After picking up Chelsey, Georgina, and Tyler from the local hospital we continued our road trip to Las Vegas where we would stay a few days before returning to California.

Chelsey decided to drive with Georgina riding shotgun, while Anthony, Tyler, and I were playing cards in the back seats.

Anthony tells Tyler that I won the bet even though I wasn't included in it, I later stated I had "sex" with this chick I had met at the Music Festival. Tyler gives me props as Anthony winked at me.

I puckered my lips and slide my tongue out and around them to indicate my intense thirst for a repeat. I grabbed my cellphone to text Anthony my desire to have a quickie at a reststop. Anthony showed his desire to try one and so we both awaited the chance.

As we played, I couldn't help but also think about Tyler. After all, Anthony, widely known in school, girlfriend in tow, had sex with him. Tyler was physically more gifted than Anthony, and had a larger 9 inch cock as he told us one time. I was pondering scenarios in my mind to just see his cock, and be in awe of it.

As we arrived in Barstow, Chelsey immediately made that opportunity a lost one. She had other plans and crazy ideas of her own. She wasn't known as a slut, in fact she had a 3.9 GPA, was involved with cheerleading among other things but of course had her sexual needs as well.

As we left the reststop, Anthony grabbed the keys, Chelsey sat shotgun and Tyler and Georgina began their makeout session in the backseats. I sat in the middle, all alone of course.

About an hour in, Tyler and Georgina knocked out, with Georgina resting herself on his shoulders. I decided to rest my eyes and daydream a bit about having sex again with Anthony. His bulging biceps, ripped abs, impeccable chest, and his throbbing cock, all waiting to be desired, worshiped by myself.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes when I heard some movement up front. Chelsey was trying to side over and sit on Anthony while he was driving. Anthony lifted his tank top off and began to undo his jeans a bit. Out popped the monstrosity of his cut, 8 inch cock. Chelsey slid her shorts off and Anthony placed his cock inside her ass. She began moaning as she went up and down but Anthony silenced her a bit. I began getting a hard-on which I did not try to hide as to avoid detection I was still awake.

Anthony proceeded to undoing her bra and put her large breasts in his face. He began devouring her nipples while fucking her and driving as the same time, taking glances ahead every 10 seconds. After about a few minutes, Anthony had climaxed and the car slowed a bit.

Anthony cleaned himself up with nearby napkins, throwing away a condom out the window. The two dressed right back up, with some trouble. The sex made me think crave Anthony even more, it made me want so much, it even had me thinking about somehow getting Tyler into the mix and having a crazy threesome amongst us, how, would that even be possible? But I wanted to do something even bolder than what I did last night.

Upon our arrival to Vegas, Chelsey and Georgina met up with an old friend who has graduated a couple years ago named Amanda. The girls decided to go shopping and have a spa date so again I was alone with Anthony but only this time Tyler was in the fold.

We were staying at the Aria Hotel and we all equally chipped the bill for staying in this penthouse suite. After taking it all in, the girls had left to do their thing. Anthony was telling Tyler about fucking Chelsey in the front seat. Tyler shook his head while laughing, giving a hi-five to Anthony. As Tyler decided to get ready for a gym sesh, I was alone with Anthony.

"You couldn't wait till you got here to resume fucking?" I asked. "I saw the whole thing, could barely keep my cock in my pants."

"Congratulations, you saw a live-action porn video staring yours truly," responded Anthony. "Who did you want to fuck, me or her?"

"Both, maybe, maybe I just wanted to be the one in the seat as you rode my cock."

Anthony laughed as he approached me in bed. He looked around for Tyler who was in another room. Anthony reached for my jeans and began rubbing my dick. Our eyes met and Anthony began kissing me. I fell back in the bed as Anthony was on top of me. My dick began growing rapidly and I felt Anthony's grow as well.

Tyler begins to shout: "You coming guys, to the gym?" Anthony immediately gets off me and stands next to the bed as Tyler walks in.

"I'm actually going to head to the pool, check out some MILFs while I can," Anthony said. "I gotta act like I'm on vacation."

Tyler then looked at me, hesitating a bit as he saw I was comfortably in bed. "How about you? Or do I gotta ask a stranger to spot me?"

"I'm beat" I responded. "I barely slept last night and want some rest."

"Of course" Tyler expressed as he headed off to the gym. Anthony was still in the room and came out of another room, shirtless. "Ready for round 2?"

I immediately took off my shirt as Anthony jumped on to bed. We began making it out aggressively. Anthony reached for my belt and began unbuckling it. I reached for Anthony's waist and lowered his swim trunks.

I slid my hand around his clean-shaved groin area and began massaging his cock and jerking it a bit. Anthony went to my chest and proceed to lick my nipples.

"Aaahhh yeah" I said as I rubbed his arms which he had at my obliques. Slowly, Anthony went down, kissing each of my abs and then getting down my crotch. He teased me as he rubbed on it and glared back at me, making his way back up for another kiss.

"Let's go 69.. want to feel the at...the same..time." Anthony whispered as he kissed me.

I headed down as Anthony laid back in bed. I adjusted myself sideways and we began massaging each other's cock. I reached in and pull his cock from under his briefs and went down without hesitation.

" God," Anthony exclaimed as I worked the head of his dick like a cherry lollipop. "Fuck yeah, ahhhhh."

Anthony began rubbing my head with one hand and lowering my jeans and boxers off. He immediately went to work, deep throating my cock on the first dive. Both of us moaned with each other's cocks in our mouths.

I loved this, I thought. I had my own personal booty call and it was my best friend who unequivocally wanted to have sex with me even as he had a girlfriend who gave him sex when he wanted. It was also just thrilling, dangerous, considering anyone could have walked in on us.

"I wanna eat your ass Tony" I said.

Anthony smiled as I turned face up and he face down on my cock. I positioned myself under his clean ass, not a single hair in sight and stuck out my tongue to his rim

"Damn....aaaarrrgh" Anthony let out. I spit into asshole and spanked his ass cheeks in the process. I began whipping my tongue inside as Anthony moaned on my uncut cock.

"Ahhh yeah, oh my goodness, that feels so good." I said as Anthony licked my balls.

"Care for a bareback, Tony? I asked.

"Would love to feel it, Chelsey never lets me do it on her!"

So we both got up from the bed. Anthony went and reached for something in his luggage bag, a lubricant.

"I go first!" Anthony said as he went to the bedroom door and locked it. I positioned myself at the edge of the bed, taking a deep breath as awaited the entry of his cock inside my ass. For the first time I thought, my best friend is going to get the pleasure of fucking his friend and doing it bareback, I was ecstatic and didn't care for the pain.

"Here goes everything!" Anthony said as he slid his lubed up cock inside my tight ass. The feeling was tremendous, exhilarating.

"Aaah this feels amazing, ooh" Anthony said.

"Aaaaahh, your cock feels so good Tony," I said as I felt Anthony's fingers pinch my nipples from behind. "You're gonna enjoy this!" Anthony said.

"Ahhhhhh, yeah, aaaaaa,oooooo, fuck yeah!" That was all that we said for the next ten minutes. We were sweating bullets and now I wanted to cap this off by fucking Anthony bareback.

Anthony was hesitant but immediately jumped into the bed ready for me to the rest. I reached over and poured lube on cock. I spread it around as I smiled at him.

I jumped into the bed and grabbed hold of Anthony's legs, raising them a bit as I grabbed my cock and took aim for my friend's ass. I reached the base of his hole and stuck my cock inside.

"OOOOOooooo my, fuck! Ahhhhh" Anthony shouted. I began pounding his ass with no mercy just as he did to me if not harder.

I grabbed tight hold of Anthony's hands, we both held on firmly as we gazed into each other's eyes. My cock was throbbing harder as I felt deep pleasure of this moment. I leaned forward and paused right in front of his face.

"I love you Tony" I said catching my breath.

Anthony grabbed my head massaging my hair before pulling me in for a passionate kiss.

"AAhhhh, I want you Zack, I fucking love you!"

I smiled as I continued pounding him while Anthony was jerking off his dick.

"Ahhh fuucck!" said Anthony

"Ahh Im gonna cum!" I shouted. "Ohhh its coming, oooohhhh fuck!"

"Aarrrghh, don't pull back, let it go!" Anthony said. I ejaculated white gold inside his ass and pulled out. "Ahhhhh, fuck, that never felt so good!" I said. The white cum slowly flowed out his ass like a slimy waterfall.

"Lemme cum in your mouth, come down!" Anthony said. I knew if he'd let me do it inside his ass, I had to return the favor. I went down as Anthony almost violently jerked his beefy cock under my open mouth.

"AAaaaaaaarrrghhh, fuck!" Anthony shouted. I began sucking his cock as he came inside my mouth. I felt his ice cold gold at the back of my throat and swallowed every bit of it.

"You swallowed it? Oh my gosh your a fucking beast bro!" Anthony said as he laughed a bit. I pulled out and went for on final kiss in bed.

"I could do this all day!" I said.

"Me too, I just dunno what I've been missing out on, sex, chicks or guys feels great but even better when it seems wrong."

Anthony got up and decided to cleanup a bit before heading out to the pool area where he would relax a bit. I decided to stay behind and really rest a bit after not having slept the night before.

I pulled on my briefs and laid in bed and began sleeping. Not long afterwards (about 40 minutes) I was awoken by a noise.

It was Tyler who had just arrived back from the gym. I was in awe of Tyler's physical form, his glowing tan like skin glistening with his sweat, his barrel chest, chiseled abs, and toned guns.

"You look like you came back from a marathon" I said.

"Yeah did cardio cause someone was a bit tired for a gym sesh" responded Tyler who was shirtless and wearing only his gym shorts.

Suddenly, Tyler slid off his shorts. There he was naked and for the first time ever I had seen his cock, flaccid, right there with the sun light shining on it a bit.

"We got a sauna in that bathroom right?" asked Tyler.

"Ye..yeah" I responded. I was floored by Tyler's actions, what was he doing, maybe he was comfortable? I decided not worry much about it as I continued resting.

About fifteen minutes later, I felt drops on my head. Tyler was beside my bed, naked, dropping water on my face. I smashed him with a pillow as we laughed. Tyler got unto the bed and we began wrestling in bed.

Tyler held me down and glared into my eyes.

"I saw you and Tony, making out on this bed, what's the deal here?"

My heart stopped at the revelation, I was even more speechless than I was when Anthony had found me admiring his cock.

"Relax, we..were just...

.."you guys fucked last night, didn't you? That's how you won the bet right?" Tyler cut me off.

Tyler laughed hysterically not believing what he had uncovered. "So how long you guys been doing this?"

"We just decided to, we wanted to try something different. You know us Ty, we can get crazy and we fucked each other."

Tyler sat on top my of groin, still nude and sweating and began to think.

"Did you guys enjoy it?" posed Tyler with a serious face. "Did you guys makeout and all that?"

"Yeah, we both did but Tyler, it was just harmless fun, but please just don't tell anyone!"

Tyler paused and shook his head in disbelief and glared back at me. "If you suck my cock, I'll keep my mouth shut."

I nodded. Tyler pushed himself closer to my face. I closed my eyes and devoured his soft cock in my mouth.

"Aahhhh shit....what am I doing?" whispered Tyler. Tyler's cock grew harder inside my mouth. I made eye contact with him and knew Tyler enjoyed this. He moaned and moaned and did not tell me to stop.

"I can't...aahhhh fuck!" Tyler moaned.

"What the...fuck! said another voice. I immediately withdrew the cock from my mouth and we both looked at the door. My heart began racing a bit.

It was Anthony who had arrived back from the pool area. "Wow, so apparently we are all muff divers and cock suckers."

All of us laughed. "I learn something new everyday." Tyler said.

"So you know then" Anthony said. "You know everything?"

"Yeah, Tony, I know. I asked Zack for a blowjob cause, I'm horny and wanted to assure him I would keep this a secret."

"Now that's what I call a bro-job, so I guess the cats out the bag" Anthony said.

"What now?" I asked desperately wanting the threesome to come into fruition. I just wanted to feel these hunks all over me. Millions of thoughts raced through my mind. I wanted to get fucked and be blown away at the same time. I wanted to take in their loads and for them to do the same.

"Down for threesome, Ty?" Anthony asked. "I've done two girls before, but I felt like a third wheel."

"A threesome, us three?" Tyler responded with hesitation.

"Come on Ty, you've done Devil's threesome, you told me last summer." Anthony said.

"That was some crazy, drunk shit but I got pleasure of doing it." Tyler said. "I guess what happens in Vegas, stays with Vegas."

"How much till the girls get here?" I asked almost immediately wanting this to happen.

"A few more hours" Anthony said. "This isn't how I envisioned having a threesome ever but the way I see I need to knock this off my sexual bucket list."

"Alright, lets go for it, I just want to unload already" said Tyler. "But I ain't getting fucked."

Anthony got into bed, he was still wearing his swim trunks but I saw his raging boner pop out. This led my cock to grow as Anthony got close to Tyler.

"Close your eyes Ty." Anthony whispered as he began making out with Tyler.

Was this real life? I thought. The two guys who I had wanted to experiment with were experimenting with each other in bed, right on top of my throbbing cock. I was floored, I was excited, I was horny, I wanted them so I made my move.

I got up and kneed towards them. Anthony and I began swallowing each other's tongues. I placed my hands around his sculpted body, his arms, shoulders, and chest. I loved every inched of it.

I then turned to Tyler who was equally sexy. I took control of Tyler as I made out with him. Anthony helped me as we decided to pleasure him and make him enjoy the moment, even if it was outside his usual comfort zone.

Anthony immediately began by going down on insanely large cut cock of 9 inches, 6 inches around.

"Ahhhh shit....ahhh damn this feels teeth!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Hmmm" Anthony moaned.

I began licking and sucking up Tyler's chest, abs, and arms, worshiping every inch of his body.

"You like the taste of my cock Tony?"

"Tastes...better than Chelsey's pussy"

Anthony had made Tyler's dick shiny and wet with his blowjob. It had only been over 15 hours or so and Tony had mastered the art of giving head, but being a guy that wasn't at all hard, even I mastered it in short time.

Then a thought popped into my head, I wanted to have these guys being pleasured by me and with me so I offered up a change of pace.

"I'll be in the middle, let's fuck, all of us!"

"We've all done it Ty, give it go" Anthony said, clearly not up for a second round of a pounding courtesy of my cock.

"As long as I get my money back then I let you fuck away!"

"Deal!" I shouted and right away we went to it.

"Rubber this time" Tony whispered. "BB was between me and you, special bonding."

I smiled as I rolled the condom down my swollen dick. Tyler kneed down in bed facing the leather backboard and holding on. I took a deep breath and went in.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh...oooooo." I said in unison with Tyler. I eased in my cock into Ty's tight hole. The pleasure had never felt better, as I began working it going in and out slowly. Then, Anthony began his descent into my hole.

"Ahhhhhh shit!" I said. "Oohh baby, fuck...Tony...your dick feels so good!"

"I know baby, take that shit!" Anthony responded whilst breathing heavily.

"Oh my gosh....fuck..your dick is fucking big" Tyler exclaimed as I sped up the pounding at the same pace as Tony fucked me.

"Ahhhhh fuck yes.....haa..haa...oh fuck!" I shouted."Oh Tony, fuck....your dick is so great!"

We continued fucking for the next five minutes or so. Tyler had commenced jerking off and I wanted to just devour his cum, having done the same with Anthony. So I pulled out, kissing Anthony and laying under Tyler.

"Ah shit....fuck....I'm cumming...ttssssaaaaaahhh!"

A series of jet streams of white cum struck the back of my throat. I did my best to keep it all in as I began sucking the head of his cock.

"I'm never gonna be into dudes but..this an exception...fuck...that felt so good." Tyler said.

"Let us come in your mouth Ty," Anthony said as he jerked off his cock with aggressive force. "You can spit it out but don't leave us hanging."

"I can't see myself doing it, I just...

Anthony went over and began kissing Tony. "You won't know till you tried, we all did, not let's put the icing on the cake."

Tyler relented and kneed down before us as we stood up in bed.

"Ahhhh fuck!" Anthony shouted.

I remained silent as I jacked off my cock. I look around and it felt as time had slowed down a bit. This moment was it real? 24 hours ago, these guys were on their girlfriends pussies and I questioning if I'd enjoy the other side and now?

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck.....oh yes...take it" I shouted.

"Aaaarrrrgh" said Anthony.

Both of us ejaculated in synchronized fashion into Tyler's open mouth. He began rub against his lips, slowly oozing it out of his mouth. Anthony went down and began "helping" him with. He licked it off his lips and went up to me.

"Do the honors" Anthony said. And so I did.

I licked/kissed off the cum of Anthony's tongue and mouth and swallowed it. And just like that, had devoured Tony's, Tyler's in addition to my own cum in one day. But I knew it was real, and it was a moment I wanted to live forever.

Afterwards we all went into the shower together and cleaned off. The mood there shifted to a usual one, playing around and laughing, no sexual tension whatsoever. We all talked about the threesome, Tyler enjoyed it but felt it was the only time he'd do it but Anthony felt game for anything. I felt I had my secret sex partner in Tony for the rest of the school year and I did.

The remaining part of the road trip, we had sex a few more times. All inside the suite we stayed at. It was exploration for him and his sexuality.

As we got back to school, things changed, Anthony had reclaimed his desire for Chelsey, wanting to be more serious with her and leave behind our fun.

I was ok with it, after all, I knew it wasn't forever and didn't intend on it being that way. I just knew that I had explore my horizons, and start new.

Tyler was one and done. He kept the "threesome" in Vegas and didn't mention even as a joke. He and Georgina grew closer as the school year was winding down.

I had come out of the road trip with the reality I was bisexual, I knew I wanted both sides of the coin and It made me realize I want to continue my thrilling exploration of this.

The experience of having sex with Anthony made me want more of it and the thirst was beyond my control. I soon realized that I wouldn't have to wait long until I met the next guy who would bring me deeper into a world with no limits.



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