Over a week had passed and Owen could not get it out of his mind how much he enjoyed it. Submitting to bondage, submitting to doing things, things he couldn't tell anyone about; things with a man. He had tried to get his girlfriend to do some of those things, like put her finger in him while she sucked his dick, but she thought it dirty. Dirty; that was her word for it, and it made him almost laugh to think about the way she had said it, and meant it. She freaked when he had suggested last weekend they get a strap on for her and she could use it on him, the desire to be penetrated, to be fucked, so great he took a chance she would go for it. But she really exploded this time, asked him if he was gay or something, and after a few minutes of an angry, red in the face, tear streaming tirade, she told him to get out. At first he couldn't believe she freaked out so, but the next day he knew it was for the best.

Jason and Alicia had asked what happened, what made her throw him out, but he had just said it was something that was happening for while and left it at that. Jason seemed to accept his response, but Alicia seemed to know there was more to it; something Owen wasn't saying. In fact, she was giving him one of her looks now, as they sat in the club, listening to the mixed music pound the air, the only lights on at the moment strobe lights over the dance floor, the fragmented imagery of everyone dancing seemed unreal; puppet like. Jason left to get another round of drinks, when Alicia moved over closer to Owen.

"So what really happened with Nina and you?" she had to practically yell to be heard.

"I told you, it was just something that was happening for a while, little fights over nothing that finally got kind of...big" he replied.

"Owen, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to; we've not known each other very long, but I sense there is...I don't know...something you're struggling with?"

Owen looked at her a little worried that Alicia somehow knew something; that she seemed to be able to read his mind, know what he was thinking. Had been thinking as he watched the crowd in the club, looking at certain guys wondering if they ever did something like he had done, submitted to a man, did sex things with him, took his dick in their mouth, or in their ass. He had wondered if any of them would do that with him and what it would be like with someone he could relate to better. Someone he could do more than just sex, but someone he could hang out with and share music, go see bands, or just chill out at a bar. Now Alicia had him realize what he was actually considering. He was thinking he would rather date a guy than a girl, maybe Nina had been right; maybe he was gay, for he did enjoy sex with girls but it never seemed to be fulfilling, to really give him the pleasure he craved, the pleasure he really wanted. The pleasure he got when he was being fucked by that man the other night; fucked by Mason.

Two guys approached their table and Alicia jumped up and gave one of them a hug. The guy introduced the other one to Alicia, whom she embraced lightly, in a friendly way she always did with people she just met. She turned to Owen to introduce them.

"Owen, this is one of my best friends; Benjamin and this is his date for the night, Patrick. Benjamin, Patrick, this is Owen, Jason's best friend, and now one of mine."

Owen said hello to them then watched as they made small talk, trying not to show his surprise that Alicia knew someone who was gay, but then it shouldn't surprise him, she being so open, so nonjudgmental. And there was that fetish she had about watching gay porn, which made him almost laugh to himself when he thought of it. The club was known for its diversity and it was common to see a guy with a girl one week and a guy the next. But it felt different this time, with Benjamin and Patrick right here at his table, talking with Alicia. Owen couldn't help but look at them, study them, to see if anything was different about them. But they looked like most of the rest of the patrons. Benjamin in black t-shirt, baggy black pants, with chains and wide studded belt and his hair cut very short around the sides but the top so long it hung over half his face. He also had on black boots, with straps and buckles covering their length up to up his mid calves.

Then there was Patrick, taller than Benjamin, his hair an unnatural shade of red, wearing a mesh black shirt that allowed you to see the large tattoo along one side of his torso and the piercings in his nipples and his navel. He wore jeans, frayed, torn, that hung really low on his hips, revealing a little pubic hair at the waistband. Owen couldn't take his eyes off of that spot for a moment, looked so hard, thinking his dick was just below that spot. When he finally looked up Patrick was smiling at him, knowingly, like he caught Owen with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Owen quickly looked away, looked out over the dance floor pretending to take an interest in who was dancing. Jason finally made it back with their drinks and greeted Benjamin and Patrick. After a minute, Owen said he was going to walk around and took off so he could get away from Patrick giving him those knowing looks.

As he circled the club, he spoke for a few minutes to one friend or the other, until he had made the full circle and was back at the table where only Jason and Alicia sat. When he sat down Jason leaned forward, a look of concern on his face.

"Owen, is everything alright? You know you can tell me anything."

"I'm fine. Everything is fine" he responded a little too defensively he knew.

Alicia leaned forward, up close to his ear so Jason couldn't hear.

"Patrick told me he thinks you're....attracted to guys. Is that true? I mean it is ok if you are...and if you are you should feel comfortable in pursuing those feelings, you know..."

Owen cut her off, interrupted her with a look of panic on his face. "What?! Patrick said what? Look...I...I'm ok, nothing is... gay...no...I like girls remember?"

"You can like boys too; it's ok to do so. Benjamin has dated both for as long as I've known him, but he does prefer guys."

"That's nice for him...but...can we talk about something else?"

"Ok" and she leaned back a look of concern on her face.

The whole talk unnerved Owen, made him feel trapped. As soon as he finished his drink he said he wanted to leave and he'd catch up with them later. He knew Jason and Alicia would talk about him when he left, and he wished they wouldn't do it; speculate if he was gay, straight or bi. He wasn't sure himself; how could they know the answer to that. He made his way to the exit, looking back just before entering the hall leading to the door, to see what Jason and Alicia were doing and he ran into someone. He staggered back and turned to apologize when he saw the guy standing in front of him; tall, broad shouldered, wearing black pants and an open dark red shirt, revealing his smooth toned body with a tattoo running around one nipple. He had a chain around his neck and his hair was blonde and sticking up in all directions at once. He had long sideburns and a soul patch on his chin and a ring in his nose and hoops in each ear. Owen just stared at him for entirely too long, unable to say anything at first.

"Hey, you ok?" the guy asked Owen.

"Uh...yeah...I'm ok, sorry man...I wasn't watching where I was going" he finally answered.

"It's ok. You're leaving already?"

"Yeah, I have to go" Owen replied, frustrated, feeling trapped, and he took off apologizing once more. He went straight back to his apartment and lay on his bed, wide awake, kicking himself for being so timid, so afraid to admit what others seemed to know already. He lay there kicking himself for leaving the club early, for not talking to that tall blonde guy more, for not trying to get his name, and his number. He lay there frustrated, pissed off at himself till the sun began to break through the blinds and finally after a long night sleep over came him.

Owen avoided everyone for the next few days, just going to his job and staying in his apartment listening to music and playing video games. By Thursday he was stir crazy and wanted to get out, to move about where people were gathered. He went to the neighborhood coffee shop where he might run into friends. He grabbed his usual and sat in an arm chair near the front window. He brought a novel he had started and was reading intently, glancing up occasionally to see who was coming in or leaving, when he saw someone coming up he thought he recognized. When the guy was opening the door he realized it was the blonde guy from the club. His hair was more casual, a hand ran through it look; his clothing more casual, just a white t-shirt and jeans, but it was him. Owen quickly looked back down to his novel pretending not to have noticed the blonde's arrival. But he couldn't help himself, could not stop himself from looking to see what he was doing, see him order, wait with several others, then getting his order and going over to a small table along the side wall. From time to time Owen would glance up, look over and see what the guy was doing. He got bolder and bolder, looking for longer and longer periods of time until he got caught. The guy looked around and saw Owen looking at him. He smiled and nodded his head, but Owen felt embarrassed at being so shy, so afraid to go over and speak to him, he just nodded quickly back to him and went back to pretending to read, knowing it was impossible now to concentrate. As soon as he finished his drink he realized he should leave, for to stay longer was just going to make him more frustrated. As he got up, putting his book in his backpack he glanced over at the guy who gave him another nod of acknowledgement and looked, could it have been Owen asked himself, disappointment?

Owen wondered if he should contact Mason, see if he would let him come over, but he knew that was not what he really wanted. Not the way Mason did the role playing. Jason called him at lunch and reminded him another Hades' Night party was happening Saturday week and told him he was getting their tickets, that Owen could go with Alicia and him. Owen actually thought it would be fun for he could dig out those items he had worn to Mason's and it would be seen as just a costume, part of the theme.

The night of the Hades' Night party, Owen arrived at Jason's apartment early as agreed. He had dyed a blonde streak in his hair and was wearing the dog collar, a black mesh shirt and tight skinny jeans. He had the jeans tucked down in his black boots. He put on and took off several times his latest purchase, feeling they may be too much, but in the end he said fuck it and left them on. Each wrist sported a leather cuff. His look was definitely one of submission, one he really wanted to portray. Alicia opened the door, gave him a look up and down and smiled, telling him he looked hot, making him blush.

Alicia had on a corset and black leather skirt, with a flogger hanging off of her belt. In each ear were long chain ear rings with round metal balls at each end. She invited him in and asked what he wanted to drink: bourbon or beer?

"Beer. Where's Jason?"

"He's still in his bedroom trying to get me to let him change into something else." She yelled out so Jason could hear her "He's wearing what I told him, and nothing more." Owen wondered what Alicia was making Jason wear that had him leery of coming out of his bedroom. The bedroom door opened and Jason finally came out. He too was wearing a collar, but not much else. Black boxer briefs and his black boots is all he had on. His skinny, pale smooth body was such as contrast to the black of the collar, briefs and boots.

"Owen, tell her this is too...too naked" his voice sounding whiny. Owen had to snigger at Jason's sense of embarrassment.

"I don't know, Jason; it is kind of within the theme tonight."

"Fuck you too." Alicia and Owen laughed. They sat around having a drink then took off for the club. Their VIP passes let them skip the long line waiting to get in, and as they walked past everyone waiting Owen noticed how so many looked at Alicia leading Jason in, and they had the look of jealously or envy. With Jason wearing nothing but briefs it made Owen not feel self conscientious about his attire.

The club was getting crowded fast, and the mezzanine where only VIP passes were allowed had the demonstration booths. Demonstrations of electric shock, flogging, piercing and bondage, along with vendors selling different items lined the mezzanine. The three of them grab drinks then made their way along, checking out each booth. Owen noticed at the flogging station Alicia grabbed Jason by the crotch as she said something to him, making him blush a deep red in the face. Owen smiled to himself, thinking he wasn't the only one who liked to be dominated. As the club got busy and they had a couple of drinks, Owen left Jason and Alicia on the mezzanine and went down to the main floor to people watch and see what was going on up on the stage. He saw several people he knew, stopped to speak to a few of them. When he wanted another drink, he made his way to a bar under the mezzanine, working his way through the crowd. At the bar he got his drink and turned to move away when he realized the guy standing behind him was the blonde. The guy smiled at him.

"Hey, we keep running into each other."

"Yeah...." and Owen didn't know what to say at first as he couldn't help but look at the guy, they way he had his hair all spiky, the way he had ear rings that looked like miniature black cuffs, the chain around his neck, the black rubber shirt and black chaps with red bikini briefs exposed in the open crotch; red bikini briefs that revealed his maleness, the bulge of his cock and balls. Owen stood transfixed for a moment until the guy's voice break through his trance.

"I'm Weylin; what's your name?"

"What? What did you say?"

"I'm Weylin...my name is Weylin. What is your name?" he asked smiling, knowing Owen was checking him out, looking at him in that way, eyes open wide, staring, desire filling them.


"Owen. Nice to finally put a name with the face; are you here alone?"

"No...well sort of...I came with a friend of mine and his girlfriend." Weylin smiled at Owen's response.

"I like your look."

"Thanks. You look....great" Owen replied, letting the last word trail off in his embarrassment at admitting it.

Weylin moved up close to him, so close he could smell his cologne, something strange, musky, and exotic. "Why don't you wait for me while I get a drink?" His voice was seductive, confident; almost cocky.

"Ok" was all Owen could say. Owen moved out of the crush of people at the bar and waited. Weylin soon joined him, telling him to follow. He led Owen to the edge of the dance floor where a theatrical display was wrapping up on stage. The dance music was soon playing again and the floor came alive with movement, with bodies working together, simulation of the sex to come later.

Weylin asked Owen about himself which he answered in short nervous answers, but as they talked Owen soon relaxed a little, began to ask questions of Weylin. He found out Weylin had moved to the area only a couple of months ago and was still learning where things were in the city, and that he worked with an advertizing firm as a graphic artist. They had talked for a while, drinks finished, when a song came on that they both knew, hard deep bass vibrated the air, the lights cut out and strobes exploded through the darkness.

"Come on, dance with me" Weylin said as he took Owen's hand, not waiting on him to respond. On the dance floor, there was the awkward moment of how they would dance together, and then Owen relaxed and started to dance, to move with a jerky, violent movement, made more severe in the flashing harsh light. Weylin moved with him, around him, closer and closer, circling. The song changed, a slightly slower beat, more exotic, primitive. Weylin danced behind Owen, moved up close, putting a hand on his waist, drawing him in, easing him back. Owen was afraid at first, but now it didn't seem to matter, so many others were crossing imagery lines, doing what they wanted, what they dared, and he joined in, allowed himself to face his anxiety, his ridiculous fear. He leaned back into Weylin, felt his skinny short frame fit up against the taller body of Weylin. Weylin's hands came around his chest and held him tight as he moved his lips down to Owen's ear, his neck, kissing the skin, nipping it with his teeth, licking the sweat off. Weylin pushed his crotch into Owen's lower back, felt his cock respond to Owen's warmth, his movement, the way he rubbed up to his body. Weylin ran his nose through Owen's sweaty hair, smelled his scent; then whispered in his ear:

"I want to fuck you."

Owen reached behind to Weylin's crotch and felt his hardening cock, felt the way his bikini briefs were obscenely stretched out. Weylin reached up and took the neck of Owen's mesh shirt and gave it a quick jerk, ripping the neck line and part way down the front. He then ripped it all the way down, stepping back as he pulled it off of Owen's skinny body, stripping him to the waist. When he pulled back up to Owen, he hugged him tight, letting his bare back feel the hot rubber shirt, trapping more heat against his skin, making him sweat more. Weylin ran a hand down to Owen's waist band and ran his fingers just underneath along his lower stomach, feeling the warmth, running his fingers through the hair that grew above his cock. Owen was lost in this moment, aroused like he had never been before, not even with Mason. He held on to Weylin's thighs as Weylin spooned up tight to him, moving slowly together.

Owen opened his eyes, sensing he was being watched and saw Alicia standing in front of him, smiling. Jason was behind her, held in place by the leash Alicia was holding from his collar. She leaned forward; close enough for him to hear her.

"Owen, I'm happy you are finding yourself." And she dragged Jason away. Jason looked back once and winked at him, smiling.

They danced for several songs, then went and got another drink. Owen noticed how several people looked at him, smiling. One girl, when they were watching a flogging scene, asked Weylin if Owen belonged to him; like property, something to possess, to own, to control. Weylin said he hoped so. Around one Weylin asked him if he wanted to leave and go back to his place. Owen didn't hesitate, didn't let his doubts creep in, mess things up.

"Yes; can we leave now?"


At Weylin's apartment, an old converted mill factory building, the high ceilinged space was all white with a few pieces of nice furniture and large pieces of art on each wall. In the bedroom it was even more stark, with the bed painted the same color as the walls but having a vividly colored blanket. Weylin pulled Owen into the room, lit a few candles and came up to him, real close.

"Take off your pants" was all he said. Owen took them off his boots and then his pants, dropping them on the floor. Naked, wearing only a collar and wrist cuffs, his cock was beginning to get erect. This felt different than it had with Mason, more connected. Weylin came up to him and kissed him, roughly, holding him by the head. Owen's hands came around Weylin's chest, held on, feeling the rubber shirt he still wore. Weylin pushed down on Owen's shoulders, indicating he was to drop to his knees. Owen saw at once the hard cock confined in the red bikini briefs; the bulge pushing them out. Owen leaned forward and mouthed it, running along its length where it was stretched out along the side, barely staying tucked within the briefs. Owen mouthed the head, wetting the briefs; his warm breath blew through fabric. Weylin pushed his hips into Owen slightly, enjoying the feel of Owen's mouth on his cock.

"Get my cock out" Weylin demanded.

Owen didn't know how he'd get the briefs off with Weylin wearing his chaps, but he bit down on the waistband and pulled and tugged trying to get them down. They were too tight and confined; they wouldn't slid down, not even enough to get Weylin's cock out. He tugged harder, pulling out more than down one time and he heard them rip.

"Yeah, get to my cock" Weylin said in a hoarse whisper.

Owen was driven to pull harder, more determinedly, ripping the briefs more, tearing a large section of the front loose. Weylin's cock popped out, hard, the head wet. Owen didn't hesitate, didn't question himself as he took it by the base, put his mouth over the head and began to work his mouth down its shaft. He worked what he could into his mouth, making it wet, slick, hot. Weylin held his head as he began to pump his hips, working his cock in Owen's mouth, pushing it over his tongue and probing the opening of his throat. Owen held Weylin's thighs, trying to maintain his balance, to stay in position, as Weylin pumped his cock harder and harder into his mouth. It didn't take Weylin long, his desire so great, his need for release present since the dance floor, and he pushed in and came, pumping his white thick seed into Owen's mouth, pushing his cock through it, over Owen's tongue, filling his mouth full of his cock and its load. Owen struggled at first to take it, letting some dribble out of his mouth and down his chin, but he recovered and took the rest, let it fill his mouth before he swallowed it. Taking it made his cock harden; rise up, show his own desire.

Weylin pulled him up, licked off the cum from his chin and kissed him, tongue probing Owen's mouth, as his hands felt Owen's slim smooth skin along his back, down his narrow waist and over the small round ass. He pulled Owen's ass cheeks to him, hard, grinding their cocks into each other; Weylin's still hard even after cumming. Weylin ran the fingers of one hand into the cleft of Owen's ass, probed along its length, felt the warmth of it, the smoothness of his skin, and finally the opening he sought. He rubbed it and Owen moaned into his mouth, pushing up to him a little harder. Weylin knew Owen wanted it, wanted to be penetrated, but he didn't know he would be only the second to do so, and for Owen the best. Weylin pushed one finger into Owen bringing a small high pitched grunt from Owen. Weylin worked the finger in Owen, felt the warmth of him and the tightness. Felt the way the ring of his opening gripped his finger firmly. He couldn't wait to push his cock into him.

Weylin led Owen over to the bed, pushed him back on it. From the head of the bed, down below the pillows he slid up a short chain hooked to the bed frame and he secured Owen's wrists over his head. Weylin moved to the foot of the bed, pushed Owen's legs apart, spread Owen out to make room for him to get up between his legs. Weylin looked down at the stretched out body, looked at Owen's lean smooth body, one that could be years younger it was so void of hair, so smooth, lean. Only the tattoos and piercings gave Weylin any sense of Owen being older. Weylin got down and put his face into Owen's crotch, pushed his nose into the sparse hair over his cock, his mouth pushed into his sac. He tongued the balls, felt them move in their sac and he breathed in Owen's scent. He ran his tongue up over the sac, up along the shaft of Owen's cock, felt its smooth skin, and the way it curved back and they way the head flared out, larger than the shaft. Weylin took the cock in his mouth, worked his head down its length, warming it, slicking it up, building Owen up; preparing him. As he worked his mouth on Owen's cock, Weylin moved to finger his ass some more, to open him up further. He pushed one finger in and worked it back and forth, fucking the tight little opening. Then he inserted two fingers into Owen, felt him tense up, his skin shiver, and the opening clamp down on his fingers. Weylin couldn't believe how tight he was, how good it felt on his fingers the way Owen's ass gripped them. He worked those two fingers around until he finally felt Owen loosen up, relax, then he pushed a third in Owen, watched as Owen arced his body up, grunted as the three fingers opened him up, made him spread his legs more.

Owen couldn't believe how it felt to have Weylin push his fingers into him, to feel the stretch of his hole as he took them, the way the initial pain turned into a spine tingling pleasure. He didn't want Weylin to stop. He wanted him to keep going; to stretch him open. He wanted Weylin to put his cock into him and fuck.

"Fuck me. Weylin put it in me" Owen cried out after feeling Weylin's three fingers probe his opening until he couldn't take it any longer. Weylin slid up, closer, his hard cock bobbing in the air, ready to fuck. He lifted Owen's legs putting Owen's feet against his shoulders, knees bent back, spread open to accommodate his body, to open up his ass. Weylin nudged his cock to Owen, rubbed it up and down, smearing the wetness over his smooth dark skin along his ass. He pushed against that tight little hole, felt it slacken, open up, let his cock slide in, the head of his cock disappear. Owen tensed up, his skin quivering by the tense muscles beneath it. It lasted only a moment and Owen relaxed. Owen arced up his stomach, pushing back with his ass, taking more of Weylin's cock. Weylin knew he was ready, and pushed more cock into the boy, slid it in slowly, watching it disappear into the warmth of him, feeling the tight ring of his opening squeeze his shaft as it passed through. Weylin began to move his hips, work his cock back and forth through Owen, feel him respond, loosen up, take his cock. Weylin took Owen's legs, pulled them together and held them to one side, twisting Owen's body into a new position, and he began to fuck. He moved with a solid thrust, a steady rhythm as he worked his cock in Owen.

Owen could fell it, probe deep inside, pushing into him in a way that felt so different than before. Weylin's pace got faster and the sensations tore through Owen running up his spine to his head. He pulled against the restraints, pushed his ass back; pushed to take all of Weylin, to let him go as deeply as he could, to penetrate him all the way.

Weylin spread Owen's legs and moved down between them. He moved down to put his lips on Owen's lips, to battle tongue with tongue, to feel, to taste, to fuck Owen. He brought his hips up and began to slam down into Owen, to spear that tight ass, to fuck it. He worked his cock back and forth urgently, feeling the tight ring of its opening milk his cock, to bring his need to the boiling point, to feel his cock swell up, to flex, to shoot into Owen, to pump his load into his depths, to push each wad of his seed into Owen, then smear it around his insides with his cock until it pumped out around his thrusting shaft.

As he pulled out of Owen, he slid down, taking one nipple then the other in his mouth, sucking on them, tonguing them, feeling the metal bar between his teeth, tugging it, stretching Owen's nipples, feeling him shift under him, push his chest up and cry out. Weylin moved down further, running his tongue over the smooth flat skin of Owen's stomach, worked his tongue in Owen's navel, then down to the head of Owen's cock. Weylin took the wet head in his mouth, tasted the sweetness of Owen; savored it. He moved his mouth down the hard cock, felt it flex in his mouth, knowing Owen was close. He worked along the shaft slowly, teasingly slow, gently; at times barely touching the skin along the shaft with his lips or his tongue. He gripped Owen's balls in one hand, tugged them tight, felt Owen tense up, shiver beneath him, as he pushed his mouth down Owen's cock as far as he could go, putting a suction on Owen's cock as he drew up back up. He worked the head, tongued it; sucked the pre-cum from the opening. Owen pushed up, tried to fuck his mouth, but he held him down, prolonged his desire, his need. He let his balls go and moved his fingers along the ridge down to his opening, finding it wet, cum drooling out and he smeared it around, worked it over the opening before he penetrated him, pushing two fingers into Owen, as he worked Owen's cock with his mouth. It was too much for Owen this time, and he shoved up, pushing his cock to Weylin's throat and exploded. Owen came hard, harder than he ever had before, pumped out large wads of cum, choking Weylin as this first two blasts went straight down his throat, the rest filling his mouth, Owen's cock pushing back and forth through it. Weylin swallowed it, all of it, as he found the taste of Owen intoxicating. He wished for more.

When Owen finally fell back, his stomach heaving with exhausted breath, his skin hot and wet with sweat, Weylin moved up next to him, spooned up to his back. He thought about leaving him cuffed, but decided he had enough of the role playing for the night, and he released Owen. Weylin got up and pulled the tight rubber shirt off, revealing his sweaty chest and stomach. He pulled off his boots and chaps, letting the torn remains of his briefs fall to the floor. He crawled back into bed, and pulled Owen to him. Owen turned and snuggled his head up to Weylin's neck, his skinny little body tucked up to Weylin's as the two of them settled down, their breathing slowing, exhaustion taking its toll.

Just when Weylin thought Owen was asleep he felt him move slightly; move up and kiss him.



"Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Your name, it's unusual. What is it; an old family name? I mean what does it mean?"

"It means son of the wolf."



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