The old faded green john boat glided through the still water effortlessly, quietly, barely disturbing the ancient swamp with its towering old cypress. The john boat made its way through the swamp as it had for years, the small outboard motor making more noise than motion, but always getting to its destination. Riding in the boat, eyes always alert, ears tuned to hear anything unusual Jaclyn was making his daily travels from the camp where he worked as a park attendant. He'd been working with the Park Service since he was sixteen on a part time basis, and now that he was twenty four, he was one of the most knowledgeable even though he had no formal education after high school, his knowledge of the swamp was from wisdoms handed down from his elders and from his own experiences, experiences he had been gathering since he was seven when he would slip off with a canoe on his own, exploring the swamp he called home.

Jaclyn was part Native American and part something else, something his mother would never reveal. He had grown to be tall, with the dark skin and black hair from his mother. He was lean, and well toned from swimming long distances and running along the old trails on the swamps edges. His body was tough, callused, and the heat didn't seem to faze him. But he was not like most of the men of the swamp; he wasn't into fighting, or getting wasted nearly every night, nor did he try to sleep with every available woman. He stayed to himself and did his job, and in his free time he would go out into the swamp, sitting in the back of his john boat, meandering along its secretive paths, or discovering new paths created by storms or the animals that were its inhabitants. He even owned property abutting the swamp on its north side allowing him to boat to and from work. It was his way of winding down, releasing the tension of dealing with the tourists, the paddlers who come unprepared for the challenges that await them, or the bureaucrats they had to work with at the Parks Office.

The sun was moving through the western sky as Jaclyn was making his way home. He was moving along an old creek bed that cut through a densely wooded section of the swamp, occasionally seeing an alligator skimming along the surface or a water moccasin cutting across the open water. The snakes had to be watched for they were curious creatures, not hesitate to come to the boat and climb over the sides in search for food. Jaclyn got near his cut off point, a narrow path he had navigated many times before when he came upon a bass boat. It was garishly painted bright red and silver, with a huge outboard motor on the back. There was only one person aboard and he was fiddling with the motor when Jaclyn first spotted him. The guy heard the old john boat approaching and began to wave for help.

Jaclyn pulled along the side of the flamboyant boat and tossed the guy a rope to secure them together. He stepped casually from one boat to the other, looking the guy over. His first impression was not favorable. He looked like one of those guys who never worked a day in his life; all the good schools, the fancy cars and boats, the pathway to a bright future all lain out with family contacts. He was a little shorter than Jaclyn, dirty blonde, with perfect teeth. He was boyish in his looks, with a small nose and thin lips. A faint five o'clock shadow spread along his jaw line and over his lips. He was not broad shouldered, but thin built, even his arms were not muscular, never having had to work hard, Jaclyn just knew. He wore a muscle shirt and low cut skinny jeans, hanging on his hips barely above his crotch. His fair skin showing signs of too much sun along his upper arms and around his neck.

"What seems to be the problem?"

"I have no idea. Thank god you showed up. I have no idea where I'm at. I shut down to try to listen for some sound of a road nearby or something, and then the damn thing wouldn't restart."

"Let me give it a look" Jaclyn said as he made his way to the back of the boat. He checked fuel lines, pulled the cover off the motor, checking everything he could think of, trying to start the motor from time to time, until he finally gave up.

"I think it is not getting fuel, but I can't find what is wrong."

"Shit. What am I...I mean, can you help me out of here?"

"Yeah, but it is too late now; it'll be dark in a little over an hour and it'll take a lot longer than that for me to tow you out. I'll tow you to my place and in the morning we can get an early start and tow you back to the nearest boat ramp."

"Man I don't want to put you out, but I really do appreciate it." He was being earnest, sincere, and the way he looked at Jaclyn, like a little lost boy, gave Jaclyn a moment's pause, the thought that taking him back to his place was a mistake, that maybe he should tough it out, take him to a landing, and deal with getting home very late in the dark. He knew the swamp well enough to navigate at night, but he was ready to get home, and the guy seemed friendly enough, despite first impressions.

"By the way, I'm Cole."


"Jacklynn? "

"Jaclyn; it's an old family name."

"Well it is good to meet you, especially if you can help me out."

"No problem. Let me get a rope secured between us and then I'll tow you to my place. You stay in your boat and steer it so it'll be easier to tow you along."

"Ok. Again, I really appreciate this."

Jaclyn eased along the narrow gap among the old cypress trees, his motor struggling with the added weight of the other boat, creeping along at a slow pace. Jaclyn kept glancing back to make sure the two boats stayed properly secured, and to look at Cole. He'd taken his cap off and ran his hands through his hair. It stood up, spiky, in random directions. Jaclyn couldn't stop himself, checking Cole out, wondering, giving consideration to the possibility of seeing him naked, wondering what he'd look like, what his cock looked like, how did his nuts hang, did he have blonde hair around his cock, or was it darker, almost brown. His thoughts plagued him each time he glanced back. The twenty minutes it took to get to his house seemed to take a very long time.

Cole had been so relieved to have someone come along, to finally show up, he didn't think anything about accepting his offer to tow him back to his place. But then he had second thoughts, wondering if he'd made a mistake, if he was getting into a situation that would turn out bad. Jaclyn was very attractive, so tall, and his jet black hair and dark skin, obviously Native American descent, but he also seemed a little unfriendly, standoffish, and a little rough around the edges, coarse. He was wearing a Park Service uniform, which would explain him living on the swamp and knowing it so well, but still, where was he leading him? Would it be some tinned roof shack, some derelict structure barely standing, out in the middle of nowhere?

Imagine his surprise when they turned a sharp bend and the trees fell back to an open area on the water, about the size of a football field, and on the other side, a shore line, hard ground. Sitting among the trees was a house on stilts. It was one long tin roof, but not the way he imagined it. Under half of it was the house and the other half was screened. It had as much outdoor space as indoor space. The sides were wood siding, stained to blend into the surroundings. Most of the house had windows running along facing the water. From the backside of the screen section dropped a wooden stair to a floating dock tucked underneath.

Jaclyn pulled slowly into his usual place and tied off. He then pulled Cole's boat around to the other side of the dock and tied him off.

"I'd get everything out you don't want to be wet from the morning dew and bring it on up."

In a few minutes Cole was standing in the screened space, which was like a second living dining area, with its own table and outdoor furniture. A hammock hung near the end of the space and on the water side along the screen was a day bed.

"This nice" Cole said, surprised at how nice it truly was, expecting something totally different.

"Thanks. I've been working on this place for a few years and just about got it complete. Come on inside and I'll show you where you can sleep tonight."

Through the large sliding glass doors they came into one large room that was living, dining and kitchen. A wood heater sat at the windows overlooking the water with the living room furniture positioned to look out instead of at some television set, which did not exist in the room. There was a hall leading off the main room in the opposite wall, where Jaclyn led Cole. There was one door on the right and one on the left. The hall ended abruptly by an unpainted plywood panel.

"The room on this side" opening the door on the right "is the bathroom, and this other door will be where you can sleep" opening the other door to a modest bedroom with one queen size bed sitting at the windows so every time you sat up looking up, you'd be looking out.

"Thanks but...where will you sleep? I this the only bedroom?"

"For now it is the only one. I have a master suite I'm working on beyond the plywood, but it'll be awhile before I get it done. As for me, I'll sleep where I do most nights, out on the screened porch."

Porch? Cole thought, considering how the large screened area was much more than some porch. "You sleep outside most of the time?"

"Yeah, I love the way the night cools off and listening to the sounds of night. Best sleep ever. So please don't worry about taking this room, I rarely use it anyway. Toss your stuff down, use the bathroom if you need to..."

Cole interrupted him "I need too, like you can't believe."

Jaclyn smiled at his sudden admittance of discomfort. "Well, when you get through come on out and we'll eat something. I'm rather hungry and I assume you have to be as well."

"I am, but please don't go to too much trouble."

When Cole came out Jaclyn was putting fish in the oven to cook and pulling out of the refrigerator the stuff needed to make salads. Soon they were at the small table out in the screened porch eating and drinking beer. Their conservation was soon friendly and casual, telling a little about themselves. Cole admitted to being from Tallahassee and his father having some "bullshit high and mighty government job" as Cole put it. Cole told Jaclyn he had come up to the swamp after hearing about it in college and just wanted to see what it was like to be out in the middle of nowhere, to be away from the city, the traffic, and all the people, to be away from...and he faltered, stopping himself from saying any more. Jaclyn didn't press for him to finish, knowing how everyone who came to the swamp always had their own special reasons.

Jaclyn took their dishes inside to wash, making Cole stay out, having him sit down on the sofa and relax. Inside he turned on the internet radio on his computer, so music played softly inside and out. It was a luxury he chided himself on so many times for it cost a fortune to run the cable from the road at the back of the property to his house. His next project was to get a drive cut through the woods and break down and buy a truck or a Jeep, but he was in no hurry, although building the house by hauling material in by boat had been a nightmare at times. As he washed the dishes he kept glancing out at Cole, thinking he was really cute and nothing like he expected as he got to know him a little better. He wished he could know him differently, wondered what it would be like to just go to him, tell him what he wanted and see what would happen, but knowing he couldn't. Cole was his guest, and if it were to make him uncomfortable, freaked out even, he knew he wouldn't know how to deal with it.

Cole sat on the sofa, feet propped up, as he looked out through the screen at the moon lit water. He always thought it would be silent out in nature, that at night it would be quiet. But the buzz of insects, the occasional hoot of an owl, and the splashing in the water as something was feeding made the night sound more alive than the day time. He also kept glancing inside, watching Jaclyn wash the dishes, unable to keep his eyes off of him, the thick black hair, the smooth dark skin and the casual way he moved. He wondered what he did sexually; did he go into town to hook up with someone or did he just beat off all the time, and if so, to what? He kept wondering what he would look like out of his clothes, naked. He wanted to know what he looked like naked.

Jaclyn came out carrying two drinks, whiskey over a couple of ice cubes, and sat in the chair adjacent the sofa, propping up his feet on the low coffee table. Cole saw the few black hairs along his exposed ankles, the angular nature of his feet, the lack of an arch, and the way his second toe was longer than his big toe. He noticed how Jaclyn curled his toes from time to time. He had difficulty taking is eyes off of him. Jaclyn broke the trance and soon they were discussing once again the plan for in the morning, with Jaclyn telling Cole to wake him if he was up first, telling him he would normally rise around sun up. They talked casually, giving each other furtive glances from time to time, until they finally fell silent, allowing the whiskey to warm them, to relax them. Cole finally couldn't stand it, the way he could not stop looking at Jaclyn, having desires toward him he couldn't act upon, so he got up and said he should turn in so he could get up in the morning.

"There's a towel and toothbrush laid out on the vanity. Grab yourself a shower for it'll make you feel better" Jaclyn told him as he headed in.

"Thanks, a shower sounds good right now."

Cole went into the bedroom and stripped down to his boxers and headed across the hall for a shower. The shower felt good, washing the grime and sweat off, and when he finished and was dried off he contemplated his boxers, and how they were sweat stained. He picked them up knowing he'd have to wear them in the morning but for now he wanted to keep the clean feeling. He wrapped the towel around his waist and headed for the bedroom. In the hall he saw Jaclyn had turned all the lights off except the one in the bedroom. Cole could just make out Jaclyn's profile out on the screened porch, lying on the day bed. He went into the bedroom, tossed the towel over a chair, and climbed into bed. He lay there on top of the bed, naked, feeling the warm night air on his clean tight skin. He laid there wondering about Jaclyn, wanting to go out to him. He absentmindedly played with his cock as he wondered about Jaclyn, getting an erection, feeling his need, his desire over take him.

Jaclyn was lying on the day bed in only his briefs, letting the slight breeze caress his skin, raise up goose bumps, and with Cole in the house, thinking about him, how attractive he looked, and how friendly he turned out to be, humble in a way that surprised him, he wondered about the glances he caught Cole giving him, wondered if Cole had ever done anything with a guy before, wondered what he really liked. Jaclyn had only been with a few guys, always hook ups in one of cities a few hours away. He had only hooked up with one guy locally and he had freaked out on Jaclyn, cussed him out, and told him to leave him alone. It was cruel how the guy had turned on him, and so he avoided him, avoided going into town, especially those places he knew the guy frequented. He felt so desperate, at times lonely, craving companionship, and now those feeling were rearing up hard, brutal, making his stomach tie up in knots. He cock was stretching out as he considered what it would be like to go into the bedroom and pull the sheet back and lean down and take Cole, take him in his mouth, or take him inside of himself, feel Cole move in him. His cock got hard.

Jaclyn pushed his briefs down and kicked them off and onto the floor, sure Cole would be asleep by now. He took his cock in hand, felt it swell, felt it stretch out to its full length. He lay there, slowly stroking it, moving his hand up and down its length. It felt good the way the head was slicked up, then the shaft as he leaked a lot, his desires driving him. He stretched out, naked, in the warm night air, eyes closed and stroked his cock, ran his free hand over his chest, felt his own warmth. He stroked his cock slowly, enjoying the sensation, wishing it were different this time, wishing it was Cole stroking his cock, taking it, putting it in his mouth. His hand moved all the way up, rubbed the head, smearing its slick wetness, then back down the shaft. He was lost in the moment when suddenly he sensed he wasn't alone, that someone was standing close by. He opened his eyes and Cole was standing there, the moon light making his naked body glow faintly, letting Jaclyn see Cole's right hand slowly stroke his own cock, move in the same rhythm, the same speed as Jaclyn. Jaclyn stopped, frozen from the unexpected appearance of Cole.

"Have you been standing there long?" he asked Cole in a whisper.

"Long enough" as Cole came closer and got down on his knees by the day bed, close to Jaclyn's crotch, close to his cock. Cole reached out and ran his hand over Jaclyn's stomach, down to his cock and lifted it up, held it firmly, squeezed it slightly, feeling its weight, its firmness. Jaclyn drew a deep breath. Cole leaned over and put his lips to Jaclyn's cock, kissed it slightly as Jaclyn ran his hand over Cole's shoulder and down his other arm, a light caress. Cole mouthed the head, then shifting up, put his mouth over it, and slid down, taking it in his mouth, letting it fill the void, slid over his tongue, giving him Jaclyn's taste. Cole worked back up, down, up, down, over and over. Jaclyn ran his hand down Cole's back, over his shoulder, up his neck, through his hair, feeling the movement of his head, up and down. He put suction on Jaclyn, brought more hot blood into it, swelling it up more, feeling it harden more. He worked his mouth over it until the shaft when exposed was wet, glistening in the dim light.

Jaclyn grabbed him by the hair, pulled him up, leaning up himself, and kissed Cole passionately, pulling his head to him tightly. Pulling him back, he whispered "Stand up", his voice urgent, demanding. Cole stood up as Jaclyn swing his feet to the floor and on either side of Cole. He took Cole's cock and began to suck, to push his mouth on it, urgently, forcefully, down and then back up. He took him all the way, burying his nose in the light blonde hair that grew sparsely over his cock, nearly invisible against his fair skin in the dim light. He tugged on his nuts, and ran his hands over Cole's ass, ran his fingers along the deep crevice of his firm round ass, probing, searching, as his mouth kept up its hot wet suction of his cock. When Jaclyn put a finger to Cole's opening, when he tested its tightness, Cole reached around and pushed his hand, forcing his finger into him, pushing it all the way in.

"Oh, fuck, that feels good" Cole cried out. Jaclyn finger his hole, twisted around in it, then he withdrew it, put a second with the first and pushed both in, opening him some more.

"Yeah, stretch me open...I want you fuck me" Cole whispered with his rapid breathing. Jaclyn pulled off his cock and leaned back, holding up his hard cock, the head still wet, slick, waiting for Cole. Cole moved up, straddled Jaclyn, and eased down till he felt Jaclyn nudge his ass, his cock slide back and forth over his ass, over his opening. He shifted, getting the wet cock pushing at his opening and he lowered himself, taking it, slowly, down he moved, till he was sitting on Jaclyn's lap, cock buried all the way in him. Jaclyn lean up and kissed his neck, ran his tongue over the flesh, feeling the warmth of him, tasting the sweat, the saltiness of him. Cole began to move, up, down, up, down, he moved his body, rocking his hips, working his tight opening up and down the shaft of Jaclyn's cock. As Jaclyn's cock probed him, gave him a full connected feeling, he opened his eyes, looked out through the screen into the moon light night, the dark water with the streaks of moonlight glittering over its surface and the dark outlines of the trees, and thought how perfect, in this wilderness, in this wild place, to be so carnal, so focused on such a basic need. He fucked his ass over Jaclyn's cock, he increased his pace, slamming down hard, and pulling back up, sliding his own hard cock over Jaclyn's stomach, feeling it slide wet and hard over Jaclyn's skin as he moved his body, his entire torso, to feel Jaclyn slide through his insides, feel him penetrate him deeply, open him up.

Jaclyn took hold of Cole, holding him still, wrapping his arms around him, burying his face into his chest, feeling the warmth, hearing the fast beat of his heart. He rolled him over onto his back on the day bed, shifting on top of him, pushing his legs apart, moving to penetrate him again. Jaclyn got into position and drove into Cole, speared his ass with his cock, pushing in all the way. Jaclyn began to fuck, strong full movements, working his hips urgently, as he drove his cock through Cole, pushing all his cock into him. The sound of Jaclyn slapping against Cole with his grunts and groans drowning out the night sounds, filled the air with their lust, their desires. Jaclyn's pace quickened, harder. He hammered into Cole until he swelled in him, flexed hard with his last jab, and he shot into his depths, pushing each ejaculation into Cole, deep into him. Jaclyn fell on top of Cole, mouthing, kissing his neck, nibbling his ear, tonguing it, as he emptied himself into Cole.

When he was spent Jaclyn lifted up and slid down, running his hands over Cole's sweat drenched body, feeling the movements of his breathing, the rapid undulations of his stomach. Jaclyn took his cock and sucked it into his mouth, working his head down over it. He was soon working his mouth up and down, then holding the shaft tight in his fist, he worked the head, mouthed it, licked and sucked it, until he felt Cole push up, his cock swell, felt it flex once, then shoot in his mouth, thick wads of cum filled his mouth, as Cole emptied himself into Jaclyn, who took it all. Jaclyn drained him, pulled all of his load out, drew it up the shaft and licked it off. He kissed the head and laid his head down on Cole's stomach, letting the movement of his breathing as it slowed to lull him into a peaceful moment. A moment sated, relaxed.

Jaclyn eventually moved up next to Cole and they lay snuggled up next to each other, letting the warm night air comfort them, ease the tension of their muscles. Jaclyn ran his hands through Cole's hair pushing it off his forehead.



"Can I sleep out here with you?"

"Of course."

Cole relaxed, snuggled tighter to Jaclyn, knowing he wanted him to stay in his bed, to share with him this wild place, his wild place, his swamp...his paradise.




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