The plane landed in Atlanta thirty minutes late due to the thunderous weather, the rain sheeting over the window as Paul watched the airport come into view, coming closer and closer with the plane's descent till he heard the initial contact of the wheels against the tarmac and the plane coming down level, the reverse of thrust with the gradual braking till they were coasting along at a slow pace and turning toward the terminal. Paul departed the plane and moved through the familiar airport, one he had flown through many times over the last three years with his job, but this time was different for this was his destination and he made his way to the baggage claim.

He watched the conveyor begin to move bringing out his flight's luggage and he quickly sent the text he had prepared: "Luggage starting, come pick up". It was only a minute and his two bags came out and he grabbed them up and headed to the doors leading to pick up area for arriving passengers. He scanned the traffic moving along the walk looking for a red Honda. He felt a certain anxiousness as he looked for the red car, for it was David he was coming to see after three long years. David and he had been roommates in college and they had become close friends during that time, staying in contact with social media sites and phone calls. During the last three years they continuously talked of getting together till a couple of months ago Paul said he had vacation time coming up and would like to come to Atlanta and hang out. So their reunion had been planned and Paul now stood on the sidewalk looking for David.

Paul knew why he was suddenly anxious, knew why he had put off coming for so long, for there was an aspect of their friendship he had struggled with during college, one that caused him to keep a secret from David. Since college he had come to terms with his homosexuality, his attraction to men, and had begun to date shortly after moving to Raleigh and all during the three years he has lived there his memories of David, of sharing the room with him, would come to him time and time again. David was straight, had dated a lot of women in college, but he was constantly doing one thing that drove Paul crazy, something that tugged at his desires, made him feel confused and made him do the wrong thing; pull back and conceal an aspect of himself from David.

They had been sharing a room for a couple of months the first time it had happened. They had a room at the end of the corridor and therefore able to frequently leave the door open without too much disturbance, but on this particular Wednesday afternoon, after finding his instructor canceling his last class for the day Paul returned to the dorm to find their door closed. He thought nothing of it and quickly slipped in his key and opened the door. He froze when he saw David on his bed, the lower bunk, with his jeans and briefs pushed down to mid-thigh and his right hand stroking his hard cock while he held a girlie magazine in his left.

"Oh shit...I'm sorry" Paul exclaimed.

David lowered the magazine and gave Paul a blushed look and shrugged his shoulders.

"Damn...ya caught me" as he laughed it off. Paul backed up to leave and David tossed the magazine on the floor and pulled up his briefs, working his hard cock underneath the waist band.

" don't have to leave. I'll stop" David said, and Paul stopped with the door partially closed in front of him and he looked around it watching as David got his briefs up, then his jeans.

Paul finally had gone into their room and sat at his desk with his back to David as he tried to do some of his course work on his laptop. Concentration eluded him as he kept picturing over and over the sight of David masturbating, his cock slick in his tight grip and Paul pictured every vein covered inch, the shape of the shaft and the way the head was arrowed shaped. David was dark skinned, his body smooth with dirty blonde hair and Paul had seen him naked plenty of times, down in the shower or changing clothes in their room and he had secretly admired David's body, the lean muscular build with its smooth dark skin and his cock and balls being even darker in tone. But seeing him masturbating, his shirt pulled up to his arm pits and his jeans pushed down with his hand stroking his cock was different and it tore at him internally, made those hidden desires rise up and made him flustered.

Paul didn't know how David would react to him admitting he was gay, was attracted to men and he knew he really couldn't tell David how he was part of his attraction, someone he had thoughts of doing something with, and of trying not to do it, but had watched David dress or shower studying his body, looking at it with desire. He considered it a crush, an attraction of convenience since David was around in various states of dress it was natural he would feel some allure toward him.

Paul tried to push the image of David masturbating out of his mind and for two weeks nothing happened to thwart his attempt, but the next Saturday, a day of a home game David had stayed in the dorm to study for a course he was struggling in while Paul had gone off with some of the other guys in the dorm. They had won and as part of the ritual of celebration everyone was going into town to party at one bar or another. Paul told the guys he'd catch up with them later, that he was going to swing by the dorm to see if David was ready to take a break from studying and join them.

Paul raced up the stair and down the corridor. The door was cracked open slightly and he pushed it opened and raced in. He took only a few steps inside the room and froze. David was at his desk, his jeans opened up and his t-shirt tossed on the floor while he watched porn on his laptop and masturbated, his hand racing up and down his cock. It was the only sound in the room, David's hand noisily stroking the spit slick shaft as Paul stood frozen in place, his mouth hanging open. David looked over at Paul, his mouth hanging open too, and he grunted loudly as cum shot from his cock spattering on his chest and stomach.

Paul stood transfixed and watched as the cum trickled down David's chest and his cum slick hand continued to slowly stroke the still hard shaft.

"Oh man...sorry...I couldn't stop" David finally said.

The image of David's cock shooting, the thick wads of cum arcing out and hitting him on the chest, then the stomach, were etched into Paul's mind. The image of David's hand, slick with spit and cum moving up and down his cock and the way his whole body had shook, quivered as the cum flew out made Paul aroused, made him feel his desires. And the images stayed with him.

Afterward David grew more open about masturbating and for the next four years he grew more brazen, even doing it with Paul in the room at times. Paul didn't know how many times he had been at his desk studying only to turn to ask David a question and find him with his boxers pushed down and cock in hand, or the times he had been on his upper bunk reading and look down and see David sitting at his desk, his laptop on some porn site and he obviously masturbating to the images, his body shaking and his right arm moving in that familiar way.

Paul thought David just overly sexed, a straight boy who was free to masturbate when he wanted and it frustrated him, made him want David even more, the way it seemed such a tease, this masculine presence, right here in his room, sometimes naked, sometimes so sexually aroused cum was soon flying through the air and Paul had found himself masturbating more often. For a long time he hid it from David, actually going to the bathroom late at night and doing it in a stall but slowly over time he started doing it in his bed at night and knew from time to time David had heard him, even going so far as to be doing it down below himself. By the time David was in his last semester, Paul needing one more to finish, they would find themselves in bed, both of them completely naked masturbating, the sound of the other driving them on, pushing them to jack on their cocks harder, faster, till both of them would cum, thick wads spattering over their chest and stomachs.

Paul thought of those last few months often, realized David had stopped going out near the end and the two of them had masturbated nearly every evening. The smell of their cum would fill the air of their dorm room as they settled down to go to sleep. It had been such a tease to Paul, this isolated act, each on their own bed not even able to see each other. Only the sound they made connected them.

Paul let the images of David stroking his cock come to his mind as he looked through the vehicles crowding along the pickup zone till he saw it, the red Honda working along an outside lane and David grabbed up his bags and moved through the parked cars and the cars stuck in stalled traffic till he was standing by the lane. David pulled up, the passenger window already down.

"Hop in" David called out and Paul opened the back door, tossed in his bags, and soon was hooking the seat belt in the front seat as David worked his way left into the lane moving along the best.

"Hey buddy, glad to see you finally made it" David said as he slapped his hand down on Paul's thigh and the touch was electric, the contact hot, for Paul was aroused with his thoughts and the contact made it physical. "I hope you don't mind, but we've got a dinner date with four of our old friends from college who wanted to see you while you're in town."

"No, that is fine. It'll be good to see them" Paul replied feeling a little relieved their first evening would be in the company of others.

That night they sat around a large table in one of Midtown's restaurants and reminisced about their college days. There were six of them talking about the antics of the dorm, the games they went to, the parties and some of the characters that went through the dorm during their time on campus. It was nearly one in the morning when David and Paul left and went to David's condo in town. It was a small one bedroom and Paul had told David he could crash on the sofa while in town and after a few minutes of sitting around just talking among themselves and how good it was Paul finally made it to town David told Paul goodnight and retired for the night.

They rose late the next morning and after breakfast David carried Paul around town doing those things they had spent the last couple of months planning and late that afternoon they decided to go to a movie. David hadn't mentioned anything about the way he had masturbated constantly in college, nor how Paul had in the last year joined him and it made Paul feel relieved but also disappointed. They talked about their careers, where Paul lived in Raleigh, what the city was like but neither talked about their dating or if there was anyone serious in their lives, which for Paul wasn't the case. They took seats in the theater and while the movie played Paul was constantly reminded of David in a way he was trying to suppress but each time David's leg bumped his, each time he rubbed up against him or his arm brushed over his own the contact brought the images of the past quickly to mind.

On the way home they were quiet for part of the drive through town, Paul looking out the side window at the passing scenery of the city at night and David focused on driving. They were only a few blocks from the condo when David broke the silence between them.

"What do you miss the most about college?" he asked in a low serious tone.

"I miss..." and Paul hesitated, not sure how to say what he was thinking, how to tell David he missed their time together, especially the times they were alone, each in his own bunk and their hand stroking their cocks. "I don't know really" he lied.

"I miss that sense of absolute freedom" David replied, "that sense it was okay to do whatever I wanted to do, and that..." he hesitated, glancing over at David; "that no one would care or judge. You know?"

Paul looked over at David and saw how seriously he was looking back at him and he nodded yes.

At the condo David went into the bathroom as Paul made the sofa up to sleep on. When David came out Paul was standing at the window looking out over the city, it aglow in the dark night.

"Okay, the bathroom is all yours" David said as he went into the kitchen to get something to drink. Paul turned and saw David was wearing just a towel around his waist, saw the familiar body, slightly more filled out, but still lean, his skin still smooth and he turned and made his way quickly to the bathroom with his toiletries bag.

David was sitting in the armchair, still just in the towel, when Paul emerged wearing a pair of gym shorts over his boxers. He sat on the sofa and saw a drink was waiting for him on the coffee table.

"Nightcap?" David asked as he nodded toward the drink and Paul nodded yes as he reached for it. David was talking about what they could do the next day, the places they could go, all the while Paul kept trying to focus his eyes on David's face and not on his upper body, not on the towel loosely wrapped around his waist, the front parted almost enough to see between his legs, but not quite and when David shifted, his legs parted a little more Paul had to take a quick breath for he could partially see David's cock and sac.

"You okay with that?" David asked breaking Paul out of his trance and Paul, unknowing what David had asked just nodded as he replied.

"Yes, yes....that is good."

"I guess I should turn in and let you get your sleep. I do remember you always had to have at least 8 hours or you were not worth a damn" David said as he got up, laughing lightly and Paul smiled at the way his friend still knew him.

Paul lay on the sofa looking out the window but what he was seeing in his mind was David, the way he had been sitting in front of him, they way his body was still attractive to him, the lean muscular features, the dime size nipples and the smooth skin that seemed to shine in the dimmest of light. And there was the image of the loose towel, the thick terry cloth fabric loosely wrapped around David's waist, hanging so low and when seated it had spread open, so teasingly, tempting him to look, to search for what was within, and when David had shifted, slide down in the chair a little more with his legs spreading just enough to open the towel, Paul could see it, just the head of his cock and the sac partially visible, but it was enough, for Paul felt his arousal, the strain of his cock confined in his boxers.

He lay there frustrated, his cock growing erect, pushing against his boxers and he ran his fingers over it, tried to move it to a less painful position. It had been a while since David had turned in and the condo was quiet except for the air conditioning kicking on and off and Paul pushed down the sheet exposing his body to the dim light coming in through the open window, his own fair skin glowing in the dim light and he found himself caressing his chest absentmindedly, his fingers grazing over his skin, around one nipple, circling his chest and as his thoughts of David grew more vivid, more graphic, the image of him masturbating at his desk that first time, the way his cum had flew out of his cock or one time he was lying on his bunk his cock protruding through the fly with his hand stroking it roughly. David found his fingers trailing over his boxers, tracing his cock, the feel so enticing, tempting and he glanced over to the door to David's bedroom to see if it was still quiet and he raised his hips up pushing his boxers down to his knees. His cock sprang up hard, the head already wet and slick and he rub it with his fingers, lightly, savoring the feel of the contact to his aroused flesh. He fisted the shaft and slowly stroked downward smearing the slickness over it and it felt so good and he rubbed his chest with his other hand as he slowly stroked his cock. He was leaking copiously and it felt good the way it made his cock slick allowing his hand to move smoothly over it. He suddenly felt brazen and spread his knees forcing his boxers down his legs till they gathered around his ankles and he began to push upward with his hips occasionally as he stroked his cock faster and faster. The cool air felt good against his exposed body, his nakedness stark and lewd in the open room of his friend's condo, and he wondered if this was how David had felt, this sense of exposure, the vulnerable nature of it and he closed his eyes, his thoughts of David coming to him, finding him like this, naked, willing, and he let his fantasy play out as he stroked his cock, felt it grow harder in his hand. He imagined David coming into the room, naked, his cock hard and Paul saw himself sliding off the sofa to his knees. David would move up to him, his cock bobbing up and down as he got closer and Paul waould wait, his mouth partially open, ready to take David in his mouth and the image of David's cock rubbing over his lips played through his mind, the soft spongy head leaving a trail of the sweetness leaking from its slit.

"Paul?" David's voice suddenly crashed through his fantasy and Paul opened his eyes to see David standing behind the sofa looking down on him, his face in shadow, hidden from Paul, masked to its expression. Paul tried to jump up and conceal his erection but his ankles were bound by his boxers and he struggled to sit up.

"Relax Paul" David said in a calm voice as he moved around the sofa. He was naked, his cock half hard and arced out over his balls and Paul watched him move to the chair opposite the sofa and sit down, his legs spread which kept himself fully exposed to Paul.

"Funny it would be you doing it first this time. You know in college I was horny all the time. I mean...fuck...all the time. And when you didn't completely freak out about it...didn't tell me to stop, well I just didn't worry about you knowing. Kind of a 'we all do it' attitude that gave me the excuse I needed to just do it when I wanted" David said as he looked out the window for a moment, then back at Paul, his eyes cast in shadow preventing Paul from seeing how he let them roam over Paul's body.

"I couldn't believe how often you were doing it. I thought you had enough sex with girls to take away any need" Paul admitted as he shifted around letting his feet drop to the floor with his boxers loose around his ankles.

"For the first three years there were a lot of girls, but..." David hesitated as his eyes cast down and he took a deep breath, "but our senior year it was different. The way you were doing it up in your bunk while I was below. It made things awkward for me in ways I didn't understand" David laughed suddenly and leaned back letting the dim light coming through the windows strike him across the face. "I sometimes wondered what would happen if you had climbed down from your bunk."

Paul sat silent, unsure what to say and unable to speak just anything that came into his head.

"Paul, you never went out on one date during the four years we were in college. Not once and it made me think..." and David looked at Paul, locking eyes with him, "Paul, are you gay?"

The question shouldn't have been a surprise for he saw it coming but it still caught him off guard to hear it especially with the two of them sitting in the dark, naked, a sexual tension in the air. But he knew it was no time to lie, not now and he leaned back and sighed, shaking his head at the surreal feel of this moment.

"Yes" Paul finally responded and after a moment of silence he suddenly felt a sense of confidence he'd not felt in a while. "Does it bother you?"

"No, not at all...I'm pleased in fact" David replied and he stood up and moved next to Paul on the sofa, sat so close their legs touched. "Is this okay?"

Paul nodded yes as he put his hand on David's leg just above the knee and then slowly, his fingers barely grazing the skin eased his hand upward.

"Is this okay?" Paul asked repeating David's question back to him.


Paul let his fingers roam upward, then over to David's rising cock. He let his fingers comb through the pubic hair then trail down the shaft, tracing over the undulating vein that ran most of its length. Paul let his fingers encircle it and began to tug on it, to squeeze it into hardness as he looked up at David. David smiled at him and leaned to him. Paul met him half way and they kissed as Paul manipulated his cock. When Paul pulled back he shifted off the sofa, down to the floor and moved between David's legs. He rested his arms on David's thighs as he continued to fondle David's cock, to stroke it, to let his fingers move over it feeling its shape, the smooth skin stretched over the hard shaft. He held it up squeezing it till a drop of clear liquid formed in the slit and he leaned over and licked it off. David gasped as Paul's tongue slide over the sensitive head and Paul licked it again, ran his tongue around the head and down the shaft. David slide down pushing his ass to the edge of the sofa cushion and spread his legs, opening himself up to Paul fully. Paul brought his lips to the head of David's cock and parted them letting the cock slide into his mouth. David ran his hands over Paul's head, combed his fingers through David's hair as he felt the movement of David on his cock. Up and down the shaft he slid his mouth, working his lips along the length of it and his tongue licking over the head. Paul sucked David's cock, took it as far into his mouth as he could. It felt too good for David and he quickly had to push Paul's head off his cock and he sat up in front of Paul indicating Paul to stand up.

Paul stood in front of David, his own cock already hard as it bobbed up and down and he watched how David tentatively took it in one hand, stroked it slowly as he sat up close watching Paul's shaft slide through his fist. David looked at it as if it was the first one he'd seen, studying it as his hand moved along its length. Then he leaned to it, closed the last few inches and stuck out his tongue licking the head and Paul balled his fist up and stood frozen at the sensation of David's tongue dragging over the head of his cock. David let the head slip between his lips and he pushed forward taking inch after inch of the shaft till he had all he could take in his mouth. David was a little rough, his teeth scraped along the shaft on occasion, but for Paul it the most sensual moment in a long time and as David sucked him, he thought of those nights back in college with the two of them masturbating together, each in his own bunk and the way the sound of what they were doing drove the other on and now, in this time and in this place with David sucking his cock, the sound of it to his ears, the feel of it on his cock, drove his arousal, made him achingly hard and he had to push David off his cock.

It flexed up and down in the air, wet and slick, and Paul pushed David back on the sofa as he moved over him and straddled his waist.

"I want you in me" Paul whispered as he moved into place and reached back for David's cock, holding it up. He moved downward, rubbed his ass over the wet slick head of David's cock, feeling it stroke him along his ass. When it rubbed over his opening he rotated his hips in a circular move letting David's cock work around it, smear pre-cum over it, tease it to open up and Paul bore down, pressed against David's cock till it penetrated him and began to slide into his hole. Paul moved slowly downward letting the thick hard shaft stretch him open and penetrate him.

David stroked Paul's cock, slowly, keeping it hard and with his other hand he rubbed Paul's chest or down his arm, caressing his skin, feeling the soft smooth skin tight over his lean body. Paul took every inch of David's cock and held still a brief moment, and then he began to move, to pump his hole up and down David's cock; to fuck himself with it. His pace grew quickly, his desires driving him, as he worked his body on David's cock. He grunted and moaned, felt his body grow tight, every muscle pushing against his skin as he worked his body up and down. The room grew so hot, his breathing labored as he felt the way David's cock bore into him, deeply penetrating his hole and David held on to his thighs and watched how Paul exerted himself, began to slam downward till the sofa rocked and squeaked and David moaned at the way it felt, his cock gripped tightly by Paul's hole, it milking it, stroking it.

"Fuck" David cried out as Paul was slamming down on his cock and he watched Paul's cock bob up and down the head leaking pre-cum till it drooled down to his own stomach. "I'm going to cum" he whispered.

"Cum in me" Paul uttered, "give it to me."

Paul rode David's cock up and down only a few more times and David pushed upward, hard, slamming his hips against Paul's ass, burying his cock deeply as he came, pumping out his load deep into Paul till he felt his cock sliding through his slick hot load. Paul took his own cock in hand and with only a few strokes he came, thick wads of cum spattered David's chest, then down on his stomach. Finally spent, Paul settled down with David's cock still buried in his hole. He leaned forward resting his head on David's shoulder as the two of them let their breathing return to normal.

When Paul sat up he watched David run his fingers through the cum on his chest. David's fingers trialed through the cum, raked upward till it covered his fingers and when he held his hand up and the cum dripped from his fingers.

"Damn you cum a lot" David said as they watched the cum drip off his fingers. Then he looked up at Paul, his face going serious. "Why didn't we do this back then?"

"I don't know" Paul replied, and as he turned and looked out the window he whispered, more to himself than to David, "I was still afraid in a way." He looked down at David, taking him by the chin, "and I thought you were straight."

David laughed lightly as he looked up at Paul, "I guess not so much now" and he ran his hands up Paul's body, caressing the warm skin with his fingertips. "You want to abandon this sofa and sleep with me?"



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