The first year after getting out of the Marines I was sorta bewildered as to what I would do with the rest of my life, god knows I needed money and Jobs were few and far between.

Not only was I out of money I was beginning to feel that longing, that urge, that need for some man sex, but since I had come back home most of the guys that I had known and been with had either left to find work elswhere, or gotten married, here I was a twenty five year old, walking around with a boner most of the time,

I was seeing almost every guy as a sex object, I was really in a bad way,

Guys that were twice or more my age was beginning to look really hot and sexy, Holy shit I was loosing it, not that I have a problem with older guys or something.

I finally found a job with a Landscaping company, I loved it so far, I would out doors, doing things that were physical, which would help in keeping my nice build, and I was built nicely, the results of special forces training in the Marines.

I had one hell of a nice body, I loved it so much I would even have fucked the living daylights out of my self if that was possible.

Hell man, every where I went I had Females trying to get a response and rise from me, I even tried one, which my Mom loved hoping to get me married off and have some grandchildren, but it was a non-happening thing with me, Truth was I would rather have a nice thick, cock shooting cum down my throat or feel a thick cock up my ass, or have my hard aching cock buried deep in some hot hairy asshole on a good looking guy,now that would make me go wild, and I needed one bad right about this time.

I met this Trucker named Big Jim at a truck stop one Saturday night, god he was awesome looking, tall, built, a cowboy looking dude, Stetson hat and all, with the cock of a Stallion, His name was Pete, they called him Tex, he was from Amarillo, Tex, I got up in the sleeper cab of his truck at the rest stop, we got naked and When I saw that horse cock of his, veiny, thick, uncut, and his balls were like a Brahama Bull, god he was hung, I was in heaven.

I sucked on his huge uncut cock and could not take all of it in my mouth without gagging, but then he grabbed me almost wildly, 'Hey BOY, I'm gonna fuck you Texas Style, and he began by lifting my legs upward and he started by biting my ass cheeks and then worked his way to the center of my ass, sticking his tongue deep into my anal opening, I was almost yelling from the exquisit pleasure he was bringing to me, but when I felt that Heavenly thick uncut cock make it's journey into the depths of my body, I wanted to Die right there because I was already in heaven, there was only one time I had ever been fucked like that before, By my drill Sargent in the Marines, and mother fucker could he Drill.

I was plowed that night in the sleeper of that semi, his cock must have been at least ten inches and thick like a semi radiator hose.

I thought I would pass out, Tex was one fucking Stud, I was in love, and when he rammed his cock balls deep into my ass and I felt his body jerking and his cock pumping that awesome load of cum into me, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, I shot my load all over my chest and almost fainted from the State of euphoria I was in.

I finally came back to reality as Tex said, 'Well Kid, Im ready for another thousand miles,' and It was over, I got out and left, it was a fuck I'll never forget.

Well I had found a few young men at the parks to get sucked off and give blowjobs to, and It was passing the grade for me, but I wanted someone about my own age or a little older to have some sort of relationship with, not just sex, someone that I could be a lover and companion with, but Tex was a man I would never forget nor the feeling of that cock inside my body.

Truthfully, every time I think about Tex and that night in his Truck, I get a aching boner and need to jerk of in his memeory, I would love to run into him sometime again, maybe someday luck will be with me.

I had been working for that Landscaping company for several months and it was not in the later part of June, it was nice and warm, shorts and tee shirt weather.

Mr. Litzinger, the owner called me into his office and told me he had a job for me, it was at this mansion out of town aways, the people were quite wealthy and the job would take be better part of a month to finish, it was a garden makeover, shrubs, redoing lawns, rose beds, fountains and statues the plans were quite elaborate but I was up to the challange.

I got the equiptment loaded up on the company truck, I was wearing cut offs, tank top shirt, which showed off my pecs nicely and my trim ripped waist, and the cut offs were nice and airy, and I, as always, went commando.

WEll I had been doing some of the labor and was getting covered with dust and dirt, when out of the house walked this adoreable young man of about twenty maybe twenty one or two, fucking handsome, well built, and wearing a pair of white shorts and a shirt like the ones you'd wear for playing tennis, 'Hey man, how's it going, whats happening?' he said.

'Just doing some landscaping for your father I guess, is he Mr. Dennison?' I asked.

'Yes! Alfred Dennison, oil Tycoon, land baron, and one of the biggest horses asses in five states,' he said.

'Sorry, Im Wilford, Wilford Dennison, but I hate that name, and I don't really get along very well with my father, he's just a a name to me, but just call me Billy .'

'Well why don't you take a break and come have a drink with me, I got beer, soda, wine, champagne, mixed drinks what ever you'd like?' he said.

'Now that is an offer I can't refuse,' I said, we walked out under a gazeebo and sat with a beer, I noticed that Billy was sorta sizing me up and my cock was reasponding in kind, but betraying me, and of course with no underwear on to restrain it, and wearing loose fitting cutoffs, it was pushing the material of my cutoffs straight out, like a diving board, just about impossible to hide my hardon.

As we sat there it sorta found it's way out and was almost uncovered, hard and exposed, Billy saw it and looked into my eyes, 'God man, what brought that on?' he said. 'Sorry, it does that sometimes at the oddest moments,' I said,

but I still did nothing to try to hide it.

Billy just kept staring at it, 'Wow man, thats awesome looking, would you care if I touched it, I love a good hard cock, actually I would love to have you fuck me,' he said.

My Jaw hit the ground, I was in a state of shock, ' What did you say?' I asked Billy.

'Well let me explain something, I have been raised in private all boys bording school, I have had a science teacher, Mr. Austin, show me the joys and pleasures that comes with sex with a man, and I love getting fucked with a passion, and I was wondering if I gave you a couple extra hundred bucks on the side, if you'd mind fucking me with that awesome cock you have there?'

I was really taken back, 'Well Billy, when do you want it?' I asked.

'Right now in the pool house sounds great, its furnished.' he said.

For some reason everything looked more awesome that afternoon, the flowers smelled a little sweeter, they looked a little prettier and more colorful, and just everything was more beautiful as I walked along behind Billy and watched his hot, sweet looking ass ahead of me.

By the time we got to the pool house, I was boned up like a breeding stallion but I was not prepared for what was ahead.

Billy turned and almost attacked me, 'Holy shit man, I need a cock in me in the worst way,' he said.

He was climbing on me like a sex starved Nymphomaniac, and I was loving it, we finally got naked and he was on his knees and had my cock to the balls in his mouth in three seconds, as he stroked his seven plus incher, god this kid was as wild as a mare in full blown heat.

It wasn't long before he wanted me in him, I wanted to play a little so I got between his gorgeou legs and ate his ass out as he almost screamed and went ballistic humping my face, god I had never had such a guy in my life.

I thought he would ride me to death before the afternoon was over, he got on top and just rammed down onto my cock with a lot of force, and I felt his ass sphincter as it gripped the shaft of my cock, this kid love fucking and knew how to work the cock of his man with his ass muscles, he was litterally milking my cock with his ass muscles and I was in heaven with it.

We had fucked with wild abandon, and I knew I was getting close and I mentioned it to Billy, he said, 'don't cum yet,' and he leaned over with me on bottom and let about three forths of my cock stay inside his asshole, and without any thrusting he leaned over and gently used his ass muscles to suck me off, it was the most intense feeling I had ever had this kid was fantastic, I would let him do this anytime he wanted, it was almost five more minutes of his muscles milking my cock when I let out a moan and my body started jerking as My cum began to fill his insides, he moaned and as he leaned over against my body, feeling my cock unload into him, I felt his cock start flexing repeatedly as it expelled its semen all over my chest.

This kid knew what he was doing, we layed there for almost twenty minutes in afterglow, I didn't want to leave, I was in total love with this kid named Billy.

'Will you be back tomorrow, we can do it again if you want?' he said.

'Wait here and I'll get the money,' he said.

'Billy man, I don't want any money, I loved it, that was the best fuck I've had in years, and It was my pleasure. I would be honored if you would just go out with me, and be my friend, we could fuck like this all the time, or at least as long as my heart can stand it, maybe even be lovers if you want.'

We both laughed, but it began a relationship that is still going on.

And I figured that job will probably take a lot longer to complete than originally expected.



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