The Hamilton's old farm house sat off the road nearly a quarter of a mile, a situation created in the late 1950's when the county reworked the highway by cutting out some of its hard curves prior to making it a paved road. So the Hamilton's house sat at the back of their property, behind the ninety acre pasture with its barn and out buildings, isolated along each side by the pine tree stand owned by the paper mill down in Brewton. The drive was a long dusty two rut drive with grass growing down the sides and down the middle.

On a particular hot breezeless day in July, when the Hamilton's had gone up to Greenville to shop for a new truck, Cody stayed behind since he had just gotten home a couple weeks prior finishing his second year at college. He took the opportunity of being home alone to invite Ryan to come over. Ryan and he had gone through school together and sometime in high school their friendship developed into something much deeper. It was a tough relationship, held in secret, fraught with fear of being discovered. It was especially tough on Ryan, stuck on his family's farm trying to earn enough at his job in town at a parts store, while Cody was off to college. But Cody came home every chance he could and even had Ryan come up to the university once for a long weekend. Ryan arrived that afternoon after getting his chores done on his family's farm. The two of them were holed up in the house for a couple of hours. Exactly what happened was their secret, something just between them, but something happened. A comment taking out of context, the sense something wasn't right; the old fears surfacing.

Ryan ran out the back door across the screen porch, shoving the screen door open and letting it slam shut as he took off running down the drive heading toward the highway. His legs moved as fast as he could make them as his arms pumped furiously, his face distorted in anguish and fear. His stretched worn t-shirt billowed around his narrow waist rising up above his skinny faded jeans that accentuated his long legs. His old scuffed work boots hit the ground hard as each running step crashed down in the dirt. He was running as fast as he could, sucking in air through his mouth, fighting to maintain control of himself.

Moments after Ryan had made his dash down the drive, Cody came running out. He slammed the back door shut, raced across the screen porch, bounding out the screen door at a full run, letting the door slam shut once again. He was shirtless, revealing his upper body, muscular from sports and hard work, with a smooth olive skin tone. His jeans hung loose around his narrow waist, riding low enough to reveal the waist band of his briefs. He was barefoot and the rough ground should have slowed him, but he ran as fast as he could, chasing after Ryan.

They ran down the drive as it looped around the back of the pasture and cut over to the side property line shared with the mill property with its pines planted in rigid rows for the next mile across the countryside. Ryan was getting winded as he rounded the final turn of the drive before it got to the highway. Cody was gaining on him and by now both were sweating profusely; Ryan's shirt was wet under the arms and down his chest, and Cody's upper body glistened in the hot intense sunlight from sweat.

"Ryan...Ryan, goddamn it, Ryan will you stop!" Cody yelled as he got closer.

"No...leave me alone" Ryan cried out as he kept running. He ran down the dusty track along the lane knowing Cody was faster, stronger and gaining fast, but he kept running.

"Will you...fucking...stop!" Cody yelled with each gasp of breath as he closed the gap between them. He was close and he held out one hand, seeing the space between them shrink with each step he took. He could hear Ryan's heavy breathing as he tried to out run him. Cody finally felt the fabric of Ryan's shirt graze his finger tips and he lunged forward grabbing a handful of fabric, pulling it back as he came up on Ryan. With his other arm he wrapped it around Ryan's shoulders as he heard the ripping sound of fabric. He drove himself onto Ryan's back, hugging him tightly to his chest as they tumbled down, hitting the ground hard, rolling along the dusty track and over into the shallow ditch along the side of the lane. Ryan fought meekly against Cody, trying to push him off, trying to get free. Cody struggled to get a hold of Ryan's arms, fought for purchase in the cup of the ditch as they rolled back and forth, over briars and tall grass, kicking up dirt. Ryan, exhausted from his run finally relented and fell back, heaving for breath. Cody lay on top of him, holding his arms down over his head, looking him in the eye, their faces only inches apart. Sweat covered them, dripped from Cody's face, his upper body slick with it, as rivulets of sweat ran through the dirt and grass covering his body. Both had scratches in different places, Ryan had the scrap of briar over his cheek and another over his upper back, with tiny droplets of blood oozing from each prick along the scrap. Ryan's t-shirt was torn from one armpit down and around his chest revealing the fair smooth skin of his chest, the small nipple exposed and a scratch underneath that blood rose to the surface of the skin, mixing with the dirt.

"Why'd ya run?" Cody asked when their breathing calmed down some.

"I can't....I just can't Cody, it ain't right" Ryan replied, his voice stoic, stern but his eyes brimmed with tears. Cody looked down at Ryan, knowing he was afraid, afraid of what others would think if they found out, afraid of being stuck here on his family's farm while Cody goes off to a new life after college, leaving him behind. Cody had heard the fear in his voice many times in the last year, saw Ryan push him away at times, rebuke Cody and himself for what they did when alone and no one was around to see, to cast judgment, to call them queer or fag.

"Ryan...please don't cry" Cody's voice barely a whisper.

"I ain't crying" Ryan replied, but tears ran down the side of his head and back into his hair, leaving trails in the dirt. "Cody, will you get off me?" He asked after a moment of them staring at each other. Cody pulled himself up and sat on the edge of the lane along its level ground as Ryan sat up in the bottom of the ditch.

"Ryan, will you please listen to me?"

"Ok" Ryan replied in a low voice, his head held down, looking at the ground.

"I'm not leaving you behind, ok? When I finish college and get a job then you're going to join me. I'd let you come with me now but if my parents knew we were...well...they'd cut me off and I can't afford college on my own, so we have to wait another two years. I know it seems like a long time, stuck here, your folks barely scrapping by and you having to work like a dog to help out. And that church your mother goes to...fuck...all brimstone and hell fire and every goddamn thing a person could desire or want is some kind of fucking sin; shit I know it's tough for you, but you've got to hang on. Ok?"

Ryan didn't respond for several minutes as they sat there in the hot sun, sweat still rising up on their skin, rivulets running down exposed skin streaking their bodies. When Ryan looked up he was composed again, his face stern, fierce, as he looked up at Cody.

"You promise?"

"Yes. A hundred times, yes, yes, yes!" Cody replied, worried that he was losing Ryan; that he was going to push him away one time and not let him come back. Ryan let a smile spread across his face, then he began to laugh, a laugh that was contagious, making Cody start to laugh.

"Shit Cody, look at us. My mom is going to kill me. Look at my shirt; you nearly tore it off, asshole" the words sharp but the tone soft and affectionate.

"Don't worry about it; I'll give you one of my t-shirts and she'll never know."

Ryan looked up at Cody, nodding ok, then he moved onto his hands and knees and crawled up to Cody, moved up to him, face to face, looking into his blue eyes.

Softly, his voice low, even: "you promise?"

"I promise."

Ryan leaned forward and put his lips to Cody's lips, gently pressing them together. Then they parted their lips and tongues dueled, as Ryan pushed Cody onto his back across the lane and climbed over him, mouth on mouth, as he ran his hand over Cody's slick sweaty chest smearing the dirt and grass. They lay in the lane, body on body, lips running across lips, across dirty flesh and tugging on earlobes and kissing over eyes. Cody ran his hands down to Ryan's waist and pushed him up.

"I think we should head back to the house" Cody said.

They walked along, hugging on each other, play bumping and swatting each other on the ass as they made their way back. As they approached the main yard of the property Cody told Ryan to go around to the back side of the barn and they'd hose off there. He was going to get them some clean t-shirts to put on. Ryan made his way around the barn and pulled the hose off its reel and pulled it out to a grassy spot out in the sun, where he sat down and waited for Cody.

Cody came around, tossed the clean shirts inside the door of the barn and came out to where Ryan sat and moved down on his knees behind Cody.

"We really should hose this dirt off" Cody said as he moved up behind Ryan, slipping his arms around him. He nuzzled his face up next to Ryan's neck and hugged him tight. Ryan leaned back and let a soft moan escape. Cody reached down for the waist band of Ryan's t-shirt and lifted it off, exposing the fair smooth torso. He moved back close, kissing Ryan's neck, his ear, along the edge of his hair as his hands moved over his chest, rubbed the smooth skin and worked his way down to Ryan's waist, running one hand along the top of his jeans, loose around his narrow waist. He pulled Ryan back, having him lean back so he could slip a hand down the front of his jeans, running it down over the front of his briefs rubbing his cock, making it respond, begin to get erect. Cody slipped out from behind Ryan and laid him on his back as he moved on top of him. They lay on the grass, making out, with Ryan running his hands up and down Cody's back smearing dirt and grass over his tanned skin, while Cody ran one hand back into Ryan's jeans, manipulating his cock, squeezing it, rubbing it through the fabric, feeling it swell up, thicken and stretch out, harden up.

Cody sat up and unfastened Ryan's jeans and pulled everything down and off, stripping him naked. Ryan's hard cock bounced out into the open, its dark red head capping the hard shaft arced up and over his stomach. Cody leaned over, holding it up, and oved down to lick the head, run his tongue over the shaft, up and down he moved. He put the head in his mouth, sucked it, ran his tongue over it, and then he slid down its length. Ryan soon was pushing up with his hips, the urge to move with the sensation to great to ignore. Cody held his mouth over Ryan's cock and let him work it back and forth through his mouth, sliding it over his tongue and into the warm wet recesses back to his throat. Faster and faster Ryan worked his hips, working his cock through Cody's lips, until he was achingly hard, his muscles tensed up tight and he had to stop; stop to keep from coming to quick. Stop so he could get Cody naked; so he could satisfy his own lust for Cody.

Ryan pushed Cody up until he sat up. Ryan rolled up to him, pushed him over on his back, unfastened his jeans and pulled everything off. Cody's half hard cock flopped out and lay over his balls. Ryan moved over him and soon had Cody's cock buried in his mouth, working his head up and down, tugging the hardening shaft between his lips and tonguing the head. Cody responded, his cock hardened, as Ryan let it slide through his mouth, making it wet, hot and slick. Cody ran his hands through Ryan's hair, feeling his head move up and down. He was fully erect in no time and he pushed Ryan up and off his cock, where both of them watched it stand up straight, bobbing in the hot summer air.

"Fuck me Ryan...come on, do me" Cody pleadingly asked Ryan. Ryan watched as Cody got on his hands and knees in front of him, his legs spread out, making room for him. He moved behind Cody, felt his ass, ran a hand up his slick dirty back; then he used both to spread Cody's ass cheeks, to open him up more, expose his opening as he shifted up close, pushing his hard cock up against it, feeling the resistance. Ryan leaned into Cody, pushed his cock against him and as he did he felt Cody push back, to relax against him and his cock breached his opening, pushed in till the head disappeared. Cody rose up, letting out a cry.

"Oh fuck."

Ryan held still a moment, letting Cody get use to the penetration, the stretching of his hole. Ryan couldn't believe how Cody was always so tight, the way his opening would squeeze his cock as it slid through pushing deep into him. He felt Cody relax, felt him push back taking more of his cock, and he pushed forward, easing himself into Cody, pushing into his warm soft insides, feeling the tight ring of his opening squeezing his cock as it moved through. Soon he was buried all the way into Cody, hips up against ass. Ryan began to swing his hips, driving cock back and forth through the tight ring of Cody's opening, loosening it up, stroking his lust; inflaming his need. Cody began to push back, slamming his ass against Ryan's hips. Ryan built up a furious pace, working his cock through Cody's opening, shoving all of his cock into him. Cody dropped down to his elbows, head held down to the ground, uttering fuck and moaning as he took Ryan's fuck. Ryan held Cody tightly by the waist, hammering his ass, shoving cock in and jerking it back, feeling the tightness of his muscles, the sensation of approaching ejaculation as he curled his toes and gripped Cody tighter. He didn't slow, didn't try to make their fuck last, as his inflamed passions pushed him to the point of cumming. He slammed his cock in with each ejaculation, shooting each thick hot wad deep into Cody, until he was spent. Cody went flat on the ground and Ryan went down on top of him, both breathing hard, still sweaty, rivulets of sweat streaked through dirt and grass.

"Let's hose off" Cody stated after lying on the ground for a few minutes. They got up and Cody turned on the hose bibb letting Ryan start first. Ryan gasped when he turned the hose on himself, the cold water a shock to his warm skin. He held his head down and let the water cascade through his hair. Cody came up and began to rub his head, run fingers through his hair, pick out grass stuck in it. Cody took the hose telling Ryan to let him do it. He held the hose over Ryan as he used his other hand to rub the sweat, dirt and grass off. He ran the hose over his shoulders, over his back and down over his ass. He knew Ryan's body, wasn't embarrassed to touch him everywhere as he ran his hand into the cleft of his ass, running water over his probing fingers. He moved downward washing Ryan's thighs, his calves with their light dusting of fine black hairs and finally his feet with their flat soles and long toes. Standing back up he told Ryan to turn around and he began on his chest, the tall skinny torso with ribs evident under the pale smooth skin. Cody ran his hand over Ryan, over the two moles that aligned under this right nipple, down over his stomach, over the scar from his appendectomy, through his sparse pubic hair, a jet black like the hair on his head, and over his cock and balls, washing away the slick of their recent sex, the grass that clung to him and the dirt that was smeared over his skin. He washed all the way down to his feet again, but he didn't get up this time but leaned to Ryan and ran his tongue over his cock, ran it down its length, felt the smoothness of its loose skin over his tongue. Cody mouthed the head, took it in his mouth and sucked on it, ran his tongue around it, feeling it swell, begin to get hard. Ryan pushed him back.

"Not yet; hand me the hose."

Cody stood and leaned his head over and let Ryan wash his hair, run his fingers through it massaging his head. He picked out the grass and had Cody stand up and he tenderly, with a light touch wiped his face, being careful with briar scratch on his cheek as he wiped the small spots of blood off. Ryan ran the water over his shoulders and back, admiring his broad shoulders and how the muscles were evident under the skin, the way they moved as he shifted around under the cold water. He washed the blood and dirt off the scratch that ran over his back, rubbed the sweat, dirt and grass from his skin, feeling the warmth of it even through the cold water. He washed his ass cheeks, down between them, and he washed the cum leaking back out from his opening, slipping a finger into him, probing him a little, reminding him of the fuck he had enjoyed. Ryan moved down washing thighs, calves and feet, watching the dirt and grass run down and off in the water cascading down his body. Ryan stood back up as Cody turned revealing his hard cock, his hand stroking it.

"I'm so horny; hurry up and finish" his voice desperate; demanding. Ryan just smiled at him and started on his chest, taking his time. He ran his hand over Cody's broad chest, the curves of muscle developed from sports and hard labor on the farm and through the sparse fine hair that was sprouting out in the middle. He ran his hand downward over his stomach, through the hair that grew around his navel and trailed down to the thick patch of hair over his cock. He washed the sweat, dirt and grass downward, pushing it down with his hand and the water. He washed Cody's cock and balls, feeling the hardness of his cock, the way it stood straight out with a vein snaking along its length and the skin along its shaft darker than his body. Ryan washed down Cody's legs again running his hand all the way to his feet again. Ryan leaned to take Cody's cock in his mouth but Cody stopped him.

"Not yet; let' get out of this soggy grass and turn off the hose."

Cody ran over and turned off the water as Ryan moved over to a dry area in the grass. Cody came up to him, took his head in his hands and kissed him, passionately, forcibly, with the desperation of lust. Ryan pulled away and dropped to his knees, taking Cody into his mouth, sliding his warm wet mouth down his shaft, slicking it up, heating it up; preparing it for fucking. Cody held his head while he pumped his hips, slowly, with long determined strokes, pushing and pulling his hard cock through Ryan's mouth, over his tongue, feeling flesh against flesh, slick and warm. Ryan held on to Cody's hips, letting Cody set the pace, letting him use his mouth as he would soon use his ass. It made his cock start to harden as he lost himself to Cody's cock, letting it use him, pushing into his throat and then sliding back out. Cody kept a slow pace, let the sensation of Ryan's warm mouth move through his cock; make him harder, building up his need. When he pulled free of Ryan's mouth, his cock was achingly hard, bobbing in the hot humid air. Ryan stood up and turned around, leaning over with his hands on his knees. Cody moved behind him, running a hand over his back down to his ass and along the cleft between his cheeks, probing for his opening, rubbing it, feeling its tightness on his finger tip, feeling it resist the penetration of his finger as it slid in. Ryan let out a breath with an 'ooh' floating out with it. Cody worked his finger in Ryan's opening, felt it loosen; then he inserted a second finger, working them around stretching Ryan open further, preparing him.

"Please Cody...put it in me" Ryan begged, his voice sounding far away.

Cody moved up and pressed the head of his cock to the opening that would let him penetrate Ryan, let him move into him, feel his soft warmness, and the way his opening would grip his cock as it slid into him. He felt Ryan push back, the pressure on his cock head increase just before it breached into Ryan, entered him once again, after so many times in the past, and yet, it was just as intense, just as pleasurable; felt just as right and good. Didn't Ryan feel this way when he fucked him, he wondered. He pushed in till his hips bumped into Ryan's ass cheeks. He held still a moment, enjoying the sensation around his cock. He felt Ryan move, pull away a little and then push back, small fucking motions along his cock and he knew Ryan was ready. Cody began to work his hips, slowly, full swings of his hips, working nearly the full length of his cock back and forth through the tight ring of Ryan's opening, feeling it milk his cock, grip it tightly as he moved back and forth. Ryan kept himself braced on his knees, trying to stand in place, as Cody held his narrow waist and fucked, working his cock into him. Cody had been hard so long, his desire building, that he knew he wasn't going to last long, and he increased his pace, began to slam hips into ass as he shoved cock deep into Ryan and jerked back only to do it again, and again, and again. He built up a wild rapid pace making Ryan grunt and moan louder and louder. Cody reached down and pulled Ryan's body up and hugged him tight to his chest as he kept working his hips, spearing his depths with his cock. Ryan felt the hot sun heat up his chest and stomach, felt the heat of it on his pale skin, and the heat of Cody inside him, working his passions; his lusts. Cody reached down and took Ryan's hard cock and began to stroke it to the rhythm of his fuck, hard tight strokes, feeling the wetness at its head smear down the shaft, slicking it up. Cody felt Ryan's hands come to rest on his hips as Ryan took his fuck.

"Cody...I'm going to cum...fuck" Ryan cried out as Cody's hand stroked him furiously. Cum exploded out of Ryan's cock, thick white wads arched out and landed in the grass, then it drizzled out, getting smeared along the shaft by Cody's stroking hand. Cody felt Ryan's ejaculation, felt Ryan's opening milk his cock, tighten up on it as it swelled up more. It was too much, and he came, shooting his load, thick and hot, deep into Ryan. He pushed in and shot one, two, three times, his cock pumping through it, slicking up Ryan's insides and Cody's cock.

They stood locked together, Cody's cock buried in Ryan, breathing hard for a long time. The heat of their love making and the heat of the sun bearing down on their naked bodies made them sweaty and exhausted. Cody pulled Ryan's head back and kissed him.

"I promise" he whispered.



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