The Stalker


Mike Stanton was continually in a state of uneasiness. No matter where he was, no matter what he was doing, he felt that someone was watching him. He was the kind of person whose feet were always firmly planted on the ground. He was not given to flights of fancy, but he knew what he felt, and he was not going to admit that he might have a bit of paranoia.

He slept over at his girlfriend Debra's apartment once or twice during the week. They paraded around the house naked, and made love in the dark with the blinds up. If the weather permitted, they opened the windows.

The master bedroom in Mike's town house was on the ground floor, facing a very private back yard. It abutted on a dense area of forest. There were two bedrooms and a bath upstairs. Debra usually spent the entire weekend there. They slept in the master bedroom with the blinds open and the windows up. Why not? The bedroom was completely private from the outside world.

Still, whether they stayed at Debra's or Mike's, Mike constantly felt a pair of eyes spying on him, on both of them. As agitated as it made him, he never saw anyone or anything. He had no proof, or evidence, to present to the police should he dare call them. He tried hard to shake his suspicions, but in time they only got stronger.


Seth Ehrens had been working for the law firm of Tucker, Campbell and Co., PA for about two years, ever since he graduated from law school. The company was one of the largest in Los Angeles, and enjoyed a great reputation. Seth had no reason to believe that any of the partners, or any of his co-workers, were homophobic, but he chose to keep his sexual orientation a secret. Fortunately for him, he was not particularly attracted to any of his associates, and he believed they were all straight. However, his restraint was sorely tested when Michael Stanton joined the firm a year after he did.

Mike was fresh out of Harvard Law, and for sure he was probably the straightest associate in the office. He had played football for Michigan State, and was one of the best quarterbacks the school ever had. When Mike was introduced to Seth, and the two lawyers shook hands, Seth almost fainted. Electricity coursed through his body and he felt dizzy. A Greek God had just shaken his hand. Mike was six feet, two inches tall, and all muscle. He had lost none of his athleticism in law school, where he worked out daily at a local gym. He kept a law book on the handle of his treadmill, and studied while he exercised. His eyes were a deep brown and his hair was jet black. It was straight, and close cropped. His nose was chiseled, and his chin was square. Nobody looked manlier, nor more handsome, than the jock named Michael Stanton.

In less than a minute, Seth went from being a mild mannered Dr. Jekyll to a ferocious Mr. Hyde. If there is such a thing as an alter-ego, Seth's other-self took over. He became obsessed with the desire to make love to Michael. Rationally, he knew that it was impossible, especially after he met Mike's girlfriend, who had actually represented the State of Michigan in the Miss America Pageant.

None of that mattered, he was in love, or at least in lust, with Mike. He just had to have him. He began to follow Mike around secretly at night, in the dark. He surmised that Mike's bedroom was in the rear of his town house. It was a row house, and only one of the units had fenced in the back yard. He easily entered the back yard from the end unit, and scaled the one fenced in yard. Mike's house was one lot down from the fence.

He was delighted to learn that Mike never drew the blinds, and that he slept almost every night with his bedroom windows open. On his very first foray into Mike's back yard, he got as close to the window as he could. In the moonlit room, he clearly saw a vision of beauty. Mike was lying naked in his bed, and he was masturbating. Seth couldn't tell how large Mike's cock was or if it was cut, but he began to drool with desire. Seth wanted to scale the window ledge, and take care of Mike's needs by himself. It took great self-restraint not to do that, and to watch Mike until he was finished.

Mike got out of bed, and Seth assumed he was going to wash up. When he returned he slipped under the cover sheet and fell asleep. When Seth was sure that there was no more of Seth to see, he left his spy position and returned to his home.

In the weeks to come, Seth saw Mike and Debra make love. It turned him off to see heterosexual sex being performed. The only joy he got, on what he called "Debra nights," was getting glimpses of Mike's beautiful cock. Unfortunately he could never get a good look at it, hard or flaccid.


Seth's mother died when he was ten, and he was raised by his father. One night, when he was sixteen years old, Seth was just coming out of the bathroom. He was totally naked. He heard strange noises coming from his father's bedroom. Seth recognized the grunting sounds coming from behind the closed door. It was the same sound he made when he was whacking off. It was hard for him to even imagine his father doing something like that. After all he was a grownup. Out of curiosity, he started to open the door. He figured he could pretend it was an accident, if his father caught him, and objected to his not having knocked before barging in.

As he reached for the handle, it occurred to him that his father might have a woman in his room. It didn't stop him. He could make the same apology, whatever was going on in that bedroom.

He stood frozen for a moment, watching his father doing "it." Dave Ehrens heard a slight squeak. He stopped his stroking and looked toward the door, and he spotted his son. Seth expected his father to explode, but much to his surprise, his father smiled, and said.

"OK, son. So you caught me, and now you know that we both jerk off. I've heard you often enough. Why don't you get into bed with me, and we'll do it together. I haven't whacked off with a friend since I was in high school."

As shocked as he was, Seth mumbled, "I've never done it with another guy like you did. It sounds like fun."

"It is; it is," Dave said. He held out his arms as a gesture of welcome, and Seth fell into his father's arms. Dave wrapped his body around his son, and pressed his hard cock against Seth's equally hard member. They smiled at each other, and Dave started to dry hump against his son's cock.

"You like?" he asked. Seth liked it so much, all he could manage was a guttural sound, and a slight nod.

"It's OK, son. I know you're gay. Wanna have some fun?"

Seth could only mutter, "Uh huh."

Dave put his son on his back, and started to stroke Seth's rod. Immediately Seth began to moan. His balls began to shrink, and Dave went down on him. He took Seth's cock into his mouth. Seth gushed into his father's mouth seconds later. His father then began to kiss him, and he passed much of his semen back into Seth's mouth.

Seth was happy with what was happening to him. He had been dreaming of man to man sex for a very long time, and he didn't mind that it was happening with his father. In fact, he figured that it was kind of daring, and very arousing. But then everything changed. Dave turned his son on his stomach. He began to kiss Seth's ass. His tongue tried to enter the boy's asshole. Seth was wriggling and purring in ecstasy. Suddenly his ass was filled with burning fire, and his pain was unbearable. His father had thrust into him without protection and without lubrication. Dave did not hesitate for a moment. He began to pump hard, groaning and grunting, yelling obscenities, until he screamed out, and shot his load high up Seth's ass.

Dave dismounted, rolled over, and fell fast asleep, leaving Seth bleeding and in great pain. They never spoke of the incident up to the day Seth moved to his own apartment. Either Dave forgot the whole thing, or wanted to wipe it out of his brain. Seth would never forget being raped by his own father. Once he was on his own, he refused to speak to his father, and he wrote Dave out of his life.

When he saw Mike masturbating, the whole painful incident came back to him. Mike turned into his father, and Seth vowed to take his revenge.


One very bright, moonlit evening, Seth was spying on Mike, as usual. He was alone, and lying flat on his back, like the first time Seth had seen him. He wasn't exactly whacking off, but his palm was resting gently on his cock, and every so often he gave it a single stroke of his hand. Seth was intoxicated. All he could think about was raping Mike the way he had been raped. He had no idea that he had morphed Mike into his father and the only thing on his brain was to take revenge.

He was disappointed that Mike didn't masturbate that night. At some point he slipped under the cover and fell fast asleep. As soon as Seth was satisfied that he was asleep, he removed the screen from the window, and climbed in. Cautiously he removed a syringe from his pocket. He removed the plastic cover from the needle, and jabbed into the sleeping beauty's arm.

Mike awoke for a moment. He stared into Seth's eyes, but there was no recognition. He had panic written all over his face, but the injection knocked him out. He fell into a death-like sleep. He didn't dream, but he was in state of pure nothingness. He might just as well have been dead. He wasn't, of course, and when he finally stirred, he was bound hand and foot to his bedposts, and lying on his stomach.

He was in a fog, and he tried desperately to figure out where he was, and what was happening. The first awareness that came to him was that a heavy weight was lying on top of him. He tried desperately to focus, and he realized that it was a naked adult body. He clearly felt a very hard, very well endowed cock, dry humping his crack. He grew frightened, but he was unable to move and the body on top of him was holding him down securely.

When at last, Mike felt he could talk, he croaked out, "Who are you? What are you doing to me? Why are you doing this to me?"

"You raped me, you fucking bastard. You inflicted great pain and made me bleed. Now I'm going to give it back to you."

"Please," Mike said, "I've never raped or harmed anyone in my life. You must have me confused with someone else."

"I'm not mistaken, Daddy. Let me refresh your memory. You raped me when I was a helpless teen-ager. I'm a man now, and I will take my revenge."

"I'm not your father. I'm Mike Stanton. I'm a lawyer." As he said, "I'm a lawyer" he became aware that he recognized the voice of his attacker. He tried hard to think, but his mind was still a blur. Seth kept dry humping Mike's crack until he felt the stirring in his cock begin.

"This is my moment," he cried. He took his hard rod, and placed it at Mike's asshole. Instinctively Mike contracted his ass.

"Tighten your ass as much as you want, Daddy. When I push in, it'll hurt you more."

"I've got condoms and lube in my bedside table. Please use them," Mike begged.

Seth began to laugh. "You didn't have to use protection, but you could have used lubrication when you raped me. Why should I go any easier on you?"

Mike assumed that his attacker had experience with anal sex. He didn't want to get hurt, so he did indeed relax. Seth spread Mike's cheeks, and exposed his pink entry. He started to push in, and he met a lot of resistance. That's what he wanted. He continued to ramrod in, fast and furious, and Mike screamed out in pain. Seth smiled to himself. He was hurting the bastard. He lay still for a moment, and Mike stopped crying, so he started to stroke fast again. Mike began to whimper. Every so often, he could hear Mike beg for him to stop.

Seth did stop. Whenever he felt his orgasm building, he lay still until his passion subsided. Then he began his furious pounding once again. All of a sudden Seth felt his cock getting wet, almost like it was being lubricated. He pulled out to look. His cock was full of blood, and Mike was bleeding. Seth was elated, but Mike was only semi-conscious.

Seth got out of bed, and went to his trouser pocket. He pulled out another syringe and gave Mike a second shot of a mild sleeping solution. When Mike awoke, he was still tied to his bedposts, but he was now lying on his back. The sheet beneath his buttocks was wet, and Mike feared that he had peed. It was his own blood he was lying in.

When more of his consciousness came back to him, he realized that someone was sucking his cock. He assumed it was Debra, but she had never done that to him, no matter how many times he begged. At last she's come around, he thought.

"Oh, Deb, you're so good at it," he murmured. "I'm cumming. Please don't pull away. Take all of me. If you don't want to swallow, you can spit it out, but let me cum in your mouth."

Seth remained silent. He just kept on sucking. This is what he had dreamed of doing, and nothing was going to stop him. Mike began to wiggle and thrust his torso upward. His balls began to shrink, and both men knew his explosion was near. He erupted like a volcano, deep into Seth's mouth. After he climaxed, Mike fell asleep again.

Seth looked down at the man he loved, and he realized that it wasn't his father he had raped. It was Mike. He was filled with remorse, but he was sure that Mike did not recognize him in his drugged state. He dressed, undid Mike's bound feet and arms, and left through the front door, which was self-locking.


The next day, Seth waited anxiously for Mike to come to work. He never showed up, so Seth asked the office manager if anything was wrong with Mike.

"He called in sick," the manager answered, "but I never asked him what was wrong."

"How did he sound?" Seth probed.

"Bad, really sick. He was hoarse and could hardly speak."

Seth felt terrible. He was full of regret. Now that he was himself again, and not some sixteen year old rape victim, he couldn't believe what he had done to Mike. Mike had always been so nice to him. He even considered that they had a loose friendship going, beyond just being two coworkers. He decided to call Mike at home to check on him.

"Hello," Mike answered weakly.

"Hey, Mike, it's Seth. I heard you were sick. I'm hoping you're doing better. I was wondering if you need anything. Can I bring you something? Chicken soup, maybe some ice cream." Seth was rambling and going on and on.

Mike couldn't get a word in edgewise. He was lying in bed. He hadn't even had the energy to change the bloody sheets. He knew he had to do that before Debra came around checking on him. There was no way he could tell her what happened. Suddenly he sat up in bed and listened to Seth rambling on, and he knew in an instant.

The voice he heard during the rape was Seth's. He let Seth continue talking to him. Every once in a while he made a little grunting noise to let Seth know he was still there and still listening to him. He became more and more convinced that it was Seth, who had raped him.

"Seth," he finally interrupted, "I'm so sleepy now, but I'd like to take you up on that chicken soup offer. Could you come over after work, and bring me a container. I really need someone to talk to. I'll leave the door open. Please let yourself in and come right to my bedroom."

Seth was elated. Mike needed him in his crises, not Debra. If Seth was thinking right, he would know that Debra was the last person in the world, Mike could tell about his rape, or anything about the ordeal.

Mike was merely suspicious about Seth being the rapist. He couldn't be totally sure. He wanted to face Seth one on one, and feel him out. Maybe he could even trick him into admitting the truth. He decided to leave the bloody sheet on the bed, and tell Seth what happened to him. He knew that he could count on Seth's discretion, even if Seth was innocent.

He thought about Debra and called her at work. He told her that he had a terrible cold, and was probably infectious. He was coughing a lot, and he begged her not to come around. She wanted to bring him some nourishment, but he assured her that he had everything he needed, and he made her promise to stay away.

"Then I won't see you until I get back from Michigan," she objected.

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Just go home and enjoy your time with your folks."

At about 5:30 Mike heard Seth come into the house, but instead of coming to the bedroom, he went to the kitchen. He left the container of chicken soup on the counter and came into the bedroom. His first instinct was to take Mike in his arms and kiss him, but he wisely resisted. Instead he pulled a chair up to the bedside, and took Mike's hand.

"Mike," he said, "you like awful. I can tell it's more than a cold or something like that."

"You're right buddy. Please listen, and then tell me what I should do. I need a friend so badly." Seth nodded his head.

"I went to sleep last night, and everything was perfectly all right. I must somehow have been drugged because when I woke up, my hands and feet were tied to the bedposts, and I was lying on my stomach. I think I was the victim of a home invasion. I always sleep with my windows open, and he must have come in that way."

"My God," Seth sounded aghast. "How awful. Let me close the window." He went over to the window, but Mike said, "See if you can see the screen out there."

"Why yes, it's lying on the lawn below the window. I'm going out to put it in place."

"Thanks," Mike mumbled.

Seth closed and locked the window. Then he rushed out. When the screen was in place he resumed his place on the seat. "Before you continue, Mike, would you like the soup first?" he asked.

"No thanks. I'll have it later. Let me go on. So when I woke up, I was on my stomach, and there was an adult male lying on top of me." Mike stopped talking and Seth urged him to go on.

"I'm so ashamed," he said. "The guy raped me."

"Oh my God," Seth said, and he meant it. He didn't rape Mike. Some sixteen year old delinquent did.

"Look," Mike said. He lowered the bed sheet and moved slightly over. The blood stain was clearly visible, as was Mike's naked body. Seth got heady.

"He did hurt you, the bastard," Seth lamented. "You should let me help you put fresh sheets on your bed.

"Yes, please, but you must promise me something."


"Please don't tell anyone."

"I promise, but what happened next? Did the bastard leave?"

"No, he stuck a needle in my arm, and I passed out again. When I woke up, the guy was giving me a blow job." He told this to Seth in an effort to see what his reaction would be. He could tell nothing from Seth's face so he went on.

"I gotta tell you that from that moment on, everything changed. The guy was down on me giving me head in a most practiced, sensual way. I was really enjoying it, especially since Deb won't ever do that to me."

"You were enjoying it?" Seth asked.

"Sure wouldn't you? Haven't you ever had a blow job?"

"Yeah, but not from a guy," Seth lied.

"Well, don't knock it, if you haven't tried it." Mike pulled the bed sheet down. "Look I've got a boner just thinking about it."

"Finish the story," Seth said trying not to look.

"That is the end. After I shot my load down his throat, he started to cry and disappeared. He swallowed everything by the way."

"Wow, that's quite a tale. How does your ass feel?"

"It's stopped bleeding. It doesn't feel bad at all."

"Are you sure you don't want to report this to the police?"

"Hell no. First of all, I don't want Debra to ever know, and second of all, I'm so ashamed."

"You have nothing to be ashamed of. What do you say we heat up that chicken soup, and while you're out of bed I'll change your bed linen for you?"

"Thanks Seth, you're a prince, but hold off on the bed linen, and sit with me while I eat."

"I'd like that," Seth smiled. In this moment, he was closer to his secret love, than he ever hoped to be.

They were seated in the kitchen waiting for the soup to warm up, and Mike started to laugh.

"What?" Seth asked.

"I was just thinking if that guy hadn't raped me, but had just given me a blow job, I would have enjoyed the whole experience."

"Don't even think that way, Mike. What if he comes back? You've got to take better precautions. Keep your windows closed, put in an alarm system, or something. Hey, I could stay with you until you burglar proof your house, that is, if Debra can't."

"She's going back to Michigan to visit her folks tomorrow, and she'll be gone for two weeks. I always thought that I could take care of myself, but after last night, I'm not so sure. It would be great if you could stay with me, until I've made the house safer."

Seth's heart was beating so fast, he thought it would burst. "Great," he said, "I'll go home now and pack a bag. I'll be back in an hour or so."

"Please help me change the linen first," Mike pleaded.

"Of course."

After Seth left, Mike was convinced that Seth was the one who raped him. But he still couldn't accuse him. He didn't even know if Seth was gay, but he sure was determined to find out in the next two weeks.


When Seth returned, Mike told him to put his stuff in the guest room upstairs. "There are two bedrooms upstairs," Mike said, "but one is my office."

"I dunno," Seth objected. "If I'm upstairs I might not hear an intruder. How about I camp out on your living room sofa?"

"Good thinking, but that'll be pretty uncomfortable I think. I've got a king-sized bed, with plenty of room. Why don't you just sleep with me? I can't think of anything safer," Mike said. He had no desire to sleep with another man, but he was desperate to prove that it was Seth who had raped him.

Then he thought...what if it was Seth? What would he do? He certainly wasn't going to go public with his story. His brain became muddled, but finally he told himself that he just wanted to know who it was, and more importantly, why. If it was Seth, he would deal with it when the time came.

"Have you eaten dinner?" Mike asked when Seth returned.

"Yes, I made a sandwich while I was at home. You just rest and take it easy."

It was quite late by now, and Mike told Seth that he intended to take one more day off so he could arrange to put in a security system, and strong window locks.

"I'll tell everyone at work that you're feeling better and will return the next day."

"That'll be great, and I should be fine by then. My ass doesn't hurt at all anymore."

As they got ready for bed, Mike said, "I always sleep nude, but I'll put on a pair of shorts if you want." He hoped that Seth would say it was OK to sleep nude. If Seth was the guilty party, he wanted to tempt him and get him worked up. Seth did not disappoint.

"It's fine with me," he said. "I always sleep nude also, and I'll go you one better. Whenever I haven't had sex in a while, and I'm horny, I whack off, but I like to do it in bed, not in the bathroom. Would that disturb you?"

Mike laughed. "I can't believe we are so much alike. I like to do the same thing, even when I have had recent sex. We can do it together like a couple of kids." He was elated. His plan was going according to an unchangeable script.

Mike got into bed first. Seth shut the lights, and climbed in beside him. "I hate not sleeping with the windows open," Mike said.

"There's two of us tonight. I think it will be OK to open the bedroom window. You only have to keep it locked when you are alone. You can even keep it open when Deb is here."

Mike's hair stood up. How did Seth know that Deb slept over here? Maybe he just surmised it. Maybe he had even mentioned it in the office. He decided to ignore it? Seth opened the window and climbed back into bed. Neither man wanted to be the first to start jerking off.

"Are you going to whack off?" Mike asked.

"Maybe later. I'm OK for now, but Mike, there's something I need to confess to you."

"Mike couldn't believe that Seth was about to confess to the rape, so he said kindly, "Sure, Seth, you can tell me anything."

"When I was sixteen, I was raped also. I don't think I ever got over it, but you're an adult, and I pray that you will be able to forget, and go on with your life."

"Sixteen? How awful. Who raped you?"

Seth hesitated for a long time. He finally whispered, "My father."

All Mike could say was, "WOW!"

"He wasn't that kind of man. I know he loved me and he was always good to me, especially after my mother died. I assumed that he was drunk when he did it. I walked into his room one night. We were both naked. We always slept that way. My dad was jerking off. He laughed when he saw me, and told me to join him, and we could both jerk off together like two kids. We started to, but suddenly something came over him. He threw me on my stomach and raped me with no lubrication. The next morning, we didn't speak of it. We never ever spoke of it. In fact, I haven't spoken to him since I left home."

"Wow," Mike repeated himself.

"I've never ever told that to anyone, but in light of what happened to you, I wanted to share it with you. Now that I've told someone, I feel like a big load has been lifted from my shoulders. Thanks for listening."

"Seth, I'm going to try to put this incident behind me, and you should too. The best way to do that is to forgive your father, and make peace with him. There is no greater catharsis than forgiveness."

"Do you really think so? If you knew who raped you, could you forgive him?"

"I can't think of a good excuse for rape, but if he had a convincing story, I might find it in my heart to forgive him. My father is a preacher, and he taught me that forgiveness was the way of The Lord."

Seth began to cry, and he got out of bed, and started to dress.

"What are you doing?" Mike asked.

"I've done a terrible thing. I'm going to confess my sin to you, and then I'm going to leave."

"I'm not a catholic priest. I don't hear confession."

"Nevertheless, I must confess something to you."

Mike took hold of Seth's hand. "Look," he said, "all your clothes and toiletries are here. Make your confession if you must, but leave tomorrow. I really need your company right now." Mike was certain that Seth was going to admit raping him, but he still didn't know what he would do about it.

Seth sat back down on the bed. He was still naked. "OK." He said. "Here goes."

He took two or three deep breaths before he could begin his narrative. Mike took his hand and said, "Don't be afraid." He also wanted to reassure Seth so he added, "Remember, I'm all about forgiveness."

"Mike," Seth began, "I'm gay. The moment you walked into the office, and shook my hand, I fell in love with you. It wasn't a good kind of love. It was an obsession. I couldn't get you out of my mind. All I wanted to do was make sweet, passionate love to you. I didn't care if you wanted to reciprocate or not. I would have been content just to hold you in my arms. I began to follow you around in the dark of night. I just wanted to be near you and gaze upon your beauty."

Mike interrupted. "So I wasn't crazy. I sensed that I was being spied on, but I was beginning to chalk it up to paranoia. I am so glad you told me that, Seth."

Those last words encouraged Seth to continue. "You always leave your bedroom blinds and window open. I guess you did that because your back yard is so private. I spent many happy hours in your back yard, watching you prepare for bed and jacking off. In fact, it was the jacking off that triggered something in me that I can't explain."

Seth started to cry, and Mike did something he had never done before. Naked as they both were, he engulfed the smaller man in his arms in an effort to console him.

"Please go on," he urged Seth.

"Last night I watched you whacking off. Suddenly, it wasn't you I was staring at. You turned into my father, just the way I caught him the night he raped me. I was filled with hatred, and I had come prepared. I always knew that if I was to have you, I would have to drug you. Honestly, I never thought I'd use the drugs. I waited until you were asleep, and I climbed through the window. I injected you with a sleeping serum, and well, you know the rest. When I was done raping you, I got my senses back. I gave you another dose of the drug, and did what I had always dreamed of. I went down on you, and made real love to you.

Seth stopped his narrative and started to cry. "If you want to call the police, I'll understand," he whimpered. Mike only held him closer.

"Listen to me," Mike said. "I told you that I could forgive the rapist if he had a credible reason, so I am forgiving you, and we are cool, but it comes with a condition."


"Yes. Here's what you have to do. Forgive your father, contact him, and tell him you want to have a relationship with him again. He seems to have blocked out your rape, so you don't even have to mention it. When you do that, it will be out of your system, and any guy who you may see whacking off, will not turn into your father again. Even if he does, since you have forgiven him, you won't go raping that guy.

"Yes, I'll do that tomorrow. I promise. Do you really forgive me?"

"Sure. Now let's get some sleep. You have to go to work tomorrow."

"Honestly Mike, I don't think I could fall asleep lying beside you, naked in your bed. I think I'll take the sofa after all."

"Stay put," Mike commanded. "I have a confession of my own. Two confessions actually. First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed the blow job you gave me, and wouldn't mind a repeat performance. Second of all, I had a few male to male encounters in college and law school. Who hasn't? Even in high school, half the football team wanted to fool around. I never regretted it. I always had fun, but my father is a preacher, a fundamentalist, no less. The other side of me, had to remain my secret. If he found out that I had gay sex, and enjoyed it, he might not be his usual forgiving self. I didn't want him to be disappointed in me."

"So what are you saying to me?" Seth asked.

"I'm saying let's have a go at it. All this sex talk has made me one horny guy." The two lawyers smiled at each other, and crushed their cocks together. While Seth was thinking, "Thank you, God," Mike was thinking that he was feeling awfully good.

"Can I kiss you?" Seth asked. Mike hadn't thought about kissing. In his previous encounters with other guys, kissing was a no, no.

He gave it deep thought and then he said, "Sure Seth. Why not? I said I wanted to go all the way, and that includes kissing."

Seth leaned into him, and begin to kiss him lightly with closed lips. Little by little he allowed his kiss to become more sensuous. He opened his mouth, prompting Mike to do the same. Seth's tongue reached out and brushed Mike's. Now they began to kiss in earnest.

Seth reached down, and took Mike's hard, uncut seven incher into the palm of his hand. He began to gently caress the stiffened rod. Mike began to purr.

"My God, that feels so nice," he said.

A disturbing thought entered his mind. Debra never touched his cock. She waited until he was hard, and then she let him enter her. If she didn't orgasm while they were fucking, she never let him finger her, and bring her to a climax. She didn't seem to mind that she was unsatisfied. He didn't know why, but he got angry. He reached down, and felt for Seth's rod. He caressed it as gently as Seth was caressing him. Sex with Seth, was way more erotic than with Debra. He wasn't willing yet to admit that he might be gay, but for sure, he realized that Debra was frigid.

Seth knew that he would have to take the initiative. He rolled on top of Mike and proceeded to descend down his athletic frame. His tongue tried not to miss an inch of the body he had coveted for so long. He feared he would wake up and find out that this was all a dream. When Seth tickled inside Mike's ear, his whole body spasmed in delight.

Seth proceeded downward, suckling Mike's nipples and his innie, but he by-passed Mike's pubic and genital areas, which frustrated Mike immensely. Instead he suckled the inside of Mike's thighs and down his legs. One by one, he took each of Mike's toes into his mouth and sucked then. Seth was unaware that Mike was crying.

At long last, Seth began to play with Mike's balls. He began to kiss them one at a time. Mike's cock was full of pre-cum. Seth sucked the precious nectar off the cock head, and drank it down. He began to take long swipes along Mike's undershaft. He could see Mike's balls shrinking, so he swallowed as much of the beautiful cock as he could. After a few slow strokes of Seth's tongue, Mike screamed like some victim in a horror movie. He gushed so much semen into Seth's mouth, that most of it was running down his chin.

Seth crept up, and began to kiss Mike, and to share his cum with him. "I love you, Mike," Seth mumbled over and over in between kisses. Mike didn't answer. Seth thought that he didn't want to say, I love you, but the truth was that Mike had not yet recovered from the most heightened orgasm he had ever experienced in his life.

Exhausted, they both rolled over lying on their backs. They were both silent, and Seth grew frightened.

"Are you OK?" he ventured to ask, even though he was afraid of the answer.

"I have two questions," Mike said. "First, are we going to do this again? I sure hope so. And second, can I fuck you now? After all, you've fucked me. Turnabout is fair play."

Seth didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "I hope this is only the first time also, and, baby, please fuck me now."

Mike began to kiss Seth again, and then he started to laugh.

"What?" Seth asked.

"I promise that I won't hurt you. I'll be so careful, and prepare you so well, you won't feel any pain at all."

"I can't believe you're being so good to me, after what I did to you."

"That's in the past, and already forgotten. I love you, you dufus. This night is only the beginning. Now spread your legs."

Mike used plenty of lube, coating Seth's ass generously. He inserted his fingers, one at a time, stretching Seth's opening after each insertion. After four fingers, he withdrew. Finally, he raised Seth's legs up to his shoulders, and lined his greasy cock up with Seth's opening. He entered very slowly, and as promised, Seth felt nothing but pleasure.

Mike was in no hurry. He stroked slowly, with great care until he felt he was going to blow. He involuntarily speeded his thrusts, and they became harder, but still Seth felt no pain. Mike came, and he began to whimper. His orgasms with Seth were beyond compare. Indeed, they were beyond description.

He was still inside of Seth, when he cried out, "I love you too, Seth. I love you too!"

"We have to be sensible and think about Debra," Seth said.

Mike said. "I'll figure out what to do when she gets back.


Two things happened over the two week period that Debra was gone. First, Seth and Mike made love every night, and as far as they were concerned it got better every time. Second, it wasn't until it was time to pick up Debra at the airport that Mike realized that neither of them had called the other the whole time she was away.

When they were in Mike's car, driving to Deb's apartment, she shocked him by telling him that she had only returned to pack up her apartment and return to Michigan.

"I realized something while I was away," she said. "I'm very homesick, Mike. I became aware that I missed home more than I loved you. I don't love you enough to move to L.A. I hate it here. I don't like hurting you in any way, but I'm breaking our engagement. I'm quitting my job Monday morning, and moving home. Do you remember Jimmy Brickell from high school? I dated him a couple of times during these past two weeks, and we came to an understanding about pursuing a relationship, and see where it takes us. Jimmy owns a successful landscaping business back home, and in the winter he does snow removal. I know he won't be moving away. Mike, I want to go home, and I want to be with Jimmy. Can you forgive me?"

Mike was speechless. "It took courage to tell me all that," he said. "I understand. I understand more than you can comprehend. You see, I love L.A. I want to live here forever, so I appreciate what you feel for your home. How will you get your stuff back to Michigan?"

"I don't have that much. I'll rent a small U-Haul that I can attach to my car. Jimmy said he'd fly down and help me drive home. Thanks for being so understanding, Mike."

When he dropped her off, he kissed her goodbye with closed lips. His parting words were, "Let me know if there is anything I can do for you before you leave." She nodded and they never spoke to each other again.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Seth was languishing at home, convinced that he would lose Mike to Debra now that she had returned. He was feeling sorry for himself, and crying, when Mike came bounding in. They both had keys to each other's apartments. Mike threw himself on Seth's bed, and smothered the poor man with kisses.

"I love you," he said. "Now shower, get dressed, and wipe the puffiness from your eyes. I'm taking you out to dinner. Then we'll discuss moving in together."



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