The Three L's... longing, lust and love...... #2

By : A. Williams

From part #1: I stood slowly and walked on wobbly legs to my bed and collapsed. The man I secretly loved and lusted after had just kissed me and I could still feel it on my skin. I feel into a deep sleep dreaming of him doing more... so, so much more.......

    I woke the next morning still dressed but with someone holding me in their arms. What The Fuck... I tensed up but heard a snicker.

    "I couldn't help myself Phillip, I had to hold this body I've wanted to touch for so long." Zack whispered in my ear.

"I've been watching you too and I know everything about you." Zack whispered.

I was surprised to say the least, him watching me?

"I know you are very smart, very caring and a great friend," he continued to whisper.

     "I also know that we are going to be magnificent together," he was sending shivers down my spine and my cock was growing from the anticipation.

    "I absolutely adore you Phil Sweetie. God I want you so bad." Zack whispered in my ear again.

    I rolled over and he laid a nut busting kiss on my. Wet, sloppy, his tongue down my throat and I loved it. I gave it back just as good as I got and rolled him on his back. Lying on his large hard body was amazing and I ground our hard-ons together feeling his huge cock.

    "Fuck Zack I need you... God, please get naked." I said beginning to strip not ashamed of my tight hard body and long dick.

    When I saw his naked smooth body I almost shot my load... Damn he was perfect. Hard and muscled, 12 inch thick uncut cock and large heavy balls. Not a hair in site except his beautiful blonde curls on his head.

    "Sweetie God you are perfect, come to me and let me suck that long luscious cock... please." Zack begged.

    I could not believe my ears... me perfect? Not by a long shot. I'm an ordinary geek but Zack saw something special about me and it made me feel so proud.

    I climbed over his head, knees on either side, my hard cock swinging in his face. My watering mouth only inches away from his huge pulsing rod. We finally swallowed each other whole... both groaning loudly, "UUUuummmmm." Slurping and sucking sounds were bouncing off the walls. We slowed down now that our prizes were in each other's mouths.

    Wanting to taste the other and feel every inch of each other. All I could think was first loves cock. It was so wonderfully hard yet soft, smooth yet veiny. I was in totally enamored with my new toy, Zack's sweet tasting monster. I worked it the best I could, hoping that I was giving him the same pleasure he was giving me. 

    The licking, stroking and nibbling we were doing to each other was divine. The dorm could have crumbled around us and we wouldn't have noticed. We were getting close and a sense of urgency was thick in the air. We worked faster feeling our cocks swell and balls pull tight. Then we both erupted hard ...balls aching hard ...body freezing hard. Over and over and over we shot... so much we both lost some wonderful cum... but there was SO much we could afford to waste some.

    We pulled out of each other's mouths and I rolled off Zack's body and lay beside him. We came back to reality and I was so fucking happy I started laughing.

"Sweetie what's so funny?" Zack asked snickering too.

    "Angel, I am so amazingly happy I have to laugh out loud. That was a heavenly experience... so now you are my Angel."

Zack sat up suddenly, "Really sweetie, me... me your Angel?" as his tears started to fall.

    I grabbed his big body in my arms, "Please Zack... no crying ...God I love you so much." I whispered in his ear. Then he really starting crying, fuck what did I do? This sweet wonderful man was falling apart in my arms and I was the reason WHY. I held him tighter and let him cry it out, cursing myself with every falling tear.

    "Sweetie... Ooooh my Phillip do you mean, really mean what you just said to me? Do you love me?" he asked quietly wiping his eyes on the sheets.

"Yes... Oooh yes, I have loved you for a year now... Angel, my Angel you are the very first man to ever touch me. You are the only man for me." I explained still holding him in my arms.

    Zack laid another ball busting kiss on me and said "Sweetie I love you too more than my own damn Mother," he snickered. "Be my love and my lover Sweetie, you are my first too?" Zack said and asked.

"YES...YES and YESSSSSSSS."I yelled my heart going nuts, almost beating out of my chest.

    As we settled down, still in each other's arms, I asked. "You know we are very late for classes, don't you Angel?"

    "Yes I know but I don't care at all, we will skip today. You and me in bed all day and night long to Sweetie!" Zack said and sort of demanded.

Sounded like heaven to me but I had to asked a question "Can I go piss Angel?"

    He laughed so sweetly, "Yes...lets go together, I will hold yours if you hold mine?" he teased. That's exactly what we did and as we walked back to the bedroom, I asked "How about some breakfast, my special pancakes Angel?"

    "Sounds wonderful...some coffee too? Remember ...I do the clean-up... any bacon or sausage?" Zack asked."I will definitely hook you up, you will love breakfast as much as the mind shattering blow job I gave you Angel." I snickered.

    "Damn, I doubt that ... fuck that was the best I ever had," he laughed "Me too." I said as I got to work on breakfast. He was true to his word, washing up as I was cooking. We were both still naked, loving the freedom as well as the stunning view of our bare asses and swing cocks. Soon breakfast was done without me burning my cock with the bacon splatters. We sat down a couple now. So different from last night but a millions time better. We still ate in silence with Zack moaning on occasion as he stuffed his mouth full.

    I do enjoy seeing a man that will eat and not pick at his food, one that is pleased with my cooking. So I was very satisfied that Zack ate so enthusiastically. He pushed back from the table patting his belly again. "Sweetie you are going to make me so very fat with your fantastic cooking. Will you still love me when I have a huge belly?" he snickered. "I will always love you my Angel....always and matter what.".....................

Part #3 soon........Thank you for reading and posting........A....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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