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I bought a duplex some time ago. I lived in one side and rented out the other. It was perfect, I could watch my tenants, making sure they didn't destroy the place and be on hand to get the rent and fix anything that needed repairing. It worked out well for the first couple of years it worked out well, divorced dads, single moms, the occasional twenty something. Then he applied.

I was skeptical when he called to see the place, he sounded like he was barely in his twenties. I agreed to meet and show him the place against my better judgement. The place had been empty for a couple of months and I needed a tenant. I rolled my eyes when he actually squealed on the phone. I had him come over after I got off work that evening.

I still had to hold down a six to three working construction to pay the bills. The work kept me lean and hard, and the sun baked my fair skin a permanent brown. My jaw was convinced it was always five and the stubble reached up to my reached up to my dirty blond hair. I kept a home gym in my garage that I used on the regular, and I forced myself to run on the regular to keep my frame toned and trimmed. I was fucking hot for forty.

He showed up right on time, right after I had taken a shower. I opened the door in just my gym shorts and shoes. He was beautiful. A longish curly black hair atop a smooth pale baby face. He wore black rimmed glasses that were hipster stylish and functional. His lips were full and luscious. He wore a dress shirt and loosened tie with a pair of khakis and black wingtips.

"I'm Edger." He stuck his hand out. I took it, his hand was smooth and his grip firm. "I called about the place to rent."

I shook myself out of my daze. "Tony, good to meet you." I released his hand, realizing I still hadn't put on a shirt. "Let me grab the key." I left him in the doorway. I wasn't Gay or anything, I just fucked guys on the occasion. I grabbed a shirt and the keys and gathered myself. I lead him across the grass next door. I took side glances and saw he was nicely built under his fancy cloths.

I opened the door and let him enter first. I wanted a rear view. What a view it was. It was fat and looked firm. The fabric was stretched so taunt, I could read his driver's license number. "Have a look around." I said realizing the silence had stretched too long. My eyes stayed on his ass, and I had to do everything I could to will my cock to calm down.

"Cable and Internet are included." I watched as he moved with a smooth grace. "I work early during the week so no loud music or other noises after nine." My mouth went dry with lust watching. "We share a laundry and its central heat and air. We share a backyard and patio. It's fenced in, privacy fence." I was fucking babbling.

"I do all repairs and lawn work, so just call me." He came back beaming. "First and last months’ rent, and a security deposit." I almost gulped as he entered my space. “I keep a key for emergencies and repairs.”

“I’ll take it.” He looked at me a little sheepish. “Only thing is, I can’t afford all that and move it. I can get you first month’s rent and last, but the security deposit I may need some time to get.” He fidgeted. I found it fucking adorable. “Can I get you the security deposit with my second month’s rent? I just started at the marketing firm and I don’t get paid for another week, and I’ll need that to turn on the water and electricity.”

I bit my lower lip studying him. “Market firm, huh, what do you do?”

“Social media consultant.” He kind of rolled his eyes at that. “I want to open my own firm one day, but I got to get the experience, you know?” He fluttered his eyes at me. “So you think that would be okay? About the security deposit that is?”

I looked into that adorable face. “Okay.” I needed the place rented and I needed to find a way to get my cock in him. I stiffen when he hugged me with excitement. I could smell the lingering smell of his aftershave from this morning. I had to will my cock to go down and fight the urge to run my hand through that hair and guide him down to my cock.

"Thank you so much!" He pulled back when he realized the social faux pas he committed. "I'm sharing a two bedroom with four other guys, and they're great and all but I need my own space." I smiled inwardly, thinking of him and four guys running around in their underwear in the morning. "When can I move in?"

I had him come over and sign the adjusted lease. His long lashes fluttered as he read. I let him move in right away, handing him the spare key. It was two weeks before the start of the month, but I felt sorry and lust for him. This time when he squealed with delight, I didn't roll my eyes, I just pictured him doing it with my seven inch beer can cock buried deep in his ass.

He started moving in that weekend. He and his friends started carting in loads of trash bags of clothes and furniture. He looked like he was the only one not hung over, and defiantly the hottest one. I watched surreptitiously from my bedroom window. While his friends were dressed in ratty tees and faded shorts, Edger wore form fitting blue shorts and a gray compression shirt that clung to each well-defined muscle.

He had the power and water turned on and was moved in completely by the end of the following week. I tried to get him out of my mind, but I couldn’t. When I was leaving for work in the early morning, he was heading out for a morning run. When he got home he’d occasionally come over asking where things were in the area. All in all, he was really quiet. His bedroom was next to mine and I heard nothing, not even the moans of passion or release.

Saturday and Sundays, I enjoy my morning coffee on the back porch. I normally just wear boxers, having no tenant for some time, I had forgotten about him and kept up the habit. He joined me both mornings, just wearing pajama pants. His bed head was fucking sexy as hell. His chest was china doll smooth and I wanted to reach out and touch it. Of course wearing boxers, Little Tony popped out a few times and I had to maneuver him back in.

I learned he was a gymnast in college, and he kept up his body with local competitions. He handled social media advertising for his company, whatever the fuck that was. He was the youngest of four and moved here for college and fell in love with the town. He was single focusing on his work, which meant that he as beating it as much as possible. The people he was staying with were just some guys he met on campus looking for a roommate. He actually had to pay them to help him move.

I’m not sure how he inserted himself into my life so easily. If my laundry was in the wash, he would dry and fold it for me, leaving it on my doorstep. He’d ask me over to split a pizza, and we’d sit on the back porch in the cool hair, eating and chatting. Things got weird when I found his clothes in the laundry. I decided to repay the favor and started putting them into the dryer.

The kid had nice taste in clothes and then there was his underwear. They were the skimpiest things I had ever seen. He had the normal jocks, printed trucks, but I came across a couple of black thong underwear. I felt the fabric between my hands, knowing that they got to be some place I wanted to be, in his ass. I quickly tossed them in the dryer before I was caught and started my own load. I could feel the beads of sweat on my forehead imagining him in just those tiny black thongs, his pretty lips around my cock. He got them from the dryer before I could get a chance to fold them again.

I got to see him in just about that, the following Saturday. He had decided to grab a towel and lay out in the back in just his skimpy black bikini swim suit. I lusted after him from the cool insides of my house, watching him toast his delicious skin, perspiration slowly slicking his body. He was far enough out in the yard where he couldn’t see me watching, but I could see him. I almost blew a nut when he rolled over and his plump ass spilled out the sides.

I had to get this boy, I had to get this boy soon. He was driving me insane and he didn’t even know it, or maybe he did. I was just out of sight, staring intently at his barely covered ass, stroking my cock. I was formulating some sort of plan to fuck him. It wasn’t really a good idea to fuck your tenants. I had to do it without him knowing it was me.

Then the idea hit me, as I splatter my load all over the insides of my boxers. I brought my hand to my mouth, tasting myself on my hand as I devised a way to finally get a piece of that ass. I would have to start teasing him as much as he teased me, and looking at him, he had to be on some sort of hook up app. I knew he was getting some from somewhere, had to be.

I started by shucking my pants and soiled boxers and grabbing a fresh pair. I took a bottle water from the fridge and went out to give it to him. I knew Little Tony was popping out with every step I made towards him. I squatted down beside his head, knowing he could see up my shorts, and tapped him on the head with the water bottle. He startled for a moment and I caught his eyes resting on my partially exposed dick.

“Need to stay hydrated.” I said off handed. “You know, no one can see through the fence, you can go less if you want, it’s just us guys.” I left the bottle by his head and walked away. When I got back inside, I expected to turn and find his ass freed, but he had just rolled over, and was drinking the water. From that moment on, I would be in nothing but my boxers, the more worn the better.

I scoured the apps, looking for him. I was about to give up when I spotted him. It as from the chin down, but I knew it was him, had to be. He was close to my pictureless profile and no one in this neighborhood sported a body like that. I read his profile, and he was a kinky fucker. Little Tony woke for a second stroke.

He liked to be tied up and used, like having his ass smacked and treated like a total slut. I knew I could do that for him. I rummaged through my clothes and found and old ski mask I had for when it was cold out. Quickly took a body picture in my mirror and then pulled Tony out for his own photo session. I took several pics, amazed how nice he looked in them. I wanted to suck him.

I shot him a quick message with my body shot. It read simply, "hi." I sat the phone down, knowing it would be some time before he could respond. I glanced at him occasionally, ogling his hot body. I willed Little Tony to behave. I slipped on some gym shorts and went to my home gym to vent my pent up energy. I was a good half hour into my routine, muscles bulging and sweat soaking through my white nylon shorts when he appeared in the garage door.

"Need to stay hydrated." He held out a bottle water for me. He had slipped on a pair of shorts, but I saw the bikini poking out the top. I grunted my thanks, taking the bottle, running over my body seductively. He moaned softly, almost too low to hear, but I heard. "Do you have plans tonight?"

"A bud in invited me over for a poker party." I watched the visual disappointment in his face. "You should invite people over, I'll be gone till like midnight or later." I saw him paw his phone in his shorts. I knew what he wanted to check. "You can be as loud as you want." A devilish grin spread across his face.

"Thanks, I may just do that, what time are you heading out?" I knew he was sniffing for information. "In case you want to stop over."

I waited to answer, taking a long slow pull of the water, letting him take in the long hard lines of my body. "Around seven thirty or so." I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. "Last time I lost my shirt, and my shorts, literally. Had to drive home in just my boots and one of my socks on my cock in case I got pulled over." I watched him lick his lips at the thought.

"Definitely a funny sight I bet." He managed to squeak out. "I should make some calls, I'll catch you later."

I watched his ass bounce out of view. I squeezed Little Tony, reminding him he'd taste that boy's mouth and ass soon. I tried to do another set but my mind kept picturing Edgar's ass up in the air, his face buried in the pillow, my cock splitting his peach fuzzed ass. I gave up and snuck inside, opening the app and checking the messages. He took the bait.

This is how it went:

Him: wow, hot bod? Into?

Me: getting my dick sucked, pounding some hole. I like restraining a boy and watch him choke down my dick. (I sent a picture of Little Tony) He likes big asses.

Him: (A picture of his ass in the thong) Big enough?

Me: yes, I want you on your knees, hands bounds, getting face fucked, you like that?

Him: fuck yes, you hosting?

Me: roomie staying in, can't

There was a minute before he responded.

Him: yeah after 8. I got to make sure my neighbor is gone. I'm loud.

Me: Do you have a blindfold?

Him: yeah.

Me: leave your door unlocked. Wear that thong and blindfold. I'll come in pretending to be an intruder who finds a lucky score. I'll bind your hands with a zip tie and fuck your brains out.

Him: fucking hot. Yeah, I'll have condoms and lube out.

He sent his address. I already knew it. My cock was hard as steel in anticipation. I willed myself calm. I wanted to save it for later. I pulled a nondescript hoodie and sweat shorts for later. I paused, seeing the ski mask and added it to the outfit. I had to calm down. I gritted my teeth at the thought of it, but I took that ice cold shower. Little Tony didn’t like it either.

I sent a message right before I “left” making sure we were still on. He responded with a, “Hell, yes.” I dressed in my outfit and drove my truck into my garage so Edgar couldn’t see it. Five minutes before our “first” meeting, I messaged him again. “I’m close, let me know when you’re ready, blindfold and all.” He didn’t take long to respond. “Got the thong on, door unlocked, putting the blindfold on now and getting into position by the front door, sir.”

I slipped the ski mask on, grateful for the dark of night to hide me creeping over. Little Tony was drooling, waiting for his attention. I grabbed two zip ties from the drawer. I knew he had thick wrists and I situated them together to make one large zip. I quietly left my place and stalked over to Edgars. I nervously turned the handle and it opened, no problem. He was there, in just that black thong and blindfold.

I closed the door behind me as I stepped in. Little Tony screamed with pleasure as I stepped around him. I didn’t say a word as his head cocked to the sound of my movement. I pulled the zip ties out and bound his wrists behind him. Tight. I was going to use that mouth and ass till he begged me to stop and then a little more if I wanted.

I walked around him, pulling my phone out to take some private shots for myself. I switched to the app and shot a message to him before putting my phone back in my pocket. I stood behind him and couched down, taking a fist full of his hair, pulling his ear back to my lips. I did my best to disguise my voice as I whispered in his ear. “I don’t know who you were expecting but looks like I found me a pussy faggot to use.”

“Please, don’t hurt me.” He played along. “I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t hurt me.”

“Do as I say and you won’t get hurt.” I hissed in his ear. “I heard faggots suck good dick. If I put my boy in your mouth, will you be a good boy and night bite?”

His voice quivered just a bit. “No, sure, I won’t bite.”

I let go of his hair and moved to the front. I unzipped my hoodie and pulled out my phone again. I pulled my pants down below my balls and laid my cock between his eyes. I snapped a picture of my hard dick laying between his eyes. I pulled back and pressed my cock to his lips, switching it to video mode on my phone. He swallowed me without hesitation.

I grabbed the back of his head and began pummeling his throat with my cock, causing him to gag. I didn’t give a damn. He tried to pull off but I kept raping his throat. I decided to feel my cock in his throat and held him down on my cock for a good thirty seconds before I let go. He flung off my cock, gasping for breath. Spittle and snot dripped from his face.

“Not so rough man.” He coughed.

“You liked it, didn’t you?” I tried to hide my delight in my voice knowing I was going to have my very own cock sucker next door. “Admit it.” I commanded keeping the recording on him.

He lowered his head. “Yes, I did.”

I stopped recording and slipped my shorts and hoodie off, laying my phone on top of them. “I’m going to tear your pansy ass up.” He pouch was full and soaking through with excitement.  I had to remember this for tomorrow. I lifted him up to his feet, smelling the scent of his body wash as we got close. He stood proud, yet vulnerable before me.

I reached out and ran my hand over his smooth chest, stopping at his nipple, twisting it. It let out a yelp, then a low moan. I ran my hand over his ridged stomach and down to his pouch where I started tapping his balls lightly. “You like this shit.” I tried to give a sound of disgust as I rhythmically tapped his balls. His knees buckled a bit, his lip shuddered as he tried to vocalize his answer.

I didn’t wait. I stopped and moved behind him. I slapped his ass hard, like I had wanted too, palming the fleshy mounds roughly. I grabbed the top of his thong and then his hair again. I guided him towards his bed room. He was smart and left the light on for me. I position him at the foot of his bed and pushed him face down on the bed, his legs hanging off the bed.

“I heard man ass is just like a pussy.” I dropped to my knees and pulled him off the bed so his ass was before me. “I slipped a finger under the small strip of fabric and pulled it from his cheeks. I spread those delicious mounds and saw the treasure hidden there. I didn’t, no couldn’t, wait, and I dove in, eating that plumb butt. I heard his moans of pleasure as I devoured his sweet sexy ass.

I pulled back, spitting and then playing with is puffy ass lips. Little Tony screamed for his turn, but I had to make the most of this, in case I didn’t get another chance at it. I pushed in, feeling his ass open up for my finger. I was amazed at the warmth and tightness of it. I smack his ass with my other hand, leaving a read imprint of my hand.

“Ugh! Fuck me!” He begged, I ignored it. I flip the bottom of the mask up, then prying the cheeks apart, began feasting again on his delectable hole. I could feel the mix of slobber and ass juice dribble down my chin. I knew I’d be tasting him for days later. I rubbed my whickers over and over the sensitive skin, making sure I gave him a good whisker burn.

I finally gave into Little Tony’s demands, and stood up. Edger was right, he was a load moaner. I slapped his ass. “Get it up there for me.” He scrambled to move his knees under him, positioning is ass just off the edge of the bed for me. “Oh yeah, that ass is cherry.” I rubbed the head of my cock up and down his crack. “I’m going to split you open like a fucking walnut.”

Before he could protest, I pressed Little Tony to his entrance. I pressed forward, He gasped out as I slid past his tight ring. He let out a gasp then begged, “Lube, please.” I pulled out and dribbled some spit down onto my cock and pushed forward again. His tunnel was just as warm and tight as it was against my finger. I pushed deep into him, my hands digging into his hips.

I rested in him, enjoying the feeling of his insides around my cock. “Better than pussy.” I moaned. I pulled out slowly and pushed back in. Edger was lost in moans of pleasure and pain. I dared not pick up the pace. Little Tony was ready to spit. I kept long dicking him, letting him get use to me inside him. I cursed Little Tony’s excitement, knowing I wouldn’t last long.

I picked up the pace, my hips slamming into this bulbous ass. I grunted as I felt my balls slap against him. Edger tried to squirm away, but I held him fast. I pushed deep into him, knocking him off his balance. I repositioned, putting both hands beside him while I rabbit punched his insides repeatedly. I felt the climax building in me, Little Tony was ready to redecorate his insides and with a scream of satisfaction I blasted into him.

I rested in him, Little Tony, not wanting to leave. Soon he grew tired and I slipped out with a wet plop. I spread his cheeks to see the puffy cream pied hole. I wanted more of that ass and I wanted it now. I strolled over to the bathroom and took a whore’s bath, washing off my cock and balls. “You can let me go now.” I heard Edger say.

“I don’t know who the fuck you think I am, boy.” I laughed back. “I wasn’t expecting to open that door and get some ass.” I heard him struggle against the ties. I laughed at his squirming body. I got back behind him and slapped his ass hard to get him to stop. “You said you’d do anything I wanted if I didn’t hurt you.”

He stopped, he was panting with fear. I got down between those cheeks and pulled down his thong to just below his cheeks. I pulled open his ass and did something I hadn’t ever done. I ate my own cum out his ass. He moaned and squirmed as my tongue tickled his insides. I slapped his ass if he bucked too much to calm him down. I was intoxicated with lust, the taste of me spiced with his ass filling my mouth. Little Tony perked up again.

I ate his ass till my tongue got tired, and even then I tried to continue. With a growl of lust and annoyance I drew my head back with an audible smack on his other cheek. He now had a matching set of my hand prints on his ass. I flipped the mask back down over my ass covered mouth. "Roll over and scoot up." I snarled.

He hesitated for a moment and I raised my voice, commanding, "Now!" He rolled over and inched up the bed. The pouch of his thong in inched down, exposing the small tuft of pubic hair. I took hold of the straps and pulled them down and off, exposing his hard long thick cock. I brought them to my nose and inhailed his scent. These were coming with me.

I dropped them to the floor and looked his fit compact body up and down. My mouth salivated at the forbidden fruit. I wanted to run my tongue up and down his cock, but that would be a treat for later. I crawled up between him, stopping at those pert brown nipples. He moaned when I flicked my tongue across the soft skin.

I lightly chewed and bit it, running my tongue over and around the nub. He bucked and ground his cock against me. His legs flew up, like a bitch in heat, wrapping his powerful legs around me. I moved from nip to nip, giving him that pleasurable pain. I was so enthralled I almost forgot I was supposed to be using him.

I pulled off his nipple, dragging my teeth over the bit of flesh. Edger was moaning like a cat in heat. I knew this was the first time he had sex here. I would have heard him. Little Tony was screaming for another taste, and I agreed. I had one thought before I impaled him once again. I reached up and slipped off the blindfold. I wanted to look him in the eyes while I fucked him.

I watched as he blinked his vision clear. I took the lube and slicked up. "Who the fuck are you?" He panicked, starting to thrash. I grew annoyed with his sudden rebellious actions. I took hold of his overflowing balls and began squeezing. "Stop! Fuck! Please, that hurts!"

"You didn't care who the fuck I was earlier." I snarled letting go of his balls. "I want some more of that ass. Get your legs up." My tone brokered no resistance. He pulled his legs up, showing me his puffy pucker. I hooked his legs on my shoulders and pushed forward, folding him half. Little Tony found his mark with ease. I watched his eyes roll back in his head with a whimpering moan. "That's some good fucking ass."

"Fuck me." He begged. I rolled my hips teasingly. "Fuck me, hard. Please." I didn't need to be told twice. I pulled out to just the tip then slammed back in. I was amazed how tight he still was. I watched his eyes fill with a mix of shame, desire and fear. He didn't care who was plugging him, as long as he was plugged. He let out loud guttural moans of pleading and pleasure with no care who could hear.

A fine sheen of sweat formed on our bodies I was grateful for my strength training and stamina. I didn't stop, didn't slow. I was relentless in my pursuit of blowing another load. I fought to keep it down, wanting to prolong the hug of his ass on my cock, but my balls felt as they were going to burst if they did not release soon.

With dismay and satisfaction I pulled out, dropping his legs in turn. I moved up, straddling his chest. I stroked furiously, pulling the pent up load out. I grabbed him by the hair and aimed. My white hot shots blasted across his face, slowly sliding down his face before another took its place. I let out a fierce roar of triumph as the last thick load left.

I panted a moment, regaining myself. Edger face was splattered in my spunk, his expression one of surprise and lust. His tongue darted out to catch what he could. I hopped off him, going for my phone. I returned to find him still straining to lap up what he could. I took a few quick shots, making sure to get close ups. Edger was lost in a sex frenzy, he did not even notice.

I sat the phone down then took hold of his feet and flipped him over onto his stomach. He instinctively pushed his ass up and out. I grabbed my phone and took choice pictures of his puffy wrecked hole. I left him in position. I returned fully clothed, pulling two more zip ties from my pocket. He had lowered his ass, realizing I was done with it... for now.

I zipped tied his feet together before he knew what was happening. "What are you doing?" He cried, realizing I had just completely immobilized him. "Let me go, this isn't funny." I trailed a finger up his body as I made my way to the head of the bed. He squirmed and shuddered at my light touch. "Come on man, you got what you want, let me go."

Once I reached his head I pulled it back by the hair and reiterated the lie. "I came to rob your ass, instead I got your ass." Something clicked in Edger's head and he twisted and turned in a panic. "Since it was so good, I'll leave a note for your neighbor to find you. Maybe they'll let you go before they fuck you." With that I released his head back into the pillow, scooped up his thong and left.

Once outside, I quickly peeled off the mask and booked it to my place. I pulled the clothes from my body as soon as I walked in the door. I glanced at the pictures on my phone before putting it on charge. I took a quick rinse, careful not to smell too fresh. I dressed quickly then moved my truck out the garage. I made my way back to Edger's unlocked door.

"Edger! Are you okay?" I pretended to sound shocked and concerned. Pulling my knife from my jeans. "Edger, what happened?" Little Tony got hard at the sight of that juicy ass. I released his feet and hands from the binds. He put his hands under him, but did not rise or say a word. "Edger?" I thought I may have gone too far when he finally rolled halfway over, his face beet red, with flaking dried cum.

"Tony, I did something stupid." He admitted. I sat through the whole story that I already knew. I made him show me his hole, more for me and Little Tony. I told him to clean up and rest, that we'd talk in the morning. I left him, red faced. He was undoubtedly hard as a rock and covered in my cum. The image just kept reawakening Little Tony.

The next morning, I awaited Edger patiently outside for our morning coffee. I knew he was up, probably avoiding me. After I poured my third cup, I knocked on his sliding door. I sat down, my frayed boxers barely coving my bulge. Edger poked his head out sheepishly. "Get your ass out here." I said good naturally. He stepped out in a pair of black boxers. "I'm not mad."

"I just can't believe you found me like that." He sat down softly, clinging to his coffee cup for dear life. "I just get so worked up sometimes and I can't help myself, I just have to have it. This morning I found out the guy I was expecting chickened out at the last minute. I don't know who that was last night."

"From what I gather you need some sort of limits." I mused. "Come here." He paused for a moment before sitting his coffee down and obeying. "That made you hard didn't it?" When he didn't answer, I took hold of his shorts and shucked them down, revealing his thick hard cock. "Over my knee, boy." He looked around but then did as commanded. "Seems to me you need to be punished for your foolishness. Count them out."

To his credit, he didn't miss a number or squirm as I reddened both cheeks. "We'll do this every Saturday and Sunday till you learn better." Hey lay there, patiently while my hand petted his red hot ass. "Now get on your knees and suck me off for the trouble of having to discipline you." Before I knew it, he was on his knees before me. He had already fished out Little Tony and was passionately devouring him.

I let him work me, freely and openly. I held his head down on my crotch filling his belly with my seed. He stayed there, obediently nursing my spent cock when I finally, gently pushed him off. "Jack off in your coffee, then drink it."

He rose, slicked up his had with some spit and stroked his cock for me in the morning light. It didn't take long for him to shoot what looked like a gallon on pent of protein into his cup. Once the last drip fell, he took his coffee and slammed it down without hesitation.

"When was the last one you came?" I stood up to stand beside him. "That was like a gallon."

"I don't know." I ran my hand over his rose colored ass. "I only do it on command."

I pulled him into my arms, our cocks still hard. “Come on, let me take care of you.” I guided him back to his bed. “Let me show you how a man takes care of his bottom.” We laid down, me on top of him. I kissed him, to his shock and surprise. I slowly kissed my way down his body, feeling those perfect muscles under my tongue and hands. I swallowed his neglected cock, slowly, rising my head up and down, my tongue massaging the plump sausage with my tongue. I took my time, playing with a cock that had for so long cried for attention.

I heard him cry, “I’m going to shoot.” I ignored the warning and allowed him to blast across my tongue. Just as he had, I allowed every last drop to empty before I finally pulled off. I crawled back up him, his mouth finding mine as soon as it was in reach. “Thank you.” He whispered softly. I ran my bearded face over his smooth one.

“We’ll do that too, till you think you’ve learned your lesson.”

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