{Author's note: I was going to explain why I occasionally do this type of story, explore a different aspect of our sexuality, even though I know most who read my stories don't like this genre, then I said fuck it; let the voting begin.}

Caleb came to the city after graduation and for two years he worked at his job (getting one promotion), went out to the bars and clubs, hooked up with one guy or another, dated two for periods longer than three months, and through it all he was dissatisfied. He loved his job and looked forward to going each day, the graphic firm being a small creative studio that he had been lucky to get hired while they were just starting out. As to his dating he liked the guys he met, some becoming friends that he socialized with regularly, even taking a couple of weekend trips to the mountains with a few of them. But he wasn't satisfied for none of them gave him what he wanted, what he desired, the thing that drove his sexual fantasies, those fetishes that made him hard when he thought of it, they way he had been a kept boy when he was a senior in high school and while he was going to college close to his home.

It was a relationship that developed over the five years it lasted, each learned from the other and by the time he left home and moved to the city he found it was something he desired, all the time. It had started when Caleb had gone to ask a local farmer if he needed help while he was a senior in high school. He wanted to earn extra money for college. He was eighteen and frustrated, knew he had desires that were going to get him in trouble if he didn't get them under control, suppress them till he was able to leave for college, for he knew he was gay.

Hank Johnson had a small farm that included a few cattle and he was known to hire someone on occasion to help him out. Caleb had rode his bicycle over to Mr. Johnson's place, it only being five miles from his home and when he rode up the long drive he saw Ryan Stone's truck in the drive out by the barn. Caleb hadn't thought much of it till he had strolled through the open barn door and heard them, Mr. Johnson telling Ryan how good he was and to suck harder. Caleb couldn't believe what he was hearing and he had eased into the barn, snuck through the main area over to a side storage room where he saw Ryan down on his knees sucking Mr. Johnson's cock. That cock slid through Ryan's lips so smoothly, wet and slick, and he could hear the way Ryan worked his mouth on it, the suctioning sounds, the moans.

Caleb had thought Hank Johnson an attractive man, who in his mid-thirties was considered a 'confirmed bachelor' and now he fully understood as he watched Ryan's mouth move up and down Hank's hard thick cock. Ryan was only a year older than Caleb and he knew Ryan had worked here last year prior to his own graduation, and now he saw Ryan, naked, his own cock hard, the head wet and drooling, as he pumped his mouth back and forth on Hank's cock.

Caleb had watched every move Ryan made and when he tried to get a better angle by moving a little closer he tripped and fell at the door threshold revealing to Hank and Ryan he was spying on them. Caleb had recalled what happened next so often, especially at night with his cock in hand. How Hank had told Ryan to chase after Caleb as he took off running, and Ryan had brazenly chased after him completely naked and when Ryan had tackled him onto the ground he remembered how it felt to have Ryan's naked body on top of him, his cock pressing into his ass and the memory of it made his cock hard like it did the day it happened. Ryan had dragged him back to the barn and he had pretended he wanted to get away but when Hank had made him drop to his knees with Ryan still holding him he had submitted, opened his mouth and let Hank fed him his cock. Ryan made him gag on it, pushing his head forward from time to time, but it also excited him and when Hank told Ryan to take his clothes off he didn't resist, just submitted, let Ryan strip him naked with his hard cock bobbing out in front of him.

He had taken Hank's load, then Ryan's and afterward Hank had hired him for a couple days a week, so Caleb found himself at Hank's place doing chores, cleaning up the barn, working in the fields, feeding the cows and each evening when Ryan arrived he found himself naked on his knees servicing them. It went on for a couple of weeks, then one day Ryan tied his hands together and tossed the rope over a beam pulling Caleb up till his feet barely touched the floor. Caleb recalled how hard he was during the whole event, when Hank had spanked him on the ass making it burn red, how Ryan had pinched his nipples so hard he had cried out and how Hank had Ryan open him up, first with his fingers then with his long thin cock. Caleb had hung there, unable to pull away, not wanting to, as Ryan had fucked him, fucked him hard, slapping his sore ass and telling him how tight he was and when Ryan had shot his cum into him he felt it drool out of his ass and run down his leg. Then Hank had come up stroking his fat cock with its blunt round head and he penetrated his hole, stretching him open even more, and he was glad Ryan had gone first. Ryan had stood to the side encouraging Hank onward, telling him how hot it was watching his fat cock fuck Caleb's skinny ass. Hank had started slow but soon was fucking him hard, making him swing back and forth, making him take that cock all the way, his hole completely stretched open and when Hank shot his entire load up in Caleb's ass he had pulled out and told Ryan to clean up his mess. Caleb had hung there, exhausted, his own cock drooling pre-cum down to the floor and he cried out and moaned, rocked his hips back at the sensation of Ryan's tongue running up the crevice between his ass cheeks slurping up the cum running out of his hole.

"Now finish him off" Hank had said as he zipped up his jeans and walked off. Ryan had sucked Caleb off that evening, had taken his entire load and licked his cock clean.

So for the next five years whenever he had time he was at Hank's place, helping with his small farm and servicing his cock. He worked naked in a back field, wrestled with Ryan in the mud till he found himself on all fours getting fucked, was strung up in the barn, spanked, fucked and sucked off. He was tied to the floor and after having two or three loads from Hank and Ryan shot on him, it drying on his skin he was made to jack off. He submitted in ways Ryan hadn't, and soon Hank was on-line buying gear and other items to use on him. He spent weekends in a cage wearing only a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs and sometimes a dildo shoved up his ass. Hank had bought a flogger, a big expensive leather thing with a beautiful crafted handle and Caleb spent many an evening hanging from a beam in the barn flogged till he was red, his cock drooling cum to the floor and he begging Hank and Ryan to fuck him.

His last weekend after he graduated from college, he already packing some of his belongings, Hank and Ryan had taken him to a lake a couple of hours away where Ryan's family had a cabin. Caleb rode between them in Hank's truck, a butt plug shoved up his ass and Ryan playing with his cock, keeping it hard and when they had gotten off the main road, he made Caleb strip in the truck, climb down in the cramped foot well and suck his cock sticking out of his jeans till they got to the cabin. Caleb wasn't allowed to cum for two days while he was tied up and fucked, over and over, he begging for it every time. The last day he awoke from a nap to find Ryan tied to the bed and Hank untying him.

"This afternoon Ryan is yours; you deserve it" Hank had said as he moved to a chair sitting just out of the light from the lamp. Caleb had moved slowly to Ryan, ran his hand through his hair, grabbing a handful of it pulling his head back.

"You want my cock?" he had asked and Ryan had said yes, had begged Caleb to let him suck him off, told Caleb he could do whatever he wanted. Caleb had ran a hand down Ryan's naked body over his back, down his ass and probed down the crevice between his cheeks only to feel his hole all lubed up ready for him. He had taken Ryan with a vengeance, making him suck his cock till it ached it was so hard, then he had pushed Ryan on his back and watched his face as he did like they had done him so many times before, he put his cock to Ryan's slick wet hole and shoved in, all the way, making Ryan cry out as his body shivered underneath Caleb. Caleb had blown a big load into Ryan, had kept fucking, pumping his cock through his first load as he stayed hard and kept fucking till he dumped his second into Ryan's stretched open hole.

Hank had called it a 'goddamn sight' the way Caleb had taken Ryan, but that night on the way back, he and Ryan leaning against each other, exhausted, Ryan sound asleep, Caleb realized he hadn't enjoyed it as much as when he was the submissive one, the one being used, the one forced to suck and take a hard fuck.

The next two years he spent getting his life started, his career going, while he casually dated one guy or another but it wasn't enough. He had gone back home a few times the first year but he realized things were different and Ryan was now Hanks true boy, the one that submitted to him regularly; the one he really loved in his own way. So he settled into his new place in life, and tried to live a life like his friends, but it wasn't what really turned him on, and he missed his role with Hank and how it made sex something so oddly intimate for him. He began to look on line at social sites for gay guys, found the fetish chat rooms, and even met up with a couple of guys. But it wasn't the same and the last guy had wanted Caleb to do him first and Caleb found he just wasn't interested.

Then he saw in an alternative paper there was a fetish night coming up at one of the clubs, one with a theme of purgatory, of hell, and Caleb found himself going online to get a VIP ticket. The event was three weeks away but Caleb was still excited about going, even if it was all theatrical, and he went to his bedroom and pulled down a box from the upper shelf, one that had been sealed shut for a while now.

Caleb laid it on his bed and pulled out its contents, and as he spread them across his bed he realized the sex toys, the large dildos, the chain and rope was something he wouldn't need but when he pulled out the collar, the wrist and ankle cuffs he laid them out on his bed separate from the other items knowing this is what he wanted for the event. He went online to a leather shop and ordered a pair of shorts designed for guys who bottomed, with no button at the waist, just a zipper up the front and in back another one that gave access to his ass. He went back to his closet and pulled out the old military boots he had bought in college, the ones he surprised Hank with one night coming to his house wearing the boots and collar, and nothing else. They still shined like new and he smiled as he recalled how they always shined, for Ryan and his cum had been used so many times to polish them.

The club was in an old warehouse, the large windows along the exterior wall painted over, the rotating, flashing lights inside shining through the places the paint had flaked off. There was a line to get in for regular admission but Hank saw the VIP line was short, only a few waiting to get through the security check, and he noticed how everyone was dressed and thought this might just be fun. He looked at the leather clothing, the sheer fabrics, the skimpy bikinis of men and women and he noticed many carrying floggers, some had their hands cuffed behind their backs and many had on collars, some being led by a leash. Caleb had remembered how he looked in the mirror, with his leather shorts with practically no legs, the collar around his neck, and the cuffs on his wrists and ankles, and his upper body naked. He knew the farm work had given him a good body and he had worked out at a gym, rode his bicycle and hiked as often as he could to stay in shape. He never bulked up but was a lean trim five ten and his reddish blonde hair accentuated his dark skin. There were more attractive guys, guys with bigger bodies, cuter faces, but he knew when it came to knowing what he wanted, his desires so evident in the way he was dressed, the way he moved among the others, he knew he could attract anyone's attention.

The large two story space had a mezzanine along the back side where the VIP area was located. Caleb made his way up the stairs and along the mezzanine to see the vendors set up. Some sold gear, novelty items, sex toys and some were set up for demonstrations. It was the flogging station that caught his eye and he watched as men and women stood in front of a cross holding the eye hooks while they had their backs flogged. A woman manning the booth asked if he was interested.

"You only do the back?" Caleb asked as he watched a guy being worked over.

"Yeah, some legal shit about safety" she replied.

"That's a shame" and he nodded at her and walked away no longer interested.

As the club filled up and people danced, watched theatrical performances on stage and visited the vendors on the mezzanine, Caleb moved through the crowd checking out the men, especially those dressed as tops, masters, those who took charge. There were a few that caught his eye but the most appealing always had someone already, typically leashed and on their knees. There were three guys at the back bar underneath the mezzanine that caused Caleb to take up a place along the wall so he could watch them. All three were wearing harnesses and jeans and they were standing casually in a group, obviously friends. Two of the guys had black or dark brown hair, were average height with nice builds and full beards. One of them had tattoos covering his arms and one his chest. The third had light brown hair cut short and a goatee and he was taller with a lean muscular build and his harness fit his body snuggly, his pierced nipples prominent in the way the harness framed them. His jeans were tight and tucked into his tall black boots and hanging from his waist was a small loop of chain and a familiar sight to Caleb, for it was the same flogger Hank owned, the large handle clipped to his belt and the long leather strands hung to below his knee.

Caleb leaned against the wall and watched them, studied the way they moved, the form of their bodies and the way they filled out their jeans. He was so focused on them he lost track of time, was unaware of the music playing or the activities going on around him. The taller guy looked around as if he sensed someone's stare and looked at Caleb. He stared back as he nudged one of the other guys getting their attention, nodding toward Caleb. Caleb brought his hand up and pretending to wipe his chest letting his hand slide down slowly, barely grazing his skin till he ran it lightly over his crotch and hooked his fingers back into the front pocket.

The taller guy moved toward Caleb, casually strolled over and came right up to Caleb, close, real close and he leaned down into Caleb's face.

"You want to go downstairs?" the guy asked.

"Downstairs?" Caleb replied, unaware there was even a downstairs and the guy saw the confusion on Caleb's face and understood.

"Yeah, it's for private parties only and it's not advertised for obvious reasons" he replied as he touched Caleb on the stomach and ran his hand up, fingers lightly touching the skin until he came to the right nipple and he pinched down on it hard. Caleb opened his mouth and moaned as he leaned toward the man.

"I'm Bryant."


"Well, Caleb, you up for some real fun and not this posing shit?"

"Yes sir."

Bryant removed the chain from his waist and Caleb saw it was a leash and when it was hooked to his collar Bryant gave it a quick tug bringing Caleb upright off the wall.

"Let's go" and Bryant headed toward the back of the club and as he passed his friends Caleb saw them grinning mischievously. They went through a door into the back bar area where the dishwashers and glass storage was located, cut through another door into a long dark corridor, only one short fluorescent strip hung above and it was hanging crooked as if no one ever came this way. Near the end of the corridor Bryant stopped at a door, a beat up solid metal door with no handle on the outside and he pressed the buzzer Caleb hadn't noticed.

"Yeah" a voice from a speaker overhead replied after a minute.

"It's Bryant, I've come to play."

The door opened up and they went into a small space and Caleb saw the stairs to his left going down a long way. Different music was playing and its muffled sound reverberated up the stair well. The walls were a mix of black and red, the colors intermingled until by the bottom of the stairs the walls were solid dark red. The light was like the corridor, barely enough to see.

"Downstairs" Bryant commanded as he pointed downward and Caleb started his descent down with Bryant behind him still holding the leash, keeping it a little tight, tugging on it occasionally reminding Caleb he was still bound to him. At the bottom Caleb saw it was a small room with lockers lining one wall. Compared to everything else Caleb was surprised to see they were new with no marks or graffiti. The music was louder but still muffled for it was coming from the other side of the wall and Caleb didn't recognize it but was full of bass, hard screeching sounds, and he realized it was like the music from some of the movies he's seen, like the movie on computers and the future and its leather club scene.

"Put your wallet, keys and anything else you're carrying in a locker and take the key" a man said from the corner who was sitting at a desk. Caleb emptied his pockets and put them in a locker, turned the key in the lock and pulled it out.

"Put it in your boot" Bryant instructed him and Caleb slid it down into his boot.

Caleb watched Bryant go to the desk where the man held out a bottle of lube, a small key and long black latex gloves. Caleb tried not to smile, to let them see his anticipation of what was going to happen and he held his head down looking at the floor, a pose of submissiveness. Bryant turned around and tugged on the leash and Caleb followed as he led him through a door. The music came in louder with the open door and at first Caleb couldn't make out anything but as he stepped through he realized it was a maze of walls painted flat black. He looked up and saw the walls were only about eight feet tall and chain link fencing lay over some sections of the walls and above that he could see a section of catwalk. The space was taller than he realized.

Bryant led Caleb down the zig zagging pathway to a small room that had two columns about ten feet apart. Bryant pulled Caleb to a place between the columns and told him to get on his knees. Caleb eased down and watched as Bryant went to one column then the next pulling over a chain that was attacked to them and hooked his wrist cuffs to it leaving him with his arms straight out to the sides. Bryant came up behind him, ran his hands over his upper body, the feel of his hands arousing and when Bryant got to his nipples he pinched them, then twisted them, making Caleb cry out. Bryant jerked his head back, kissed him roughly on the mouth and then stood behind him. Caleb stood there on his knees, waiting, wondering what was next and then the flogger came across his back, the long strands wrapping around his sides. Bryant didn't swing hard at first, but swung consistently with repeated strikes till Caleb's skin began to glow red and then Bryant swung harder, the strands popping around Caleb's torso, each one stinging with every strike. Caleb had taken it for a while then the pain began, a slow burning sensation and he leaned forward trying to put some distance between his back and the flogger, but this only angled his back for Bryant to hit it easier. Caleb just hung between the columns as he took each blow till Bryant finally stopped and pulled back into the shadows.

Caleb hung there, head down, feeling his back and sides tingle with new sensitivity and he felt his cock confined painfully in his shorts. Bryant came back behind him and ran his hand down his back, the soft rub of Bryant's hand soothing to his skin. Bryant ran his hand up and down a few times over his back and then he rubbed over his ass, felt the firm round cheeks and he ran his fingers down the zipper, teasingly slow and Caleb hung there wanting him to pull it down, to open his shorts and expose his ass and to make his hole open, available, ready for Bryant's pleasure.

Bryant leaned over him till he could feel the harness press into his back and he could feel Bryant's hands roam down his chest, over his stomach and over his crotch squeezing his hardening cock making him moan and push against the hand. Bryant stood back and ran his hand back down his back again and this time he took the zipper and pulled it down letting the shorts open up revealing the crevice between Caleb's cheeks. Bryant ran his hand over the cheeks, pulled them apart, spit down into the crevice and smeared it with his finger, circled over Caleb's hole, pressed against it till he breached its tight opening and pushed his finger deep into him.

Caleb felt the penetration, the finger working around inside of him and he hung helplessly as he was manipulated. Suddenly the finger pulled out and a hard slap smacked him across the ass. He lurched forward and moaned. Bryant got up and came in front of him, his cock hanging out of his jeans, half hard, the head of his cock a wide flared plum shape and he rubbed it over Caleb's face, the soft spongy head leaving a trail of pre-cum in its path over his cheeks, nose and across his lips.

"Suck my cock" Bryant demanded as he grabbed a handful of hair, pulled Caleb's head back and shoved his cock into his mouth. Caleb took it, the initial plunge into his mouth, the way Bryant held his head and pumped it back and forth till it swelled up fully erect. Caleb felt no sense of balance with his leaning forward, Bryant holding his head, using his mouth and he had drool dripping down his chin.

"Yeah that feels good, your whore mouth on my cock" Bryant whispered as if he was talking to himself instead of to Caleb.

Bryant pulled out of Caleb's mouth and backed up, his cock flexing up and down, hard, wet, and after a few seconds a long drool of pre-cum fell toward the floor. Caleb looked at Bryant, looked at his cock, so hard and thick, and he watched the pre-cum fall to the floor as his own cock ached in his shorts, bound in them unable to straighten fully, and he felt the cool air on his exposed ass knowing the evening was just beginning.

Bryant unhooked his wrists and motioned for him to stand up.

"Follow me."

Through the maze of walls Caleb followed Bryant, past a guy in a sling with five guys around him taking turns fucking his ass, past a guy whose wrists were shackled to the floor, he on his knees while one guy fucked him and another dripped hot wax on his back and ass, and further down a room of cages with guys locked in them and in between these rooms he saw simple acts of sex with men down on their knees sucking cock or bent over taking it up the ass. The music was loud enough to drown most the noise of sex play out but as they passed one room or another the moans, groans and cries of pain echoed out into the corridor.

They came to a large room with a chain hanging from the ceiling and nothing else. The only light made a circle around the chain, the center of the room lit like a stage, the perimeter in darkness. Caleb knew where he was to stand and without being told went to the chain. Bryant hooked his wrists together and then off to the side he began to raise the lift with the electric pulley. Caleb's wrist hung loosely in front of him at first, then slowly began to be lifted up and he watched them rise in front of him and lift upward till they were over his head and the lift kept pulling upward till he hung just above the floor, dangling in the air in a slow circular swinging pattern.

Bryant came up to him, smacked him on the stomach with the flat of his hand and rubbed his hand around in circles, then he slid it downward, over the crotch of his shorts and around to his ass. Fingers dug into his crevice, probed his hole again. Bryant reached one muscular arm behind his legs and lifted them till he was in a seated position, his ass opened up to Bryant's probing and he felt the penetration, first one finger, then two, three and finally four fingers stretched him open. Caleb hung shivering to the pleasure/pain of the penetration, the stretching of his hole, opening himself up to Bryant.

Bryant pulled his fingers from Caleb's hole and lowered his legs. He ran his hand over Caleb's crotch again, squeezed the hard shaft confined within as he gave Caleb a wicked grin. Then he mercifully took a hold of the zipper and eased it down. Caleb's cock, hard and wet, popped out and Bryant took it in hand, gave it a couple of strokes smearing the pre-cum along the shaft till it glistened in the light. He pushed the shorts down till they fell to the floor leaving Caleb naked and then he backed into the darkness.

Caleb hung there, his eyes scanning the room, unable to see anything with the bright light directly overhead. His arms began to ache from the weight of his own body as he swung around in a slow circle, his lean body stretched out revealing the sparse under arm hair, his smooth dark skin, the way his stomached sucked in till the lower portion of his rib cage was plainly visible, and his cock continued to flex up and down, it achingly hard leaking pre-cum that drooled down to the floor.

He hadn't heard Bryant come up behind him, didn't hear him take a deep satisfying breath as he pulled back with the flogger and swung forward fast and hard bringing it across Caleb's ass. Caleb cried out more from surprise than pain and he cried out with each slowly paced blow, across his back, his ass, his back, the back of his thighs and his back again. Over and over the strands of the flogger slapped against his skin, wrapped their long ends around his torso leaving his skin red and hot. Then Bryant stopped for a moment and Caleb slowly spun around till he could see Bryant watching him, flogger in hand and when he was in position Bryant pulled back and struck again, this time across his stomach and he cried out. Bryant pulled back again and struck him across the chest, and he began around round of blows, hitting Caleb across the chest, the stomach, the chest, the stomach and once across his cock and balls, his thigh taking the strand ends as they wrapped around it leaving his skin lined red. Caleb felt each blow, cried out, moaned as he hung helpless, taking each one's full impact till he thought he was going to cum, could feel his cock start to flex up and down worse, his desire to cum great. Then Bryant stopped.

Then he was alone again, hanging in the light swinging in a slow circle till he heard the lift running and his body descended, his feet touched the floor till he was standing and finally his arms came down. He leaned forward, hands on his knees breathing hard waiting, just waiting for what was next. Bryant came out of the darkness and released his wrists, pulling the chain away from him. He dropped to his knees and hugged his arms around Bryant's ass feeling his cock slide by his own neck, still hard, the head slick in its wetness. Bryant ran a hand over his head letting his fingers slip through his hair.

"Good boy" he whispered. He pushed Caleb back and motioned for him to follow and once again they went through the dark pathways of the space and this time Caleb just watched Bryant's feet in front of him, taking a step when he took one, turned when he turned, only hearing the activities going on as they passed by.

The corridor opened up into a long narrow room and Caleb looked up to see a row of slings down one side, so many at first glance he couldn't count, and he saw most were in use, men gathered around one or another, fucking, sucking, rimming or other things, more extreme things and Bryant led Caleb down the room till they came to a sling that was empty, one for Caleb, and Caleb moved back to it and eased up and in it holding his legs up for Bryant to secure. Legs locked in Bryant moved to his wrists and began to lock them in when Caleb saw Bryant's other two friends walk up.

"Jack...Bill" Bryant addressed them as they came into the light focused on the sling. Jack was the man with tattoos and he was stripped down till Caleb could see his harness had a lower section, with a cock ring with his hard cock sticking out, curved upward. Bill was still in his jeans but they were open and he was stroking his cock, slowly, almost absentmindedly, as he watched Bryant secure Caleb in the swing.

"I think he is warmed up" Bryant said, his voice having a playful tone. Bryant turned Caleb's head toward him and rubbed his cock over Caleb's face, then he pressed it against his lips and Caleb parted them and took the cock. He felt it slide deeply into his mouth, and Bryant stood still and let him do the work; let him pump his head back and forth. Caleb then felt someone at his ass, felt their warm breath hit him then the sensation of someone's tongue as it raked up and down his ass. He sucked on Bryant's cock as he felt the tongue probe his hole, work over it, make it wet and slick and Caleb wanted more, wanted his hole penetrated, wanted to feel a man take him.

Bryant backed up and Caleb looked down quickly seeing it was Jack rimming his ass but he moved away and gave Bryant room to move into position. Caleb could no longer watch as Bill came up, took his head and pushed cock into his mouth.

"Suck my cock, bitch" he grunted. Caleb took it, worked his head back and forth again, feeling this different cock move through his mouth, then he felt Bryant push against his hole, felt the blunt head of his cock bear down on him and he felt his hole give, stretch open and allow Bryant to penetrate. Bryant sank all the way in his hole in one slow push, stretched him open painfully and he grunted around the cock in his mouth as his body shivered with each penetrating inch. Bryant held still and Caleb felt someone rubbing his nipples, making the hard nub rise up more and then he felt the biting pain of clamps being put on one then the other. He arced his back upward causing him to push down on Bryant's cock harder as the pain shot through his nipples to his brain...and to his cock.

Bryant began to fuck, long slow strokes, with every thrust back in making him feel stuffed full and when Bryant began to pick up his pace, to fuck faster, he grabbed up the chain between the nipple clamps and pulled on it, hard, tugging on Caleb's nipples painfully as he pumped his cock into him harder and harder, his pace getting faster. Bill pulled out of his mouth and grunted about being too close as he moved back out of sight. Caleb looked down his body, his nipples pulled upward pinched tightly in the clamps and he saw how his stomach quivered with the pain, and the pleasure and he a saw how his own cock arced up over his stomach, drooling pre-cum down till it pooled in his navel and he saw Bryant between his legs, his body undulating back and forth as he pumped cock into his hole. Bryant began to fuck in hard jabbing motions, each time giving the chain for the clamps a sharp tug and Caleb pushed against Bryant, felt his own body so sensitive, so hot he felt sweat form on his skin. Suddenly Bryant let go of the chain and grabbed Caleb's thighs tightly, held him in place as he pounded his cock into him, slamming up against his ass.

"Fuck, I'm coming" Bryant bellowed out as Jack and Bill urged him on.

Bryant fucked his cock into Caleb with short jabbing thrusts pumping his cum deep into his hole and he kept pumping his cock when he was spent enjoying how his over sensitive cock felt sliding through his own load in Caleb's hole. When he finally pulled out and stepped back Jack moved in quickly, ramming his cock into Caleb, one hard push all the way in and he began to fuck, to fuck hard, smacking Caleb on the ass several times as he bore down on him with all his might.

"Goddamn he's still tight" Jack grunted as he hammered away at Caleb's hole. Bryant moved to the side, his wet slimy cock hanging down half hard and Caleb saw a man walk up with a young guy on a leash, completely naked, his body smeared with dirt and grime where he'd been on the floor and Caleb watched as the guy spoke to Bryant and then motioned to the boy who crawled up to Bryant and took his cock, sucked it into his mouth, worked his mouth on it till Bryant pushed him off of it and it shined cleaned in the dim light.

Jack didn't last long, the way he attacked Caleb's hole, just hammered his cock in it and when he came he shuddered and cried out, pumping his load in with Bryant's till Caleb could feel the cum run out of his ass and downward. Jack pulled out and Caleb saw Jack's cock was still standing tall, still fully erect, and as he moved back Bill moved down to Caleb's ass and began to rim him, to scoop up the cum running from him, to push his tongue into his stretched open hole.

"Fuck Bill, you cum whore" Jack laughed as everyone watched and Caleb realized more men were standing around, stroking cock or making someone suck them as they watched Bill eat out his ass. When Bill stood up, his jeans pushed down to his ankles, his cock rigid, the head flared out, he put it against Caleb's hole and pushed in, slowly, savoring the feel of every inch sliding in through Caleb's tight ring of his opening till he had it completely buried in his hole, enveloped in the warm soft tunnel, coated in the remnants of the previous loads.

Bill fucked slowly, worked his cock all the way out, repeating the penetrating breach of Caleb's hole over and over, then he would push in and grind his cock into Caleb, let him feel the penetration, and he finally began to fuck with a steady rhythm, solid full strokes till he was stammering about his need to cum, this need to fill Caleb's hole and he thrust hard into Caleb and held still and Caleb felt his cock flexing hard in his hole and knew Bill was pumping his cum inside of him.

Then he was hanging in the sling alone, the men just out of the light, only their silhouettes visible, and Caleb wondered what they would do next and if they would let him cum, his cock still achingly hard, and he felt Bill's cum trickle out of his ass running down his ass and he never felt so exposed, so naked, up in this sling in the bright light while everyone else stood in the darkness. He wanted so desperately for someone to touch him, to take his cock in hand, or let him loose so he could do it.

Bryant came back into the light and he had a long black glove on his right hand and he moved down between Caleb's legs, down to his spread open ass and Caleb felt him work a couple of fingers in his hole, twist them around, spread them, stretching him open. Then he felt three fingers enter him, and as Bryant worked them in Caleb's hole Jack, Bill and a few of the other guys moved up behind Bryant watching him work. Caleb felt his hole begin to stretch open for the fourth finger, felt Bryant twist his hand around, his gloved hand white with the grease he was working into Caleb's hole.

Bryant was patient, took his time till he felt Caleb's hole loosen around his fingers, then he began to work the thumb into the opening, to feel it tight, resist the penetration of the additional digit, and he worked slowly, pushing in and backing out, his hand twisting around, rubbing the so sensitive opening, watching how Caleb's body responded, the quivering of his skin, the way he arched his back from time to time and the way he moaned, loudly, obscenely. Caleb felt his body so tight, so resistant to Bryant's initial push with his hand but then he felt his hole loosen, felt a moment when his body relaxed and then he felt Bryant's hand slide up into his hole, his tunnel stuffed with it and he felt Bryant work his arm slowly back and forth, his hole stretched tight around it, the pain diminishing to pleasure.

"Oh fuck I'm going to cum" Caleb cried out at the sudden realization he was going to shoot and Jack dropped down over him, took his cock as it exploded, hitting him in the face with the first wad and Caleb arced back, shoved his cock upward into the suctioning mouth, pushed his ass down on the arm and pumped his cum into the Jack's mouth, feeding him.

"Ok Bryant, you've had your fun, now it is my turn" Bill said as he came up carrying two large candles, the wells burned down in them full of hot melted wax. Bryant eased his hand out of Caleb, rubbed his hole, watching as it slowly closed back up, then he backed into the darkness, pulling the slimy glove off his arm.

"Jack, blindfold him, will ya?"

Jack wrapped a piece of black cloth around Caleb's head blindfolding him. Caleb waited, knew what was going to happen, and then he felt the chain on the nipple clamps being lifted, then pulled on painfully once again, his numb nipples feeling raw and then he felt the hot wax hit his chest and dribbled downward over his stomach. He cried out, shook in his bonds as Bill poured more and more hot wax over his torso, then he dribbled it over his stomach again and this time he poured the hot wax over Caleb's cock, over his balls and Caleb cried out, the sound of his cry echoing through the room. Then he felt it, a cock at his hole again and it entered easily, shoving in all the way, fucking him again, hard and fast, as hot wax poured down on him.

"Fuck look at his cock get hard again" someone said close by as the hot wax spattered down on him.

"Take the clamps off; I'm close" Bill said and he kept his hard pace. Caleb felt someone take one clamp and when it was released the pain shot through him hard and he grunted loudly, shook in his bonds, pushed down against Bill, as he let Bill feel his opening spasm on his cock. Then the other clamp lifted up and Caleb froze, his anxious anticipation making him have a moment of clarity, of every sensation, the cock pumping through his hole, the hardened wax covering his body, encasing his cock making it flex hard and he felt the second clamp release, painfully the blood rushed back into his nipple and Caleb saw white in the darkness of his blindfold and he shivered hard, arced his back up and slammed his hips down on Bill's cock.

"Fuck, I'm cumming" Bill cried out.

Then they helped Caleb out of the sling, helped him to his feet and held him steady to prevent him from falling. Caleb looked down his body, the wax flaking off, his cock still half hard and he reached back and touched his hole, felt it wet and slick. Bryant walked up to him and motioned him to follow and he let Bryant led him out of the room, back into the corridor where the moans, grunts and cries of men were drowned out by the music. They entered a room with vending machines and a few tables and Bryant set a bowl on the floor and after getting some drinks from a vending machine, poured water into the bowl, nodding to Caleb that it was all he was getting. Caleb submitted, bent over and began to drink as best he could from the bowl and with his ass turned upward someone came in and began to swat it, just hard enough to sting, making it more difficult to drink. Whoever was smacking his ass was talking to Bryant about the evening, how he had used some guy till his cock felt raw, laughing about how the guy had cried as he begged for it. Then Caleb heard Bryant tell the guy how Bill, Jack and he had used him, each detail and some he hadn't realized, and he felt a strange mixture of pride and humiliation, the way he allowed himself to submit, to be used by these men.

Jack and Bill came in and got something to drink, telling Bryant they were heading out. Bryant hesitated at first to reply, then admitted he wanted to have one more session with Caleb as he rubbed his boot along Caleb's leg who was still on the floor. Caleb tried not to, but he smiled and when he looked up at Bryant he saw the questioning look just before he smiled back at him.

Caleb found himself in another large space, with various devices around the perimeter, crosses, fuck benches, cages, posts with chains, and most of it was in use, men getting fucked, flogged, one man chained to the floor while several guys jacked off on him, and Caleb wondered what Bryant had in mind till he saw it in the middle of the floor. A stockade and he soon found himself locked in it, bent over, his head at waist height and his ass opened up, ready for Bryant. Bryant had run his hand over Caleb's back, felt the sweat slick skin under his hand, just before he moved up and buried his cock once again in Caleb's hole. The penetration was so easy this time, felt so good, Caleb moaned with pleasure. He had his eyes closed, focused on the sensation of Bryant's fuck, every thrust into his hole when he felt something touch his face and he opened his eyes to a hard cock, thick, dark skinned, the head obscenely flared wide and he opened his mouth and took it, let it slide into him till he choked with the cutting off of his airway.

Caleb took them, at both ends, Bryant in his ass and someone else fucking his mouth, and they went at him a long time, till he was heated up again, sweating, his body feeling its exertions, its fatigue and he then he felt the cock in his mouth swell up fat and blast a wad of cum down his throat. The guy pulled out quickly and shot the rest of his load in Caleb's face, painting it white with cum and Bryant grunted, urged the guy to stroke out his load and then Caleb felt Bryant grabbed his hips firmly and shove into him hard and he knew Bryant was pumping what he could into his hole.

Then Caleb felt the cool air blow over his exposed hole as Bryant backed away.

"Okay boys, he's all loosened up; have fun" and Bryant left, leaving Caleb in the stockade. A cock soon pushed into him, began to fuck, hard and fast, and then a guy came up to his head and fed him another cock, only to shoot quickly after a few thrusts into his mouth, and Caleb realized most of the guys were close to cumming again and he soon found the cock in his hole pulling out only to be replace by another. He saw men walk toward him, heard them urge each other on, felt their cum land on his back and ass, had some cum in his mouth or in his face, and finally, after a long time someone slid underneath him and took his cock in their mouth sucking him till he came again, a hard ejaculation that caused him to shake in the stockade painfully against its rough edges as he filled the suctioning mouth.

Then it was over and Caleb had to ask one of the guys about his shorts who told him they would be at his locker which he showed Caleb how to get back to in the maze of paths and rooms. His shorts back on, his personal effects back in his pockets he emerged out a back door onto a dock and the sun was already up. When he got to his apartment, thankful for the early hour and no one stirring about to see him come in, as messed up as he was with cum, wax and grime smeared over his body. Inside his bathroom he stripped off the shorts, looked at his naked body, remembering the evening and he finally took a long hot shower, crashed on his bed, exhausted, and fell asleep. It would be seven o'clock that evening before he woke.

It was five days later and he had spent each day letting his mind wander back to last weekend, to the club, to his going down into the basement, of submitting to Bryant, Jack, Bill and so many others, anonymous faces, cocks, hands, he couldn't recall it all, the memory so jumbled up with his emotions of it but each evening, alone in his apartment he had pulled off his clothes and sat on the sofa, laid on his bed or stood in the shower jacking off. He thought his cock should feel raw, his desire depleted but every day it was the same.

He tried to stay focused at work and only the pressure of deadlines, of someone waiting on an answer or some document could keep him productive. He left that day as soon as five o'clock arrived, going down the block to the parking deck to retrieve his car and as he walked along the drive aisle on the sixth level where he was located a black Mercedes Benz pulled up beside him from behind. Caleb had moved over but kept walking until he heard the window going down and he looked over, saw his face, stern, serious and he ceased walking as the car pulled to a stop. For a moment they stared at each, neither moving.

"Get in."



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