It was early, still not quite midnight, and the DJ was had just moved up into the raised booth, the angled platform seeming to stretch out over the floor. The rotating moving lights increased in intensity. I sat to the side watching, waiting, for the night club to come to life, to fill up with all of us nocturnal animals out on the prowl. It was time.

The dark shades I wore, the thick black frames covering part of my face, dimmed the bright lights of the spinning saucer that hung in the middle of the ceiling, a bare concrete, mirror of the floor. I pushed the fedora I wore up, let it sit angled on my head as I looked toward the opening that led to the lobby, a rough cut through the old masonry wall. So much of the old warehouse was evident, the bones of the old structure that reverberated with the bass, the underlying rhythm of the music; I could feel it in my bones as I watched others arrive, each in their own costume, regal, daring, sexual, perverse, all expressing themselves. Or maybe it was just a mask, a façade of who they wanted to be.

They came in, the four of them. They seemed to always be together, moving through the growing crowd to the bar then back to the imaginary edge of the dance floor, the one we created waiting on someone to be first, someone to cross that imaginary line, to go out there under the lights and dance. I stood up straightening my light dinner jacket, the black linen fabric concealing much of the stripped shirt I wore, its banded collar standing up covering much of my neck. The white stripes glowed in the black lights that ringed the room. I raised my drink knowing it glowed as well, the tonic adding its own reflection of the room. I rocked on my feet to get the feel of the floor once again, the hard concrete cushioned by the Doc Martins I wore, the black and white uppers just one more contrast of my own costume. I looked across at the group singling out the one that caught my eye, the one I watched last weekend, moving in such a fluid way, gliding on his feet from side to side, head rocking to the beat, arms moving with a graceful slowness mocking the faster rhythm paying homage to the base beat, the deep bass foundation of the song.

I wanted to speak to him last weekend. I wanted to know who he was, the name he was given. I even wanted to know the mundane, what he did for a living or was he in college. He looked young, boyish with brown hair that curled. I had watched him last weekend every moment I was able, but what I really wanted was to move into his realm, to come to his attention. Maybe I did, I’m not sure, but I had to wait, hope he would be a regular to the club, at least for one more weekend. I had been with friends from out of town, the host for the night. But I did dance near him, move into his sphere of influence finding my own rhythm, the slide of feet across the concrete, the move of hands through the pulsing air till I realized I had fallen into rhythm with him, moved at the same pace, turned in time with him. It was too much, this tease, either he of me or me of him. I had pulled away and gone back to our table and watched. Something I was not going to do tonight.

My jacket was tossed over a chair, my shoes lying by the door as I led him into the living room not bothering to turn on a light. The light of the city shone in, illuminated the window and the room we were in. I had no curtains for I liked the lights of the city and never wanted to block them. Yeah, someone in the apartment complex across the street could look in. Let them; I didn’t care. Maybe they would watch tonight, as Jacob and I got to know each other.

Jacob moved to the window and looked out. I looked at him, the shape of his body, the way the t-shirt hung on his frame, across his narrow shoulders and loosely around the waist. It hung impossibly short, barely reaching the pants he wore, dark military green in color, straight narrow legs and snug around his ass revealing its curvature. I moved up behind him once again reminded how I was four or five inches taller and I put my hands on his waist feeling its impossible small size. I leaned down and kissed his neck, let my lips glide over his smooth skin.

“You’ll stay tonight?” I whispered as I nipped at his earlobe.

He leaned back into me, put his hands over mine and gyrated in rhythm to some song playing in his head.  “Yeah” he replied as he pushed his ass against me, pressed against me making me grow more aroused. I lifted upward bringing the t-shirt up. He raised his arms and let me take it off. He said he was twenty-one and I had believed him for he was drinking back at the club. Now I wasn’t so sure. His body was so lean, so boyish, more like a teenager. There was no body hair, no trail down his stomach, no hair around the nipples and so little under each arm as to hardly be noticeable. The skin felt smooth, firm, underneath my hands as I moved them over him. Along the shoulders I felt the collar bone, the way it stood out prominent, then downward raking my palms over his erect nipples. I circled them then pinched each one, my index finger and thumb squeezing down on the hard nubs till he cried out and ground his ass against me. He aroused me so much with the way he undulated against me. He seemed to dance even now.

I slipped a hand on his neck and held him tight to by chest, head back. I moved my other hand down his chest over his impossibly flat stomach, feeling the way it heaved with his breathing, a slow deep rhythm. He pushed out with his hips as my hand came to the waistband of his pants. The waistband fit loosely around his narrow waist and my hand slipped easily down the front, fingers manipulating the fabric of his underwear, tugging on it, working my way down just a few inches till I felt it, the base of his cock. It was hardening, felt thick to my fingers as I let them trace its outline within its confinement. He shivered as my fingers rubbed the flared head, traced its curved shape then gave it a playful squeeze. I kissed the side of his face as I held him in place and continued to manipulate him, to work my fingers along his cock till I felt him rocking in my arms, his lean lithe body shivering with my every touch.

His pants were easy to undo, the button slipping free and the zipper sliding down quickly and I opened the them up and felt the push outward of his erection, only the boxers he wore keeping it contained. For a brief moment I wondered if anyone was watching, if someone was still up at this late hour, standing in the darkness of their own apartment and watching Jacob move within my arms, watching me remove his clothes, stripping him till he was naked. His cock bounced up hard when the boxers slipped downward, flexing up and down in front of him. I grasped it stroking its length. It quickly grew wet, drool falling from the slit. I smeared it over the head and down the hard shaft making Jacob cry out and pump his hips uncontrollably.

My little slut.

Sometimes you want to remove your clothes together, to explore each other in unison. But not this time. It seemed right to have Jacob naked wrapped up in my arms as I was still fully dressed. There was a submissive aspect to it, his giving himself to me. I wasn’t much older, not really, but standing next to him, towering over him, his boyish body on full display it seemed appropriate; the way to begin the night. I stroked his cock while I pressed my own trapped erection against him.

“Do I look okay?” Jacob asked, a questioning tone in his voice.

“Oh yes…your beautiful” I whispered as I turned his head kissing him on the mouth.

The dance floor had gone from empty with everyone standing around its perceived perimeter to near capacity in minutes. The four guys were watching, laughing and talking amongst themselves as I watched them from across the room. The DJ was transitioning the song, changing the bassline, a harder beat, faster than the previous mix. I knew it would be the lure and I watched the recognition on their faces then the setting down of drinks as they moved to the dance floor. I approached from the opposite side and saw him glance my way. ‘Did he recognize me?’ I wondered as I began to dance, to move to this new rhythm. I was a few feet away from him but very quickly the distance was closed as we were soon next to each other. I wasn’t sure if I closed the entire distance or if he had moved toward me as well. We fell into rhythm, movements that mirrored each other, the slide across the floor or the steps to move around. The song was at its peak and I found myself behind him, his back to me, and we moved in synchronicity. The bass made the very air tremble and I watch him move closer, only inches apart. I reached out and gently put my hand on his waist as if to guide him, to lead him through some movement. He didn’t flinch nor pull away. I saw one of his friends look over and smile, nodding toward me.

Then a new song began to transition over the one playing, a beat mixing that allowed it to blend smoothly into play.

I leaned down close to his ear. “Would you like to get a drink?”

He turned in my arms and leaned up to kiss me. Lips pressed together, tongues dueling while his hands touched me. I let him. A hand came to my stomach, rubbed up and down while the other held me by the waist. He rubbed upward and circled around my chest raking over my erect nipples. Even with my shirt on I felt his touch, every movement of it, the way his hand glided over my chest. The hand moved downward, slipped over my stomach, almost ticklish the way his touch was so soft, barely any pressure against my skin. It moved down and touched me, traced the outline of my erection. I pushed against his hand as I took him by the neck and kissed him roughly. I trailed my lips along his jaw feeling the smooth skin, no hint of stubble, till I was kissing his neck just below the ear. I felt him manipulate me, fingers move along the length of my erection till I couldn’t take it any longer. Standing up straight I pulled my shirt over my head. As my arms slipped free I felt his hands touch my chest, felt a finger rake over one nipple teasing me.

When he looked up I smiled eliciting one in return. He seemed hesitant, his hands down to my stomach and no further. I reached down and pulled my belt free, unfastened the button then pulled down the zipper. I didn’t stop, working the pants down and off, then I pushed down my boxers and stepped out of them.  I moved up to Jacob, so close our cocks touched. I felt a shiver run through me.

“You’re not nervous, are you?”

He looked at me and smiled. “A little.”

“Don’t be” I replied leaning down to kiss him. I pulled his lean body against my own, felt it fit against me. He was hot against my skin, alive, his breathing deepening, growing more rapid. I ran a hand through his thick curly hair and gently pulled his head back. I kissed his neck, nipped at the skin then moved to his right ear. He moaned and pushed against me. I felt his erection press against my own. He pumped his hips, his whole body undulating against me. He threw his arms around my neck and I moved my hands down to his ass cupping each cheek, firm, so round in my hands. I pulled my hands apart knowing I was spreading them apart, opening him up. He moaned then whispered ‘yes’ in my ear.

I carried him the two short steps to my bed and eased down on it with him beneath me. I covered his body with my own, pinning his arms over his head as I kissed him, moved along his jaw then down his neck, kissing the smooth warm skin. He moved beneath me like an animal, feral, suddenly an untamed thing. I grew more aroused with his every movement. I felt my cock rub slickly across his thigh then push painfully against him. His legs spread apart.

“Please” he cried out and bit me on the shoulder. I pushed with my hips pressing against his tightness. I slipped my arms underneath his knees and folded him in half. His hips raised up and he opened to me. I moved up into position, pressed my leaking cock to his opening and pushed. He was tight and I pushed harder till I felt the squeeze on the head of my cock as it breached him. I pushed in slowly feeling him quiver beneath me, his arms tighten their hold and his head fall back, eyes closed, mouth open ready to cry out.

Only a whimper escaped as I pushed inward another inch.

“I want you” I uttered through clinched teeth as I pushed inward further, slowly, feeling the squeeze on my shaft as it slipped through the tight ring of his opening. He locked his feet inside of my thighs and pulled them in causing me to sink further into his hole. He cried out as he felt me sink further into his body. I ground my hips into him, sank the last inch into him feeling the hot slickness envelop my cock. Pumping hips slowly I piston my cock through his tightness. His hot breath hit my neck in rapid exhalations. I increased my pace, pumped my hips till we were in rhythm, a solid fuck, my cock sinking into his depths over and over and over.

I raised up on my knees, took his calves and pressed them down against his chest. ‘Such a nimble body’ I thought as I hovered over it and began to drive my cock into him. An urgency to fuck took over, a need to feel his opening milk my cock, to take every inch. I grunted from my exertions and he moaned with every thrust inward, each penetration making him cry out. I looked down at his body, the way he was folded up beneath me, his own cock lying wetly in its own drool, rocking back and forth smearing it over his stomach. I watched my own cock pull nearly free, the shaft glistening, then disappear back into him. He took it, every thrust, his hands holding my wrist tightly as he pushed upward with his hips to meet every push inward.

The feel of him was too much, the tightness of his hole, the way it milked my cock as I fucked, a brutal pace and I felt my need for release, my whole body tighten, every muscle rigid. I slammed my hips down against his ass till the slap of our bodies filled the room. He pleaded for me to fuck him harder, begged me to give it to him. I became hot, my whole body on fire. I could feel my skin grow wet, slick with our exertions and I drove into him harder, faster, wanting release, desperate for it.

“OH fuck” I cried out as I slammed into him, sank my cock all the way into his hole. I came, hard, each ejaculation racking my body. I worked my hips as I came, working my cock in the slick load I filled him with. When I was finally spent I eased out of him and down next to his heaving body. I put my hand on his stomach and felt the pools of cum that covered it. Leaning over I kissed him as I circled my fingers through his load. I felt exhausted and believed I could not do anything else, but then I felt his fingers touch my stomach. Tentative, barely grazing the skin, moving in circular motions those fingers moved over my stomach then down. I felt my cock stir at the mere thought of his touch. I felt it stretch out, begin to grow erect once again. Then he touched me. Those fingers moved over me, traced the length of my cock, it getting longer and longer. They moved over the head, smeared the slick over it making their touch arousing. I rolled over on my back and as I did I grabbed him by the waist lifting him up and over. I sat him on my hips and pushed upward pressing myself against his ass. Once again I was hard.

“Jacob…take me” I whispered and he smiled as he raised up over my cock, one hand reaching behind his body and holding it up. I watched him ease down, watched as my cock disappeared into his body till he was sitting on my hips. I felt his hold on me, the heat of it as he squirmed around stimulating me till I had to do something, anything to increase this pleasure. I slipped my hands underneath his thighs and held him up pumping my hips with a furious pace slamming all the way into him with a renewed urgency.

There was something about the sound of my hips smacking against his ass, the feel of the impact that spur me on, drove me to fuck harder. The sound of our bodies coming together filled the room, along with his cries. I fucked till the muscles in my stomach burned with my exertion and I finally fell back still. I was heaving for breath as my skin burned.

Jacob leaned back, his torso stretched out in front of me, his cock angled away from his body, hard and leaking, and he began to work his ass on my cock. He ground down on it all the way then rocked upward. Up and down he moved his hips and I watched my cock disappear and reappear over and over and over. He moved roughly on top of me, slamming his ass down. I reached out and took his slick wet cock, stroking it. It interrupted his rhythm, his whole body shivered as my hand moved along his shaft and manipulated the flared head. He began to thrust upward hard, working his cock through my hand then slamming his ass down sinking my cock all the way back into his hole. He fucked himself till his body glistened, sweat trickling down his torso. He fucked till he was exhausted and fell still on my cock.

I wanted the stimulation of fucking his ass to continue, wanted to feel the slick heat of his hole on my cock so I eased up and flipped him over on his back. I held him behind the knees and folded him in half once again pressing down on his legs causing his ass to turn upward to me. I sank into him roughly and began to fuck, to drive into him with renewed enthusiasm, driven by my need for release. I hammered his hole, drove into him every angle I could manage battering his insides. The bed squeaked and rocked beneath us as he pleaded for me to fuck, to fuck him harder. My hips slapped against his ass rocking him roughly on the bed. My whole body ached, every muscle burned with my exertions. I watched him grab his own cock, stroke it roughly as my own piston in his hole.

“Oh fuck…fuck me harder…I’m coming” he uttered as he rocked beneath me then his whole body shook beneath me. His hole spasm around my cock with each ejaculation, cum spattering his torso then dribbled out where he smeared it along his shaft with his rough stroking. I jack hammered his hole, my own need imminent. I shoved inward, sank all the way into him and felt my release, the eruption that filled his hole.

I felt him stir, his body move against mine and I woke holding him in my arms. The sun was shining in through the window, shafts of light cutting across the bed and the far wall making the white walls glow illuminating the whole room. He backed up against me tighter, his nakedness warm against my own. I nuzzled my face into the back of his neck, the softness of his hair ticklish against my skin and his natural scent came to me, pleasant, comforting in its masculinity.

“Can we stay in bed this morning?” he uttered, his voice slurred, the voice of someone half asleep.

“Of course” I whispered in his ear. I felt him relax, his breathing slow, settle back into the rhythm of someone slipping back into sleep. I held his sleeping form and drifted off to sleep still tired from out exertions.



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