Joshua stood up straight, his back aching from being hunched over so long, and he wiped his brow trying to keep the sweat out of his eyes. The hot summer sun beat down on him mercilessly and Joshua looked over at the trees near the fence that surrounded the pasture and notice there wasn't any breeze, the leaves perfectly still. He drove the shovel into the ground and pulled his soaked t-shirt over his head for it was trapping heat and making him feel like he was in an oven.

The cows were standing under the shade of the trees and he cursed under his breath, knowing they probably thought he was insane, out here in the middle of the afternoon using a shovel. He had put off digging up the drainage pipe that was clogged, telling himself he'd get to it when he had time and so for months he put up with the standing water in the pasture that could take a day or so to dissipate. Last week it came one of those hard rains that dumped over two inches of water and the standing water had been bad, really bad and Joshua knew he had to do something about the clog.

The forecast was for more rain in a couple of days so as soon as the ground dried out sufficiently Joshua borrowed a neighbors tractor that had a backhoe attachment and dug as much as he could with it getting down near the pipe lying across the pasture from the low bowl shaped area in the middle of it. Then he went to digging with a shovel so as not to damage the plastic pipe anymore, hunting the exact location of the clogs and damage.

Joshua ran his hand down his chest and over his stomach pushing the sweat off his skin. He looked down at the way his jeans were soaked around the waist, the weight of them being wet making them sag down, his white boxers exposed around his waist. He felt like he was going to pass out and knew his face would be red with the heat. Looking at his watch he saw it was after two and he needed to get something to drink and take a break. He pulled the shovel up and flipped it over his shoulder, walked over to where his t-shirt lay, picking it up, and headed to his truck.

He went by his house and pulled on a clean t-shirt and headed over to the general store at the crossroads. He pulled the old three quarter ton pickup into the dirt drive and parked under the oak tree to the side of the old store. There were four other pickups in the lot and he recognized each one, all belonging to farmers in the community.

The interior was dark and cool and the other farmers were standing around the counter where the owner sat on his stool checking out his customers as they came and went. Joshua nodded toward them as he closed the door.

"Bill...Hank...Mike...Red..." and he turned to the owner, "Sam. How's your wife doing Mike; she get over that surgery?"

Mike replied and the men began another round of conversation as Joshua pulled a drink from the cooler and leaned against the counter listening to them talk. Joshua had known these men all his life and they were at least ten years his senior. Joshua was one of the few his age who stayed in the community to farm, having taking over the farm once owned by the McKinley's and he was farming the three hundred acres behind the house he got in the deal and the two hundred acres across the road was pasture so he had bought a few head of cattle and a donkey to keep the coyotes out. He was only twenty seven and still single to the dismay of many of the women in the community.

He looked over at Hank, who also owned some cattle, listening to him talk about the price at market per pound wondering if he should sell a couple of cows or wait. A reflection cut through the front window and everyone looked out at the old Jeep pulling up. Frank Harris was sitting in the passenger seat and his son, Cole, was behind the wheel.

"I see Frank is letting his son chauffer him around" Hank said jokingly as they watched the two men approach. Joshua didn't know Frank very well, for he lived over in the next county but he did have one two hundred acre field nearby that belonged to his wife's family. Cole, his son, he'd only seen on occasion and was surprised to see him grown up thinking he should still be a skinny teenager. Frank and Cole came in, Frank speaking to everyone with Cole following behind just nodding, his ball cap, the bill rolled in a tight curve concealing his eyes. They grabbed a drink and came to stand in the small circle and joined in the casual conversation.

Joshua finished his drink and paid Sam, telling everyone he had a nasty job to finish and he needed to get back to it for he didn't know if he was going to finish before the rains moved in.

"You need any help?" Frank asked causing Joshua to stop and look back at him.

"Frank, it is digging up a pipe to find a clogged section and I doubt you want to be out in this damn heat digging with a shovel" Joshua replied good naturedly.

Frank laughed then shook his head no.

"Hell no I'm not using a shovel in this heat" and he laughed as he pointed to Cole. "But he needs to find some work to do his summer to keep him out of trouble."

Joshua looked over at Cole and for the first time Cole looked up to where Joshua could see his eyes beneath the brim of his cap and he smiled at Joshua, mischievously, for there was something rather devilish about it and Joshua turned away and looked back at Frank.

"You don't need him for a couple of days?"

"No, my fields are all in and now I'm just in the worrying stage. Pay him what you think is fair and don't let him goof off too much" Frank replied laughing as Cole looked at Joshua with a strange intensity in his eyes.

Joshua and Frank talked about the work with Cole interjecting only on occasion how he would help. Arrangements made, Frank and Cole left Sam's store and headed home so Cole could drop Frank off. He would be back at Joshua's place as quickly as he could make it. Joshua had told Cole if he wanted to avoid the long drive back and forth he could crash at his place and Cole smiled at him, his eyebrows rising upward as he said yes, he'd like that.

Joshua got back to the pasture and quickly found he was not far enough along the pipe to get at the main clog and he fired up the tractor to dig down to the next section. He knew he had about an hour or longer before Cole would be arriving and he thought of how the last time he saw him he was fourteen, maybe fifteen. He had just got the McKinley's place and was struggling to get started when Frank had stopped by to see what he was doing and Cole had been with him. Cole had been wearing a mesh football jersey, cut short leaving his stomach completely exposed and jeans and Joshua remembered thinking the kid was too skinny to be playing football. Frank had mention to Joshua that afternoon Cole had finished high school and was trying to figure out what he wanted to do, dearly frustrating Frank, afraid his son would be floundering around too long.

The tractor was parked, the engine ticking as it cooled and Joshua was down in the trench he had dug, where he had used the backhoe to remove the earth down to a point just above the pipe. He was using the shovel to do the final uncovering of the pipe, tossing the dirt over the side of the trench. He heard Cole pull up in his Jeep, pulling it over next to his truck under the trees. Joshua stood up and watched Cole walk toward him wearing old frayed jeans, the knees blown out and the hem ragged. He had on a tank top, with large arm holes and deeply cut around the neck revealing his upper body and Joshua was surprised at his muscular toned body. Cole wasn't bulked up but he had good definition. He wore the cap he had on earlier pulled down low shielding his eyes from the bright intense sun.

"There's a shovel lying by the tractor" Joshua called out and watched as Cole angled over to the tractor and then back toward him.

"So what are we doing?" Cole asked as he stood near the edge of the trench which put Joshua at the height of Cole's crotch, the soft denim wore thin, more white than blue in places and Joshua couldn't help but notice how Cole's cock pressed against the front of his jeans.

"We're uncovering the pipe that runs along here cleaning it out or repairing the sections that are damaged" Joshua replied turning away from Cole looking down and along the bottom. Joshua explained the problems and what they had to do and soon Cole was down in the trench a few feet away shoveling the soil away from the pipe. For the next two hours they shoveled away the soil, broke the connections of the pipe cleaning it out and replacing sections that were collapsed. It was hot down in the trench, the sun beating down on them and the sweat poured from their hair, ran down their faces and covered their bodies soaking their clothes. When they had the section repaired they were working on Joshua and Cole stood at the edge of the trench looking at the pipe.

"Well, I can cover this section" Joshua said as he lifted his t-shirt up wiping his face with the tail and as he brought the tail of his shirt back down he saw Cole looking at him. He ignored the stare and said he would get the backhoe and fill the trench.

Cole looked up at him, a smirk on his face.

"Fuck it is hot, isn't it" Cole commented and Joshua was surprised at the way he talked now, so coarse compared to the way he had talked around his father and he glanced over at him seeing him lift the tank top over his head and toss it on the ground out of the way. His upper body was lean and muscular and his skin glistened in the hot sun as the sweat trickled down his body. His jeans hung low on his waist revealing the waist band of his briefs, all so wet they were hanging heavy on his hips. Cole looked over at Joshua, saw how he was looking at his body and he smiled as he ran a hand down his chest and over his stomach, slowly, raking the sweat downward. "I feel like a pig" Cole said in a low insinuating tone.

Joshua went to the tractor and began to fill in the trench wondering the whole time why Cole was getting to him, why he seemed so different now. Cole seemed so menacing in a way, threatening in a way he didn't understand and the way Cole looked at him was unsettling, but more unsettling was the way he found himself looking at Cole. Cole was attractive, no doubt, and he could admit that much, with his light brown hair sticking out around the cap he wore and his dark olive tone skin which looked to have no blemishes, nothing, and the way his clothes seemed to hang on his body all made Cole sexual in a way that made Joshua nervous.

Cole watched him work the backhoe as he filled in the trench, his thumbs hooked in his front pockets pushing downward on his jeans till they looked like they were ready to fall to the ground. Cole would shift his stand and Joshua would glance over looking at the way he moved.

When the trench was filled Joshua pulled up beside Cole and idled the tractor down.

"I'm going to open up a trench over a section of pipe just at the break in the slope over there and then we can call it a day, okay?"

Cole just nodded his head and began to pick up the shovels and their other gear and walked back to Joshua's truck to put it away. Joshua was sweating profusely on the tractor, there still no breeze and he pulled his wet t-shirt off and laid it over the back of his seat feeling somewhat cooler without it. He worked the backhoe in a steady rhythm making quick work of getting a twenty foot section of the ground opened up.

Joshua glance over and saw Cole watching him and why he did it he wasn't sure but he ran his hand down his chest as he had seen Cole do earlier, raking the sweat down his skin feeling the heat of his body. He looked over at Cole and saw him bite his lower lip and tug on his crotch and Joshua wondered 'what the fuck' as he turned back to the backhoe.

When he had the ground opened up he pulled the tractor out of the way and shut it down. As he walked toward his truck, Cole now standing by his Jeep waiting, he was swinging his t-shirt around fanning the gnats away.

"Let's head to the house" Joshua said as he went to his truck and Cole climbed into his Jeep. On the way Joshua wondered if it had been a good idea to let Cole stay at his house for Cole seemed, in some weird way, threatening, something about the way he would stare at him, but then he told himself that he was being silly, Cole was only eighteen, still a teenager. But there was the way his eyes stared at him.

At Joshua's house they came up the small patio area at the rear and Joshua turned to Cole telling him to relax, they should cool down some before cleaning up and he'd go get them something to drink.

"You got beer?" Cole asked in a casual serious tone.

"Yes, but you can't have it" Joshua replied and he saw the smirk on Cole's face as he nodded knowing he was pushing Joshua. "I'll grab us a coke."

When Joshua came back out Cole was standing in the grass at the side of the patio holding the garden hose over his head letting the cool water run over his head and cascade down his body. Cole's jeans quickly became soaking wet and slide down his hips further revealing a couple of inches of his briefs.

"What are you doing?" Joshua asked.

"I'm cooling off" Cole replied, and he held his head down and looked up toward Joshua as he held the hose over his neck so the water would run down his torso, "I'm so hot."

"We were going to shower in a few minutes" Joshua was saying when Cole interrupted him.

"We?" and he smiled at Joshua.

"I know one at a time" Joshua quickly replied thinking Cole was just messing with him. He watched the way Cole let the water run over his body, the way his thick brown hair lay on his head, the front hanging down over his eyes. "Cole...I'll get you towel because I don't want you trialing water through the house." Joshua went back inside telling himself Cole was just pushing his buttons, that this sense of something sexual was just his imagination.

Towel in hand, Joshua opened the back door, went across the screened porch and opened the screened door stepping down to the patio and when he looked up, bringing his mind back to the moment he saw Cole standing naked on the edge of the patio, wringing out his wet jeans. Joshua froze momentarily in place looking at the naked body, the way his lean muscular torso tapered down to his narrow waist, the muscles clearly showing the line between his hips and lower abdomen and his eyes scanned downward over the cock hanging loosely over the sac. The skin of his cock was dark and his sac was a little darker still, and Joshua found himself admiring Cole's body, the lean strength of it. Cole looked up at him and smiled as he shook out his jeans. He turned toward Joshua brazenly unconcerned about his nudity and Joshua realized he was staring and quickly moved toward Cole holding out the towel hoping he'd wrap it around his waist quickly.

Cole took the towel and raised his arms using the towel to dry his hair, his arm pits exposed, the dark hair filling them adding to his masculine appearance. Joshua stood there looking at him unsure what to do. Cole pulled the towel down to his shoulders holding each end making it taunt around his neck.

"Why aren't you married?"

Joshua looked at Cole, shocked at the question, caught off guard by this sudden topic.

"What...I mean why are you asking me that?" Joshua finally replied while his mind raced through his life of dating, the way he ended up here, on this day, twenty seven and still single when all his classmates are married, most with children. He had dated Mary in high school, for two years they went out but when graduation loomed ahead of them she began to hint then ask openly when were they getting married and Joshua felt it too soon, didn't want to marry right out of high school. Then there was Kathy, Michele and Susan, and each time some excuse to break it off, some reason he just didn't want to get married. Finally there was Beth, a real party girl, and Joshua liked the way she didn't mention marriage, instead loved to go out partying and afterward the most physical sex. She did things none of the other girls would do, like let him enter her from behind. But she grew board of him and one day she was gone. Joshua didn't know why he was single, not really, but he knew there was something else and he was waiting. But now, with Cole standing here naked looking at him waiting on his response, he was freaked out, didn't know why he was feeling certain attractions to Cole, sexual attractions, some desire to reach out and touch him and the idea of Cole against his body, his cock sunk in Cole's hole came into his mind and he backed away slowly from this young man, this boy with the mischievous grin...and growing cock.

"It just never worked out...ya know" he stammered.

"No, I don't know. Did they not give you what you wanted?" Cole replied as he stepped toward Joshua making him feel threatened, anxious and he backed up another step.

"I guess it was a little more complicated than that" Joshua replied.

"Yeah...I guess it's never simple" and Cole ran his hand down his stomach and tugged on his cock angling his head up enough to see Joshua's expression. "I'm ready for that shower" he said in a low seductive voice.

"Yeah...come on in...and..." and Joshua just turned and walked through the screened porch and into his house not looking back knowing Cole was right behind him. He went straight to the bathroom opening the door and stepping aside to let Cole enter.

"Thanks" Cole said in a low voice as he passed closely by Joshua. He showered and a few minutes later came out calling out to Joshua the bathroom was free. He went into the guest bedroom where he had put his gym bag while Joshua went in and closed the bathroom door and got in the shower. Joshua thought of Cole and how he had been so willing to expose himself and the way he did it had a sense of sexuality to it and he kept running it over and over in his mind till he had, by the time he was finished showering, reasoned it away as Cole just being silly. He dried off and went into his bedroom where he put on a pair of boxers, a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He came out and headed toward the living realizing the house was quiet, too quiet. In the living he saw Cole on the sofa and he was wearing a white rob, the front open down to his navel. He was leaned back on the sofa and when Joshua entered he raised his head up and smiled.

"You...ahh...hungry?" Joshua asked as he looked at Cole.

"Yeah" Cole whispered.

Joshua had steaks marinating in the refrigerator and soon he had them grilled and on the table along with a salad and some potatoes. As they ate Joshua tried to make conversation, asking about Cole's plans in the future, what college he wanted to go and if he was dating anyone and each time Cole would look at Joshua, a small smile on his lips and say quietly he didn't know or no, letting most of their time eating remain in silence. Joshua put the dishes in the kitchen and came into the living room sitting in his chair across from the sofa where Cole was sitting.

"You want to watch some TV?"

"Not really."

"Well..." and Joshua fell silent.

"Can I ask you something?" Cole asked as he leaned back spreading his legs making his robe open slightly. Joshua looked over at him waiting on him to ask his question and couldn't help but notice he could almost see up to Cole's crotch.

"What is the most exciting sex you've ever know, the position that really did it for you?"

The question threw Joshua, the blatant sexual nature of it and the way Cole asked.

"I don't know...lots of ways are fun" Joshua replied.

"Come on man, be honest. When you're masturbating and you think of some experience, some position, what is it?"

Joshua knew immediately what position had done it for him the most, thought of it as soon as Cole asked the question but he was hesitate to admit it, afraid for some reason, but he looked at Cole, the fucking cocksureness of his demeanor and he leaned toward him determined to bring him down some.

"I did enjoy fucking one of my girlfriends in her tight little ass" Joshua said staring straight at Cole. He expected Cole to react, to show some kind of shock, but instead Cole smiled at him, wicked the way he held his head down looking upward at Joshua.

"Yeah, I like that too. I like the way a tight ass just milks your cock as you push into the person, especially..." and he leaned up putting his hands behind his head spreading his arms out making the robe open a little more and the tail rise up a couple of inches and Joshua saw more of his body being revealed; "...when they are moaning at the pleasure and pain of the penetration. Did your girlfriend moan a lot when you first penetrated her ass?"

Joshua was flummoxed with the way Cole kept coming at him.

"She...did some."

Cole leaned back sliding his ass forward, hands still clasped behind his head and he spread his legs till the robe opened and his cock was visible. The robe was only gathered just below his navel, otherwise it was open and Cole liked how Joshua was looking at him. He could see the flustered expression, the anxiousness, the sense of being trapped.

"Josh...can I tell you what is better than fucking someone in the ass?"

Joshua just shook his head almost afraid to know what Cole was going to say.

"As much as I like fucking someone in the ass, I like getting fucked in the ass better" Cole said with a low voice as he reached down and tugged on his cock making it lengthen, the shaft swell up thicker. "You want to fuck me, Josh? You want to feel how tight my little hole is as you sink your cock into me?"

"What?! No...Cole I think we should call it a night and forget this conversation; all this talk..." and Joshua stopped talking as Cole got up letting his robe drop onto the sofa and began to move toward him. "Now wait a minute...Cole, stop!"

Cole came around the sofa up to Joshua who tried to stand up but Cole pushed him back into his chair. Cole straddled Joshua's legs letting his knees slide in along the side of the chair as he moved up over Joshua's lap.

"Come on Josh, relax, I want tell anyone. Let's just have some fun. You know I wanted to fuck you for a long time, ever since I saw you one time back when I was..."and Cole laughed mischievously; "...younger and I think you would like it" as he ground his ass down on Joshua's crotch till he could feel the hard cock trapped in Joshua's jeans. Cole put his arms around Joshua's neck and leaned to him.

"Come on Joshua, put your hands on me...feel me...feel how hot I am for you" Cole whispered as he ground his ass down on Joshua's cock.

"Cole...I don't think..." Joshua began but Cole put his finger to Joshua's lips quieting him, and then he slid down on the floor pushing Joshua's legs apart so he could move up between them. "Stop" Joshua said but there was no conviction in his voice as he watched Cole lean over his crotch and press his mouth down on his cock through the soft denim. He felt Cole breath out his warm breath through the fabric as he mouthed his cock making it grow harder. Cole worked his mouth over Joshua's cock till the denim was wet and he leaned up looking at Joshua, his lips shiny with his ministrations.

"You can't tell me to stop now...can you?" Cole whispered as he reached for the button of Joshua's jeans undoing it and then sliding the zipper down. Joshua watched as Cole's fingers undid his jeans and spread them open. He watched Cole lean in burying his face into his boxers, his mouth on his cock and he gasped for breath. Cole took the waist of Joshua's jeans boxers and looked up at Joshua.

"Josh...raise your ass" he whispered and Joshua raised up and let Cole slide them down his legs, working them off each leg. His cock was hard and he looked down at it lying on his stomach then up into Cole's eyes.

"You want" Joshua whispered.

Cole grinned as he lifted Joshua's t-shirt up till his nipples were exposed and he put his mouth to the right one sucking on it, making it stand out hard and he brought his teeth to it and nipped at it making Joshua moan.

"Take your shirt off, Josh" Cole asked and Joshua leaned forward and lifted his t-shirt off tossing it on the floor. Cole held up his cock and ran his tongue up the shaft and over the head and Joshua balled up his fists tightly as his arms lay stiffly on each arm of the chair. Cole shifted up and put his lips to the head of Josh's cock and in one smooth move sank his mouth down over it. He moved slowly, bringing his mouth up and then back down and Joshua gasped for breath. Josh watched how Cole took his cock felt the way it sank all the way into his mouth till Cole's hair tickled his stomach.

"Jesus" Joshua exclaimed as Cole continued to take his cock and he finally leaned back and relaxed bringing his hands up and running them through Cole's hair.

Cole lifted up and looked at Joshua while he slowly stroked his cock.

"You want to fuck me...Josh?"

Joshua looked at him and he couldn't believe this was happening, this sex with another man...this guy he thought of as a boy. But he couldn't focus on anything except the idea of sinking his cock into Cole's ass and he nodded his head.

Cole moved up in Joshua's lap, his cock leaving a trail on Joshua's stomach as he reached back and held up his cock. Cole lowered his ass till he felt it touch Joshua, felt Joshua's cock rub over his hole and he bore down, let his weight drive him down impaling his ass on it. It hurt at first, taking Joshua, for there had been no opening him up first, so he eased down slowly feeling his tight hole loosen slowly as Joshua filled his hole.

"Goddamn" Joshua whispered as he wrapped his arms around Cole's ass rubbing each cheek as he felt Cole's tight hole squeeze his cock as it slide into him. Cole soon had all of Joshua, his ass all the way down the thick hard shaft and he began to raise up and fall back down, over and over, riding Joshua's cock. Joshua had let Cole set the pace but suddenly he reached around Cole and stood up carrying Cole against his body, his cock still lodged in Cole's hole. He carried him down the short hall and into his bedroom and laid him on the unmade bed, tugging the cover back toward the foot of the bed. He shifted his body over Cole, held him down as he began to drive his cock into Cole, full swings of his hips thrusting his cock into Cole hard. Faster and faster he went till the bed rocked and squeaked noisily and Cole was begging him to fuck him harder, to pump it in him and Joshua wrapped his arms around Cole and hooked his hands over his shoulders holding him tightly in place as he drove his cock into him hard until he felt his need to cum, his body tighten, and he leaned down and bit Cole on the shoulder near the neck as he pumped his cum into him, forcing it deeply into his tunnel as he kept pumping his hips till he was completely spent.

When he rolled over he saw Cole had cum with it spattered over his stomach and chest and Joshua put one finger in a pool of it and rubbed it around as Cole watched him, watched as Joshua ran his fingers through another pool of cum then trailed his wet slimy finger over to another and Cole reached down and took Joshua's hand stopping him from moving around anymore. Joshua looked up at Cole and watched as Cole held his hand and brought it to his own mouth sucking his cum from the finger. Cole brought Joshua's hand back down and moved his fingers through more of the cum pooled on his stomach then he held up Joshua's hand between them and Joshua leaned forward and took them in his mouth sucking Cole's cum from them.

Cole shifted around on the bed as Joshua snuggled up next to him wrapping his arm over his waist and putting his hand on Cole's chest feeling his heart beat.

"You really thought with me for a long time?" Joshua asked as they lay still.

"Yeah...but I always saw you with one girl or another, but this afternoon when I saw you at Sam's and the way you looked I knew I had to try tempting you, see if you would even consider doing it with me."

" are a temptation."



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