I finally got to go to the University Of my choice. I was very pleased to get the opportunity to go and study communication and journalism, hoping to land a job at a t.v network and work my way up to an anchor job or special reporter in a big Newspaper somewhere, but for now it was study, study, study.

My first year came and went uneventfully, and I did really good at my studies, but the sex part of my life was really lacking. My cock was raw from stroking it off so much, just dreaming about that one special person with whom I could get it on with, hell, I hadn't felt a good hot wet mouth since the summer before, on my cock since I had gotten head from a good looking older man in the toilet at a local bar.

Well I had returned primed and ready for just about anything the second year, gotten my new dorm room, and my new room mate, was this little squeaky little nerdish guy that set my teeth on edge every time he spoke or laughed. His name was Londell Jamison, and if he wasn't a royal pain, I'll pay for lying.

Londell and I got along o.k. but he was shy, introverted and we did not jell to well as roommates but we tolerated each other, he was a little jealous because I was totally free to walk around the room in just my briefs, almost naked and he was too shy to even be seen in his underwear, he would shower late in the night so no one would see him naked in the dorm showers.

Well I got hired on the school paper and I got chosen to write about the sports in the school paper thats when I really got to noticing things in a more sexual way at school.

I went to the locker rooms after the games to interview the main players and it was there that I began to have this little problem, about a seven and a half inch problem, which seems to rear its head (lol) every time I go into the locker room and see those studs wearing Jocky straps, seeing their smooth, or hairy asses and those bulges, or seeing those gorgeous cocks flopping around as they toy with each other.

Carlton Masters, the football star quarterback was my most impressive interview.

We had just won the Saturday afternoon game with another university, out team had creamed them, and of course Carlton was the team hero, and I wanted to get an interview for the sports page of the school paper and it was also picked up by a few bigger paper for their sports pages so I wanted a good interview.

I walked into the locker room and all the guys were either in their jock straps or totally naked as I walked in and ask to speak to Carlton, I looked up and he was coming out of the showers.

I stood there with my mouth open, holy fuck, I was mesmerized at Carlton's body, it was like a body builder, muscled, thick legs, he could run like the wind, his arms were like most guys legs, thick, very muscled, his stomach like a washboard, I could tell he was use to heavy workouts, and his chest was to die for, thick pec muscles, with lovely nipples, one nipple had a little peircing ring thru it, and it was covered with this light covering of gorgeous hair, my knees were getting weak just staring at his gorgeous body, as he slowly walked toward me naked, still drying on his body.

Carlton smiled as he saw me ogleing his awesome body, and as he reached down and I saw his towel and hand drying his privates I thought my heart would stop, I took a gasping breath as I noticed a set of awesome nuts on this god of a young man, they looked like they came off of a small bull, and his thick heavy cock looked like it was about half hard, must have been almost ten inches long, or so it seems. It would slightly raise up as he flexed it every so often, I guess for my benefit, since he noticed I couldn't take my eye's off it.

I noticed Carlton's eyes looking at the swollen lump of my thick boner leaking pre-cum and making a wet spot in my tan slacks sticking out like a hammerhandle in my trousers.

With a huge grin on his face I saw his hand reach around his cock shaft, squeeze it, and stroke it a few times, his cock was awesome,thick, dark, with that circumcision scar about three inches behind the beautiful swollen looking flaring bell shaped head, and then he finished drying his back.

I stammered and studdered as I stood there only inches from this gorgeous guy, and I began asking him questions.

Carlton was so friendly and outgoing, my heart was racing like I had been running all day.

I didn't want the interiew to end but alas it had too, the whole time I was talking to Carlton I was shaking and trembling and he stood there like a greek god answering questions, and every so often giving his privates a little squeeze and flip, which got a swelling reaction from my body.

At the end of my interview, Carlton looked down at the swollen part laying to the side bulging out ward in my pants raised his eyebrows and winked, 'You might want to go somewhere private and take care of that, Ken.'

Then he turned and made a very swaying slow stride walk away from me with the most gorgeous tight, lightly hairy ass I had ever had the pleasure to see, my mouth was watering and my lips were dry as I swallowed,and my cock was aching as I watched him walk to his locker, he turned and winked again before disappearing behing the lockers. I felt so honored to have gotten such a wonderful interview.

Needless to say I went to the closest mens room and it took me about two minutes to blow the biggest nut I had had in a long time, it was fantastic.

It seemed to me that that interview had changed things with Carlton and me, every time I saw him on campus or in the commisary, or at the food court, he would make it a priority to smile and jesture to me or wink. It felt nice to be noticed by such a school hero and legend.

It was the next month We had our School Homecoming and of Course the Homecoming Game, I had not missed a single game or anything else that Carlton had been involved with, I was that taken with him, I had layed in my dorm room, at night stroking my cock dreaming of having his awesome cock plowing my ass or sucking it off for him, but I felt that as much a school treasure as he was, he had women all over the campus wanting him and could have any gal he wanted.

I had just watched our team with Carlton's leadership take the homecoming game and of course there was much jubilation throughout the campus and everyone was celebrating.

I followed the team once again into the locker room to get the interview with the players, they were all haveing a joyous time in the locker room.

I saw Carlton who quietly got his shower and went to his locker to dress and when he was finished dressing he came out to me with his gymbag in hand, 'Hey Ken, got anything planned this eveing?' he asked.

'No just rewriting this interview and getting it ready to go to print.' I said.

'Would you like to go have a burger or something to drink with me?'

I had figured he would be heading off with some chick somewhere and celebrate with a good hardy fuck, but here he was asking me, ME! wow! out for a bite to eat.

I was stunned but could not refuse, I said 'Yes, sure man that would be awesome.' I couldn't believe what was happening.

I climed into his Mustang and he got into the other side of the car.

Carlton looked over and smiled, 'I wanted to personally thank you for the awesome writeup you gave on me last month in the paper, you really made me look good,' he said. 'I didn't lie Carlton, you are good, your actually fantastic, Your Pro ball material.' I said.

'You really think so?' he asked.

'Hey Carlton, lets put it this way, your the best Quarterback I have seen this year on any team,' I said.

'Your just being nice, but I thank you anyway.'

We went out to a fast food joint and had some burgers and fries and a soda, and then we went to back to the dorm, Carlton invited me to his room to continue our conversation, then he said, hey man If you would like spend the night with me, in the room, my roomie is gone for about a week, some family someting going on, anyway his bed is free.

I said sure, feeling honored but also afraid I would goof up and let how I felt about Carlton slip out and ruin our friendship.

We went to his room and went in, he had a little t.v. with a DVD player attached and he and I layed there laughing and sorta bonding and enjoying a movie he had rented.

It was about eleven when we decided to hit the sack, I watched with anticiaption as Carlton stripped to his boxer briefs an I was afraid to take my trousers off, I already had a boner that would clear a counter it it were to swing around.

as my trousers fell to the floor My briefs did little to hide my hardness and my desire.

Carlton smiled and said, 'Tell me something Ken, do I do that to you when you see me in a state of undress?' The moment of truth was at hand.

Before I could speak, Carlton told me to come to him on his bed and lay next to him, all I could think was thats a big mistake.

I lay next to Carlton on his bed, and he wrapped his arms around me and said, 'The day you did the interview I noticed your hard cock pressing out against the front of your trousers, and I liked it,I was getting turned on, and If I'm not mistaken you liked my looks too, I like your looks too, and I would love make sweet love to that cute little ass of yours and well you get the picture.'

I could not believe my ears, this Quarterback god of a campus stud wants to make love to me, this was more than I could have dreamed for.

I looked at his gorgeous face, noticing his God necklace around his thick muscular neck and rubbed my hands down his hairy chest, feeling each muscle, and its ridges and I went from the neck down to the waist band of his boxerbriefs.

I stopped along the way and played with his rigged stomach muscles, feeling that smooth hairy skin, and feeling the tightness of his stomach, his legs were like steel, thick, with heavy muscles, and when I got to the crotch I heard Carlton gasp as I took his huge nutsack into my hand and began to make love to his thick nuts.

I could feel his tumultuous thick cock flexing out against my hand still confined inside those light gray boxer-briefs and as I stared into his beautiful deep brown eyes, his dark eye lashes, and his thick eye brows, and almost clean shaven face, I slid my hand down into his boxer-briefs and felt that awesome thick cock that I had admired and desired in the locker room, 'Make love to me with this Carlton, I want to feel it deep inside my body, Please?' I said.

Carlton smiled and began kissing me on the lips as I began to pull his underwear down and off, releasing the tension on his nutsack and his swollen thick member.

I slid my briefs off and as I leaned down and took that most intimate of male parts into my mouth I felt his body tighten up and heard his moan of pleasure, 'Awe fuck men, I have been needing this for a long time.' Carlton said.

I began to really give the best blowjob I remember giving, I was in heaven, bringing pleasure to this awesome guy.

I guess the most horrible part was when Carlton was enjoying it too much and he shoved my head down to the pubic hair, and I almost choked to death on his thick meat, I wasn't ready for that much cock down my throat yet, But I finally adjusted and learned to relax my throat.

I had sucked on his cock for about five minutes and he was enjoying it immensly when he said, 'Are you ready for a good fucking Ken.'

'As ready as I'll every be,' I said.

Carlton got up slicked his cock up with anal ease, and lubed up my hole.

I knew it would be really a tight fit at first untill I relaxed but I had forgotten that being penetrated into unexplored territory was sometimes painful.

AS I lay there on my back and I felt Carltons tight muscular body, he hooked his arms under my knees, pulled my ass upward ot meet his shiny, lubed cock head and I felt its heat against my asshole as he leaned into me and thrust forward with his thick, cut monster.

I felt a sharp pain and I was not in control anymore, Carlton pulled me tight with his awesomely strong body muscles and slowly slid almost ten inches of very thick meat to the hilt into my intestines, 'Awh Fuck man, thats what I'm talking about he said.' and me, I just layed there holding my breat till the pain subsided, which took a few minutes.

When it finally was not hurting anymore, I heard his awesome sweet voice, 'Are You o.k.?' he said.

'Yeah I'll be alright, just take it easy at first man, your really big down there.'

Here I was laying on my back with the Most gorgeous man, on planet earth, and his thick Cock was buried to the balls in my asshole. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, then as He started to rock with the groove I began to feel so alive, so vibrant, doing what I had only dreamed about.

'Oh God Ken your ass feels awesome,' he said.

Carlton began a slow rythmic steady fuck of my asshole and I was feeling not pain now, actually his thick cock was sliding back and forth over my prostate and I was feeling those sensations with each thrust, I don't know how true it is but I just figured this is what a woman must feel when she gets a good fucking.

I wanted it all, and I was building up to a fantastic climax, I knew I would be going off soon if he didn't.

I felt his body picking up speed, his cock was feeling thicker, his breathing getting more rapid, and then he started pumping like a madman, all the way in and all the way out, it was awesome as the man fucked me this way.

I felt my climax coming fastly and I felt my cock start to jerking and expelling my semen all over my chest and stomach, it was the most intense climax of my life.

I saw his smiling face, eyes closed as he breathed so heavy adn pumped his cock deep into my intestines and I felt his cock lightly jerking inside me as he filled me with his awesome cum.

I just held onto his body tightly as he finished and just layed down on top of me, I had been filled full with Carlton, god it was awesome.

I felt like I would be leaking cum for the next month, it felt like his climax went on forever.

Carlton finally fell over to the other side, leaned over and kissed my cheek, 'That was fucking awesome man, it's been months since I had a good fuck like this, and a woman cant do it for me, I need a man.

I could not believe what had just happened, I had been made love to and filled full of the most awesome guy on campus and I felt out of this world.

Carlton raised up and began to lick my cum from my stomach and chest and when he had finished licking it all and even off the tip of my cock, he shared it with me in a wonderful loving kiss.

That wasn't our only time to make love like this, It wasn't a week later he appeared at my door, and told me to pack my shit and he had made arrangements for me to exhange roommates with him, he had gotten me assigned with him in his room.

Well you can guess how that school year happend to end.

Carlton and I were lovers all thru the rest of college, and well the rest is for another chapter.



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