I had just gotten over the fact of loosing my parents in a wagon accident, my father lost control of the horses and their wagon going down a very large hill and Mom and Dad was both killed when it rolled over on top of them.

I was unstandably devestated by the loss. My Mothers younger Sister took my little sister who was only eight at the time, I was just fifteen, and I was sent to an elder great uncle, a real Son-of-a-Bitch kind of guy.

I had lived with this old goat for almost four years, I was his slave, he used me and physicall abused me,and if I didn't do what he said he would beat the crap out of me, I was making my plans to escape and get the hell out of there as soon as I was old enough.

Well that day finally came It was 1862 and I was now eighteen, a man in every sense of the word, well, almost every sense, My cock was still unused, except for the occasional jerk off, which I was a master of, seems like it was my only source of pleasure and enjoyment.

I had had all that I could take of Uncle Nells, truth was, I really wanted to kill him but I thought wiser of that idea, so I packed up and was walking out the door, when he stopped me and said, 'Where the hell do you think your going? get back here,' I just looked at him angrily and said, 'Im a man now, I'm my own boss, and living here with you has been a living hell, and you will no longer do to me what you have done to me, you can go to hell,' and I walked out the door as he raved and ranted.

Truthfully I never wanted to see the old Bastard again.

I had gone to the nearest town hoping to find some sort of employment, god knows I had worked like a dog for my Uncle for almost four years, being treated like shit.

I had heard that President Lincoln had signed the Pacific Railroad Act and I found this guy that was a recruiter for the railroad at the local pub there in town, he told me that the Central Pacific Railroad company was hiring crews to help in laying tracks across the western states all the way to California, I was elated, hell I had driven enough fence posts to warrent the job of driving spikes and laying track.

I got hired and left on a Thursday with several other men on a wagon headed to the area on the east side of the Seirra Nevada Mountain range.

It was a long tedious journey, hot weather, almost desert conditions, but I knew anything would be better than what I had had.

We finally arrived there almost a week later, I felt like my ass had taken root on the wagon seat I was riding, I was so damn glad when they said, go to that big white tent over there, and get signed in.

I went to the white tent where they were signing the new hires up.

'Damn Man, they're robbing the cradle nowdays aren't they?' the boss said, as he looked me over.

'Well Sir, I may look young but I'm one hell of a hard worker, and I am strong, very strong,' I said.

'Well Son your here, and I guess time will tell, go down that row of tents over there, and see if someone has a place for you to bunk,'

I looked down the row of about twenyt five canvas tents and I saw that they were two man tents, mostly just sleeping areas I guessed, just a place to store your belongings.

I had gone down the row checking in the tents and for the most part there was two guys already settled in each one of them.

I got to the second tent from the end, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a very handsome young blond headed guy maybe a year or two older than myself, He seemed very glad to see me, no one else had wanted to bunk with him for some reason, then I realized he was foreign, his name was Sven, he was of German Swedish descent and he spoke with a sort of Swedish accent.

'Hey Dere, come on in, My name is Sven,' he said.

I smiled and stuck out my hand and said, 'Hey there Sven, Im Jesse, Jesse Holmes, I'm very glad to meet you, and specially glad your more my age.'

I was so glad to see someone my age, most of the guys I had seen so far was like in their late forties, fifties or even sixties,a couple were even gray headed.

Well needless to say Sven and I became good buddies, it took a little bit of doing to understand him at times but I was learning and I was teaching him English too.

Actually I was beginning to notice things about him, Holy Shit, his body was phenomenal, he was built like a steam engine, his legs like tree trunks, his arms were like stove pipes thick, muscular with thick bulging veins, huge thick pec muscles and a six pack of very thick stomach muscles, he said he got built like that working in the log woods back up in Oregon territory.

Well Sven and I were a team, he drove spikes for a while, and thank god we had long handled spike grippers, which was used by one guy to hold the spikes in place while the other drove it with the long handled spike drivering hammers, if it weren't for those grippers a lot of guys would have had smashed fingers, broken hands and, well, you get the picture.

We had been partners for several months when the guys decided to take a wagon load of men to a local town a few miles away and hit the saloon's and brothels, Sven opted to say at the camp, and I deciced to stay with him, not wanting to be relieved of my hard earned cash, and besides I wasn't a drinker of hard liquer, never had a desire to drink beer, and as far as sex, well I was used to takeing care of it by hand, as most young guys of that day were.

I decided that night to write a letter to my younger sister back in St. Louis living with my auntie.

I was writing when Sven asked me to pronounce a word, he was reading a booklet he had been given, seemed like he was always reading, trying to learn as much as he could.

I looked over and told him what the word was and as I looked at his booklet I looked up at Sven and noticed he was staring into my eyes, I felt a funny feeling coming over me as we stared into each others eyes.

I don't know what happened but he leaned over and Kissed me on the lips, now a first kiss is suppose to be special, and believe me it was, I had never been kissed by anyone since my mom kissed me back years ago, But this kiss was different, Sven backed off and embarassed, he said,'I'm so sorry, I should not have done dat, please do not be mad at me.'

I just smiled at Sven, 'Wow that was something different,' I said In a mixed state of arousel, enjoyment, and shock all at the same time.

I saw Sven's eyes light up, 'Did U Like?' he said.

'Well to be truthful Sven, yes I did very much, I wouldn't mind you doing it again,ughm! if you'd like.' I loved the feeling and the sensations It was causing to course thru my body, feelings I had never had with anyone before.

The next thing I know I was feeling his hands on my shoulder and his right hand behind my head as he slid his sweet tongue into my mouth and began to kiss me like a brothel lover, I was loving it for some reason, and I didn't want it to stop.

Things were happening, my stomach was tingling as Sven kept up the onslaught of kisses, and began to rub on my body, I was moaning lightly as he slid his hand up my shirt and felt my nipples, he started into my eyes, 'OH Jesse, you are so beautiful, I would love to make love vit u,'

Make love with me? I wasn't sure what that was.

'Would you like this to feel better?' Sven said.

His beautiful blond hair hanging down over his face and his sweet beautiful Blue eyes sparkling in the evening dusk light.

I was in another world, a world I had never been to before.

Sven layed me back and began to undress me, and for some reason I was loveing what he was doing, I had always been so shy when It came to being naked in front of another guy, but I was really enjoying Sven's undressing of my body, I was wanting it, almost ot the point of helping him do it.

No other man had ever seen my cock hard before, but I was feeling the sensation of having a man rub it thru my trousers as he undid them and unbuttoned my pants and I raised up as I let him slide them down, as I was not wearing long johns I was unencumbered under my trousers and he smiled when he saw my uncut boner spring straight up,standing almost eight inches proud, thick, veins bulging, engorged with blood wanting attention.

Sven looked into my eyes as he wrapped his thick heavy hand around it and began to slip my foreskin back and let the cool air of the evening touch it's sensitive head, I almost passed out from the sensation.

'I hope you like dis,' he said, and Sven leaned over and took my virgin cock into his mputh, down his throat, and started sucking my cock like young calf would suck his mothers teat.

I arched my back as the first sensation ran thru my body, I grabbed a handfull of sand with each hand, as we layed there on the ground on the sleeping bags in the tent.

Sven was going after my cock like it was the last meal of a starveing man's life.

I just layed back pulled my arms up behind my head, closed my eyes and began to enjoy the most awesome feeling of my life.

I realized at that point after Sven was sucking my cock for about four minutes that I wanted to try it with him.

I raised up and looked into his eyes, 'Watts wrong, you don't like.' he asked.

'OH hell yes I like, I actually love it Sven but I want to try doing it to you.'

I had not as of yet seen Sven's cock, but I do know it was makeing one hell of a bulge, swollen under his trousers, I rolled him over and he let me rub his back and then I pulled his trousers off and I saw the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen, not that I had seen that many you understand, but it was a thing of beauty, I slid his trousers off his feet and went to work on his back which led to his gorgeous ass, my cock was still like a rock, leaking pre-cum and enjoying each second of what what happening. I began to rub his ass and he began to moan, I was in my own sort of heaven playing with that beautiful ass, when I spread his ass cheeks and saw that beautiful blond curly hair swirling around his manhole.

I began to play with it, and believe me it was a whole new ball game. Sven began to writhe and then spread his legs and allow me to play with his asshole, thats when I noticed between his legs were the biggest set of balls I had ever seen, it looked like big ole chicken eggs in this thin skin bag, like the balls on a bull, laying there and I was bound by dudy to begin to rub them, I knew how I liked my nuts rubbed, Sven began to really writhe and I leaned in and started licking on his nuts from behind, I was in la la land as I sucked each nut into my mouth and licked all over them, I seemed like I knew what to do with each part of this man on man thing, I guess I was just doing what I would like done to me.

I had sucked his ass and nuts for a while and I had Sven roll over so I could get at his cock, when I saw it, I almost swallowed my tongue, 'Good God Sven, Is that real?' I said.

'If I'm lying Im dying,' It was as thick as my wrist and a good hatchet handle long, Sven told me it was eleven inches long when totally hard, I put both hands around it and there was still room for another hand, god it was huge.

I slid that foreskin back and watched as Sven smiled at me, the head of his cock was awesome, redish pink and had that bluish tint to it too, but it was awesome.

I leaned in to take it in my mouth and I could only take a few inches at a time and finally I got about half of it into my stretched mouth, Sven was enjoying it immensly as I began to lick it with my tongue and suck as best I could, I must have been doing alright because I felt him grunt loudly 'OH YeeZus,' he said, and He almost choked me with his cum, he came just like his cock, huge, I don't think a stallion could have cum anymore than Sven did that night but I swallowed it all, something I never gave thought to.

Well Sven just lay back and got his breath, while I stroked my cock and savoured the flavor of his cum, I was really likeing the taste, and the fact that it was my best friends in the whole world made it even better.

Sven lay there, and I asked him how he learned to do all this, he responded by telling me that he had started back up in the log woods in Oregan, and there were several loggers and lumber Jacks that liked to, as they say take their Liberties with Sven, but he came to like it, and would even go to their tents to service them as he got older, hell he started when he was 15 serviceing these bulls in the lumber camps.

He tole me that he really liked to fuck a couple guys in the camp,in their assholes, some of them like that being done to them.

I was astonished with that thought, and with my asshole tingling I lay there and felt Sven roll me over and began to eat my asshole out, god it was awesome, I had not yet gotten my nut, so I was primed and ready, I told Sven I would like him to fuck me, I was ready for it, he looked a little questionable about it.

Are you sure, it hurts like hell the first time, but just lay there and let it get used to being stretched like that.

Sven got some sort of lube and got me greased up, it felt really good to feel his fingers up my asshole, and I was totally enjoying it.

Sven lay me on my back and told me to push out like I was taking a dump, I did, and I felt his cock head go into my asshole and he slid about six inches in, I must tell you here that he wasn't lying when he said it hurt like hell, but I stayed the course.

I could feel it as he flexed his cock and tightened his sphincter muscle, it felt like it was stretching my intestines beyond limits, but after a while, it began to really feeling good.

After about ten minutes of him takeing it really easey, Sven smiled and said here comes the rest, and he slid all eleven inches into my body, If he had pushed anymore, my eyeballs would have popped out, god it filled my body full, I was not just getting fucked I was being Impaled.

Sven began a slow deliberate rythmic fucking of my asshole, and I began to enjoy it more than I ever thought I would, I was coupled with this guy, my legs were tight around his body and I was looking straight into his eyes as I watched that serious glare of a guy getting close to busting his nut, and I felt his body start jerking, and his cock was blowing volly after volly of hot, awesome cum deep inside my bowels, 'OH YEEZUS,' Jesse das is vunderful.' I just lay there with this huge cock buried deep inside me, feeling it lightly jerk, not wanting to let it go, Sven raised up and took my throbbing cock and began to stroke, and my cock felt like it was onfire, I let out a loud grunt and shot cum past the top of my head and Sven stroked me off to a finish, the most awesome, most unforgettable night of my life.

We worked and yes loved together for almost ten years, and we stood side by side at Promontory Summit for the driving of the golden spike when the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads connected and opened the railroad to the west coast.

Later that night we celebrated by going to a nice restaurant and enjoying a great meal, and then I let Sven Drive his golden spike deep in me.



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