Like so much of my life, this week had been a fiasco. I had loaded up my little 'Honda Fit' wagon, and took off. I was really excited, so glad to finally be spreading my wings, I had been hired by this large company in Dallas and I was moving out of my parents home taking a new lease on my young life.

I was just out of college, twenty two, got my engineering degree, and heading off for the new job with a position as an electrical engineer.

I had planned to be there and get my self set up the first week, I had already gotten my apartment rented, my furniture had been sent ahead, I was all set. All I had left to do was get my happy little ass down there and get ready to start working for the new company that following Monday.

I took off that morning about seven A.M., headed down from St.Louis, drove straight down thru Missouri down hiway 55, and then into the upper part of Arkansas, I was about two hundred miles into Arkansas as I was hitting it a pretty good lick, it was about seven in the evening, I was trying to get to Dallas before morning, and I looked in my rear view mirror and 'voila,' a friggen flashing red light.

I looked down and noticed I was going almost eighty miles an hour down this two lane country Hiway, all I could think, this is gonna cost my little ass a good penny.

I pulled over and waited for the Sheriff's Deputy to get out and come to the window of my car.

I got out my liscense and insurance card and rejistration papers and had them ready.

'Well, well, well, what we have here, a pretty little city boy, going to a damn fire were we?'

'Sorry officer, I wasn't watching my speed,'

'Fucking A, there Mr. Earnhardt,'

I handed him my papers and he told me to get out of my car, 'Put your hands on the top of your car, pretty boy.' I complied with his requests, and the more I tried to be pleasant and nice, the more nasty this officer got.

'Spread your legs pretty boy,' I did as he said, I stood there and he said, 'Now don't move,'

I felt his hands start to frisk me for what? 'I don't know.'

I felt his hands go up under my arms, reach around my chest grope my nipples and my stomach, then he got behind me, I was just wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts.

'If you tell me what your looking for Officer, I may be able to help you with it.'

'He grabbed my head, leaned over and said,'Hey pretty boy, I'll ask the questions here.'

'Yes sir,' I responded, I was really beginning to wonder what all this was about.

I felt his hand reach up under my legs and begin to rub them inside of my thighs, any other time I would have relished this feeling of haveing a masculine man in uniform rubbing the inner parts of my thighs but I wasn't this time.

I felt his hands come up tight and heavy against my nuts sack and he grabbed them in the palm of his hand, and began to massage them,'Well what have here,Contraband,' and then he reached a little farther to the front and squeezed my cock, now I may have been in a conspictious situation there but the feeling of having my cock squeezed by a fairly good looking officer, and having a hand against my nuts was beginning to have a reaction in my lower parts. Yep you guessed it, My cock was getting hard, and he just kept squeezing.

He said,'We have a little problem son, and I am going to have to take you in.'

I was completely taken back, He had me lock up my car and get into his cruiser. I was blown away, 'What had I done, What was all this about?'

He took me into the Sheriff's office and I was handcuffed and just standing there when this young guy that looked like he was almost as old as I was came into the front office from the back of the Sheriffs office.

He Looked at me with this rather odd, almost scary smile, 'Well what have we got here, Jr., some kind of law breaker or criminal?' then he just giggled really silly like.

I stood there handcuffed and watched as both Deputys walked into the other room and talked between themselves, then they returned.

The the arresting officer walked out and left me with this young Deputy.

He started asking me a bunch of questions and writing this stuff down on a clipboard, then he took me into another room where he brought the clipboard with some papers that he had been writing on with him, locked the door and set down.

'Well there, Shaun, is it? lookes like your in some deep shit, I have to do a strip search on you.' then he kinda giggled.

I thought, 'what kind of shit is this, what have I done wrong?'

I watched as this young Deputy, just came over and started rubbing all over my body as if searching for something, he got to my crotch and just reached down and felt me up, I let out a little gasp as he grabbed my cock and balls in my shorts.

The Deputy took the keys to the handcuffs, then undid them and said,'Make no mistake about it, if you try anything I will shoot you, and Im not kidding.

Wow, I was beginning to think these guys are crazy, my mind went back to that movie 'Deliverance.' and that was really scary.

I put my hands up on the stone wall in that back room, and I felt the deputy as he untied my sneakers and pulled them and then my socks, shit man this was really happening.

Although I was puzzeled about this, I found it was strangely erotic and stimulating.

He was really nice about what he was doing, his hands were really gentle, and he just pulled my pullover shirt up and off my upper torso, then he started rubbing my back muscles which are rather nice looking, since I had always been a person to take care of my body, working out and all.

Then he slid his arms around my body and felt my chest and abs, and he was just mumbling something to himself as he did this.

I was fucking getting turned on, this young good looking Deputy all but played with my almost naked body.

Then he pulled my shorts and boxers to the floor and I stood there naked, exposed, and vulnerable.

I was feeling such arousal by this time, I thought I was going nuts because of this, I was really loving this.

I said, 'Hey Whats your name Deputy?'

'Its, Donaphan,but everyone calls me Donny.'

'Well Donny, Just wanted to know since we are in this intimate position.'

'Hey I'm doing this because of the law.'

'Well tell me Donny, Just exactly what am I being checked for?'

'Well ah! Drugs, you know Contraband.'

'Oh,' I said with a smile on my face. I was really beginning to enjoy this.

I was starting to feels gay vibes from this young man, and my body was responding.

I felt his hands sorta massage my ass cheeks and he told me to lean over a little and he spread my cheeks, Strange, but It almost felt like he would start eating my ass out, His face was so damned close to my ass I could feel his warm breath blowing against it.

It felt like he had my ass cheeks spread apart for a good little while, and I was getting turned on at the feeling of his hands and his warm breath.

By now my cock as standing straight up throbbing.

Donny knelt down and looked at my nuts, and rubbing them as he looked, and I was beginning to feel like a naked go go dancer, being completely examined.

Don said something that was out of place at a professional 'Strip Search,' he said, 'Damn man, your nuts are huge, very nice looking.

His hands were beginning to feel more like we were doing a gropping session instead of a search.

I was enjoying the fuck out of it.

'Hold that position,' he got up and got a bottle of this lube oil from a drawer and he got his hands slicked up and went down behind me and began to massage my nuts sack with his oil slicked hand, then I realized totally that this young Deputy was seducing me, he took his oilslicked hand and started sliding his hand down the length of my cock, all eight inches of it, he just kept stroking me from up underneath, God damn, the feeling was awesome, I didn't give a shit what was going on by now, I wanted him to get on with it, his hand was feeling fantastic.

'You like this Shaun? you have and awesome cock, you know that?'

'I don't know how awesome it is, I just know I like what your doing to it.'

I turned around to give him better access and he was staring at my cock and balls and he just leaned over and took it into his mouth, I gasped at the feeling of his hot,wet mouth as this deputy took my full thickness and length totally in one full gulp, His lips were touching my pubic hair,mine was not the first cock he had sucked, I could tell that, and his tongue was working magic on my cock as he sucked and manipulated my cockhead, making sensations shoot thru my whole body.

I said, 'Hey Donny, Do I get the pleasure of tasting your cock?'

He stopped sucking my cock and looked up into my eyes, 'God man, your beautiful,' He leaned forward and said, 'hope you don't mind?' and he started kissing me, I was so into his body by now and what he was doing I didn't care of the Sheriff himself walked in on us now, I wanted him completely.

I looked down at his trousers, I remember they were light brown, he he had one hell of a bulge pushing the material out beside his zipper and quite a ways down his leg, He must have had about nine inches laying there, and the longer We kissed and made out the better looking this young guy was.

I reached out and started undressing him, He stopped me and said, 'Just a minute.'

He went to the front office and put the phone on message and locked the door.

Don quickly returned and we picked up where we had left off.

I was undressing him as quickly as I could and he acted like it wasn't fast enough.

I finally got to his briefs and 'Oh MY GOD,' his briefs were stuffed full of balls and cock.

I slid off his briefs and he stepped out of his country boy whities and there, stiff as a board, was one humungous Arkansas Mountain boy horse cock.

Uncut, and gorgeous, leaking pre-cum like a faucet, and I couldn't wait to get it in my mouth.

I leaned down and started sucking on his hairy chest and licking his chest muscles, I could tell he had been a hard working country boy, his muscles were like iron, and when I started sucking and chewing on his nipples I felt his body jump and heard him gasp as I went to work on him.

I finally got down to his crotch and I got a wiff of that awesome aroma of young man, god it was better that any cologne that I had ever smelled on a man, I almost shot my load from the aroma.

I had him wimpering and moaning as I took his cock into my mouth nibbling and licking on that lovely, velvety foreskin, sliding it back and licking around the bell on the head of his penis. I was enjoying it as much as he was, 'Jesus, Man, I'm gonna cum soon,' Donny said.

I stopped my sucking, because I had something else in store for that awesome hunk of human, horsecock.

I leaned up and started kissing Don again, and I said, 'You forgot to do a cavity search on me,'

'I did? OH Yeah! I did.'

I leaned over his desk forward and he took some more of the lube and took three fingers and slid some into my asshole and he got up behind me and said, 'I don't want to hurt you Man,'

'Man, don't worry about it, I want that cock in my ass, and now.'

He smiled and said,'O.K. Babe, here it comes, and HOLY FUCK did it, I almost couldn't breath, he leaned into me, and I felt his full length go up my asshole in one long shove. I could feel pressure in my chest from Donny's size, god he was huge.

I adjusted to his cock size and Donny fucked the wind out of me, I cum twice from him just fucking me and the sensation of my prostate being rubbed by his huge cocks head.

I felt so filled full, as well as fullfilled with this totally spontanious act.

'I only know that by the time I had cum twice, I was hearing Donny's build up and it was like an explosion when he came, he was vocal, loud, like no one I had ever heard before, and I was filled to the brim with his hot cum, It was leaking out from around his cock and running down my leg, it was such an awesome load of cum.

I guess at the last of his cum I could have taken advantage of him and gotten away but I really didn't want to, actually I would have loved to have been kept a few days and repeated that little session every night.

'Donny finally came back around after haveing been totally exhausted, I set there in the chair and got my breath and just looked at Donny's beautiful body, he was really outstanding looking, and hung like a mule, damn he was awesome.

Finally he and I got cleaned off with some wet wipes, he had there in his drawer, and got dressed.

'You want to cuff me again?'

'What the fuck for? What I really want to do is tie you up and take you to my house and keep you forever, Shaun, man your incredible.'

I smiled at this statement, 'Your so friggen awesome man, your beautiful,' he said to me.

I said, 'What about my strip search, and the ticket?'

I watched as he came over to me with the papers in his hand, and Kissed me on the lips and said,'Ticket, what Ticket, I don't know about any ticket.' Smiled and said 'Case dismissed.'

He lifted the papers he had filled out and took the first officers ticket and started sliding them in a shredder, and smiled.

He locked the door to the office as he put me in his cruiser and took me back to my car.

As I was getting out of his cruiser I looked at him and said, 'It was definately Strange way to meet Don, but it was fantastic, I loved every minute of what we did, and as I leaned over and kissed his lips he slid a piece of paper into my pocket.

I got in my car, then he left. I looked at the peice of paper he handed me and it had his full name, address and personal phone number on it. And said, 'I will understand if you don't want to call, but you were amazing and I would sure love to hear from you again.

I Put it up over my visor and it remains there to this day, I drove on to Dallas reflecting on what an awesome experience that had transpired that night.

And yes I did call Donny, and Yes I do visit him quite often and he visits me too.



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