I had been with Carter Accounting Services for five years and was continually passed over for promotions.  I was twenty-eight and wanted to do more than what I was doing.  I wanted to handle some larger accounts.  When I asked about it, all I ever got was ‘be patient’.

I was about to hand in my resignation when the boss’s son came to me and asked if I was willing to go with him to present our program to a potential new customer. He insisted that if we did well, it would be a big boost to my career, and we would meet to go over the details.

Stuart Carter was the head of the company and his son, Stuart, Jr. was in line to take over when the old man retired.  Stu, as the son preferred to be called, was just a few years older that I, and basically ran the company.  Not only was he good looking, but he was well built and his clothes were always form fitting, revealing his nice pecs as well as a nice bulge in his crotch. I figured that if I got in good with Stu, I might get the promotions I deserved.

A week later, on a Tuesday, Stu called me and said to be in his office at five that evening.  I arrived promptly at five, just as his secretary was leaving.  She quickly announced my presence, then left, closing the door to Stu’s office behind her.

After telling me to have a seat, he sat on the front edge of his desk and said, “Mark, I, as well as the company, owes you a big apology.”

“For what, Stu?” I asked, using his first name as everyone in the company went by first name’s only when addressing each other.

“Mark, this is to be kept strictly between you and I and no further, understand?”

“Completely,” I replied.

“Dad is going to retire in a month or so, and turn things over to me completely.  He is only going to take his retirement.  He wants his salary to be divided up among the employees in the form of a raise. I have also found out that when he hired new employees instead of promoting you, he was doing it as favors to his cronies, and giving their sons the positions, regardless of whether they were qualified or not.  My first item on my agenda, is to promote you to a position I feel you deserve, and the results from this trip will count heavily.  Also, some of the ones he has hired, actually most of them, will be terminated or demoted to lower positions that they qualify for.”

Not knowing what to say, I simply said, “Thank you for seeing what was happening.”

“My pleasure,” he said, adding “and as far as out trip, be ready to leave Friday at noon.  I have us booked on a two o’clock flight out.”

“I’ll be ready,” I replied.

“Pack for a minimum of three days, and bring your bags here to the office and I’ll have them loaded in the car before we leave for the airport.”

I was ready as planned and we drove to the airport in his car, giving our bags to the porter before checking in.  our flight was three hours and we arrived on time and our rental car was waiting for us.

The only hiccup in our plans were when we arrived at our hotel.  When we arrived, Stu was informed that the hotel had overbooked it’s rooms and due to some customers not checking out as planned, the only thing he had available for us was one last room with just one king bed.

Stu looked at me and said, “I knew things were going too fucking good.  Mark, do you snore?”

“Not to my knowledge,” I replied, wondering if he was going to do what I was hoping for.

Turning back to the desk clerk, he said, “We’ll take it.  We work together so it’s cool.”

My wish was coming true.  I knew that at some point, I would at least see him in only his underwear.

To appease us, shortly after we entered our room, room service delivered an huge bottle of champagne and a large snack tray, complimentary.

As we settled in, I asked when our meetings started.

“Monday morning at nine,” he replied.  “I thought we could get to know each other better over a casual weekend and away from the office regime.”

“Hey, I’m game,” I replied.

The room phone rang, and it was the hotel manager calling to apologize for the inconvenience and said that our dinner in their restaurant was on the house, and to order what ever we wanted.

After telling me what the manager had said, he smiled and said, “Shall we shower and get ready for dinner?”

“I don’t see why not,” I replied and told him that he could go first, hoping to see him down to his underwear.

He began undressing as he talked about what we might do over the weekend.  I casually undressed also,  and soon we were both down to our briefs and t-shirts.  

Without any hesitation or shyness, he stripped off his tee shirt, revealing an extremely muscled torso with a beautiful hairy chest. Then still facing me, he shoved his briefs to the floor and stepped out of them. There in full view was a beautiful, long, slim, circumcised cock that he casually cupped and  fondled for a split second.

None too soon, he turned and went into the bathroom and with him out of sight, my own cock stopped stiffening and returned to it’s normal flaccid state.

I heard the shower stop and moments later, he stepped out of the bathroom still drying off, and after wrapping the towel around his waist, said, “Your turn.”

I finished stripping and headed to the bathroom noticing that his eyes were trained on my cock, and I began to wonder if there was a special meaning or was he just checking me out for comparison.

After my shower, I returned to the room, already with my towel wrapped around my waist, only to find him still nude.  Together, we dressed in casual attire, with him saying that he preferred to go commando, asking if I ever did it.  I admitted I did and decided to follow his lead.

After a huge steak and lobster dinner on the house, we hit a few near by bars. I made sure of how much I drank, not wanting to be overly tipsy and make a forbidden pass at my boss, since we were sharing a bed.

Upon arrival back in our room, he began undressing and as he did, he turned to me and said, “Mark, I have a confession, and I hope you can accept it.”

“A confession about what?” I asked.

“I live and sleep in the nude.  Am I weird or not?”

“Stu, it’s cool, I do the same thing,” I said casually.

“No shit?” he asked.

Staying casual, I said, “I’ve done it for years.”

“Well, you know what that means, don’t you?” he asked.

“Probably sleeping in the same bed both naked as the day we were born,” I answered sarcastically.

“True, and now I have another confession,” he replied.

“Now what?” I asked.

“One evening I was driving past a local bar and saw you exiting it with another man.  It was a gay bar, so wanting to know for sure, I hired an investigator to find out for sure.  Do you remember a bearded guy named Chet, that you went to bed with?  That was my investigator, and I know that you are gay.”

“So just what are you telling me?  Did you bring me here on the pretense of work just to fire me?”

“Fuck no, now settle down,” he snapped.  “I brought you with me, wanting you to introduce me to man sex.  I’ve been curious for over a year and wanted to start with someone I admired and trusted.  Will you be my mentor?”

“Are you serious,” I asked.

“Totally,” he replied.  “I went to an adult video store and watched a gay movie and want to try it all, oral and anal and including what they called water sports.”

“Do you know what all water sports includes?”

“Tell me,” he said.

“You asked for it, so here goes. Water sports means piss play. Some guys enjoy getting pissed on, all over their body.  Others like it in their face and mouth, and others drink it.”

By now, he had stepped closer to me and asked, “Do you get into all that?”

“Yes, I do.  I enjoy it all,” I replied, then asked, “Just how is this conversation going to affect my employment?”

“It’s not at all, I promise.”

“Okay, then,  where do you want to start?”

Stepping closer, he put his arms around me and as he pulled me closer, he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. After a short moment, I felt his lips part and his tongue try to enter my mouth.  Instinctively, I parted my lips and accepted his tongue and offered mine.

Eagerly, he accepted it and started kissing me passionately.  The kiss seemed to go on for ever, and when we finally parted, he looked into my eyes and said, “I’ve kissed man women in the passed, but absolutely none were as hot or passionate as that one was,’ and with that, he kissed me again, hungrily sucking my tongue and spit into his own mouth. 

And as we kissed, I felt his hand slide down my body and soon grasp my rock hard cock.

“I want you in my mouth, so please show me what and what not to do,” he said.

I knelt and swallowed his cock showing him how to suck and how to avoid scraping the other persons cock with his teeth.  I sucked for a few minutes before he stopped me, and instantly, he dropped and swallowed my rock hard cock and began sucking me, and even as a beginner, he was good at it.

After a few moments, I stopped him and said, “Let’s do each other.”

I had him lay down on the bed and I got into a sixty-nine position and we began sucking each others cock.  I couldn’t believe that I had my boss’s cock in my mouth and mine in his.

Moments later he began to breath heavily and moan and I knew he was close.  Suddenly, his cock exploded, and my mouth was filled with his huge thick load, that was extremely delicious.

He stopped and looked into my face and as he did, I smiled and let him watch me swallow his cream.  Immediately, he returned to sucking me and just moments later, my cock exploded, and as I filled his mouth, he gagged just slightly and after collecting it all, looked directly at me and swallowed.

Flipping around so that I was sitting next to him I looked at him and asked, “Well, what did you think?”

“Getting sucked was fantastic, but sucking another guy and taking his load was beyond great.  I have never enjoyed anything more.”

We kissed some more and he said that he was glad that I was showing him what it was like to be with another man.

“Well, we have all weekend to try whatever you want,” I said as I lay back.  Seconds later he was laying next to me his arm across my chest.  It was then I said, “Let me show you something that is exciting.” 

With that, I sat up and began gently playing with his nipples as he moaned softly.  Then, when I started gently sucking one then the other, he moaned loudly.

A few moments later, he looked at me and asked, “Mark, have you had any desires to have sex with me in the past?”

“Yes, Stu, I have and this is a fucking dream come true.”

“Well, just so you know, do whatever you want to me when ever you get the urge.  I’m here for your use.  In the movie I watched, there was one guy that was submissive, and I want to be like him, at least for now.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“Positive, and just so you know, that load you fed me got you a nice pay increase.”

“I appreciate the raise,” I said, “but it’s not really necessary.  I have been wanting to get you in bed for a long time and being able to do so now, is enough reward.  As for using you in any way I so choose, since I now know you are interested in trying everything men can do together, and you know I love it all, let’s take thing slow and keep it interesting.  By going slow, you will have something to look forward to for a while.”

“Now that things are out in the open, I think we will be working more closely now.  You know, I’ve been thinking of adding the position of Executive Assistant as soon as I take over completely, and you are my current front runner for the position.”

“I appreciate that, Stu, but I want the position strictly because of my ability, and not for my sexual adventures we might encounter.”

“I understand,” he said, ‘and totally respect you for that decision.”

We kissed lovingly and I suggested that we get some sleep and that we had all day Saturday to try something new.

Soon, we were cuddled together, with him in my arms, as we drifted off to sleep.  Sometime during the night, I awoke to find Stu sucking my cock, slowly and lovingly.  I let him do his thing and after feeding him my load, went back to sleep.

The next morning, before going out for breakfast, he said, “I’m going to shower and after what has transpired, why don’t you join me?”

“Sure, I’d like that,” I replied.

As we stood under the hot shower, we kissed and he dropped to his knees and sucked me off again.  Afterward, we kissed and I decided to show him something different.  

Gently turning him around, I dropped to my knees and gently spread his ass cheeks and began tongue fucking and licking his hole.

“Oh, mother fuck, Mark, don’t stop,” he said.

I continued eating his ass for several minutes before stopping aand standing back up and kissing him.

After the kiss, he said, “You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?”

“I hope so, and there are more to come,” I replied.

After breakfast, we went for a wal;k and stopped at a small ark a few blocks from out hotel.  After sitting on a bench, I asked casually, “Stu, what got you interested in other men?”

“It was over about a year and a half ago,” he began, and I happened top walk into a restroom at the mall and saw two guys standing at the urinals, and the older was sucking the younger kid.  He looked about seventeen or eighteen ad it was obvious he was enjoying it, but they quickly stopped.”

“It was hot to watch so I told them to continue while I stood by the door.  The kid soon shot his load and the older man took it and then kissed the boy and I am sure they shared it.  Then the kid sucked the older man and ate the load.  I was rock hard just from watching but didn’t know why.  I had never thought about sex with another man until then.”

“How old was the man?” I asked.

“He looked to be in  his late forties or early fifties.  After getting sucked off, he quickly left and the kid offered to suck me off.  I politely declined saying I didn’t have time.  Secretly, I wanted to see what it was like.  Since then, I have been to an adult video store several times, watching gay movies and jerking off, wanting to try what they were doing and see if I liked it.”

“Then one night after I left the video store, was when I saw you leaving the bar with the other man and wanted to know if you were gay.  I have known Chet for several years and when I told him what I wanted him  to find out, he told me that it would probably involve him going to bed with you and since he had never done that before it was going to cost extra.  I didn’t care and just wanted to know if you were gay and if you were to somehow get you to show me what it was like.”

“Just out of curiosity, how much did he charge you to go to bed with me?”

“To get you in bed and suck each other off, he charged me twenty-five hundred, since he had never done it before.”

“Well, Stu, he took you to the cleaners,” I said.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“When we got to my place, he started stripping me and once he had my short and jeans off, he started sucking me.  After a while, he stripped and we went to bed and had sex for almost five hours, sucking and fucking each other.  It was very obvious that he had been to bed and had sex with other men in the past.  He couldn’t wait to get my cock up his ass.  He was definitely not a virgin like he led you to believe.”

“That bastard!  As long as I have known him, I had no idea at all that he was into men,” he snapped.

“He’s not gay, he’s bisexual.  Two weeks after he went to bed with me, his girlfriend wanted to watch him have sex with me.  He had told her about our ‘meeting’ and she wanted to watch.  He took me to her place and she watched he and I suck and fuck each other, and while I was fucking him, he was fucking her.  He told me that sex was sex and he didn’t care if his partner was male or female.”

“Un-fucking-believable!” he exclaimed.

We both had a good laugh and  headed for a nearby bar for a beer.  I had logged into my computer earlier, and found that it was not only close to the hotel but also a gay bar.  I hadn’t told Stu it was a gay bar.

Once inside, we ordered our beer, and as Stu looked around,  he paused and turned to me and said softly, “This is a gay bar.”

“Bingo,” I replied, adding, “I told you I was full of surprises.”

As we looked around we saw several men kissing and fondling each other, and as we sipped our second beer, I asked if he would like to find a guy and take him back to our hotel room for sex.  He quickly agreed.

We found one hot muscled guy that we had watched fondle another man before leading him to the restroom  we followed and found the muscled guy on his knees sucking the other man. When we walked in, he never stopped and we watched him suck the man o completion and swallow.

The other man left and I spoke up and asked, “Do you like three ways?”

“What you got in mind?” he asked.

“We both love sucking and getting sucked  and fucking a guy in the ass, but we don’t get fucked. You interested?”

“Hell yea, especially if you both fuck me in both ends.”

“Great.  We’re at the Hyatt, room 415, when ever you’re ready.” We gave him our first names and he said he went by Butch.

We left and returned to the hotel and stripped.  Roughly fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door and after looking through the viewer and seeing Butch, I opened the door and let him in.

Seeing us nude, he immediately began stripping and once he was nude we were in awe at not only his build but at his cock.  It was cut, thick and no shorter than ten inches, and as it stiffened, it got longer.

Seeing his build, I asked if he worked out.  He said he did since he was the manager of a local gym that catered to gay men.  

Admitting to being nosey, I asked if he ever had sex with other gym members and he said he did, frequently after closing and in the steam room.

“Mostly, I suck them and they fuck or suck me.  Only one guy has taken me up his ass, and I certainly like what I’m seeing.

Before he left, he had sucked us both off and we had each sucked a huge load out of him, swallowing every drop fed to us, before fucking him one at a time, alternating back and forth before shoving both our cocks up his ass at the same time.  Stu was totally shocked that he could take us both up him at the same time, and climaxing together was awesome.

The next day, Saturday, we spent in bed kissing and sucking and finally fucking each other.  It had been a while since I had taken a man’s cherry and taking Stu’s was awesome, and he said he enjoyed getting fucked. 

Then, on Sunday, we got room service and had sex all day.  Stu quickly became proficient at sucking and eating cum and taking cock up his ass.  By late afternoon, he was asking to get fucked. He couldn’t seem to get enough.

Sunday evening he wanted to go back to the bar and I agreed. At one point, he said he needed to take a leak and headed for the restroom.  After a few minutes I went looking for him and found him sucking one hot stud at the urinal while another fucked his ass and a few watched.

Walking back to the hotel, I told him he needed to take things slower and he admitted that he had had desires for a while and once he was introduced, he couldn’t get enough. I told him that it was necessary.

Our meeting was successful, and we stayed an extra day, having sex in our hotel room.

We returned home and a week later Stuart, Sr. did retire. And the following week I was promoted to ‘Executive Assistant’ and moved into the office that used to be his and connected to his dad’s former office which he now occupied.

Between the two offices was a hallway that contained a full restroom with shower, closet and dresser, and a small bedroom with a queen bed, and TV.

Many afternoons after work we made use of the bed and shower.


Stu and I soon became closer that just boss and employee.  We started spending more and more time together, and most weekends he spent with me in my apartment.

Stu’s mother had passed away several years before and four months after his dad retired, Stuart, Sr. passed away from a heart attack.

Being the only child, Stu inherited everything, and moved into the large home on a hundred acres and small lake.  We continued our sexual encounters in the office  after work and I visited him often on weekends.

By then, Stu and I were doing it all, sucking cock, getting sucked, fucking ass and getting fucked, eating each other’s ass, and drinking from each other’s tap, as well as giving and receiving piss showers.

After several months, as I visited him at his estate, we sat nude by the pool, and he looked at me and said, “Mark, I have fallen deeply in love with you.  Would you do me the honor of being my life partner.?”

“Stu, most definitely.  I have loved you since you first asked me to introduce you to man sex, but I had no indication of how you felt.”

“I never thought I would fall so deeply in love with another male and desire sex with him twenty-four/seven, but I have. Fuck me right here to show me you love me in return.”

I had him sit on a table and lean back and seconds later I had my cock buried in his ass and after filling it with my cum load, he said, “Our union is now complete.  We are one.”

“Not until you fuck me.” I replied.


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