Oh! Shit I said as the jock smacked my bare ass, the suprise was almost a heart stopping shock. I looked up red faced and stared into the eyes of Mark the linebacker for the college team. He said Hey man get a move on your gonna be late for the trials.

I knew I didn't have a chance in hell of making the team, but making the team wasn't uppermost on my mind, but just getting into the locker room and seeing those beautiful, gorgeous, Hot, muscular bodies was, you see I'm a gay college student, and I love to see, touch, mentally devour, and just all round indulge in as much eye candy as I can, it gives me jerk off inspiration, and believe me man, being the guy I am, I can fucking jerk off.

May name is Sean Billings, and I am a somewhat of a jock, I'm not badly built and I am from a family of three brothers, who would probably disown me if they knew I liked cock as much as I do. I don't know how it happened and where it came from, My Dad was as manly and studdly as anyone could possibly be, My brotheres are both built well, sports minded and sorta jocks, Shit man We lived in an upper middle classed Home int the 'burbs' of a large midwestern city, and Had a pretty good life, didn't really want for much. WE all three had to work jobs, Dads way of teaching values, and if we wanted anything, such as a car, or computer or well mostly anything, we had to save our dollars and pay for it ourself, so all in all Dad had taught us moral values and financial values.

I had been accepted into this College In the same large city that we lived in, and decided to stay in the college dorm instead of living at home, I would go home on week ends if I had nothing at school planned for the weekend.

Well I tried out for the team and was still awaiting the outcome of the trials, I had thought I had done pretty good, but for a college team they want the cream of the crop, and I felt like I was sorta 2% milk, instead of cream, if you get me drift, yet all in all I am a pretty buff lookng guy.

Now on this team was my cousin, Kurt, came from My Moms side of the family, Lived in Pheonix, Ariz. and Stood, 6'1' tall and weighed 220 lbs. of the most gorgeous mass of Muscle you have ever layed eyes on, Lightly sandy ginger, colored hair, tanned to perfection, Looked like he came out of an Abercrombie Fitch, magazine, he was asbolutely stunning, Had looks to die for, broad shoulders, tree trunk thighs and He could run like the wind, He got the quarterbacks position almost without a question.

I can't help but tell you He was the object of my affections and I was laying in my dormroom bed at night and beating my cock raw fantasizing about him and his body, I had not as yet seen his cock, but I was on a quest to at least get a shot of it in the showers.

Well I had finished the trials and went back to my room and had just gotten in when someone knocked on my Dorm room door, and walked in and said, I opened it up and Kurt was standing there looking just as awesome as ever and he had been practicing on the field and was standing there in his gym shorts and one of those shirt that just cover the chest muscles and leave the stomach bare, white sneakers and socks and a baseball cap turned around backwards and I took one look at Kurt, and felt that twinge and sorta pain in my stomach and felt the ole cock start to move, and I said Hey man whats up, Kurt said man, just thought I'd come over and see what my cuz was up to. I just stood there mesmerized by my cousins awesome looks and gorgeous body and sorta studdered and said come on in man, have a seat, He came in and set down on the extra chair there in the room next to my bed and said Man, I have been thinking, we don't do anything together as family, you know what I mean, and I was wondering, Oh Fuck Kurt If you knew what I want to do to you. Kurt spoke up and said Man, you wanta hang out. and every word he spoke seem to have a sexual meaning, I thought I love to see you hanging out. I thought Sean, get you mind out of his jocky shorts. I spoke and said sounds great Kurt, he said, I thougth we would go get some grub at the cafeteria and come back here and just chill, or whatever, I noticed he was sorta rubbing his crotch with his right hand while he was looking at me, If I hadn't known better I would have thought he was putting out signals.

We got a bite to eat and when we got back to the dorm room, Kurt said man, Sean, You got a girl on the string, I said Heck no Kurt, What girl would want me, Kurt said, Sean, man quit selling yourself short, man I think your a hot dude, I mean! and his face got sorta red, from saying that statement, Your a nice looking guy and any girl would be glad to have you, I said thanks man for the compliment but I hasn't seemed to work that way for me.

Kurt said yea, man I havent had a peice of ass in forever, I said Oh come on Kurt, YOu, Mr. STUD, He just smiled, truth is Sean, I have never had a peice of ass from a girl, I said No was Kurt, He said yea, and I was just wondering If you, would be up for a little guy on guy, see Sean, as nice looking as this body is, I'm gay, I looked stunned and just stood there about to swallow my tongue, I said your Joshing me right, Kurt said as he lifted his hand off his cock and I noticed a very large thick heavy, cock with a gorgeous head outline pressing up in his shorts, I said fuck me, Kurt Is that hard, he said, sure the fuck is and It wants some attention, I said are you saying, you want to mess around with me, He said If you would like, I said, did you know I was gay too, Is it that obvious, he said, I kinda felt the vibes, and was watching the signals. I said wanna spend the night, He just smiled and said, only if we can have sex, I need to bust a nut so bad It's almost painful, I said I'm sure i can help there for you, Kurt just smiled a great big white teeth smile and started stripping, He said, are you a 'top' or 'bottom'? I said If we do this right we will be both be both.

He got down to his designer boxers, and slid them off and My god His cock was about three quarters hard and his body looked like it came from Mount Olympus, He had balls the size of a bull, and a cock like, well just say, no one would feel like competeing in a cock size competition with him, his cock head was that pinkish bluish, just fucking beautiful and Had that dark ring where the circumsicion scar was, and he said where do you want to do this, and I said what you want first, He said I love a blowjob and I like fucking too. I said set here and I set him on the edge of the bed and and he grabbed some pillows and layed them behind his head and I pushed him back, I threw his shirt the shorty litte tee shirt that was cut off short and showed his stomach muscles at him and had him put it back on, he said whats this, I said I love the looke of you in that shit, it is so fucking erotic, and he smiled and put the shirt back on for me, and I knelt down on the floor between his legs, laying over on the edge of the bed and I started by playing with his balls, as soon as I touched his sack they withdrew and he just moaned, I then started sucking them with my mouth taking them into my mouth each one, I have to tell you that crotch odor of Kurts was absolutely beyond description, I could smell his manliness and the light smell of bath soap mixed and that odor, that wiff of pured sexual delight, was about to make my cock split, I can't explain how it was affecting me but it was, I had slipped my pants off and my underwear and I was kneeling there in just my tee shirt and gently feeling the tickling sensation of the bed spread as it rubbed against the head of my cock and was making the damn thing like a peice of granite and as I was leaning over Kurts body he had placed one hand up behing his head and with his right hand he was twisting his mipples, those beautiful erect nipples which were surrounded with about half dollar sized brown aerolas, Fuck man I was getting turned on like I had never before gotten turned on, He had always been stroke off inspiration for me, but to have his cock in my hand and his nuts in my mouth, well it was beyond belief, I raised up and started licking his cock shaft and treating it to a tongue bath and sorta licking that gorgeous thick head and Kurt sorta moaned lightly and said in a gutteral whisper, that's it man, o fuck man that's it, and I took his cock to the hilt, It was so friggen thick, I wasn't sure I would be able to get the thing in my mouth but after a few atempts I got it on a good stead rythm, and Kurt, said Oh man I need this bad, Oh fuck yea man, I noticed his hips were slowly moving in a fucking motion, and He said Fuck Sean, I had no Idea you were so fucking good at giving head, I just kinda grunted with my mouth full and kept up the motion and sucking, I could feel as I slid my mouth up and down his throbbing cock that his body was tensing up and I noticed he was about to pull the sheets and bedspread off the bed, he had grabbled them with his hands at the side of his body and was gripping them so tightly, fuck It was so exilerating to watch My gorgeous cousin as I slowly brought his body to such a sexual high, And I noticed his nuts had almost completely disappeared into his body right under the base of his cock, his stomach started doing a lurching dance and he grunted and moaned and said, Oh Fuck Sean, and raised up just a littl from off the pillows and let out a loud Fuck pulled the blankets from the bed and started shooting cum into my mouth and throat like a fire hose, Fuck this kid could cum, and cum he did, My mouth was so full after about 8-10 blasts and I was swallowing as fast as I could, but I didn't want to stop his climax to soon and kept up the sucking untill his cock stopped jerking and he just flopped back like a dead man on the bed and after about three minutes Kurt raise up on his elbows and just Looks as me and said Mother Fucker Sean, Where the fuck did you learn to give head like that, fuck man, I said I have had a few years practice, Kurt said get up here on the bed and I'll take care of your, I said maybe another time Kurt, I had already busted a load with my cock head rubbing the bedspread and in all of Kurts excitement the sensation and the excitement sent me over the edge and I had shot off the same time Kurt did, He said friggen awesome man.

We got up both naked, made the bed and got into it and slep like newborn babies, I awoke with Kurts arm around me and His very hard morning cock pushing into my bare ass crack, and I leaned my head around and said Kurt you want some of that, He smiled and said, I would love some of that, I got a tube of anal ease lube from my dresser drawer and lubed up my manhole, Put some on Kurts cock and I got up on the bed and layed on my back, and Kurt smiled and said you like it that way, I said yea, I get to see your face when you unload, he smiled and said awesome dude, I layed back, raised up my legs and layed them on his shoulders and I felt that awesome cock as it started It's journey of love into my love canal, I was taken aback by the thickness at first but soon adjusted to the feeling and I was on a journey to the stars, Kurt was rough fucking me, and yet so fucking gentle, it was unbelievable, I could feel his cock as it throbbed with each heartbeat in my intestines, Kurt was working up a sweat and saying this is awesome Sean, I said I fucking know it man, Fuck me, fuck me hard and Kurt was pounding, and giving it all he had, I was in a zone, man I was out there, That feeling was so intense, I could feel it as his cock head rubbed my prostate and I was about to cum, when I felt Kurts body give a huge Push and He grunted like a bear and shoved his cock balls deep into my ass, I started feeling his cock as it lurched with each volley of cum shooting into my gut, and My climax took off, I started shooting without even touching it. I shot cum clear up on my face getting a little into my mouth as it shot and Kurt said good god man, We both layed over like dead men, Kurt said Hey Sean man, You don't have a room mate, would you mind If I moved in with you in your room, I said I would love that.

Kurt moved in with me in my room and we spent the most glorious year together in college, I hardly even went home on weekends. I just loved it when Things worked out like they did for me and Kurt and I became the Quarterbacks Delight.



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