I fully acknowledge my weakness, but I think Janine has a share in the shattering of my vows to her. I'd only had that one fling back in college...with Phil. But Chet and Phil had had an affair after college, and now Chet was living in the next acreage to ours. Obviously Phil and Chet had talked about me, and Chet knew all about me before he moved here, because he had made quite clear to me that he wanted me and knew that I had an addiction to what he could provide. He was one hunk of a man, but I'd left that behind me...had convinced myself it was just youthful experimentation, and short-lived at that...and I was devoting my life to Janine.

I had done everything I could to avoid Chet, who had gotten quite direct in his approach, but it had been Janine herself who set up that fatal day. I had taken off from work to pull a couple of stumps out at the lower end of our yard. Janine was off that week for a visit to her mothers and had pressured me not to work out there alone. I had resisted her suggestions, and, unbeknownst to me, she had asked Chet if he could come down to help me. He obviously was delighted to help.

So there we were, standing next to each other in the driveway in our work clothes, waving gaily to Janine as she drove off, doing all we could to act like there was no nervous tension just under the surface, ready to explode.

I would still see the tail end of her car, and Chet was still waving when he said, in a husky voice, 'Let's go into the house.'

'God, no, Chet. We've been all over that. I'm going down to work on those stumps. You can go on home. I'll just tell Janine you were a great help.'

'That's what I want, Rick. I want to be a great help to you.'

'Help? God, Chet, how can you help? I've made a choice, and the only help you could be is just to stay the hell away from me.'

'I've seen how you've looked at me,' Chet replied. 'I know you want it as much as I want you.'

'I'm going in the house to get a couple of beers, Chet. It's a real hot day. When I come out, I'd like you to be walking back to your house. I have to get to those stumps.'

'It looks like rain. And, you're right; it's hot as hell out here. Not really a day for this; a day to be relaxing in the house.'

'Bye, Chet,' I said, and I went back into the house and took four beers out of the fridge. Then I thought of the ax and being alone down there with the tree stumps and I put one back.' I walked back out of the house, and Chet was gone. What a relief. He was right. No matter what I did to try to stay on the straight and narrow, I ached for him. I tried my best not to admit it, but there it was. I wished that Chet hadn't moved here at all. Everything was going fine until he showed up.

I walked down to the end of the yard, but I could hear the chopping noises before I even got to the garden shed down there. And I knew. Chet hadn't gone home.

He was stripped to the waist, down to his tight, low-slung jeans. He had a bandana covering his head and already was sweating. He was in great shape, bulging muscles of someone used to chopping all of his own wood, going down to a small waist and hips. He was darkly tanned and black hair curled around his forearms and down from his neck and across his chest and trailed down across his navel into his pants.

He already had chopped one corner out of the biggest stump.

'This isn't really a one-man stump, Rick,' he said as he stopped chopping and leaned on the ax handle. 'Come on over here and let me show you what a tree stump can be used for. Or an ax handle, for that matter,' he said as he winked at me.

'Give it up, Chet,' I answered acidly. 'I'll just work on this stump over here.'

'It's hot as a devil's asshole,' Chet said. 'At least give us a beer. What, you've only brought three? Let's go up to the house and get some more.'

'I don't think so, Chet.'

'Well, maybe later.'

I turned and started chopping at a smaller stump with my hatchet. Chet was right. This really was heavy work. I heard a roll of thunder from some miles over but couldn't tell if it was just caused by the heat or was warning of a coming thunderstorm.'

'Hey, it's too hot for that T-shirt, Buddy. I quickly found it's cooler without.'

'I'll manage,' I answered.

'Yeah, guess you're right,' Chet answered and then chuckled. 'I saw you in the gym...you know, before I told you about our mutual friend, Phil. I don't think I could control myself if you took off that T.'

'I don't think you're controlling yourself very well now,' I muttered under my breath.

'What's that? Couldn't hear you over the thunder.'

'Oh, nothing, we'll have to work fast if we're going to beat the rain.' But, of course, there was no way beating the rain. It started sprinkling then, but that didn't go long before it came more steadily. We both were immediately soaked to the skin.

'Holy Christ!' Chet yelled, as a lightning bolt hit a tree somewhere close in the forest. 'We better get out of here right now; up to the house.' And he dropped the ax and headed up the yard.

I just couldn't do it. Instead of following him, I headed for the garden shed, which was the size of a two-car garage, but which was stuffed with all sorts of gardening equipment and supplies. Dark clouds rolled in before I got to the shed, and it was pitch black inside when I got there. I knew we had lanterns around in there somewhere, and I was feeling around for one of them when I heard the shed door open and close, and I could hear Chet's heavy breathing.

'I'm over here, Chet,' I said. 'Looking for a lantern.' I turned, and he was right there in front of me. I felt a hand on my crotch.

'That's me, Chet,' I said. 'I think the lantern's over there.'

'I know that's you,' Chet said heavily, and he pushed me up to the wall next to a window. His hand had found my cock through the fabric of my soaked jeans, and I involuntarily responded there, not having a prayer to control my response. 'And that's a very nice you,' Chet said.

'Chet, no,' I said.

A flash of lightning brought light flooding into the shed through the window next to us. Chet was standing very close to me, rainwater flowing down his chest and into his wet jeans. The heaviness of the water in his jeans had pulled the waist down, and if he hadn't had a large, firm butt, they probably would have hit the floor. I could tell my own jeans were having about the same effect from the fast soaking they'd gotten. In that brief flash, I could see the urgency in Chet's eyes. And just before the shed went dark again, Chet leaned in and brought his lips to mine. His were searching, but I resisted him and turned my head.

'No, Chet, I've said no.'

He leaned his crotch into mine, and I could feel the rising power of him there. He put his hands against the wall on either side of me, holding me there. I was so weak, however, I don't think I could have moved if I'd wanted to. Having lost my lips and faced with the side of my head, he buried his face into my neck and kissed and nibbled me there. I moved my hands between us to push him away, but the feel of his chest and nipples sent electricity through me that rivaled the storm expending its fury outside the shed. I couldn't will myself to take my hands away from him.

He was whispering at me. 'I've had a hard on for you ever since Phil told me about you. He told me over and over again what a good lay you are. How you took nine thick inches. That you even took it double. What you could do with your sphincter.'

'Chet,' I moaned. 'That's all in the past, and it was just a short fling, an experiment. 'I'm someone else now.'

'Your dick tells me otherwise, Buddy,' Chet said and then laughed. 'I can feel it grow. It's growing for me. It wants me. It wants me to fuck you.'

'No, Chet. No, you're wrong.'

Chet's mouth moved down to my T-shirt collar, which he took in his teeth. He brought his hands up to the collar and literally ripped my shirt apart until it was off me. His lips immediately went to my chest and nipples, while his hands roughly undid my belt, unbuttoned my fly in a frenzied motion, pulled the pants and my briefs below my crotch and wrapped themselves around my balls and engorging cock.

'Let me go, Chet,' I whined weakly. I'm not going to do this.'

'Strip my pants off,' Chet commanded.

'No, no, Chet. This has already gone too far.' So, he released his hands and stripped down himself. His lips came back up to find mine, and I turned away again.

'Touch me,' he commanded. 'Take my cock.' I froze. He took my balls in one of hands and squeezed. 'Touch me, I said!'

I moved both hands down to his crotch and took his cock. He was big and thick--maybe bigger and thicker than Phil. I shuddered, and so did he. This time when he took my lips in his, I didn't turn, but I was as unresponsive as I could be. I felt so weak. I didn't for the life of me want to be doing this. But I couldn't stop doing it. I couldn't help myself. He could feel me relaxing, surrendering.

Once more his lips came down the side of my neck. He took my arms and raised them over my head and told me to leave them there. I did as he asked. He'd brought a bottle of the beer with him, and he popped the top and poured the cold liquid down my chest. His lips did another tour of my pecs and nipples and then up to both of my armpits, licking up the beer. His hands were on my sides and as his lips traveled slowly down my sternum and abs, his hands came down my sides as well. He tongued my navel and then traveled down my belly and into my pubic hair. He wrapped one hand around the base of my cock and cupped my balls with it, as the other hand went behind me and caressed my butt cheeks. Then he went down on me, tonguing the helmet first and then the rest of and my cock, swallowing and pumping, nibbling down one side and up another, flicking his tongue around the rim of the helmet and into my piss slit, and then going back to swallowing and pumping.

All the time I was moaning and sighing and admonishing him that this had to stop. I didn't even notice when his hand stopped caressing my butt cheeks and he had started fingering my asshole, but before I knew it, he had a finger past my sphincter and was rubbing my prostate and I jerked and lurched and came in three heavy spasms.

I collapsed against the wall. 'That's enough, Chet. That's way more than enough. I've got to go. You've got to leave.'

Another flash of lightning revealed the layout and contents of the shed. Chet took me by the hips and pulled me over to the side, where there was a compost drum we had recently bought but not put to use yet.

'On this; down on this with your chest,' Chet directed with an urgency.

'Chet, no. Not . . .'

He pushed me down. 'Spread those legs.' I did as he asked and I felt his lips and teeth on my butt cheeks.

'God, you're beautiful,' he said hoarsely. In short order, his lips were on my asshole, followed shortly by his tongue, and he was moistening me up real good.

'Oh, no. Never again,' I croaked. But there he was. I could feel the head of his dick at my asshole. He tried pushing it right in, but I wasn't anywhere near ready yet. He took his dick and slapped it against my butt cheeks and inserted first one finger, and then two, and then three and then pushed them apart, opening me up. And then his fingers were replaced by the head of his dick again. I tried to rise up, but he pushed me down with a strong paw on the small of my back. He used his other hand to help gain purchase for his cock, and when he was a good three inches in, he rotated his cock with his hand inside me, opening me more. Another inch and my sphincter took the cock and drew it farther in. As the helmet of his cock dragged across my prostate, I flinched and moaned. He was sighing and moaning as well, clearly enjoying this. He pushed in farther, a good five inches now. He took me by the hips with his hands and rocked me back and forth, more than half in, fucking me in midstream.

'Oh, yes, God that's good. I've anticipated this for weeks. I could come right now.' But he obviously decided not to, because he stopped the action and stood very still, holding my hips in place for maybe three or four minutes. And then he just glided right in, all the way, maybe almost eight inches, into me, up to the hilt. I could feel his curly pubic hairs tickling my ass. Memories of Phil flooded back. How could I have denied how this felt?

He pumped me for maybe five minutes, rhythmically, taking long strokes and then short strokes. Then I felt his hand buried in the hair at the back of my head and his other hand just above my belly, and he was pulling me up to a standing position. He just held us there for a few minutes, my back against his heaving hairy chest, as he once again gained control of himself, bringing his breath into a shallower rhythm.

He then turned me back to the wall.

'See that pipe up there? Grab for it. With both hands. Hang on.' I did as he commanded, and he put his hands below my knees and lifted me off the floor. He was under me now, pumping his dick up my channel from below. This didn't last for long though, broken off by another flash of lightning and another look around the shed. Not far away, burlap bags of grass seed were strung out side by side. Chet turned me again and laid my back on the bags. He was standing over me now, and only my shoulders were on the bags. My legs were draped up his torso and my ass met his crotch. He held one of my legs against him with one arm and was supporting me by my hip with the other. He had not lost his position inside me, though, and now he pumped down into me for a few minutes. Once again, he had to stop to hold himself in check, and this caused him to cramp up.

He slid me down onto the bags on my back and came down with me, behind me, onto his knees. Now he took my legs behind the knees and wish-boned them out as far as possible, opening me to the maximum to him. He pumped me deep and he must have grown to almost nine inches now, because I felt split in two and did some yelping and moaning and maybe added some sound to the thunder that was still rolling outside. Once again he had to stop to rest and to check himself. He let my legs down, and with one hand he massaged my chest, abs, and belly, and, with the other hand, he slowly pumped my cock back up and caused me to sigh and start writhing under him.

'How's that, Sport? Feel good now? Do you remember how good it feels now?'

I closed my eyes tightly and didn't answer.

'Tell me it feels good. Tell me that you will want me to do this again.'

I tried my best to ignore him. He pinched my nipples with one hand and squeezed my cock with the other simultaneously, and I involuntarily sent my hands to both locations. But, when I reached his hands, my body betrayed me, and I left them there, stroking his hands, rather than trying to get them off me.

Chet laughed. 'You won't answer, but your body betrays you. I know you've enjoyed this. But I want to hear you admit to it. To tell me we'll do this again.'


'Okay,' he said, taking his hands away from my body. 'Here, over on your side.' His cock drew out of me completely, and I felt an involuntary stab of regret. I hoped, though, that this hadn't been conveyed to him. We couldn't do this ever again. I couldn't let him through my defenses ever again.

I went over on my side, and he was kneeling there beside me. He tried to kiss me on the lips again, but I turned my head once more. He scooted back to below me, lifted my right leg with his left hand, and glided his cock right back into my ass. He then went back to pumping me slowly but deeply, while his right hand went to my cock and balls. He weighed and cuddled and pulled and rolled my balls until I started moaning again. Then he went back to my cock. He pulled the foreskin back as far as it would go. He pulled his cock out of me briefly and leaned over and kissed my cock head and tongued it until it was moist and I began to grind my hips. His dick entered me again then and went back to a slow, deep pump, while he wrapped his hand around my dick, with his thumb applying pressure to the piss slit and stroked me in rhythm with his own pumping action. I was writhing and grinding myself pretty well now, and had my torso up so that I could reach his pecs and nipples and shoulders with my wildly wandering hands. I could hear his breathing getting heavier again now and I sensed we were both coming to a climax. But once again, he stopped the action and held both of us very still, but only briefly.

He lay down behind me, his cock up me as far as it would go, and brought my right leg down, so that my ass canal closed in tightly around his cock. The muscles in my ass canal were contracting and releasing, caressing his cock. He wrapped his right arm around me with his hand coming back and massaging the nipple on my left breast. His other hand was giving my cock slow, deep strokes. We were both aware that I was about ready to shoot off again. I let my sphincter expand and contract, doing a job on his cock that was giving him a great deal of pleasure. I was remembering how Phil and I had experimented. He had his face in my neck, and he put his tongue in my ear and explored briefly.

Then he said, 'Admit it, you have no defenses left. You were wanting me just now just as much as I ever wanted you. Let's have that kiss now.'

He raised his head up and I turned and met him this time, opening fully to his lips and tongue, giving as well as I was giving. We were in that position, when I felt his cock jerk inside me and bathe my insides with his cum. Almost simultaneously I ejaculated again myself.

We lay there for a good fifteen minutes, listening to the thunderstorm move off in the distance and to the beating of each other's hearts. He pulled me over him, so that I lay stretched out above him, his cock still up my ass and my cock waving in the air.

'We didn't finish removing the stumps,' he said softly, at great length.

A moment of silence.

'No,' I then answered meekly.

'We must do that'

'Yes,' softly.



'But first I'd like to show up what can be done with that big stump.'

Momentary silence.

'Yes,' almost a whisper.

'And maybe the ax handle.'


'Phil told me about the baseball bat. And I know about the night of the double'

Silence, but I shuddered.

'And maybe the ax handle,' Chet repeated.

'Yes,' weakly.

'And the day after that.'

'Yes,' no more than a whisper.

The door of the shed opened and a big, black dude was backlit in the door frame.

'Chet, that you? You told me to come over about now.'

'Yep, Ned, it's me . . . and this is the lovely piece of ass I was telling you about.'

'No,' I moaned, trying to rise up off Chet, but he held me fast, with his arms wrapped around my chest above, with his legs wrapped around mine below, and skewered on his cock, which was on the rise again.

'Yes, I see,' Ned said, coming over and looming above us. 'Are you sure you were told he can do double?'

'No,' I moaned.

'Yes,' Chet mimicked my moan.

I lay there, bound and skewered, while big Ned peeled off his T-shirt and his shorts. He stood above us, so that both Chet and I could clearly see him working his tool. He was wiry and lean, but very well cut. But his most prominent feature was his long, thin cock, which sported a large mushroom cap.

Chet grabbed for my wrists and pulled my arms above my head and outwards, while Ned pushed our legs apart and crouched there between them.

'Very nice, very nice, indeed,' he said and then gave a low whistle. He ran his hands over my thighs and my belly, abs, and chest. He gave me some licking there as well.

'Umm. Budweiser,' he murmured.

Despite the predicament, my cock began to harden noticeably. He went down on me then, sucking noisily and twisting and turning my cock, getting it ever stiffer. At length, he crouched over my torso, his legs straddling my sides and slowly sank his ass down on my cock. I lost some of my tension then, thinking that this might not be so bad. I even let him bring his mouth, with his big, thick, sensual lips to my mouth and give me a deep, lingering kiss. His mouth tasted minty, not at all what I expected. While we kissed, he pumped my cock with his ass. I came again rather quickly.

This proved to be a mistake; because it became obvious that now it was big Ned's turn. While still in the kiss, he pulled his ass up off me, took both of my legs in his long slender hands and pushed them up and out. This rolled my ass up and dropped Chet's dick to the lower end of my ass canal. Then, horrors of horrors, I felt Ned's dick head at my asshole, above Chet's cock, He slowly entered me, stifling my screams with his lips and by forcing his tongue down my throat. Chet began to twitch and moan at the sensation of another cock up my ass with his, sliding along on top of his cock. I was panting and writhing, which only helped Ned's tool to move in and up and only excited Chet more. In all the way now, Ned slowly began to pump me, and Chet joined in the rhythm. And I passed out.

When I awoke, I was alone in the garden shed, the door flapping open, and a gentle breeze wafting in and caressing my body . . . and there was a good four inches of ax handle up my ass.



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