Hey there, My name it Michael Jenson,I guess you might say I have it in for certain polititians, and of course I have had several of them have it in for, or should I say 'into' me.

I became interested in politics while in my first year of college, I began to lean towards the political arena.

I knew I didn't have the education or law knowledge to go on into the arena of politics but I found my self getting interested in more and more different issues and taking up arms for, or against them.

I was drawn to certain politicians that would stand for or against a certain idea or cause and I would go to bat, so to speak for that polititian.

I was out of college and had majored in journalism while in college,and was hoping to get to work for a t.v station as a news reporter, or announcer, or possibly a nice sized metropolitan newspaper.

I was hired on at a local newspaper, and got to do several stories on different subjects, mostly just local 'home type' stories of human interest and or sports stories, but when I got to do a story, digging up dirt or some tasty tid bits on different polititians, that was the 'Creme de la Creme' for me.

During my years at college I tried to keep my sexuality at low key, mainly getting my jollies in the mens room with 'one on one' encounters with other students that were like me, not wanting exposure for personal reasons.

I found out that I could suck as many as ten cocks in a row at the Maintenance Buildings basement restroom, there was a 'glory hole' in the last stall there and quite a few guys would go there at different hours to get some much needed sexual tension release, actually I even sucked the cocks of a few of the teachers and coaches. They never saw who it was but, I would catch a glimpse of them as they left.

Several of them were married and had families, but that was just between me and them of course. I just enjoyed sucking cock and swallowing cum, and on many occassions I got my own cock sucked there by the mouth of some other gay student on campus.

I had been working at this one particular Newspaper and I got to pick up a story on this one young polititians wife who had been having an affair on this dude.

He was an honest, home loving, straight young Senator Wannabe that I was drawn to.

This Man, Alex Collins, was a people person, very caring about the issues that matter to the people.

I for one liked him very much not only because of his platform as a Senator but he was fucking gorgeous looking, but I knew he was married and straight, but that didn't keep me from admiring Alex in a most provocative way.

I was heavily involved with his Election campaign, as well as writing stories, when the news came out about his pending marriage woes.

I felt for Alex in a powerful way and knew he was not involved with anyyhing out of the way, but his wife it seemed was having an illicit affair with a young attorney from his former Law office.

When I saw this young Lawyer that she was having this affair with, I can't say that I could blame her, I would hit the sack with him anytime he wanted but then that is just me.

But I can't figure out why she would leave Alex for this guy, Alex was in every way a more handsome, studly gorgeous man, other than the fact that in campaigning he had to leave her to take care of their home and office alone.

I guess she just needed the kind of attention he wasn't able to give her while he was away.

I was doing up some fliers and campaign posters for the local Campaign headquarters there in my home town when door opened and in walked Mr. Alex Collins and his Aide.

I was awestruck by his presence as well as getting aroused at his awesome looks, so handsome, trim waisted, neat in every way in appearance and his smile was enought to warm the heart of a Dead man.

I got introduced as a devoted campaigner and reporter who had made him look good during this hard time in the local paper, he seemed very impressed.

I was taken by Alex, and knew that I would do everything in my professional and personal power to get him elected.

A month or two after that day, I got a personal call on my cell phone from the Senator and he started using me for writeups on his campaign and so forth, I felt so honored.

I sat on election night knowing that the divorce of him and his wife could be a deterant to him being elected, but still was overjoyed when the returns were in and he got the Seat in the Senate.

At the campain headquarters we received a personal call from the Senator thanking us for our dedication and hard work, we all felt so honored and knew he would be a good man in the Senate.

I went back to he paper as a full time reporter, writing my stories when one afternoon, and god only knows how the Senator got my cell phone number, but, I got a personal call from the Senator asking me to join him and work for him as his personal Aide, I thought i was hearing him wrong, so he repeated it to me, I was stunned, no, in a state of shock, but almost immediately I accepted.

I resigned from the paper and went to meet with the Senator, I would personally be taking care of press releases and stories involving his doings and all businessses, he called it payback for a job well done during his campaign.

I would be traveling with him everywhere he went to cover anything he needed.

As the months wore on I became very close to Alex, Which made keeping the secret of my sexuality very hard, and of course my cock stayed that way most all the time, hard that is, getting to have sex was rather a slow thing for me, I had been re-aquainted with 'rosie thumb and her four sisters.' on a very regular basis.

We were in New Jersey for a meeting and We had to rent a hotel, I was not aware of it but Alex had rented a double room and it was like a suite with one room on each side and a door that closed between the bedrooms.

I was on my side when I saw Alex come in, and he told me that we might as well get used to each others company, being that we were going to be traveling together all the time.

It was about nine that night I guess, when Alex came in to my side and sat down with just his boxers and a tee shirt on, I guess preparing for bed, as he walked toward me in his boxer I noticed a hefty cock swinging free inside those boxers with a nice penis head outline, very visible

'Damn man, this traveling is grueling and wearing on your nerves and body, It really friggen stresses you to no end,' he said.

I smiled at Alex knowing how torturous the job must be on him, with all his committee meetings, Senate hearings ect. to attend, sometimes his hours start before daylight, and don't end till midnight.

I walked up to Alex and as he sat in the chair at the table reading a peice of some kind of official paper, I began to massage his neck, upper back, and shoulders, I could feel the tenseness of his muscles.

'Fuck Mike,that feels so damn good,' He leaned his head back and I felt his body starting to relax and sorta calm down.

I kept firmly rubbing down his back and across his shoulders and down over his deltoids and upper arms, as my cock began to harden in my trousers. I leaned over and almost put my lips on his head, I could smell his erotic hair aroma, his manly odor was driving me wild, I wanted to do more than just massage this handsome man, but I as walking on eggshells here.

'Fuck man, I'll give you an hour to quit,' he said with a big grin.

'Hey Alex, why don't you lay here on my bed and let me work your back over, I used to give rubdowns to the football players in college, I give a mean rubdown,' I said, but I had an ulterior motive.

Alex smiled and said, 'sounds awesome to me, I have been totally stressed for a good month now, with all the bullshit and crap from my ex, and then with the Job and all these Committee meetings. a good massage would be great.'

I told him to pull off his shirt and I'd get some oil to do a proper job, he said, 'no problem sounds awesome. I need some tension releif.'

I want to tell you that this man was gorgeous, he had played sports in college and kept his body in shape while in his former job, and works out and jogs when he can even still.

Alex threw the tee shirt on the chair and his chest was lightly covered with dark curly hair, damn hes gorgeous, muscular, and his stomach muscles were 'model' handsome, slightly covered with hair, and his washboard abs were quite visible under the hairyness of this mans stomach, I was drooling.

Alex truly had one hell of a great looking body.

I was almost ready to die of a heart attack from just ogleing his gorgeous body.

I shot some light oil on his shoulders and down his back when I heard him gently moan, 'God that feels awesome man, your hired for the rest of my life Mike, damn your good.'

I began to rub like a professional massuese, I worked on his back for almost forty minutes I think he was almost so relaxed he was falling asleep.

I got down and began to rub his thick muscular legs, 'Damn, Alex you got one hell of a body here, you know that?' I asked.

Thanks, glad you like it, I played Football thru High School, and then in College so I kept myself in good shape,' he said.

'Well all I can say is Damn man, your very good looking,' I said. 'Well Thanks Mike, I appreciate that, evidently not good looking enough though, at least my ex didn't thinks so.' He said.

'Well pardon my asking sir and if you don't want to answer I will understand, but was your sex life good with her, was that it?' I ask.

'Hell I don't mind Mike, we're good friends and just between me and you, I don't think my cock was big enough for her, she was fucking this young guy named George, he was a young Lawyer in our firm, and I didn't even know it, I had seen him in the mens room at the urinals, that fucker must have had ten inches, and it was fucking thick too, it looked like my wrist. So I guess once she had his cock, Mine was not enough.' he said.

'Wow Alex your's can't be that small,' I said.

'Well I never had complaints from anyone else, but who the fuck knows.'

'Well Alex I need you to raise up for a second, please,' I said

Without hesitation he raised up and I slid his boxers off and When I saw his naked ass, I had to pick my tongue up and stick it back in my mouth, Holy fuck, his ass was awesome, nice full, rounded, not overly full just nice, slightly hairy like his legs, and beautiful enough to eat on a daily basis.

'You don't have any objections about being naked in my presence do you?' I asked.

'Hell no, I don't think I have anything you don't know about do I?' he said with a giggle.

'Nothing I have seen yet,' I said.

I had the senator spread his legs a little and as I went to do the insides of his thighs and gently rubbed his rather full looking nutsack, I heard his vocals, and smooth sounding moans.

'Oh shit man, that feels so fucking awesome.' he said.

I began to massage his buttock making sure to seperate his ass cheeks to get a glimpse of that most intimate of man parts, his asshole, his was a dark, starfish pattern with dark swirling hair around it, and I wanted to lean over and suck and lick it so bad, I was aching, my cock was like a brick in my briefs and I know my bulge was fairly noticable, I do have an eight inch cock, which ain't too shabby in the cock department or so I've been told by several guys.

I did something without thinking as I was massaging and I guess the Senator was so into it, he didn't notice it, but I realized I was massaging around his anus with my forefinger, he must not have minded as I listened to his wimpers and moans.

I quickly retracted my fingers before I got yelled at.

I had the Senator then roll over, he did, and thats when I saw his cock for the first time. Alex was hung very nicely, it was about half hard, seven or eight inches and thick, very thick.

Why on earth his wife would want a bigger one was beyond me.

I began to massage his chest and I played with his nipples he never moved, he just lay there with this very happy looking grin on his face.

I then went down to his stomach and rubbed his stomach.

Then I quirted oil on his legs an began to massage his legs working his toes and feet and legs like a fine tuned musical instrument. as I got up toward the base of his cock and balls.

I slid my hand against his ball sack, he let out this awesome moan, 'Awe fuck man,'

I realized his cock had thicked up and was tight like a fiddle string, harder than a wedge of steel.

His foreskin had slid back and that pickish red head was shining out from under the covering.

I knew he needed some sexual releif too.

'Alex, I know your not gay but would you like me to relieve the tension on your cock, I am very good at that too. I would be glad to do that for you.' I said.

'Hell man its been so long since I had anyone touch me there, and I do need it so bad, but no-one can ever know, about this, O.k. Make me that promise.' he said.

'I care about you and what you'r doing too much to do that to you, after all, I'm the one doing it too.' I said.

I slicked up my hand and began to massage Alexes balls, and I had him pull down to the edge of the bed and rest his head on a couple pillows, I got down on my knees and began to lick and massage his cock and balls. I couldn't wait to try the awesome looking pre-cum that was dripping from the tip onto his stomach, I was fully aroused.

He was almost writhing as I began to give his gorgeous thick cock the pleasure it needed and the stress relief Alex so desperately craved.

I was slowly giving Alex a hand job, doing what I could to give him and myself all the pleasure I could when I just thought, to hell with what they think.

I began to suck on his nuts, His body began to really writhe, I licked up the shaft of his delicious tasting cock, licking the pre-cum from its awesome tip, then finally sliding the length of his thick cock to the base in my throat, I felt him raise up on his elbows with a loud moan.

'Awe fuck man, don't stop, Fuck meeee! my ex would never do this for me, OH yeah! Holy fuck man, I know I chose the right man for the job as my personal aide.'

I sucked like my life depended on it.

I stopped just long enough to get my face at that asshole, I wanted this awesome guys asshole around my tongue.

I raised his legs upward and as Alex held his legs at the knees my face did a muff dive into his nether regions and I got to eat out that asshole, damn it was delicious.

The Senator was going bizerk as I ate his asshole,. He had totally undone the covers on my bed.

'Oh Shit man, am I ever glad I voted for that Gay rights ammendment,' he said, as I continued to make him crazy.

I went back to sucking the Senators thick uncut cock when I felt his body go ridged and his loud groan, he pushed the back of my head down until my lips were touching his pubic bush, and my mouth began to fill with his way overdue, stored up ejaculation, Damn he was full of cum, he must have stored it up for a couple months, I almost choked on his load.

I was so excited that I stroked my cock about five times and shot cum all over my bedspread, damn it was an awesome cum too.

The Senator just lay there like a dead man.

'Fuck Mike, I really did need that, damn did I need that.' he said.

I smiled at Alex, 'Hey man, isn't that what I'm here for, to take care of you and do what needs to be done?' I asked as I wiped cum from my lips.

Before that night was over I had sucked the Senator's cock a total of three times, and each time he unloaded a big load down my throat. He wasn't kidding, he really needed to be relieved of his tension and cum.

Three days later I as listening to the Senator make a speach to some of his constituants, and when the speech was over, he had to answer some grueling questions to which some were meant to hurt him from opposing sides.

Some questions about his ex, which he refused to answer, and were not part of his life now.

We got back to the hotel about eleven that night after having some great food at a fine restaurant.

We walked into the room and I asked Him if he needed some attention, he smiled and said. 'Always Mike, Always.'

I began to undress Alex and by the time I had him naked His gorgeous cock was standing up like a friggen flag pole.

I got him ready and lay him down on the bed and I went into the restroom and lubed up my asshole, in preparation for giveing him the fuck of his life.

I went back out and put some lube oil on his cock as he watched bewilederd, I got naked while he stared at me and then got up on the bed and straddled his body and reached around and grabbed his cock, took the head and swirled it around my rectum and then just sat down on it and felt it break thru my anal opening.

Seeing the look on his face was priceless, feeling his cock was out of sight.

To say there was pain at first was an understatement, I felt like my asshole was split, it stung, burned and throbbed for the first five minutes but I knew it would settle down.

I finally had it worked into the my asshole to his balls, and when he opened his eyes, I saw this gorgeous handsome man wearing the most awesome smile.

'I think Im in love' he said.

I looked down to his face and responded, 'Me too' and winked at Alex.

I fucked Alex like a Whore that night and we had Unbridled, passionate sex, and we both seemed to be in sync because I shot my load just as Alex shot filled my intestines with his load.

One thing I know for sure, Alex Isn't frustrated and stressed out now, he is calm and assured and well taken care of by his Aide, that would be me.

Sometimes even Politicians have something good to offer, at least to me. Ciao



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