I just wonder if anyone realized just how fucking miserable I was, laying here in a hotel room, in bed with one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen.

I was alright with us sleeping in the bed together, saving expenses on this trip, but Holy Shit man, I hadn't realized just how awesome looking, and totally sexy Alex was, Jesus, he's a wet dream come true.

Thinking back how could I have been so blind. I had worked at this very Large corporation with head offices in Des Moines, I started working there when I was fresh out of College, got a job as a starting salesman for this company.

We sold Hospital supplies and equiptment to clinics and Hospitals all over the country, it was my job to travel to the hosiptals or clinics and set up the orders and doing the training sessions after the setups.

I made a hell of a load of money at this job but it had it's drawbacks. I had hardly any home life which meant that my hand was my only sex partner, but thats the way it is with a lot of guys, married or unmarried, gay or straight.

I had been on this job for about eleven years, was sort of a lead person, I had trained several men to do this job and I was the senior Sales executive in the office.

About three months ago we got this young man, nice enough looking, names Alex, and I was assigned to be his mentor, he had been in a company dept called Mergers and Aquisitions, but they, The big shots, wanted Alex to learn all about the company.

I guessed he would be about twenty four or twenty five. He was really very nice looking and the more I got close to him the sexier he began to look.

He was always dressed impecibly and he wore only the finest clothes too, I might add.

Well the boss called me in and said for me to take Alex with me to Dallas for a Mecical Supply Trade show. I had no problem with that, but I had not told Alex I was gay, He hadn't suspected it, or if he had he never let on about it.

We took a flight out and landed in Dallas, rented a car for the week and went to a hotel, Actually it was Alex that suggested we share a room to save our perdium money.

Actually I was beginning to become attracted to Alex, but I didn't really know anything about him on a personal basis.

We got settled in and after getting booked into a room I realized it only had a queen sized bed, only one.

I wasn't too sure of this one. I hadn't gotten my nuts off for at least two weeks and I wasn't sure about Alex, I still hadn't had a discussion with him, I was just doing my best in looking macho and straight as I could.

We went to the Restaurant and had some Dinner, then we went to the pavillion where the trade show was being held, got our booth and set it up and by the time we were finished it was about ten o'clock that evening.

We decided to find a liquer store, and get us a cold twelve pack, which would be fine with me seeing that we had a little frig in our room.

As Alex was driving I began to give him the personal third degrees,just wanting to find out where I stood as far a chances with him, without coming straight out and telling Im gay and I want to have sex with him.

Alex was the first to have his shower, I was a little excited when he didn't even close the door to the bathroom when he took his shower, but I didn't want to be inconspicuous, so I didn't try to get a looks as his package. I just figured that I would maybe get the chance to maybe cop a feel later while he was asleep. Just that thought was enought to get me hard thinking about it.

Alex walked out and said, 'Hey man, its all yours.' I looked up and almost swallowed my tongue, I almost grunted as I beheld Alex's chest, he was built awesomely, he was gorgeous, had that lovely coating of hair like the actor Chris Evans, God Alex was gorgeous, but then it even got worse, he uwapped his towel from his waist and faced the other way I had to bite my lip to keep from yelling when I saw his ass, it was out of a dream, beautifull shaped, covered with a light covering of hair, I knew I needed to quit lusting and looking, and get in the shower and hide my seven and a half inch boner.

By the time I got into the shower my cock was aching, even ice water wouldn't have made it go down, It was up for the evening or at least till it got some attention.

I got my shower, mostly cold water, walked back out still almost completely hard, there laying on the edge of the bed looking at a motel pamphlet was Alex just in one gorgeous pair of very close hugging white briefs, now I have always had this thing for the looks of tidy whities on a good looking guy, and looking at Alex laying there in just white briefs, was like torturing me, big time.

I dropped my towel and reached over toward my suitcase and got my boxers out, turned and there was Alex staring at my bare ass, And for the first time he said something sexual,'Damn dude, don't be offended but your ass looks awesome,'

'I'm Glad you like it Alex, It can be had for the right price,' I said as a joke, but truthfully to Alex, it would go for free.

Alex just laughed, 'hey man, I just might take you up on it before this trip if over,'

I just smiled and sorta silly smile at him not knowing how to respond to his statement.

'Alex layed over on his back, gorgeous looking, slid his hand down into his briefs, and just sorta diddled with his cock a second, 'Damn man, I haven't sex since me and my old lady split, we were married for almost two years and it just didn't work out with her.'

'No shit man, that would be a bummer, but I guess we both sorta have the same problem, I love to get a nut, evey once in a while and 'Old Rosie' just don't know how to make it feel like that other persons touch does.'

'Damn I feel the same way,Yeah man, nothing feels better that the touch of someone else.'

'Hey Alex the last trip I took I stopped at this truck stop and went into the rest room, there was this hole in the bathroom wall,'

'And what happened, Well I found out that if theres a trucker in the other stall he will do one of two things,' 'Yeah what's that?'

'Well he put his finger into the hole and motioned for me to stick my boner in thru the wall, I did and he liked to suck the blood out of my body, it was the most awesome feeling I have ever felt. It was better than Pussy, I'm not kidding.'

'No Shit Man, You actually let some dude suck on your cock for you, How did that feel?'

'Believe me Alex, you've never had a gal give you the blowjob a dude will, It was mind blowingly awesome.'

'Wow man, that sounds awesome, but a guy, I Don't know,'

'Well Alex, you'll never learn any sooner than now, and who will know but you?'

I got ready for bed and crawled over Alex's body. slid under the covers. I hadn't noticed it but I guess that Alex liked to sleep nude, he had slipped off his briefs and put them under his pillow.

This made matters even worse, I layed down and felt his leg hairs rubbing against my leg, I could feel the electric jolts of sexuality and arousal shooting thru my body.

I was almost shaking I was so excited and turned on, there was a little wet spot on the top sheet covering our bodies from the precum.

I was turning into a blithering idiot, I was nervous like a kid, I was so aroused if someone had smacked my boner with a stick it would have broken in peices. It was hard enough to be brittle.

I could tell Alex was just entering into his sleep, and his breathing was getting regular, and deep like it does when your asleep.

I listened to his breath, thinking about that awesome ass, and that bulge in his briefs.

I was in torture.

I felt him stir and he rolled over and mumbled somthing in his sleep, and I felt Alex throw his hairy,muscular leg over my body and he pushed his now rock hard cock against my side and started humping me in his sleep. I got an Idea and reached over into my bag got some lube out and squirted some in my hand, and reached down and slicked up his cock,and my asshole, damn Alex had a thick,long cock, I couldn't see it in the dark but it felt like it was eight or nine inches long.

I wanted to do more than touch it, and I leaned over and took my boxers off, placed his thick lubed cock against my asshole and pushed back against him, I felt him hump forward and I felt my asshole give way and in slid his cock, He was still asleep and he began to I guess have a dream, and he put his arm over across my body, saying,'Oh baby I love you, in his sleep, Damn, he had his cock buried in my asshole and I was in heaven.

Alex was in full open Dream mode, because he was fucking my ass like I was his wife.

He had sleep fucked me for almost ten minutes when I heard him start really breathing saying,'Oh yeah, Oh yeah baby, come on, thats it. Oh yes yes yes and I felt his body tighten against mine and I felt his cock start pumping out it load, I could feel it leaking out and running down my leg. I was a happy camper at that moment, but I knew he wasn't aware of it and that saddened me. In his mind it was something else.

I wiped off my asshole with a few tissues, and rolled over on my back, happy and sad at the same time.

I was laying there when I heard Alex, 'Hey man, you weren't kidding about that man sex thing were you, That felt fucking awesome, I have never fucked anyone in the ass before, Your ass is fantastic.'

I said, 'Alex you were awake?'

'Fuck yeah who the hell could sleep thru a fantastic fuck like that?'

I smiled and said, 'well I guess you know by now, I'm Gay?'

'Well to be truthful I sorta felt like you were.'

'Why didn't you mention to me that you thought that?'

'What, and take the chance of not getting to see for myself. I was just hoping it would have been when I was awake.'

I was astounded at his revelation.

'Hey Dave, you haven't gotten off yet, I want to try what you said, you know sucking it.'

Alex leaned over and took my throbbing hard cock into his mouth, his first cock ever, and started doing one hell of a job at sucking and just about making my head come off, it had been so fucking long for me.

I felt the build up as my cock got closer to that explosion.

I was almost there in just a few minutes and I almost yelled at Alex, 'I'm going to cum man, you better get off, he just kept going, and it took me about three more minutes of his sliding his lips tightly across my cock head and down the shaft, I arched my body upward and held his head down on my cock and filled his mouth with my cum, Alex sorta gagged a little but held his own. I was in Hog heaven, my nuts were drained and I was satisfied.

Well I layed back and recouped and then I looked over at Alex, and smiled at his beautiful face. He was more beautiful than ever, and I leaned over and took his still slick and moist cock into my mouth and in several minutes his cock was revived and hard again, and I sucked his cock to a beautiful mind blowing climax, Alex was almost yelling from pleasure as I took it over the cliff.

He filled me with cum that time, and it tasted so fantastic to feel cum again on my tongue, I didn't swallow it right away, I wanted to enjoy its texture and flavor man, it was awesome.

Well needless to say Alex was hooked, the next night after our trade show, Alex was like a starving sex crazed newly wed, he wanted to suck and fuck again, to which I had no problem.

Well We never moved in together but even when we got back to Des Moines, Alex and I never went unsatisfied and tried to always get booked together on sales trips, which usually happened, we were the top sales team in the company, we were so happy and completely satisfied, in every area of life. Damn man, it seems like we were always spending night together and fucking our brains out.



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