Jordan pulled the planter across the last strip along the fence line of the field and pulled the implement up. He shifted the tractor into a higher gear and headed for the barn. His father had taken off with the truck to get more seed to start planting another field in the morning since it was Friday and the seed store wouldn't be open early enough for his dad the next day. He drove down the narrow two lane road and then slowed and turned into the lower drive that ran straight to the barn behind his home. He pulled up to the diesel pump to refuel and shut the tractor down. Opening the cab door he climbed down and then began to refuel and check vital fluids. As he was putting the fuel nozzle back on the pump he saw a Camaro pulling into their drive rather recklessly. The new Camaro shined bright in the late afternoon sun as it came down the drive around the house and slide to a stop. The door flew open and Kevin stepped out. He looked at the house and then the barn, spotting Jordan and came toward him at a fast furious pace.

What is up with him? Jordan wondered as he watched Kevin approach feeling his stomach knot as it did whenever he saw him. Popular and athletic, he was the class President, the quarterback and anything else he choose to be at their school. He would probably be valedictorian when they graduated. But he also got to Jordan. His tall athletic body, naturally dark skin and the jet black hair. Now he was storming toward Kevin, his black hair with its expensive haircut was blowing in all directions, his polo shirt half un-tucked and his tight faded jeans riding low on his hips made Kevin have thoughts he knew he shouldn't have, especially toward Kevin. He was someone to leave alone for Jordan was just a farm boy on a struggling farm. He was athletic and was on all the same teams but he was just a lineman having the build to hold his own, but he was not as popular, nor did he consider himself as good looking. And Kevin had everything he wanted for his father owned the Chevrolet dealership in town and was on the city council. To him people like Jordan were only there to support them.

Jordan stood in the dirt drive and waited as Kevin stormed toward him, obviously upset about something. He couldn't imagine what it could be since he avoided having anything to do with Kevin.

"Jordan, you son of bitch, I'm going to kick your ass" Kevin yelled when he was a few yards away.

"What the fuck are you talking about Kevin; I've done nothing to you" Jordan replied as he prepared himself for Kevin.

"You hurt my sister, you goddamn asshole."

"I what? I hardly ever speak to your sister. What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Don't lie to me!"

"I'm not; what did she say?"

Kevin didn't reply but came up to Jordan and shoved him hard, putting up his fists.

"I'm not fighting you Kevin, especially when there is nothing to fight about."

"My sister says otherwise."

"Yeah, and you know your sister has lied before to gain attention."

"Fuck you" and Kevin rushed him, knocking him on the ground. They wrestled around in the dirt, Jordan doing everything he could to protect himself but he did not fight back. Soon Kevin had him on his back, lying on top of him, face to face, holding his arms down. Sweat poured off of him as both were covered in dirt and sweat. Jordan shirt was half open from several buttons having been torn off.

Breathing hard Kevin seemed to have finally wound down some but his face still showed his anger. As a drop of sweat fell from Kevin nose and hit Jordan on the cheek, Kevin finally caught his breath.

"Jordan, you liar, you tried something with Lisa; admit it asshole" he said in a low angry tone.

"Kevin I have not had anything to do with your sister; I swear."


"Kevin....if I was going to mess with someone it would be you, not your sister." He said it. And he said it to the one person he knew he shouldn't have. Kevin was holding his breath, his expression a mix of anger and what? Fear? Kevin pushed up and jumped to his feet stepping back away from Jordan as Jordan sat up not looking Kevin in the face.

"What did you say?"

Jordan didn't reply, but let the silence speak for him. Kevin was backing up, staggering on his feet.

"Take it take it back."


Kevin turned and ran as hard as he could back to his Camaro . He slammed the door, raced the engine as he started it, then reversing in the drive, wheels bouncing to gain traction, he spun around. As he tore off, kicking up dust, Jordan sat frozen, his insides tied in knots.

That night he lay in bed unable to sleep. Would Kevin tell someone; would he tell everyone. Gossip spread quickly in Pineville and this would be no different. The next day he helped his dad plant another field and fretted over what had happened the afternoon before. At one point he was almost hyperventilating from the fear of realizing whatever was being said would come back to his parents. Sunday his mother pushed them to hurry up and get ready as she always did, making them go to church. He moved through the routine of eating breakfast, getting dressed, driving his parents to church and sitting through the service, vaguely aware of the sermon on damnation, hell fires, sin. All Jordan could think about it was 'bullshit'. That afternoon he pulled his bike out and rode the eight miles into town and back, riding furiously, pumping his legs hard, racing through the hot, humid air as he sweated profusely. That night was another sleepless night as he wondered when Kevin would say something.

Jordan pulled into the school parking lot on Monday morning running late. He shut off his old truck and headed toward the office to get a pass for his first class. As he cut through the parking lot he saw Kevin's Camaro sitting near the front still dirty from Friday afternoon. Seeing the car made his nervousness rise to the surface. When he was finally at the door to his classroom he took a deep breath and entered. Everyone looked up and gave him a friendly smile as they always have done. Jordan went to an empty chair and sat down, not daring to look around. Their teacher resumed his lesson and Jordan tried to pay attention. It was lunch before he came face to face with Kevin. Kevin just stared at him, not saying anything. The other guys saw something was amiss but kept joking around continuing to talk about the upcoming baseball game. When everyone began to head to fifth period it was Peyton who lingered behind, walking along side of Jordan as they moved through the corridor.

"So you want to tell me what is wrong?" Peyton asked.



"Seriously, Peyton, it's nothing. Ok?"

"Come on man, you look like shit and acting all weird, and just a while ago Kevin gave you a look like he could hit you. Did something happen?"

"Nothing, ok?! It's nothing; drop it. Look I've got to go, I'm late already" and Jordan took off leaving Peyton standing there watching him leave.

That evening Jordan realized Kevin hadn't said anything and he actually was able to relax; tell himself it was going to be ok. The rest of the week went by with nothing out of the ordinary happening, except for Kevin and he not speaking to each other, and it was Peyton, whom Jordan had known since before they started school together, who he had developed a close friendship until about a year ago when Peyton began to hang with Kevin more than Jordan. Now he was trying to get Jordan to open up to him, and it involved Kevin, so no way was he telling Peyton anything.

The next weekend found many of them hanging out at the ice cream parlor in town, laughing and cutting up. Jordan had stopped by after promising Peyton the day before he would. It seemed a third of their class was crammed into the place. It was about five o'clock when they began to leave, heading to grab something to eat, or heading home to get ready for a date. There were only three tables left occupied. Peyton and Jordan were sitting with three classmates at one, the next had four others sitting around the table and over in a booth along the wall sat Kevin and three other guys from the baseball team. Jordan needed to piss, so he got up and went down the short hall in back and into the men's room. Someone was at the urinal so he took the stall. As he was relieving himself, the other person left and then the door opened again. As Jordan finished he noticed no feet at the urinal and assumed the person was at the lavatory using the mirror. When he came out he saw it was Kevin. He looked really angry. Jordan said nothing to him and went to the lavatory to wash his hands. When he went to dry them Kevin came up on him and pushed him to the wall, facing him. Kevin said nothing, nor did Jordan. They stared at each other, Jordan wondering what Kevin was going to do this time. Kevin leaned in and kissed him, roughly, hard on the lips. His tongue pushed against Jordan's lips and Jordan, not being able to help himself let Kevin's tongue work its way into his mouth. Kevin moved up close, holding Jordan's shirt tightly in his fist, as he moved his mouth over to Jordan's ear, down his neck, kissing and tonguing his skin. Kevin pushed up tight to Jordan, body to body and Jordan felt his hard cock push into him.

Then it was over. Kevin let go, stepped back, breathing hard, staring at Jordan. Then he rushed out. Kevin took a minute to compose himself, to wash his face as if there would be painted on it the kisses Kevin just gave him. Then he went back out. He was relieved to see Kevin and his friends were gone.

It shook Jordan what had happened; he didn't understand it. What was Kevin doing? Was he fucking with him, trying to get him to do something? Jordan was so confused.

Thursday evening found Jordan running to the grocery store about thirty minutes before they were to close to get brown sugar. His mother needed it for some baking she was doing early the next day. As he drove into town he passed the Chevrolet dealership and saw Kevin's Camaro pulling around from the rear to the front. At the grocer, the stock boys were restocking a couple of aisles and only one person was at the registers. There seemed to be no one in the store. He went to the aisle for the sugar and spices. When he picked up what he needed and turned to leave he saw Kevin coming in. He panicked and turned and headed to the rear of the store. He did not want to run into Kevin again, not like this. He decided to duck into the bathroom and wait a few minutes for him to leave.

He stood at the lavatory looking in the mirror realizing how ridiculous it was to be hiding from Kevin. He could easily defend himself if he chose to do so, but he didn't want a confrontation, not with Kevin. Suddenly the door flew open and Kevin came in. He didn't say anything as he locked the door and headed toward Jordan. Jordan just stood there, ready for Kevin's anger to hit him again. Kevin grabbed him pushed him into the wall face first. He pushed up against him burying his face into Jordan's neck and hair. Jordan felt his tongue work over his neck and to his ear. If only he wasn't so scared of Kevin, the way he treated him lately. Jordan leaned against the wall, hands on it up near his chest. Kevin's hand came around his waist, undoing his jeans and pushed them down with his boxers. Jordan felt Kevin jeans push against his bare ass as Kevin groped him, pulled on his cock, it expanding regardless of Jordan's fear. Kevin pulled back and undid his jeans, opening them up enough to push them down below his cock. Jordan looked over his shoulder and saw Kevin's cock standing straight out, fully erect. He didn't move or try to stop Kevin as he came at him again. Pushing his cock into the cleft of Jordan's ass, Kevin was searching for entry into Jordan. Jordan should have stopped him, but he couldn't. He didn't want Kevin to stop. Kevin penetrated roughly, pumping into him more and more of his cock as he worked it into Jordan. He pushed Jordan's head against the wall with his forearm and with the other hand he reached around and grabbed Jordan's hardening cock.

"I knew you'd be hard" he whispered in Jordan's ear as he fucked him. Pushing and pulling his cock through Jordan's insides, stretching him open, as his hole burned from the rough treatment. Kevin didn't last long and he was pumping furiously into Jordan when he came. When he finally fell against Jordan's back breathing hard, he pulled back at the hips and wiped his cock off on Jordan's ass. It was only a moment later he pulled up his pants and started out. At the door he stopped and looked at Jordan who was still leaning against the wall looking back at him. They said nothing as Kevin stared at him stony faced; then he was gone. All the way home Jordan felt like crying, wondering what kind of game Kevin was playing, taking advantage of his attraction to him.

Friday seemed to last forever as Jordan sat through one class after the next. When he went to his final class, which was shop class, Peyton was soon beside him, and again he was asking him what was wrong.

"What did Kevin do?" he asked Jordan.


"Come on, I've known Kevin for as long as anybody and know how...he can be." Peyton's stammering about Kevin caught Jordan's attention but he said nothing.

"Please Peyton, can't we just drop it."

"If you promise not to be so depressing" at which he gave Jordan a small smile. Jordan smiled back realizing Peyton was really trying to be a good friend. He was the class clown who made everyone laugh and no matter what seemed to be in a good mood. He was about Jordan's height of five eleven and unlike Jordan almost skinny he was so lean. His light brown hair, cut so short and the goat tee he was trying to grow made him very cute. And when he laughed, the dimples in his cheeks made him look like a kid again. Then Jordan had thoughts about Peyton, like he once did a couple of years ago, before Kevin moved to town and everything changed. He quickly tried to stop thinking about Kevin and Peyton, and focus on the wood working project they had been assigned.

Friday night found Jordan riding around town alone. He would circle the old drive-in, waving at classmates but not stopping. He didn't feel like trying to do the usual banter with them. He drove through downtown and out to the park where some would sit in their cars, hanging out listening to music. He drove by the ice cream parlor, seeing the usual crowd inside. He noticed Peyton in a booth and as he cruised by Peyton waved for him to stop. But he kept going. He drove though the poor section of town and stopped at a convenience store known for not carding as it should and got a six pack of beer. He had not had beer very often so it hit is system fairly quickly. He drove out of town mindlessly heading down the old logging road till he came to the bridge over Jackson Creek. He pulled his old truck off the road and under an old bay tree. He parked facing the creek watching the moon light reflect off the water. It was only a few seconds when headlights cut across the bridge over the ground and came to aim at him. The high beams of the headlights made it difficult to see but Jordan knew immediately who it was. The Camaro shut off and he saw Kevin get out.

Jordan didn't know if it was the beer, his frustrations, his confusion, or what drove him to do it, but he jumped out and stood to face Kevin.

"What the fuck do you want?"

Kevin stopped a moment; then came forward. He approached Jordan confidently. Jordan waited. When Kevin got up to Jordan and reached out to him, his intentions unknown, Jordan reacted this time. He grabbed Kevin's arm and pulled him around quickly, getting a choke hold on him. He held him tight to his body, feeling Kevin relax back against him.

"Please....Jordan..." his choked voice broke the silence. Jordan pushed him away watching him stagger to maintain his balance. Kevin stood up and the dim moonlight made it impossible to see his facial expression. Jordan stood there waiting on him to say something else. Instead he began to undress, taking his shirt off and throwing it over the side of Jordan's truck. He kicked off his shoes, undid his belt and pushed his jeans and briefs down and off. These he tossed with his shirt. He came up to Jordan, naked, stroking his hard cock.

"Please..." and his voice trailed off. Jordan couldn't stand it. The previous taunting, the taking advantage of him and he moved on Kevin, pushing him over to his truck. The interior light hadn't worked in years, so it was still dark even with the door open. Jordan pushed Kevin back against the seat. Kevin climbed up and lay back. Jordan opened his pants, his half hard cock hurting to be freed of its confined position. He pushed them down till they dropped to his ankles and stroked his cock. Soon he was hard and he moved up to Kevin, grabbed his legs and put them over his shoulders. It was awkward at first, the fumbling around in the dark, the way Jordan worked his fingers in Kevin, opening him up, then spitting on his cock and pushing it against Kevin, demanding entry until Kevin's hole opened up and let him in. He slid in roughly, unable to stop himself as he worked all of his hardness into the warm insides of Kevin.

"Go ahead it...I did it to you" Kevin said, almost like a taunt. Jordan began to fuck him, pushing into him and pulling out. His rhythm rough as he just hammered away at Kevin, shoving his cock into him then working it back almost out. He fucked harder and harder as his need to cum arose in him. The truck rocked on its ancient chassis as he held Kevin's legs tight to his chest, thrusting his cock into Kevin's hole, punishingly he plunged his cock as deeply as he could until he finally couldn't stop and he punched into Kevin's ass hard as he came, pumping his cum into him, sliding his cock back and forth through his load slicking it up. He realized Kevin was stroking his cock slowly now, squeezing out the last of his load letting it drip down on his already covered stomach. Jordan pulled his cock out of him and stepped back. Kevin dropped his feet down, sat up and slid back out of the truck. He stood looking at Jordan but in the darkness Jordan had no idea what kind of pained expression was on Kevin's face. He didn't say anything as he turned and grabbed his jeans pulling them on.

"Kevin...aren't you going to say something?" Jordan asked.

Kevin stopped momentarily and looked at Jordan, then grabbed his shoes and shirt and ran to his car, jumped in and took off. Jordan just stood there watching him leave. When he finally got into his truck he swore he could smell Kevin's scent; his sex.

Saturday morning Jordan's mother came out to the barn where he was helping his father service the tractors. Her car wouldn't start. Jordan and his father quickly figured out it was only the battery and Jordan was sent to town to get a new one. He jumped into his truck and headed to town. As he was driving down the highway Peyton pulled out behind him in his Cherokee, following him into town. When Jordan pulled up to the auto parts store, Peyton pulled up beside him.

"Hey Jordan, wait up a minute."

"What's up?"

"Did you see Kevin last night?"

Fuck was all Jordan could think. What the hell did he know about last night and it was still morning. His stomach tightened up as he lied.

"No, why?"

"Well the dumb fuck got his car stuck in the ditch over on Highway 168 and I had to go pull him out."

"Shit, that road has deep ditches near the creek; is he ok?"

"Oh he's fine, but his car is beat up on the passenger side. Funny thing was he was only in his jeans. His shoes and shirt were lying in the back, and he looked like he'd been up all night."

"So why ask me if I'd seen him?"

"Well, when I first got there and I asked him what the fuck happened, he just stammered some nonsense I couldn't make out, but I clearly heard your name."

"Well, he is pissed at me, I think?"

"Is that it?" Peyton asked in a way as if he knew more than he was letting on. They stood silent for a moment Jordan waiting to see what Peyton would say next.

"Ok, I guess I'll let you go. If you're here it can't be good."

"Just getting a battery for mom's car."

Peyton told him he would see him tonight and to come to the drive-in at seven, then he hopped back into his Cherokee and pulled away.

It was a day only the south could create; hot, humid and not a hint of a breeze. Jordan rode into town wearing only a tank top and shorts to try to stay cool. The sun would not be down for another two hours. At the drive-in there were already several classmates in the parking lot. Peyton was parked in the rear next to several others where a group was standing between their vehicles. Parking over in the corner Jordan made his way toward them. As he cut across the parking lot a new Malibu drove up and blew the horn for Jordan to get out of the way. As it passed Jordan saw it was Kevin. Kevin parked in the nearest parking spot and got out of his car. He looked angry as he slammed the door and walked toward Jordan with a quick abrupt pace.

"Jordan....I want you to stay away from you hear me" he said so loudly almost everyone could hear. "You leave me alone, asshole."

Jordan was shocked. He had done nothing to Kevin he didn't want; had never been the one to make the first move.

"What are you talking about? Are you raving mad?" Jordan replied.

"Why don't you go back to your hick farm before I kick your ass" Kevin stated, so mad he was red in the face.

"You're the fucking asshole" Jordan said to him where only he could hear and he turned and headed back to his truck. He was so mad, so upset he felt like crying. That goddamn asshole had to make a scene crashed through his mind. He got into his truck and drove off, fighting everything in himself to keep control, to drive reasonably, to not be like Kevin. He didn't look back as he headed out of town.

As he was driving toward home he suddenly slowed down and without really thinking turned around and headed back. He drove straight to the convenience store and was in luck the person working was the worst for selling beer to minors. Six pack in hand he drove off, heading for Jackson Creek. The scene of the crime he thought to himself.

He sat on the bank of the creek holding up the fourth beer, draining the last of it out, when he heard a vehicle approach. Peyton's Cherokee was about to go over the bridge when it stopped half way over. It backed up and pulled in driving nearly to where Jordan sat.

"Jordan?" Peyton asked as he approached him.

"What is it, Peyton?"

"What was that all about, back there with Kevin?"

"I have no idea...well maybe I do. I don't want to talk about it."

Peyton didn't respond but came over and sat down slightly behind Jordan, noticing how he appeared to be crying, and there was a rule. You didn't watch each other cry. Never. After a minute had passed with neither of them saying anything, Jordan reached for another beer and handed one back to Peyton. They sat quietly as they drank slowly from the bottles.

"Jordan" Peyton whispered.


"Did Kevin try....did he do something to...with you?" Peyton was stammering.

"Maybe." Jordan dropped his head down staring at the ground.

Peyton eased up on his knees and moved behind Jordan and wrapped his arms around him, nestling his head on Jordan's shoulder. He moved up to Jordan's ear and very quietly he whispered "I'm sorry." He was sorry for not maintaining their friendship like he should have when Kevin first moved to town, he was sorry for the way things were happening and he was sorry about what he understood, what he knew Kevin had done, but he couldn't say all those things; you just didn't talk like that.

Peyton held Jordan a long time until Jordan held his head up and turned to look at him. Face to face, so close they could feel each other's breath. Jordan's stomach was in knots again, tied up tight, with those feelings. Feelings he remembered having for Peyton before Kevin came to town but never knowing what to do or how to act. Feelings he didn't know how to control now.

Peyton smiled at him a small casual grin, his dimples creasing his cheeks, then he leaned over and kissed Jordan on the lips, softly, gently, then he moved to Jordan's side and pushed him over on his back. He moved on top of Jordan and began to kiss him again and Jordan responded as the knots inside broke loose. They got more passionate, hands rubbing over each other, groin pushing against groin. Peyton moved to Jordan's neck, his ear and back to his mouth, where tongues dueled. Peyton leaned up and pulled his t-shirt off, throwing it on the ground. He ran his hands up under Jordan's and pushed it up to his arms, letting his tongue follow up from navel to chest to each nipple. He ran his tongue over one erect nipple then nipped at it. Jordan pushed him up and pulled his tank top off. Peyton fell on top of him, warm body to warm body; they felt the heat of each other. Peyton ran his hand down Jordan's stomach and along the waist of his jeans, fingers searching underneath, feeling the waist band of his briefs. He ran his hand on down, over his crotch, over the cock that was getting erect, pushing to the side, expanding over to his thigh. Peyton squeezed, then rubbed his hand over it, feeling it swell to full erection. Jordan ran his hand down Peyton's back and over his ass, feeling the firm roundness of it and the way his jeans sat low on his hips. He moved around and between them and ran his hand along the waist band, running his fingers underneath where he could feel the hair that began to spread over his cock, then trailed up his stomach to his navel. He pushed his hand in further feeling Peyton's hard cock trapped in his briefs, holding it in his hand, squeezing it until Peyton moaned into his mouth as they continued to make out. Peyton rolled over and worked his jeans open and pushed jeans and briefs down, kicking his shoes off at the same time. Jordan followed suite, tugging his own off.

For just a moment they looked at each other and how each of them was fully erect, cocks sticking up, the heads starting to bubble out pre-cum. Peyton pushed Jordan back down and moved over to take his cock, holding it up, licking the head, sucking it, sliding his mouth over it and moving down taking as much of Jordan in his mouth as he could. He moved up and down Jordan, leisurely enjoying the feel of him in his mouth, tonguing the head, tasting his sex, whenever he came up to the head. He kept it up until Jordan began to push up, his need arising.

Jordan was getting close and he pushed Peyton up and over on his back. Jordan rolled over and took Peyton cock in his hand, held it gently, noticing the way a vein snaked up its length, the way the head swelled up large looking like a plum, and the way it was leaking, dribbling down. He leaned over and ran his tongue over the head tasting Peyton's sex, the tanginess of it. He sucked the head and as much of the shaft down as he could, working it in his mouth, letting it fill it, letting it probe the opening to his throat. As he worked Peyton's cock he felt Peyton tighten up, his hips push up and knew he was close. Jordan got up, sand and mud smeared on his back and ass, he moved over Peyton. He held up Peyton's cock and sat down over it till he felt the head touch him, nudge up to him where he wanted him so bad. He eased down allowing the head of Peyton's cock to push through, opening him up, stretching him painfully at first, but as he eased down slowly, making small movements, the pain gave way as he opened up fully to receive Peyton. He slid down the length of his hard cock, all the way as he felt himself relax, and Peyton fill the void that was inside of him. He worked himself into a rhythm, pulling up and sliding back down. Peyton took Jordan's own erection and stroked him, stroking him up, making him want it even more. Jordan was soon working himself on Peyton at a furious pace, slamming down on his hips and pulling up fast. Peyton's hand was a blur as he stroked Jordan's cock, feeling his own plow through Jordan's insides, deep into his hotness. He wanted to cum, needed to, as he began to jerk his hips up, pushing up to meet Jordan's movements down. Jordan was sweating so much lines of sweat ran through the mud and sand on his back and it dripped out of his hair on to Peyton.

"Fuck...fuck... I'm coming" Jordan grunted through clinched teeth. Peyton felt Jordan's cock swell up in his hand then flex hard, shooting out his load, hitting Peyton in the face, then the neck, and a long milky white line up the middle of his chest, mixing in with the sweat. Jordan impaled himself all the way, dropping down hard as he came, his hole tightening around Peyton's hard cock. The sensation was too much and Peyton began to cum. He thrust upward pushing for every fraction of space inside Jordan as he came. He pumped his load deep into Jordan, pushing up hard, rocking Jordan over him. His cock flexed and shot over and over till he was spent. Jordan was leaning back enjoying the sensation of Peyton buried in him. He looked down at Peyton, hardly able to see him now as the sun was down below the tree line, darkness settling in, he knew he was smiling. He fell over on him, pushing his lips through his own cum and kissing Peyton hard, tongues pushing into each other's mouths, cum being shared.

After a few minutes of just laying in each other's arms, not saying a word, Jordan finally got up. Cum was smeared over their chests and stomachs, and sand and mud covered their backs and asses.

"Let's take a swim and wash off" he said to Peyton who was still laying there.

"Ok" Peyton replied; a happiness in his tone. They waded out across the swallow section along the bank and eased into the cool water of the spring fed creek. They came up to each other and kissed again, then began to rub each other clean, feeling each other's goose bumped flesh, their cocks and balls that had retracted up in the cold, pulling their bodies together to feel the warmth of them, flesh to flesh.

Jordan pulled back some to look at the shadowy outline of Peyton's face and the way his white teeth seemed to glow in the dim light as he smiled back at him.

"Later on you're not going to freak out about this are you?" he asked cautiously.

Peyton laughed and hugged him tightly, whispering in his ear: "I'm not Kevin. I'm good." He leaned back and looked at Jordan. "I'm really good."

"Me too."

They started for the bank when they heard a vehicle approaching, its headlights shining along bridge guardrails. It slowed down and turned in. A Malibu pulled in as far as it could.

"Oh shit, it's Kevin."

"Are you sure?" Peyton replied but he knew as well.

"Yeah, I recognize the car."

As they came up on the bank Kevin was standing there looking at them. Seeing their nakedness and he froze in place.

"Well...what are the faggots doing here at this hour?" Kevin said, the hatefulness, the meanness cutting through the air.

"Shut the fuck up, Kevin" Jordan told him, so sick of his shit he was ready to confront him. But it was Peyton who stepped forward first.

"We were just swimming around...but before that....we were doing what you want to do but are too chicken shit to admit." The taunt struck Kevin like a fist and he moved back a step.

"Watch your mouth, Peyton."

"You watch yours. You need to leave and in the future we want you to leave us alone...and we'll leave you alone. You keep your mouth shut and we'll keep ours shut" Peyton told Kevin as he stepped up to him, face to face, Jordan watching, waiting to see how Kevin responded.

Kevin looked stunned. He'd never had anyone stand up to him like this. He backed away, turned and headed to his car. Jordan and Peyton watched him till he was gone, and then they dressed. It was still fairly early, only a little after nine o'clock by the time they were ready to leave the creek site.

"Jordan, are you hungry?"

"I'm starved. I was going to eat at the drive-in but..."

"Yeah, well fuck Kevin. I'm hungry too; let's go back into town and grab a burger."

The rest of the night they sat in Peyton's Cherokee, talking with classmates, enjoying the night out, being themselves. They wanted to go somewhere and do it again but they let the time slip by and had to get home before it was too late. As everyone was leaving Jordan started to get out and head to his truck. Peyton grabbed his arm, stopping him. Peyton leaned over and kissed him, once, firmly on the mouth.

"I'll see ya tomorrow."

"Yeah, tomorrow" Jordan replied realizing there would be no more awkward moments, the fear of making a move, or of being rejected. Tomorrow would be different.



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