They gathered in the small clearing in the forest where the trees towered over them. The ground was bare except for the roots of the trees weaving their way across the surface. It was hot, even in the shade and the air always felt like it could rain any moment. And once or twice a day it did. They considered this place wilderness, the inhabitants wild, savage, but it was they who were the savages, the ones who grew wild, restless and to calm themselves, to lessen the anxiousness they felt, they created the ritual.

This night was pitch black, a new moon night, and they had the clearing lit with torches randomly placed around the periphery and nearby a small fire in a shallow pit, its smoldering burn putting off smoke that filled the forest as it stayed low in the damp air. The men wore only their boxers, their torsos bare, shiny in the dim light of the flames. They separated themselves from the others of their party, created a natural barrier of distance and with an old CD player, allowed music to mask over the sounds they would be making.

The ritual wasn't always a part of them, but something they created, for they had been in the forest for months, surveying, doing test and observations, and they would be here for a few more months. It was too long for this group of six. They had done the normal thing before; sneaking off alone or waiting till sometime in the middle of night when the others were asleep. But it wasn't enough, the release just not satisfying and they began to react to this frustration, to be anxious, their tempers short and during evenings when they brought out the vodka or bourbon and sat around talking about how much they had accomplished, then how much there was left to do the realization of their time in these remote forests would seep into their consciousness and eventually they began to make crass jokes about what they needed, how much they needed it and then someone made a comment about a lottery, some simple thing that became a horror in a story where a community needed a scapegoat, someone to take the town's burden and they joked how they needed someone to take their burden, a burden of release, of sexual desire. The conversations continued, for weeks the topic would come up and over time it became a plan. At first it was all a joke, and then some became serious, willing to take a chance if it meant release for none thought they would actually be the one picked. The odds were against it.

As the plan became real, the details concrete, many of the group pulled away, said they couldn't do it but as the days passed the plan acquired rules of play and the players became determined. Out of the group of thirty-five men in the party, there was six ready to try their luck, ready to take a chance and put their name in the old cotton sack and let someone draw one.

At first they planned on doing it just once, then two weeks later they decided to do it once a month which would mean four more drawings; four more chances of being the one. Then after the second time they felt their urges even greater, their desire for release more intense knowing all they had to do was put names in the sack and draw a name and they began to do it once a week and the odds each of them would be drawn sooner or later became almost a given, but it didn't stop them, none of them, and they put their names it the sack over and over till tonight, the second month of their ritual they were about to draw a name for the second time this week. Their boxers were obscenely tented and where their cock heads lay damp and getting wet with the drool of their anticipation.

Around the circle the six stood.

Landon from New York City who was forty three, the oldest with rugged good looks, his dark hair starting to have gray at the edges, which he typical wore pulled back in a pony tail. He shaved when he had the proper facilities, otherwise he let his beard grow and it now had over two weeks of growth that framed his face, his round cheeks and bright blue eyes. He was less than six feet tall, about average in height and his body was solid, but not overly muscular, all developed with his exertions in the field. He had never had his name drawn and always had the cockiness to assume it would not be drawn even with the greater frequency of the ritual.

To his right tugging anxiously on his cock ready for the draw of the name was Steffen from Hamburg. Steffen was about five six with a lean body. He had had fair skin but weeks in the field, even with sun block had caused his skin to take on a slight brown tone which highlighted his straw blonde hair even more. He was smooth faced, his beard coming in scraggily so he kept it shaved off. He looked even younger than his thirty-one, one of the youngest from Germany. Steffen had been drawn a couple of times already and even though he pretended to not like being the one, it made his cock ache as it got so hard from the idea of ritual. He had up until this expedition always had been in control, the one dominant, but now he found the role of submissive equally as stimulating.

Sitting on a log near the fire to keep the mosquitoes at bay was Roger who was from Oxford. He was fair skinned, average height and had dark brown hair. He kept his face clean shaven, saying it was the proper British thing to do and he tried to come off like some sort of gentleman but his wicked sense of humor eroded any such notion. He made the ritual seem a joke; that he was just playing along, but last time his name had been drawn and he had shown some hesitation but once he submitted there was no joking around. He willingly played his role.

Stroking the fire, building it back up, was Matthieu from Paris. He was Landon's height but not as muscular, his lean body was angular, his limbs long, and his skin was shockingly fair for someone outdoors so much which made his dark hair contrast sharply with it. The ritual was for him a special release for he didn't care who he had for a partner, nor did he care about their sex, for all he cared about was the good feeling of the act. Only Carson to his right was more aroused by the ritual.

Carson was from Berkeley and the youngest at twenty-seven. He was the photographer and his daring and willingness to rough any environment made him sought after and for an expedition like this one. He was also gay and made no attempt to conceal it and the others had been initially reluctant to allow him to be a part of the ritual, afraid of his enthusiasm, his obvious arousal sexually of the other men. It was the fourth ritual before Carson had his name drawn and the others couldn't admit it, not even later, how exciting it had been with the way Carson assumed his role. Carson was over six feet tall, had lean body, dark olive toned skin which took on a darker hue no matter how much sun block he used and his light blonde hair got lighter with exposure to the hot sun. It was Carson who had built the bench, as they called it, the platform with two levels that was central to their ritual.

Finally there was Andre of Marseille who was boyishly handsome with his hair that grew out in thick black curling waves. He had a prominent classical nose over a small slender mouth and his fair skin with the two moles on his neck just below his right ear only added to his looks. He was only twenty-nine and naturally quiet but he was brilliant, his mind always working, calculating and part of that involved his willingness to seek release, to take part in the ritual and he found something else about the whole experience. He let his attraction to other men become real, something he could acknowledge and each ritual, each passing day and the evenings sitting around discussing the day's findings he found himself struggling with his attraction for Carson and how he looked so American to his eyes, so different from himself, someone with greater confidence about his own identity. A couple of weeks ago when Carson's name had been drawn he had deliberately waited till last and he had tried hard to hold back but in the end when it was finally over Carson had smiled at him, knowingly.

Roger, as the last person to be picked, held out the fabric bag and began the ritual, gathering the slips of paper from each person that they had written their name, and once Roger had all the names, he placed his own in the bag, for no one was exempt from the drawing of names. Roger shook the bag and moved to the center of group and slipped his hand inside the bag running the slips of paper through his fingers wondering which he should grasp. He felt his heart race and he glanced up and saw the anxiousness on the faces of the others. Some anxious to begin with; others anxious they would be the one chosen. He removed a slip of paper and held it out in front of him so the dim light of the campfire would illuminate it.

"Carson is chosen" Roger exclaimed as he held up the slip of paper showing Carson's large block letters as he had written his name. Roger then pulled all the names out of the bag and tossed all of them into the fire.

Carson knew the ritual, knew what was expected of him and he moved into the center of the group as Roger moved back into his place. Carson smiled at the others, one of the few guys who could admit how much he enjoyed being chosen and he slipped his boxers down his legs revealing his cock, half hard with anticipation. He tugged on it, stretched it out feeling his nakedness before the others. He eased down on his knees and sat down on the heels of his feet as he stroked his cock getting it hard. It took only a few minutes for it to stand up hard, the slightly curved shaft rising up above his thighs with its slick wet skin glistening in the dim light.

Steffen moved toward Carson first and stood in front of him. Carson reached up and pulled his boxers down and Steffen raised each foot letting Carson slip them free. Carson folded them neatly and laid them on top of his own and he turned to Steffen, rose up off his heels and took Steffen's uncut cock stroking it with his hand. Slowly at first he slid his hand along the shaft, and as it grew hard the head began to slip free of its cowl of skin. Carson leaned to it and let it slide into his mouth. Everyone knew Steffen could easily cum twice and had on several occasions made the chosen one take his first load when he was getting them hard with his mouth. This time was no exception as Steffen began to pump his hips as he held Carson's head, fucking his mouth with his cock, now fully erect with the shaft rock hard.

"Oh...Carson..." Steffen uttered and as he drove his cock deep into Carson's mouth making him gag Steffen fell back to his native language. "Saugen mich, saugen mich Schwanzlutscher." Carson took the thrust of cock into his mouth, felt the way it pushed into his throat. He had to hold on to Steffen's thighs for balance as Steffen pumped his hips harder, fucked his cock forcibly into Carson's mouth.

It only took a few minutes, the way Steffen didn't hold back as he went at Carson and soon he was jabbing his cock into Carson's mouth in quick short thrusts and everyone knew Steffen was going to cum.

"Ficken!" exclaimed Steffen has he held Caron's head and pumped his cum into his mouth. Carson swallowed most of Steffen's load but he knew how it got to the others to see it and when Steffen pulled back, his wet slimy cock slipping free of his mouth he let cum drool down his chin.

Andre wanted to move to Carson but he knew it best to wait, to watch the others go first and he looked across the circle at Roger and knew he'd be next.

Roger moved to Carson, his cock pressing obscenely at the front of boxers and Carson smiled up at him as he reached for the waistband and eased them out and over his hard cock. Carson slipped the boxers down and once again removed them from each foot, folded them neatly placing them on top of Steffen's and turned back to Roger. Roger's cock bobbed in front of him and Carson knew he could only suck on it for a short time and he rested his hands on Roger's thighs and let Roger's cock slip through his lips. Roger moaned as his cock sank deeply into Carson's mouth.

It took only a few minutes of manipulation, the feel of Carson's hot wet mouth sliding up and down his shaft for Roger to push Carson off. It bobbed up and down in front of him and Carson watched as its clear liquid drooled from the head down to the ground.

Matthieu stepped up next and Carson soon had his boxers on the stack and his cock sunk into his mouth. Matthieu's cock grew thick when erect and soon Carson wondered if his jaw would come unhinged as he let the fat cock move in and out of his mouth pulling and pushing his lips back and forth. Matthieu began to swing his hips, began to pump his cock in Carson's mouth and soon he felt his first urge to cum rise up quickly. Carson knew what Matthieu really liked, the public displays of sex, the way he wanted it to feel dirty, rough, and Matthieu pulled out of Carson's mouth and stroked his cock a few times till he came, blasting his cum into Carson's face. Cum roped across Carson's nose and cheeks, across his lips and the final smaller wad hit him between the eyes. Carson used his tongue to lick the cum from his lips as Matthieu moved back slowly stroking his still hard cock as cum dripped from the head.

Landon knew Andre would want to go last for he had seen him do it before when Carson was chosen so he stepped forward. Carson knew Landon pretended to be straightest of the group, told them he just wanted to get off and Carson teased Landon as he leaned forward and kissed his stomach just above the waistband of his boxers. Carson moved down and rubbed his face over Landon's crotch and he let his mouth slide over the cock getting hard underneath the fabric, breathing his hot breath on the head. Landon moaned.

Carson removed Landon's boxers and placed them on the stack and reached out and stroked Landon's cock, slowly, teasingly letting his fingers caress the head till Landon jerked forward in his grip. Carson leaned to the Landon's cock and breathed on it, stuck out his tongue and slid it over the head and finally he put his lips to the head and let Landon push it into his mouth. Carson knew for all his protests of being straight Landon would quickly become hard, his cock so erect it would stick upward, the shaft lined with veins pushed to the surface as the shaft filled with blood. Only a few times taking Landon's cock deep into his mouth and Landon was pushing Carson off his cock.

As Landon stepped back Carson looked over at Andre, the last to come to him and Carson knew he was already hard, his leaking cock wetting the front of his boxers at the head. Andre came up to Carson and his fair skin glowing in the dim light of the fire, the warm yellow light softening his features as Carson ran his hand over the erect cock lying sideways in the confinement of Andre's boxers. Andre sucked in his breath and balled up his fist as he watched Carson manipulate his cock. Carson looked up at Andre and winked, knowingly, mischievously as he reached for the waistband of his boxers and eased them over his hard cock and down his legs.

Boxers lying on the stack Carson turned back to Andre and held his head under Andre's cock, tongue out waiting patiently for the drool hanging from it to reach his tongue. He tasted the sweetness when it hit his tongue and he rose up, capturing all of it on his tongue and when he got to Andre's cock he ran his tongue around the head licking off the pre-cum. Carson knew Andre could cum multiple times, knew Andre's cock could stay hard half the night and he let the hard cock slip between his lips and pushed forward till his nose was pressed into Andre's abdomen. Carson worked his mouth along the hard shaft, over and over and soon Andre held his head and began to pump his hips, hard, driving his cock into Carson who took each thrust, every push into his mouth until he felt Andre's cock flex, swell up larger and then his mouth filled with cum.

Andre was breathing hard, his body shaking as he pumped his first load into Carson's mouth feeling him swallow it as it filled his mouth. Andre was soon spent and Carson released his cock and he moved back leaving Carson on his knees in the middle of them, cum still on his face and his own cock hard.

Carson looked around at the five men he had come to know more intimately than anyone for a long time. Naked, their cocks hard, their need real and Carson knew it was time and he stood up and moved to the bench and eased up on it. His chest and stomach rested on the upper platform while he had his knees and hands on the lower platform. The lower platforms kept his legs and arms spread and he could feel the warm air of the humid forest blow over his body, even the area along his spread ass cheeks. Roger came forward first, the last chosen one and he came up between Carson's legs and rubbed his leaking cock over Carson's hole making it wet and slick. Carson held his head down waiting, feeling Roger push against him harder and harder till Carson felt his hole open up and Roger penetrated him, stretched him open and he rose up and cried out. Roger eased in slowly, sinking inch after inch into Carson till he was pressed up tight to Carson's ass.

"Fuck him...fuck him..." Matthieu was heard muttering as Roger began to pull back and then drive back in. He worked his hips slowly at first but as he felt his need, this primitive urge increase, he began to drive his hips faster and faster till he fucking Carson hard, driving his cock through his stretched hole and Carson grunting and moan each time he drove inward all the way.

Roger fucked fast and hard till he felt his cock grow more rigid, his body tense up tight and he slammed into Carson and came.

Roger pulled out and everyone saw his cock slimy with its coating of cum and watched it slowly became flaccid. Landon moved into place and pushed his hard cock down in alignment with Carson's hole and he drilled his cock into Carson. Carson gripped the platform tightly as he felt Landon bore into his hole, driving his cock deep into him.

"Oh fuck" Carson uttered as Landon pressed his hips up tight to Carson's ass. Landon began to fuck, slow full swings, driving his cock back and forth feeling it lubed with Roger's load. His fuck grew faster, his thrusts harder, and soon he was hammering his cock into Carson, his need to cum driving him to fuck faster and faster.

Landon was always able to fuck a long time and this was no exception as he drove his cock hard back and forth through Carson's hole till Roger's load began to pump back out. Landon felt his cock grow warm, felt it thicken, the cum rush through it and he finally pumped his cum deep into Carson. He kept pumping his cock even after he was spent, savoring the feel of his cock sliding through Carson's hot tunnel slick with cum. After a few minutes Landon finally pulled out and stepped back and he watched as Carson's hole slowly closed.

Matthieu moved in place, his cock so hard already the others knew he wouldn't last long, not this time, and Matthieu slammed his cock into Carson, the fat cock breaching his hole and pushed all the way in with one hard shove. Carson cried out as he felt the penetration and Matthieu began to fuck, fuck hard, driving his hips as he held on Carson's hips. Matthieu could feel the slickness of Carson's hole, the loads of cum already deposited and he drove his cock through it, feeling it coat his cock, make it slick and he fucked harder, faster till he was shoving in with short jabbing motions shooting his load. Carson felt as if his hole had been pried open as he took Matthieu's cock, took his hard fuck, and finally his cum. Matthieu slowed to a stop with his cock buried in Carson and he fell over on Carson's back breathing hard.

When Matthieu caught his breath and stood up, he popped Carson on the ass. He stepped back and looked over at Steffen knowing Andre was waiting to be last. Steffen smiled as he moved forward and saw how Carson's hole hadn't closed up tight yet and he moved into place and drove his cock into Carson and began to fuck, a steady smooth rhythm and Carson relaxed and let Steffen fuck him, took each penetrating thrust of his cock. Steffen fucked steadily till cum was pumping out around his cock and running down Carson's thigh.

"Ficken" Steffen uttered as he began to increase his pace and began to drive his hips faster, fucking Carson harder. Carson felt Steffen's grip tighten, felt the way he was driving his cock harder and he knew Steffen was close. Steffen shoved inward hard and held still and Carson knew Steffen was filling his hole.

Steffen backed away, his cock half hard and glistening in the dim light as cum hung from the head as it slowly disappeared back into his cowl of foreskin.

Andre moved slowly into place and rubbed his cock over Carson's hole, felt the slick cum coat his cock head and he smeared it along Carson's ass.

"Fuck me Andre...come on, fuck me" Carson urged looking back over his shoulder and Andre smiled at him for the way he was ready for his cock, ready to be fucked and he held Carson's hips and eased his cock in all the way savoring how it felt for each inch of his cock to sink into Carson's hole. Andre began to fuck, to work his cock into Carson's hole, driving it into him, feeling the loose grip his stretched opening had on his cock and the way all the previous loads make his cock feel so slick.

Andre leaned over on Carson's back so he could feel the heat of his body against his own as he drove his cock in short strokes. He fucked like this for a long time till Landon told him to hurry up and Andre eased back up and took Carson by the hips again and began to fuck hard pushing himself to cum. He drove his cock into Carson over and over till he felt his body tighten up, his muscles grow tense and his cock swell up large and he thrust inward as hard as he could as his cock ejaculated his cum into Carson.

Andre pulled back and the ritual was over. The fire had burned down and only a couple of torches were still burning so sharp dark shadows cut across each of them, their bodies faintly illuminated as they went by the stack of boxers and one by one picked up their own and slipped them own. Andre stood to the side and watched them dress and leave and he kept glancing over at Carson as he sat up and slowly stroked his own hard cock.

Soon Andre and Carson were alone and Andre looked over at Carson who smiled at him.

"You want this?" Carson asked Andre, his voice low and casual and Andre nodded his head yes and as Carson turned toward him, legs spread, Andre went to his knees and quickly took Carson in his mouth.



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