The Three L's... longing, lust and love #1

By : A. Williams

One... I see him and I long for him because he is so beautiful...

Two... I see him again and I lust to kiss him and touch him because he is so beautiful...

Three... I see him again and know we belong together and know I love him because he is so beautiful...inside and outside...

    I see him every day, walking along the school sidewalk and I want him in every way. He does not know me, to him I am invisible. We have never spoken, never looked at each other in the eyes... I am invisible.

    I am invisible because he is SO visible. He is the captain and the quarterback for our college football team. He stands 6 foot 5 and has the loveliest locks of blonde curls down his back that I have ever seen. His name is Zack, so smart and friendly but I stay away from him because I'm in love with him and it scares me.

    My name is Phillip Stevens, ordinary geek in love with a special man I will never have and that's why I stay away. He would never ever want someone like me... he has girls crawling all over him 24-7... but he doesn't date any of the myriad of girls and that has always given me hope... maybe...maybe he might be gay.

    So I waste away waiting. Still a virgin and wanting Zack to come and ravish me. I know that would never happen on its own, but the Gods intervened and Zack was suddenly my roommate.

    I came back to my dorm room after classes on Tuesday and "HE" was unpacking his things and being a sweet man, he stopped and obliges to me. "Hello friend, sorry I'm here so suddenly. Problems in the office and the way they are assigning people to the new dorm rooms. My name is Zack," he says smiling and extending his large hand for me to shake. "I guess we are roommates all of a sudden," he flashes that killer smile. I shook his hand and stammered "Mmyy nammee is Phillip, just call mee Phil." I released his hand and sat on my bed wondering what the hell I was going to do now?

    Our dorm room was brand new and on the large side. We had a living room and a small kitchen. Our bedroom had its own large bathroom and walk-in closet to share. I had already been here two weeks and had things set-up and functioning.

    "Phillip nice place we have here together. The last place I was in was full of students that wanted to party all the time, such a waste of time." Zack said laughing still unpacking.

    "No worries, this dorm is full of students who actually study and try to past their classes. Most of us are here on scholarships and also work to get by." I said.

    He stopped his work and sat down next to me so close we were touching legs. "Don't kid me Phillip, your serious about the students here?" his voice low and very serious.

"Zack I am telling you the complete truth... what's the matter?" I asked confused.

    "I have been here two years trying hard to find the right place to be... the right group of students to call my friends... longing to be around people more like myself. I am on a scholarship too and I have to study hard to stay at the top of all my classes. People think because I play sports I'm some kind a party animal and I want girls... girls all the time. I am so damn tired of that image. Maybe here I can finally be myself." Zack said smiling and melting my heart and making my cock go full hard.

    He patted my leg "Thanks buddy, my life just got so much better thanks to you." Zack stood and went back to his work whistling happily. I sat there cock hard, leg tingling where he touched me and head in my hands thinking again... what the hell am I going to go now? God I wanted his man so much, I ached and now he was here in my face day and night... someone help me cope with this situation without going insane.

    "I'll let you finish up here and go cook us some supper. I had planned on making beef stroganoff, salad and bread, how that sound Zack?" I asked.

    "Absolutely wonderful Phillip, better than anything I've had for months. I'll come and help in a few O.K., almost done here? He said.

    "Great." I said and went off to start cooking. I love to cook, my mother taught me and I'm very good. This was a quick meal and in 30 minutes I was setting the small table for us to eat as Zack walked in, "Something sure smells good, what can I do?" he asked. "Sit and eat, supper is all done." I answered.

    "Sorry Phillip, I will do the dishes, promise," he said. We ate in silence and he seemed to really enjoy the meal. He pushed out from the table patting his flat stomach, "Damn, that was wonderful... we need to make a deal right now. You do all the cooking and I will always do all the clean-up. Deal?" he said laughing.

    "Deal Zack ... I love to cook, hate the clean-up." I agreed snickering and standing to clear the table. Zack grabbed my hand and I nearly melted. "No... I will do this."

    He stood still holding my hand and pulling me to the chair in the living room and sitting me down. He placed his large hands on the armrest and towered over me. His blonde curls falling gently around his wide shoulders giving me chills. Staring into my brown eyes with his blue ones he said, "You have done enough... Master Chef and I thank you very much. You rest, I'll clean up. That's the deal Phil buddy."

    Then he kissed my forehead so sweetly and I was in shocked, paralyzed...this could not be real, I must be dreaming. He pulled away smiling that killer smile and winked at me. Then he went whistling happily into the kitchen to clean. I sat there unable to move, heart beating wildly and watching him to make sure he was real and not an illusion. I shook my head to clear my mind.

    I stood slowly and walked on wobbly legs to my bed and collapsed. The man I secretly loved and lusted after had just kissed me and I could still feel his warm lips on my skin. I fell into a deep sleep dreaming of him doing more... so, so much more.......

Part #2 coming soon.....thanks for posting and reading......A.....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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