I was a young rookie cop, fresh out of Police Academy, I was young, gung ho! and ready for action.

I had built my body up for the job of being a police officer and I was in the best shape of my life, I had worked out, learned martial arts, and I was damned good at it too.

I got a job in a mid sized city in the midwest and was set for the big time possibly getting into investigation later after, as they say in the police work, paying your dues, serving as a street officer, or being ones partner.

I was twenty five years old when I got this job as a policeman, it had been a hard row to hoe for me.

The truth is I'm Gay and with some officers that goes over like a 'Screen Door in a Submarine.'

I was worried as to what would happen if my partner found.

I remember how I first came to know and like the fact that I was gay.

Back when I was seventeen, I knew I had strange feelings for other guys, I would see them in the showers and locker room at high school, and I found my self staring at their gorgeous asses and their cocks damned I loved seening a good looking ass and a nice set of cock and balls, and a good looking guy was not a bad thing too.

I had never acted on these feelings with anyone untill the time I found a neighbor man.

Mark was a man about thirty five or so I guess, a confirmed batchlor, and he lived about three doors down, I had met him working on his car in his garage which was down an alley way behind our house and I just struck up a conversation with him as he worked on his Camaro, which I though was hot, but the more I chatted with Mark, the more I found he was more hot than his car.

I found myself going up there almost every evening to see him, and I would notice his tight jeans, as he leaned over his fender to work on the engine of his Camaro, and holy shit, was his ass awesome, I even brushed up against his ass a few times and got myself one hell of a boner, wishing he would notice me and I could get it on with Mark.

I had been going up there about three times a week, then one summer evening, it was warm I went up to see Mark and he was on his lowboy laying under his car working on the transmission, he was wearing some old sneakers and a pair of blue denim cutoffs, and his legs were sorta raised upward as he worked, I spoke to Mark and he said, 'Hey man, your just in time, I need a 5/16ths inch box-end wrench out of the tool chest, would you hand it to me please?'

I got the wrench, reached down to his side and he had his hand right above his crotch to get it.

I almost swallowed my tongue, his cutoffs were standing open at the crotch and he had no underware on, his naked crotch was almost in full view, I could see one hell of an uncut cock laying over to the side hanging down and his nutsack was huge, mother fucker this guy was one hell of a stud, I let the wrench slip and fall to the floor and it landed right on top of his crotch, I reached down and retreived the wrench making sure I touched his crotch.

He made no move or sound, then without thinking I slid my hand inside his cutoffs and felt the head of his uncut cock, he never said a word as I began to squeeze it, only thing that happened was it started to rise and thicken out, I kept playing with it and it was standing out from under the cloth of his cutoffs, gorgeous, thick, and throbbing, I wanted to do more with it than just play.

I heard not a sound from Mark,finally he pulled the lowboy out from under the car, got up and with his hard, swollen cock, he went over and closed the garage door.

Mark turned around and said, 'Come over here Kid,What you were doing was fantastic feeling, you want to have a little fun''

All I could answer was 'YES Sir' and he reached out and pressed his hand against my swollen cock under the cloth of my shorts, It felt so good to feel someone elses hand against my cock.

Mark smiled at me, and slid his hand down inside my shorts and took hold of my circumcised cock, and then pulled my shorts down, leaned me back against the fender of his CAmaro and started sucking my cock, I felt faint as my senses became overwhelmed with pleasure and it took only about three minutes and my cock was eurupting into Marks mouth.

'Oh Shit Mark, I'm so sorry, I should have told you,' I said.

Mark just smiled and said, 'Sorry, sorry for what, I wanted your load, thats what getting sucked is all about. Now you want to try it?'

AS soon as I got my breath back from the exhausting climax I had just had, I knelt down in front of Mark pulled his cutoffs down and out plopped a very nice, thick uncut beauty, I reached up and slid that foreskin back and began to lick on it, it was phenomenal tasting, and his crotch aroma was intoxicating. I had never tasted anything more awesome, I found myself almost gagging trying to take his cock to the hilt like he had done mine.

I was massaging his nuts with one hand and taking as much of his thick cock as I could, but I wasnt' gonna stop until I had his nut sauce in my mouth. Mark began face fucking me holding onto the back of my head.

'Oh Holy Fuck,' Mark said as I worked on his cock, and about six minutes after I started, my jaws were almost sore, but I was loving it, when his cock started doing a funny jumping inside my mouth and I tasted his cum, it was kinda musty, sweet, yet salty, and I almost gagged not from the cum itself but from the immense quantity of it.

This went on for almost two years untill I went to the junior college and then on to the acadamy, but even when I got home I met up with Mark and of course I spent the night with him on several occasions and he taught me how to receive and enjoy getting a thick cock up my ass, which I absolutely love, Mark was so loving and gentle as he taught me the pleasure of takeing his thick cock to the balls and just filling me with his essense, God I loved it.

Well now Im a cop with a job serving on the force of this midwestern town.

I had been told that A certain Officer I think he was a Sargent Alvis Hayden, would be my partner and we would ride around in a cruiser patroling certain areas of the city. I was also told he was homophobic, and didn't like fags!

WEll I just thought thats alright I will just keep my personal preferrences to my self.

We had been working together about six months, no incidents other than I almost slipped up in the police locker room, we were changing after work one night, and Sargent Hayden was done to his underwear, and fuck man, did he look good, he was really built, nice chest, hairy with this close thick black hair from the chest running down to his crotch, disappearing into his white briefs. All I could do was stare at his gorgeous body, not an ounce of fat anywhere, thick muscular legs, I knew he could have only gotten that way working out I was sure of it, but his package was as full as it could get, I knew he was packing some realy heavy man meat in those briefs, but it was totally off limits to the likes of me.

I caught myself say 'Holy shit Man, your one awesome looking man,' Oh shit! did I really say that outloud? Sargent Al just looked over and smiled, 'Thanks, Glad you like it.'

Now I would have to worry whether or not he took that in a sexual way.

Well about three nights later we were riding in the crusier when Al looked over and said something puzzleing, especially coming from a homophobic guy.

'Hey Ken, I have been told something, I was just curious, Hummm,. Well! are you gay?'

I was totally caught off guard, but truthfully I knew this would eventually come up with him, so I decided to tell him the truth.

'Sorry to disappoint you Al but Yes I am, I have been all my life. If you want a different partner I will understand.' I responded.

'Fuck no man, why the hell would I want a different partner, Im not as homophobic as people say, I'm just curious as to what do gay men do with each other, I have been told that a guy knows how to give better blowjobs, and most gay me like to swallow the cum, and truthfully I was wondering maybe, well that is, if you were gay if you would be up to proving that theory on me, there's nothing I love better than a good suck job, but my female partners only made me mad when they sucked, they acted like they were afraid of it.'

'Man Al, your jerking my chain right?' I asked.

Al reached over and squeezed my shoulder as we sat there drinking a cup of hot coffee, 'Not at all Ken, I would be Love for it to be you to suck me off, if you want of course.? I've been wanting to have it done by a guy for some time now, just didn't have the guts to try it.' he said.

I reached over and rubbed the inside of his legs as he smiled and then let my hand run up to his bulge and squeeze a little as he almost gasped for air. 'That fucking feels awesome, Ken.' he said.

'After we change tonight after work we can go to my place and if you would like you can spend the night.'

'Sounds like a plan to me,' Al said.

We had a couple hours yet to go, when Al said, 'Man Ken, my cocks been hard ever since you said your gonna suck it.'

'Really,' I said, and I reached over and felt one hell of a thick cock laying down the inside of Officer Hayden's leg.

'Man Al!' you are really wanting this aren't you?'

I finally started rubbing it and I noticed a wet spot appear on his light grey uniform pants.

Thats when I told him to Pull over onto this deserted parking lot and we got over in a dark spot and I undid his pants, he was looking at me sorta funny, 'I don't think you can wait for us to be off work,' I said with a smile.

Officer Al, just smiled at me and as I undid his trousers and had him raise up, I slid them down to his ankles, we reclined the seats in the cruiser and radioed in that we would be out of the cruiser in the restroom.

I leaned over begam rubbing his thick heavy balls, and I took his beautifully cut, thick eight incher balls deep as he let out a huge moan, 'AWe fuck man, they weren't kidding about the difference were they?' he said.

I began to working his nuts over with my hands rubbing them and massaging them as I started taking this awesome pre-cum leaking cock as far into my throat as I could.

I looked up and Officer Al was laying back with his arms resting behind his head, and enjoying his suck job to the max.

I just kept up the rythm as I felt his body start tightening up and I heard his moaning and felt his body doing its getting closer thing, I felt his body release, 'OH FUcK KEN, I'm gonna blow it, Oh shit, here it is,' and I thought he would drown me with his cum, it was awesome, damn he must have stored a load for a month, and Sargent Al was a homophobic, unsatisfied man no longer. He also loved it when I sucked him off and slid a lubed finger up his asshole as I finished sucking him off.

Officer Al, gives a great hand job and he was so willing to give me one, actually he has even tried sucking my cock now a few time, as beginner but hes getting better and I have kept his cock drained for him and we are both very happy as partners.

I will continue this story later, got to go, Al is waiting for me, to take me to supper, and well you know what happens later.. Ciao



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