Anthony had always wondered where the boundary lay between sex and just getting your rocks off, assuming there was a distinction.
Was jerking off with a buddy sex?
What if you don't touch one another?
Is watching someone jerk off sex?
If that was the case all the times watching guys whack of live on web cam would add up to a lot of sex partners.

In his time Anthony had a few mates that enjoyed tossing off together while watching porn, and they would certainly never have claimed it had been sex, just doing a necessary deed when horny with a buddy present.

He had even met lads that went in for a little kinky stuff while beating their meat together, yet they identified themselves as straight and not wanting sex with men. In their heads they had made a clear definition of what sex was and was not, or was that just convenient, a means of kidding themselves about their true sexual identity.

In Anthony's mind sex was the physical interaction of naked bodies, sucking, fucking, rimming. What he and the Coach had explored in his youth in his head had never constituted as sex, for him this was their first time regardless of how kinky and deviant the activities they engaged in may have seemed.

Yes there had been lots of sniffing jockstraps, underwear and socks, whacking off openly in front of each other with dirty talk, and even pissing on each other, but never full on wham bam stick your dick in the mouth or in the bum hole sex.

This activity they was engaged in now, in the here and now, this to Anthony was sex...

Chapter 4: Present Day

The Coach lay out upon his back on the bed, his muscular arms stretching out above him before he placed his hands behind his head. Anthony found himself just stood taking in the view of MR Powell naked as he sniffed the distinct musky scent that filled the bedroom. The kind of scent he only wished was available as a room freshener spray. He would be buying it by the crate load if it was.

"So MR Wells" The Coach said looking more seductive than ever as he lay on the black sheets.
Anthony had not heard his name said like that since he was at school and he found himself fidgeting on his feet feeling a little anxious. At 26 he was a man now with many sexual experiences under his belt, yet in the presents of the Coach he felt he had regressed back to a time in his youth.

Anthony climbed on the bed and lay at his side. The Coach turned his head and they gazed into one another's eyes, the palm of Anthony's hand travelling over MR Powell's broad chest feeling the muscular contours and the light coating of brown hair.
"So" Anthony echoed as he pressed his naked flesh firm against MR Powell and felt his arching cock press against the side of the Coach's hip.

Anthony stretched forward and they kissed, with MR Powell's hands still behind his head and his hairy armpits exposed just beneath where their lips met. It was impossible not to inhale the natural musky perfume that filled the damp nook. The overpowering stench that tantalised and aroused as their mouths opened and tongues docked into each other's mouths.

Anthony's fingers located one of the protruding nipples on the Coach's chest and began to gently pinch it and felt a warm groan of breath into his mouth. The scent of the armpit beneath their open mouths continued to build up in its potency. Anthony lowered his head just a fraction so that he could feel the clammy skin of the area against the side of his cheek.

He could hear the sound of MR Powell sniffing as he took in his own satisfying body odour, their mouths parted a little and now both of their tongues explored the fragrant flavours of the Coach's pit as they both inhaled in short sharp breaths. They lavished in the taste and scent of underarm vapour, the abundant spring of sweat that seeped through the pores and produced such an erotic high.

Their tongues met and Anthony could taste the sweaty residue that now coated the Coach's tongue and they began to kiss passionately again, their breaths laboured with rampant excitement, uninhibited by their shared delight in manly fumes.

The Coach pulled away and rolled over on his side and pushed himself up on all fours, he grabbed Anthony's wrists firmly and pushed his hands up over his head before he dove down into Anthony's armpit. Anthony rotated his head and again started to kiss the Coach now buried in his own moist pit, his own sweat not as pungent or as prolific as MR Powell's but still stimulating.

Their mouths pulled away slightly and they began to feast upon Anthony's underarms, the Coach clambering astride Anthony so that their stiff cocks rubbed together and the pair alternated between both of Anthony's armpits, a slimy emission building up over their cocks as they rubbed and throbbed against one another.

Anthony felt the Coach's free hand slip between their bodies and grasp their members together, his other hand continuing to pin Anthony's wrists in place above his head. The sensation of the Coach's large tool pulsating against his own in a solid grip that stroked up and down as they continued to kiss and explore Anthony's pits. He could feel their blended pre cum smeared over his shaft and he began to almost hyperventilate with arousal, gasping for air as he took in all the sensations tastes and smells around him, driving him closer as he pushed against the strong one hand that held his wrists in place, Anthony struggled as he felt himself on the edge of cuming.

MR Powell pulled away instinctively sensing the impending ejaculation and he tugged firm on Anthony's bollocks and starred at him in the eyes as he spoke in his deep voice
"No, not yet, we have only just started"
Anthony felt the sensation abate as his gaze remained fixed on MR Powel's piercing eyes that flickered with flames of passion.

"That's a good boy, breathe into it now and calm yourself down a little"
Anthony followed the instructions and relaxed his tensed body and sunk into the mattress beneath as the Coach released his grip on Anthony's wrists and stroked his temple.

MR Powell had always had the effect of making Anthony quickly spunk his load, and there had been times in semi public places where it had been a necessity to bust a quick nut.

As Anthony starred into the Coach's eyes his mind wondered back to one time after a rugby game against one of their biggest rivals...

Chapter 5: The Past...

The lads were stoked by the result at the end of the match and they run at each other, their bodies colliding with force as they hugged and laughed with sheer joy.
"Well done" the Coach shouted out in his deep husky voice that resonated through Anthony's body.

The Coach approached Anthony and wrapped one arm around Anthony's shoulder squeezing tight around his neck as he looked at his watch. He glanced over at the other team as they headed for the changing rooms with their heads down.

"Listen no hitting the showers yet OK. Wait for me. I am going to go over and congratulate the other Coach on his team's efforts, and then if you are up for it we can have some one on one bloke time in the changing rooms".
The Coach winked and Anthony knew what he was implying. The Coach pulled the side of Anthony's head towards his bulky pumped chest before releasing him and heading off towards the opponents with a skip in his step.

Anthony hung around outside the wooden chalet building for a while before entering the changing rooms as the rest of the team was drying off and getting dressed. MR Powell was already there. His face beaming away as he patted naked and semi dressed team members on the backs and buttocks and told them how well they had performed.

If the team had any indication about his sexual preferences they certainly would not be taking the playful attention so lightly. But gauging from their reactions and laughter to a firm bare ass slap they did not know. It was like MR Powell was such a big rugged masculine bloke that the team could not even consider it a possibility.

Once the last team member had left The Coach went to check the other team had gone before returning and grabbing his sports bag and rummaging inside with an excited look on his face.
"Wait till you see what I have got my hands on" MR Powell said as he held something out of sight in his bag.
Anthony stood watching and waiting in eager anticipation and watched as he pulled out two jockstraps.

"I have two gifts from the loosing team, not that they know it. One belongs to their Coach and the other their lead player, that big built fucker with the mean look on his face and tiny dick, hey maybe he is a grower not a shower. A small dick on a big beefy lad can be pretty sexy to be honest though".

Anthony looked at him in disbelief, he had not gone over there to congratulate the Coach on a good game at all, he had schemed all along to get a token gift, or in this case two token gifts.

"So you want to take a whiff of what a loser smell like?" The Coach said holding up one of the jockstraps and dangling it up in the air.

The Coach cupped the pouch in one hand and held it against Anthony's nose and mouth before he leaned in beside him to share the booty. Anthony felt the Coach's rough stubbly cheek press against his own smooth cheek, the feel of his warm breath as they both breathed in and out into the sweat saturated jockstrap.

The freshly left musk extracted by two eager noses and mouths side by side, chewing, sniffing and sucking the fabric of its taint. The Coach salivating and small particles of his spit finding its way onto Antony's mouth as they gorged themselves on the sodden fabric. Their lips tantalisingly close and occasionally brushing against one another making Anthony's pecker pulsate and leak beneath the tight restriction of his jockstrap and rugby shorts.

Anthony watched the coach breathing in, his tightly closed eyes and the expression of pure bliss upon his face, panting, groaning and whimpering as he indulged in his fetish.

"Oh fuck yeah" The Coach said, pulling his nose away, his face glowing with pleasure
"They might have played like a bunch of frigging girls but they certainly smell like men"
Anthony felt the jockstrap being pulled away as the other was held up between them
"OK that was the Coach, now let's take a whiff of the stocky lad".

Anthony felt the fabric touch his face and in an instant the Coach was right there beside him, burying his face deep in the white cotton fabric pouch.
It lacked the rich full bodied scent of the Coach, but it was still no less satisfying in its offerings and Anthony felt his prick reacting as the Coach's chest heaved in and out, his chest filling out and expanding as he inhaled deeply.

The Coach was groaning loudly into the stench filled fabric and Anthony was in no doubt he had one hand down under his shorts and jock as he groped and tugged his todger with excitement. Anthony slipped his own hand beneath his waistband and began to fondle his rock hard prick for a while as the jockstrap and the Coach's cheek remained pressed firm against his face.

Anthony could feel his head spin with a heady euphoria, his breathing quickening as he pushed his shorts and jock down and began to whack off furiously.
As MR Powell groaned deeply Anthony could feel the warm moisture from his mouth.

The jockstrap was pulled away and Anthony looked at MR Powell with a look of yearning as his hand froze mid stroke. He watched as the Coach pulled off his own shorts and jockstrap without taking off his rugby boots exposing his large erect member that stood like at full mast, the foreskin pulled tight around the head and offering a small opening that give a glimpse of the piss slit beneath.

Anthony felt the damp fabric of the Coach's jock pressed firm against his face with fresh sticky patches of pre cum that landed at his lips. The fabric reeked of sweaty manhood and Anthony quickly began to stroke himself again, his hand moving rapidly as he gasped against the pouch that was pushed in place by the Coach's hand as he encouraged him.

"Yeah that is good, stroke it, tell me when you are close"
"Fuck I am close Sir!" Anthony instantly groaned through the musky fabric as his knees buckled and his body quivered
"Go on, fucking shoot that spunk for me" MR Powell ordered as he stood in front of Anthony and used two fingers to push the fabric in Anthony's mouth.
"Oh yes Sir!" Anthony whimpered with a muffled voice as he felt the surge arise
"Ah, ah, ah!" Several thick loads of jizz blasted out, splattering up over the Coach's rugby shirt and erect cock.

Anthony gasped as the Coach pulled his fingers and jockstrap away and he caught his breath as he watched the Coach use the palm of his hand to scoop up some of the fresh load from his shirt, placing it in his mouth and sucking his fingers free of the salty sticky load before scooping up more to use as lubrication on his cock.

Anthony clambered out of his shorts and jock as the Coach began to beat off his manhood, a frothy white build up coating it from Anthony's whipped up cum. Anthony held his Jock up to MR Powell's face and felt the fabric being sucked in against his mouth and nostrils as he jerked off frantically, his face gurning and contorting as his huge muscular body shook.
"OH fuck" the Coach groaned through the fabric of Anthony's jock.

Anthony focused down on the man sized equipment as the thick foreskin pulled back and forth over the swollen head and he knew the Coach was close. MR Powell held the open palm of his free hand out in front of his cock as he groaned louder.

"Oh yeah fuck!" he cried as a thick load shot into his palm quickly filling the cupped hand and flowing over the edges.

Anthony let his hand with his jockstrap drop away and the Coach raised his hand and sniffed the freshly shot load before offering it up to Anthony
"Get a fucking good whiff of Coach cum"
Anthony sniffed deeply before lowering a little more and placing his tongue tentatively against the gooey fluid and tasting the strong saline solution.

The Coach smirked and raised his palm to his own mouth and stuck his tongue right into it, lapping it up like a thirsty puppy and showing Anthony how it was done as he stared at him directly in the eyes.

"Fuck I needed that bad. We better hit the showers" MR Powel remarked still smirking as cum dripped from his chin.

As Anthony stood under the spray of the shower he looked over and watched MR Powell and the way the water flowed down over his naked muscular frame. He remembered the last time he had watched in secret but that was not the case now, there was nothing to hide from each other with their growing bond.

Chapter 6: Present Day...

The Coach looked at Anthony as he snapped out of his daydream state and gave him that troublesome smirk that meant his dirty mind was working overtime. The Coach was in no rush today and clearly wanted to explore more than they had before, all the carnal things they had denied themselves, which may sound odd considering what they had not denied themselves back then.

"Now I suggest you keep your hands away from yourself for a bit, but I do have something to occupy your attention though" MR Powell had a wicked look on his face as he climbed off Anthony and lay face down on the bed, he spread his tree trunk like thighs a little and tilted his hips causing his butt to raise.

"Anything you see you fancy getting your tongue and nose into boy?"
Anthony clambered up quickly and manoeuvred himself between the Coach's thighs before he lowered his head down towards the two chunky mounds of flesh. That muscular rounded rump that showed off in a jockstrap so well now served up for Anthony to indulge in.

Anthony grabbed one mass of solid glute muscle in each hand and spread them apart exposing the hairy trench between. Anthony lowered himself until he burrowed his nose and mouth into the Coach's crevice, his tongue licking and lapping as his nose inhaled the aroma of manly ass crack.

The tip of Antony's tongue worked against the tight circular band of muscle until it opened giving access to the passage beyond. He could feel the Coach's hips pushing back to welcome the intrusion as his deep groans were muffled by the pillow he sunk his face into.
"Oh yeah that's my boy" came the response to Anthony's tongue sliding in to its full length as he spread the cheeks even further apart.

Anthony pulled away and slurped a moist trail along the length of the Coach's hairy trench several times before diving back into the hole that now remained open in anticipation
"Oh you dirty fucker" The Coach gasped, his hips backing up further upon the hungry mouth that pierced him.

Anthony licked the space behind the Coach's bollocks and then moved out the way as the Coach rolled over on to his back, his huge stiff pole swaying before it stopped and stood perfectly upright.

As Anthony began to lick up and down the lengthy shaft he placed a finger tip at the moist hole between the Coach's thighs, putting light pressure against the opening as he took the large stiff cock in his mouth, sliding his finger inside as he travelled down the shaft causing the Coach's hips to buck up and down between the two sensations.

He felt MR Powell's sphincter muscle clamping tight around his finger as he worked his rigid tool with an eager throat. The unmistakable salty taste of pre cum from the constantly oozing head awakening Anthony's taste buds with pure delight.

Anthony fervently worked away on the Coach's manhood as his finger repeatedly probed his asshole.

"Don't you dare make me shoot either you cum guzzling cock sucker" The Coach said as Anthony felt him grab either side of his head and skewer his throat with the full length of his meat rod.
Anthony gagged and heaved, his head held in place for a few moments before MR Powell released his grip enabling Anthony to pull away as he gasped for air.

"You really do love cock don't you" MR Powell said as he observed the trail of saliva running down Anthony's chin
"Fuck you bet I do sir"
The Coach grinned at being called Sir again
"Yeah, well you are not the only one"
Anthony felt the mattress give to the weight of MR Powell as he clambered to his knees and his mouth made a beeline for Anthony's erect pecker.

"Oh shit!" Anthony said feeling caught by surprise by the Coach's warm mouth wrapped around his bell end. The Coach's tongue working the underside as he slowly slid down Anthony's length until he reached the ball sack and paused in place, keeping every inch rammed down his throat without so much as a struggle.

Anthony felt a large finger sliding up and down the length between his cheeks before it began to circle around his puckered hole gently.

The Coach pulled away and held the finger to his nose and inhaled deeply
"Sweet smell of a man's arse crack. Nothing fucking better"
Anthony grinned at the action that many would have found disgusting, but for Anthony it was a turn on, he knew exactly what the Coach meant and had sniffed the back of the Coach's underpants on untold occasions, savouring that intense lingering butt bouquet from a sweaty arse cleavage.

The Coach lowered himself back to Anthony's crutch, licking sucking and sniffing his cock and balls before moving to the place behind his ball sack. Anthony positioned himself upon his hands and knees and felt the Coach's tongues attention go to his ass, his hands spreading Anthony's cheeks and diving in with a ravenous mouth.

Some men could be a little tentative for Anthony in their approach to rimming. That could certainly not be said about MR Powell with his full on greedy gluttonous gorge, the flat of his tongue and nose working the length of Anthony's gully, his tongue and mouth slurping and feasting on his hole leaving the area sopping wet with saliva.

Anthony felt his moist tongue travel up along his spine as his sticky cock head began to nudge against Anthony's hole making Anthony feel a bit daunted at the thought of the hefty sized member.
The Coach put his hands under his chest and pulled his upper torso upright before raising Anthony's arms and placing his hands behind his head before the Coach's nose began to explore back at Anthony's armpits, his hard cock sliding between Anthony's thighs. His fingers rotated and rubbed over Anthony's nipples before his strong arms wrapped around Anthony's upper torso in a tight grip, his mouth lingering at the nape of Anthony's neck.

"You feel and smell so good" The Coach murmured as he pushed his hips forward.
MR Powell's leaking cock left a sticky trail of pre cum between Anthony's thighs, his hand reaching down and a finger capturing some of Anthony's own oozing flow before the Coach raised it to his lips
"Taste damn good too" he added.

Anthony felt his hips grinding against him and felt his warm soft lips as they kissed down the side of his neck, occasionally biting tenderly before he pulled his mouth away and whispered against Anthony's ear

"I need to go and take a piss"...

 To Be Continued...



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