I can best describe myself has your average guy. I stood at 6 feet, weighed 160, had a nice set of pecs and abs with dark brown hair and brown eyes. My cock tops out at 7.5 inches. But I had always questioned what I enjoyed most? I had a series of girlfriends growing up and lately have decided to take a break from dating cause I was getting tired of it, and quite frankly wanted to try something different.

I found myself admiring in deep thought about my friends, I call em Anthony and Tyler to protect their identities. Both guys played on the basketball team (I played football as WR) and each featured chiseled bodies. Anthony was hispanic, stood at 6-2, 158 lbs (of pure muscle), had a buzz cut along with a 8 inch cock, or so he told me during a conversation. Tyler was black (more like bi-racial) and he was equally endowed with a roughly 9 inch cock, 6-5, 170 lbs of muscle. Both had pretty girlfriends named Chelsey and Georgina respectively.

We were going on a road trip for spring break and I was undoubtedly the 5th wheel. If I said I didn't mind, I was lying. The sight of seeing my friends just spit-swapping as we were all inside an Audi Q7 just made me feel like I was left out in a way.

As we drove through various scenic parts (we were in California), I suddenly found myself, in the back seat, getting aroused at the thought of having sex with my friend Anthony (driving). I wondered what pleasure I could get from having a hunk like him worship me and vice-versa.

He fit the bill of curiosity, a very muscular guy who was the high school jock and had a model girlfriend. I felt my dick harden and quickly grabbed a magazine from the back of the seat and began reading to hide it. What was going on here?

During a reststop, the girls split from the guys and headed to the restrooms while Anthony and Tyler began talking about who was going to be the first to break the ice (have sex). They were placing bets of $100 as I simply laughed and became the banker for the bet (holding the money). Before leaving, I felt I needed to relief the sexual tension I had built up and jerked off inside a crowded restroom in record time before coming out to be the driver during the second leg of the trip.

We had arrived at a hotel were we would stay next to the Electric Musical Festival in town. Chelsey was filthy rich (t'was her Audi) and was footing the bill for a two bedroom suite, and I was to sleep on the couch.

We headed up and settled in, the girls dressed up for Music Festival in attire that left little to the imagination. Meanwhile, it was us three guys in another bedroom watching Sportscenter as we got ready. Tyler was ready and sitting in a reclining chair and so was I both in designer wife beaters and sun glasses (for strobe lights).

I was laid back in bed with my feet hanging out of the edge as Anthony walked out of the bathroom. He wore a towel around his waist and was still steamy from head to toe. His chest and abs glistened, his guns were on full display. I instantly had a boner as Tyler was making the rounds sarcastically towards Anthony for his grand entrance. I simply laughed but tried desperately to hide my boner as Anthony grabbed his clothes and dropped his towel as he walked back to the bathroom. I saw his nice ass in all its glory but nothing I hadn't seen before being close friends and high school athletes. What I hadn't seen was his cock.

In moments, us five headed out towards the music festival, about a few miles away. There was hundreds and thousands of teens and young adults at this event and made it all the more entertaining. We let the music take us away. Anthony and Tyler each took off their tops within 30 minutes in because of the intensity of the music, the intimacy of the crowd, and heat. I followed suit and the random girls began approaching us. One girl in particular began grinding against my groin. Seeing Anthony sweat and grinding with his GF, I got yet another boner.

I stared at Anthony and he stared back giving me a smirk and wink, as if to say nice catch, referring to the girl who was enjoyed my rock hard 7.5 cock caress her ass through our clothing.

Suddenly Tyler emerges from the crowd, screaming out...

"Its Georgina, we need to go now! We need to go to a hospital".

Our night is cut short and all of us head to a local hospital. There, doctors tell us she had severe dehydration and will be kept overnight for observation.

Tyler stays behind and Chelsey does the same. She and Anthony mutually agree he will head back to the hotel room with me and sleep there overnight and pick them up in the morning to continue the road trip.

It was just after midnight as Anthony and I headed back to the hotel room. We arrive inside our suite as Anthony immediately removes his tank top and dumps on a couch.

"What a day, what night" Anthony says smiling.

"Can't argue you there buddy" I said as I headed towards the kitchen area to get some water.

"Did you get blondies number?" asked Anthony, refering to the girl who was raging with me at the festival. "Negative" I simply responded.

"Bummer, cause she definitely looked like the freaky type. We could have had a show right here, right now."

I laugh it off, but I sought a different show. My thoughts began racing in all sorts of directions. I'm alone with Anthony, this is a rare opportunity to perhaps get him to bite into the notion of gay sex...with me.

Anthony began bong smoking as he turned the TV on in one of the bedrooms. I followed suit as I laid next to him in bed. He was shirtless and wore black basketball shorts. I still had my tank top on along with my basketball shorts.

Suddenly, a tent formed inside my shorts. I began distracting Anthony as I tried desperately to lower it and eventually I did. But it was becoming apparent that he was getting progressively irresistible. Anthony then proceeded to take off his basketball shorts, leaving his tight white briefs on and laying back down in bed.

"Take off your shit, you're gonna leave this bed smelly for me." He said, expecting to sleep alone while I slept in the other bedroom.

I proceeded to taking off everything except my boxers and getting back into the bed. After about 30 minutes and finishing the bong, Anthony began finding sleep, he dozed off next to me.

I began getting nervous as my thoughts raced to what I could do. I wanted to test myself, I wanted to see if I'd enjoy the sight of his cock, the taste of it, the feel of it in my mouth. It may have sounded wrong being his friend but it felt so right.

I was trembling as I reached over and began lowering his briefs. I must have moved it an inch each minute, spending about five in the process. My trembling began getting out of control, I felt like an earthquake inside my body.

And finally I see his flaccid cock and balls, front and center, shaved and a delight. My dick wanted to come out of boxers, so I let it, slipping down my boxers, both me and Anthony were naked in bed.

My dick let out a bit of precum as my shaking continued. I kneed beside him as admired his body, admired his dick, basically everything about him. I needed to feel this other side, I needed to have sex with him.

I go over to reach his cock, suddenly a hand grabs my wrist.

My heart jumps out of me, Anthony's eyes staring right into mine, I'm in shock at what has happened, he caught me, this is it, its over, I'm done for.

"I never fancied you as a cock enthusiast" (pause)

I was speechless, all I did was keep staring at Anthony dead in the face. Suddenly, Anthony began to loosen his grip on my wrist.

"Do you want it?" Anthony asked. (pause)

"I-.....I..I don't know what I want Tony, I just was...curious...and horny....I'm sorry. I got up from the bed and glared out the window. Anthony sat up from bed, the two of us still naked.

"I'm curious too" Anthony said. I took a deep sigh of relief as I looked back at him. "Were you planning on choking on my ball sack?"

The two of us laughed as the tension was a bit relieved. "The stage is set, me and you, this night, If you want me, I'm all yours."

"SS...S.Serious?" I stuttered.

"It's your choice, but after what you tried to do, we can't leave it at that," Anthony said.

I went back to the bed, Anthony and I glared into each others eyes, I bypassed his cock and went up towards his face.

"What are your doing?" Anthony asked.

"Curiosity, please" I whispered.

Anthony and I met lips and began swallowing each other's tongues. Anthony let himself go and whispered, "fuck it!" as we continued spit-swapping.

I made my way down and licked his neck, chest, nipples and zig-zagged through his abs before arriving at his dick. I didn't hesitate, diving right in driving the cock in mouth. Anthony moaned immediately and began massaging my hair with his hands. It was delicious, I loved pleasing my friend, and I loved the fact at that moment we were doing it unbeknownst to the others.

"You're 100 times better than Chels, damn, don't stop!" Anthony said.

I continued giving head, jerking his dick off simultaneously while putting each of his balls in my mouth which made Anthony overwhelming pleased.

"Hey, do you want me to return the favor?" Anthony asked.

I didn't respond, I simply stopped and made my way up for another kiss. Anthony turned me over and mimicked my descent to the groin area. My cock was perhaps the hardest it has ever been. Anthony licked the head and proceeded to choke on the rest. I loved it, I felt so alive, powerful, and relieved. I had never gotten the blow job Anthony was giving me it was light years apart from anything I had ever felt. But I wanted more, I wanted to go further.

"Tony....lets fuck...please...I wanna...fuck you, and vice-versa."

Anthony stopped blowing me and got out of bed. He grabbed something from his wallet and threw it onto my chest. Before my eyes, a pair of condoms. I was elated.

"I think we're about the same size, let's go for it. But I go first."

And away we went. Anthony lifted my legs up, put the rubber on and without babying my tight asshole, plowed his way in. I moaned out the loudest I could. "Does it hurt?" Anthony smirked.

"No, just keep at it!" I responded, deliriously. "Damn you're tight, you virgin ass!" Anthony said.

Anthony grabbed hold of my dick and began jerking it as he fucked me harder and harder. The bed began to creak, we began to sweat intensely.

"You love it, don't you?" Anthony said.

"Yeah baby, just pound me as hardest you can! I quipped.

A few minutes after, we switched positions. Since Anthony showed no mercy I decided to smash right in.

"Oh fuck me! Anthony shouted.

I grabbed Anthony's hard cock and began jerking it. "You're gonna enjoy this!" I said as Anthony smiled. The bed creaking commenced as the fucking got more intense.

Sweat was dripping down my face and down my body. Anthony was even worse, looking more like a walking a Gatorade commercial.

I wanted to ask Tony a question before my climax so that I could intensify it even more.

"Tony, you love me? You don't have to....just say it!"


"I love you Zach!"

"I love you too Tony!"

"I'm gonna cum!" I shout to him. "Me too!" Anthony says.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! we said in unison. My dick burst like a volcano in dormancy, erupting inside his ass but inside my rubber.

Anthony ejaculated all over his chest, abs and neck.

I lean in to french kiss him. He turns us over and he takes a finger to his cum on his neck and the warm cum still coming out of my cock, wanting me to taste his while he tastes mine. "Ready?"

The two us lick it off like a piece of cake on our fingers. The two of us laid there in bed for next few hours, reflecting on what we had just done.

"Our little secret, this never leaves this room." Anthony says.

"Safeguarded Tony, does this mean this is a one time deal?" I responded.

"Who knows but does this mean we win the bet?"

We both laughed as we headed towards the showers to get ready, on no sleep to continue the road trip.

For the first time, we both showered together, wit another guy, naked, and did another round of oral and jerking which made us feel ready for the day.

My question was answered, I felt I was game for anything. Perhaps a threesome with Tyler? An orgy with the rest of us? Haha, this road trip was only just getting started.





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