to see my cock when he looked up the leg of my shorts. It didn't take him long to notice.

I looked at him and said, 'Hey, I can take tomorrow off and we can go to the gym about ten tomorrow morning for a while. That will still give us some time to get some sleep before that all nighter.'

'Sounds perfect,' he answered.

I told him that I'd pick him up at nine-thirty and we said good night. As we shook hands, he pulled me to him gently and gave me a slight hug.

Damn, I wanted to get this stud in bed and soon.

The next morning I picked Brad up and we headed for the gym. After a rigid workout we headed for the the lockers, stripped and grabbed a towel and headed for the steam room. At the lockers, I finally got to see him totally naked. He was beautiful. Besides his sky blue eyes, his best feature was his beautiful thick seven inch uncut cock. I noticed him checking mine out also.

As we sat in the steam room we watched as two guys in an opposite corner began to grope each other. Soon one was sucking the other.

'Is that common in here?' he asked.

'Let me just say it happens frequently,' I said as my cock stiffened from watching the action. I made no attempt to cover it with my towel. I noticed Brad's cock was at attention also.

'If you weren't sitting here with me, someone might be doing that to you,' I said, waiting to see his reaction.

'Well, it wouldn't be the first time,' he said calmly.

We showered and left the gym and I dropped Brad off at home, telling him that I'd see him at eight. I grabbed a burger on the way home, ate it and tried to sleep.

I met Brad at eight and while he finished getting into his uniform and gun belt I asked to use the bathroom. As I was peeing, I noticed a package of adult diapers. 'What is this guy into?' I thought.

We went to headquarters, I signed the release papers and received instructions that I was to remain in the car on any stops, went through roll call, then we headed out.

After a couple of routine traffic stops, we were patrolling his area and i decided to ask the question.

'Brad, back at your place I noticed adult diapers. You have a problem?'

He began laughing and said, 'I forgot those were out in the open. Normally, when I work this shift, it's not always easy to find a place open to take a piss. So, I wear those and just piss as needed and don't have to stop. They come off as soon as I get home. That's the only time I wear them. I didn't tonight because I figured when you needed to go so would I, even if it was on a side road.'

We both had a good laugh, and I wanted to ask about the statement he made at the gym but decided to wait until later.

Suddenly, the radio came alive. There was a chase headed our way. He joined in and after sevral miles the guy was stopped. He ran because his car was loaded with drugs.

When we returned to patrol I told him that he needed to find that side road because I needed to piss. He laughed and soon turned off the highway onto a dirt road. Stopping the car, we got out and he walked around to my side. I expected him to keep a shot space between us, but he didn't. He stood right next to me and whipped out his cock and pissed with me.

It was now half past four and as we drove down the highway I asked the important question.

'Brad, at the gym today, you made a statement I'm curious about. When we were watching the goings on you said it wouldn't be the first time. Have you had guys go down on you before?'

'I was wondering if you caught that. Yes, I have. Many times and I have to be honest and say that I love it.'

'Have you ever reciprocated?' I asked.

'Yes again. And with you being a member of that gym, I can only assume that your answers to those two questions would be the same as mine.'

'You're right, they would. I'm gay.'

'So am I,' he said. 'I have been since my senior year of high school.'

'Why did you really stop me the other day?'

'You did have a taillight out. But then I saw the way you were looking at my crotch and that gave you away. That's why I brought up the gym when you told me where you were going. I thought you were hot and wanted to find some way to get to know you.'

I laughed and said, 'And I've wanted you since you stopped me but I just wasn't sure until you made that statement. I figured as much the way you kept looking up my shorts at your house after dinner but that statement clinched it.'

He reached over and took my left hand in his right and said, 'Now that everything is out in the open, why don't you stay at my place when we get through with this patrol? We can get to know each other better.'

'I'd like nothing better,' I replied.

The shift ended and we returned to Brad's house. As soon as the door was shut and locked he took me in his arms and kissed me, our tongues exploring each others mouth. As our cocks stiffened, he led me to the bedroom where we stripped each other. We lay n bed kissing and carressing each other naked body.

He began going lower on me, licking and nibbling at my nipples, then licking his way to my navel then my pubs. He licked the sides of my hard cock then my balls. He gently raised my legs and I felt his hot tomgue explore my anal opening. Electric shock shot through my body. This masculine built state cop was eating my ass.

He lowered my legs and in one motion, buried my cock deep in his throat, his nose in my pubes. He leld me there working his tongue and throat like I had never experienced before. He soon beganpulling back the swallowing me. Over and over until I could take no more. I felt my cock swell and knew that I was close. Soon I erupted and filled his mouth with my hot cum. He began swallowing, not loosing a drop. He kept my softening cock in his mouth until he had taked every drop that I had.

He came up and kissed me and I lovingly returned the kiss, then knew i had to give him the same pleasure he had given me. Before long, Brad was moaning and jerking as his cock exploded in my mouth. I savored the taste of his cum before swallowing and draining him. I returned to lay beside him. We kissed again, and wrapped in each others arms were soon asleep.

I awoke several hours later to find Brad coating my cock with lube. When I looked at him he smiled and said, 'Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard like you would a slutty whore.'

'I will under one condition. You do the same to me when I'm through.'

'Deal,' he replied.

I pushed him over onto his back and pushed his legs up high. He held them there as I guided my cock to the target. I began pushing and soon the head popped past the ring. In one constant smooth motion, I buried my cock in his ass.

'Fuck this whore,' he begged. I began pounding his ass hard and deep with him begging me for more. Soon, I climaxed and as I did he said he could feel it spraying out and filling his insides and how great it felt.

When it was over, I fell forward and kissed him. after a minute or so, he rolled me onto my back and repeated my actions. It was the best fucking I had ever had.

We saw each other on a weekly basis for about two months, then it went to twice a week, then three times a week. After about six months, Brad asked me to move in with him and become his lover. I accepted gladly.

That was five years ago and we are still deeply in love and fuck and suck daily. Yes, when I'm on the road and away from hom, we both play. We always tell the other about what went on if anything did. We also play together occasionally, but mainly it is just the two of us, showing our deep love for each other.



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