Austin’s cream filled surprise

Coach Powell believed he could sense potential meat a mile off, and Austin who was one of the youngest members of the rugby team he was now coaching was a prime candidate. His short and scruffy auburn hair, the rough short reddish stubble on his face and the cheeky mischievous grin were like a red rag to a bull.

Coach Powell was sure the lad had got a stiffie when in a scrum during the game. He had watched Austin adjust himself several times through his tight fitting black rugby shorts, watched as he had stuck his hand beneath his shorts and jock strap and had a good ole rummage, and then watched as his hand went to his nose as if sniffing and enjoying his own manly musk.

After the friendly match Powell wondered where Austin was as he looked around and searched the changing rooms followed by the shower block where most of the team had already hit the showers and the large communal bath.

 It was not until the coach had gone to the toilets to release his bladder at the urinal when he had heard a muffled groan. It was Luke, one of the other team members who come out of a lock up moments later looking more than a little dishevelled as he adjusted his shorts, the cubicle door quickly closed behind him as he exited.

“Hey there Coach” Luke said casually before walking away

Powell tugged and shook his nozzle as he drained the last few drops at the metal trough before crouching and looking under the locker. Dirty bastards, there was someone else in the same cubicle, and he knew exactly who.

Powell washed his hands and went back to the changing room where the rest of the guys were in the process of getting dressed, including Luke who he had witnessed moments earlier leave the locker in his rugby kit and now was stood topless with his tight jeans already on.

“Did you shower?” Powel asked Luke

 “Yeah coach” Luke responded looking the coach directly in the eyes and grinning before he lifted his arm and took a sniff of his own dank hairy pit.

 Powell felt his pecker twitch and imagined getting his own nose wedged in that damp hairy nook.

Each team member left as the Coach remained stood watching, and just as the last couple of blokes left Austin strode in still wearing his muddy rugby kit.

 “Your the last one Austin” Powell commented giving him a glaring look and then looking at his watch

 “Sorry, was just having a quick fag outside Coach” Austin responded

 “Really” Powell replied knowing full well where he had been

 “Well hurry up and hit the showers, I have not got all night” Powel added as he stood arms folded and feet spread apart as he watched.

Austin turned his back to the coach and pulled off his rugby top before pulling down his black shorts exposing his pert chucky rounded buttocks covered in auburn peach fuzz, perfectly framed by the white straps of his jock strap, his long red rugby socks still pulled up his calves. Then as he bent forward his cheeks parted enough to get a glimpse of his hole surrounded by a dense thicket of darker denser auburn hair.

Austin’s sphincter clamped and relaxed as it opened and closed, the pink puckered eye appearing to wink. He remained bent over as he began to rummage around in his sports bag, and then the Coach gasped, a drizzle of thick white jizz dripped free from the open aperture, a trail of evidence from the recent male deposit. The drizzle became a brook and then a flowing stream as it run down over his chunky thigh.

The Coach grabbed at his groin through his shorts as he felt his instant boner pop up at the sight of unloading man juice, and then he stepped towards Austin as he remained bent over, the abundant white load still spilling out. The coach reached out and rested his palm on the muscular buttock and Austin reached up and grabbed at the wooden slatted bench in front of him and reared his arse outwards, presenting it perfectly as he groaned his approval.

“I was wondering how long it would take you coach” Austin commented as the Coach’s hand grabbed the firm flesh and his fingers rubbed against the sticky cum trail

“You had already sussed me out too had you” Coach Powell commented making it clear he had worked out Austin’s sexual persuasion

Austin groaned and backed up as one of the Coach’s fingers pressed against the warm wet hole

“Yeah, I had figured out what team you played for. Are you going to fuck me?” Austin asked bluntly

“Maybe, maybe not” The coach responded trying to sound blasé

“Don’t you want to feel Luke’s fresh spunky load lubricating your big cock deep inside my arsehole” Austin replied as he rotated his hips and felt a single digit slip inside and begin its exploration.

“You seem very sure of what I would like” Powell remarked

“I have seen the way you looked at the guys, especially Luke, the handsome and seemingly untouchable bloke. But he is not as straight or as untouchable as you might have thought”

Powell thought his tone sounded a little cocky, but Austin was right, he had immediately lusted after Luke from the first moment he had seen him but had put the possibility of anything happening to the back of his mind. Yet clearly something about the way he had interacted with Luke had given him away to Austin.

“So this is my gift for you Sir!” Austin said as he clamped his muscles around the Coach’s large finger

“You let him fuck you to get to me?”

“I always let him fuck me when we win a game, but I also done it for you. I can see you need it bad, go on Coach, fuck me hard with his fresh seed still warm inside me Coach”

The Coach was used to being in the driving seat and in control, but as his cock throbbed rapidly within his shorts at the feel of the spunk drenched sullied hole he felt it was Austin controlling the game, but still, it was a game he wanted to be a part of.

Powell crouched down and spread the firm cheeks apart and edged closer until the scent filled his nostrils, the heady blend of sweaty man crack and freshly pumped out spunk that mixed with the other musky smells that lingered in the men’s’ changing room.

“Take it” Austin groaned

Powell was unsure if it was a request or an order but felt intoxicated by the overwhelming masculine stench and Austin’s direct nature.

Powell stood up as he pulled his finger free and give it a lingering whiff before pulling his shorts and jock forward releasing his erect aching prick. He rubbed the nib of his big prick at the opening and felt his stiff rod starting to slide into the cum coated burrow, pre stretched and pre lubricated by Luke himself. The thought of Luke’s firm cock previously inside the same space he was now about to inhabit added to the arousal.

“Oh fucking hell yeah coach” Austin groaned deeply at the feel of the head of coaches man sized meat pressing slowly into his opening

The coach grabbed at Austin’s hips sliding his finger under the wide elastic waistband of his white jock strap and then pulled as he propelled himself deep inside in one fast jab

“Holy fuck yeah fuck me man” Austin cried feeling every inch of the Coach’s rigid member rammed into his hole, stretching him wider than the previous occupier moments earlier

There was nothing slow or tender about the Coach’s approach to fucking arse. It was a ravage manly assault that made Austin buck back and forward, his head bobbing up and down as he whimpered and whined with rampant pleasure

“Fuck yeah Coach, give it to me please, I need it” Austin cried, welcoming the heavy handed brutality as he felt a firm hand whack hard across his arse cheek and got hammered hard

Powell could see the previous spunky load frothing at the entrance as he pounded, like when you beat an egg white into stiff peaks, a frothy white foam that dripped down over Austin’s perineum and ball sack which in turn splattered over the Coach’s own hefty bollocks as they slapped against Austin’s underside.

The Coach fucked Austin hard and fast, his meat squelching in another man’s spooge that began to ferment as it released its own potent fragrance that quickly filled the Coach’s nostrils stronger than a hit of poppers.

“Oh yeah fuck me hard” Austin groaned as another firm slap landed and the Coach pounded deep with his long rigid rod

“Fucking take it all” The Coach growled feeling close to adding his own built up load

“Give it to me” Austin pleaded sensing the imminent ejaculation that he hungered to feel dumped within him

Austin did not have to wait long as he felt the manic thrusts and the Coach’s pulsing cock followed by the pumping action of warm man juice spilling right into his cavity

“Oh man yes, thank you Coach, fuck yes thank you” Austin whimpered as he backed up and clenched his sphincter muscles to drain every precious drop.

The Coach finally pulled free as he continued to pant and gasp and catch his breath
 “You filthy fucker” Coach Powell commented still breathless as he looked at the shit eating grin stretched right across Austin’s face

“Now you are officially one of the team” Austin announced as he stood upright and turned around

“Oh so you’re like the team bike are you” Coach remarked as he looked into Austin’s eyes

“I see it more as a team bonding and building role”

“That is some bond. So how many have fucked you in one session?”

Austin smirked before responding

“Well actually there are two of the team who have not fucked me... yet. But having the whole team fuck me in one session, well that is my major fantasy”

“That is a fantasy I would like to see firsthand. Sure you are man enough for that?” The Coach asked his palm resting against the side of Austin’s face before planting a tender kiss on his lips

“You kiss too” Austin said looking taken aback

“I am fucking gay, of course I like to kiss you dumb fuck”

“Some guys get freaked out buy that, like they can bury their bone in my shit hole and that is OK but kiss” Austin said finishing with a laugh

“You are all kinds of fucking sexy you know that” Coach Powell commented his gaze fixed on Austin’s mischievous twinkling eyes

“You can say that even after knowing what a dirty lad I am”

The Coach leaned forward and wrapped his muscular arms around Austin and gave him a firm hug as he stuck a finger deep in his wet man hole. They kissed passionately and the Coach pulled his cum coated finger free and leaned his head back a little holding the glistening finger between their mouths.

Austin stuck out his tongue and the Coach joined him in savouring the salty sheen as they then kissed again

“I say it because you are a dirty lad. That is part of what makes you so damn alluring” Powell said tasting the blended juices and saliva in his mouth

“You want to shower or do you prefer to remain stinking the rest of the day?” Austin enquired still smiling like the cat that had the cream... The man cream that is.

“Getting a good man stink on is good, but think I could do with a shower to be honest to get this mud off”

Austin pulled off his jock strap exposing his now soft floppy member and held out the jock for the Coach

“Another gift, if that is your thing”

Coach Powell took the warm jock and looked to see the pouch saturated by Austin’s spilled seed

“You cum in your jock” The Coach commented sounding surprised not having even seen Austin touch himself

“What can I say you were that good, and you hit the sweet spot Coach” Austin replied winking

The pair hit the showers where Austin spent ages soaping every inch of the Coach’s body, massaging his muscular upper torso and thick stocky thighs with layers of soap suds and rinsing him down with hot water.

“Saturday night is party night if you want to join me and the guys” Austin said as he used a towel to dry the Coach’s body

“Sounds fun, is it fun?”

“Well it can be. Ever play the biscuit challenge?”

It was like an urban legend that plenty of Rugby blokes had heard of, but none had ever admitted in partaking in, that was until Austin. His eyes lit up as he mentioned the biscuit challenge that he had clearly not only done but enjoyed.

To be continued...

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