We had our appetizer and were moving on to the main course. Stephanie and I moved to the guest bedroom to continue playing. I never “entertain” in our bedroom. That place is only for me and Walt. We lay on the sheets, the light color complementing Steph’s brown skin. Our mouths and hands roamed freely over our bodies. Lips and teeth gently teased nipples. Mouths explored hollows in shoulders and hips. Fingers traced patterns across long stretches of naked flesh. Tongues probed navels and assholes. Rims were kissed, tongues flicking across sensitive skin.

I lay on my back and drew Steph to me.  She placed a pillow under my bottom and spread my legs. I felt her cock pushing against my sphincter, entering with a felt pop. She eased into me and fucked me with slow strokes. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her with a shared heat only lovers can feel.

I ran my nails lightly down her back, tickling her. It had been three weeks since we last “played” together. Way too long! 

“You feel so good in me!” I exclaimed. “I really missed this!”

“Me too, Babe!” she replied, then “Is it all right to call you “Babe””?

“If you like.”

I felt her hesitate, then resume fucking me. What had just happened? What did I just miss?

Stephanie is definitely the Top in our relationship. I prefer being the bottom. I do fuck her from time to time. We both like sucking each other and having our asses licked.

She suddenly started fucking harder with short, fast thrusts and soon filled me with her cream. I rolled over onto my stomach. Steph started at my neck and kissed her way down to my bottom. She fingered my leaking asshole while kissing the  small of my back.

“Why did you get this tattoo?” she quietly asked.

“Stupid, I guess,” I replied flippantly. “I was such a slut in the beginning, I wanted no doubts that I was VERY willing.”

“And, now?”

“Always open, always yes?” I waited a moment then added. “Only to a select few. And only to people I care about.”

She moved to lay next to me. She touched my face and looked fearfully into my eyes, tears in the corners.

“I love you, Angie,” she whispered. “I love you very much.”

I was very surprised, but she was mirroring what I was starting to feel, also. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to this place, though. I love Walt deeply, and didn’t want to endanger my relationship with him.

Stephanie felt my hesitation and looked down.

“I know you love Walt, and that he will always be first in your heart. I was hoping there might be room there for me, too!”

I hugged her tightly, the only answer I could give.

We fell asleep, intertwined. I woke when I heard Walt come in. He stuck his head in the door and smiled, then left. Steph woke and saw the clock. It was almost 7. She freaked out.

“Oh, Noooo!” she cried out. “I promised Roger I’d be home by 5.” She jumped out of bed, pulling on her dress.

Her phone was on silent, vibrating on the table, but she didn’t notice. After it stopped, mine rang. It was Roger. He wanted to know if Steph was still there. He told me Walt had called, inviting them to supper. He was calling to see if she needed him to bring some clothes, or if we would meet at the restaurant. I told him to come on over and we’d all ride together.

Walt was taking us to a burger joint, so I wore my jeans and a long sleeve shirt, tails outside my pants. I lent Steph a sweater. 

At the joint, I walked over to the counter to get more beers. I could almost feel Walt’s gaze on my bottom! I was leaning over the counter and noticed Walt staring at me. I put a little more swivel in my hips as I returned to the table.

“I do so love watching you walk,” Walt commented.

“Thank you, Dear.”

Roger and Steph had gone to the juke box and selected a couple of songs. While they were dancing, I sat in Walt’s lap. I wanted to discuss the afternoon’s new twists.

“Stephanie told me she loves me,” I said.

“I already knew that,” he said non-chalantly. “At lunch yesterday, she was very upset when those men flirted with you.”

“What am I going to do?”

“Tell her you love her, too! I can see it when you look at her. The same way you look at me.”

“But, Walt! I love YOU!! You are my everything! I don’t want to ruin what we have!’

He smiled and said, “I know, dear. Nothing says you can’t love both us. Just remember, I found you first, and I won’t let go without a fight.”

“Thank you, Dear.”

Roger and Steph returned to find me still sitting in Walt’s lap, feeding him ketchup covered French fries. They just shook their heads.

“I can’t take her anywhere, Roger!” she exclaimed. “She manages to regularly embarrass me!”

“I love you to, Babe.” I said, smiling.

She hesitated a second, then smiled brightly.

“Roger, would you mind taking me home and fucking my ass off?” They said goodnight and left.

Later, at home, I removed my shoes and jeans, then sat on the sofa, legs tucked under me. Walt was looking at me, both confusion and lust in his eyes. Confusion because I wasn’t sitting in his lap, lust, because he was staring at my shapely legs. I decided to unbutton my shirt teasing him with what cleavage I have. 

He touched my feet and patted his lap. I put my feet on his lap and purred as he started massaging them. He gives excellent massages, as my cock would tell you. 

“Darling, that fells wonderful!” Is he getting lucky tonight!!!!

I liked being touched and rubbed and caressed, etcetera, etcetera….Well you know where I’m going with this.

“Angie, do you still feel like playing?” Walt sweetly asked. Duh!!! HELL YES!!!!!

I raised a leg and Walt kissed the top of my foot before moving up my leg. He ran his fingers along the inside of my thighs, the tips caressing my cock through my panties. (If I had a pussy, my panties would be drenched by now!)

Walt progressed to kissing the inside of my thighs, working higher. When he reached my panties, my small cock was erect and poking against the fabric. He sucked me through my panties. He’d never done that before! Damn, that felt good! I filled my panties with my cream. I raised my hips as he removed my cream-filled panties. Looking at me, he licked them clean, the moved up to clean up my mess. He lapped up my cum from my crotch then took me into his mouth again. He sucked me hard again. His lips on my shaft worked me to another orgasm and I filled his mouth.  While not as talented as Steph, Walt gives damned good head.

Walt was ready to take me to bed. He lay me face down and spread my legs, exposing my asshole to his mouth and tongue. I wanted to shower first. I didn’t have time to shower after Stephanie fucked me, but he didn’t mind. He pushed his tongue past my rubbery ring into my ass. I gasped with pleasure. The grip he had on my legs brooked no argument. He was going to eat my ass for as long as he wishes.

The first time we fucked, he was surprised to find a cock, and wasn’t really into anal, but he’d since developed a taste for tranny ass. And since I’m always open………

Walt likes to eat pussy. That was about the only thing his ex-wife seemed to enjoy, he got proficient in that art. And when he found I really enjoyed his tongue in my ass, both our needs were met. He has never refused me when I ask him to lick me. I work hard to keep myself clean for him, but he doesn’t seem to mind when I’m not clean. He also says I’m so horny when he finishes, he can fuck me anyway he likes and I’ll beg for more!

Walt lubed me with his finger and asked, “Hard or soft?”

You damn well know the answer to that! It had better HARD!!!

“Just shut up and take me!” I demanded.

He placed the head of his thick eleven inch cock against my asshole and broke past my defenses, sliding balls deep into my ready ass. I yelped as he hit the end of my chute. I wrapped my legs around him, arching my hips to meet his powerful thrusts. My head is buried in his shoulder as he bites my neck. I hold him close, covered by his big frame. I feel small, but very safe, next to him. He set a steady pace, pulling most the way out before ramming back into me. I can’t help but flinch and help when his cock head rams against the end of my channel. He fills me completely with each thrust. I am pinned beneath him, helpless, unable to do more than move my hips slightly.

My cock is trapped between us. I feel sooo gooood. The small amount of pain I feel compliments the pleasure.

Walt stiffens and rams hard one final time filling my ass with his seed. He collapsed on me for a couple of moments then rolled off. Damn! That felt wonderful!. He went to the shower and when he returned, I was on my knees on the bed, ass raised and willing.

“Still want to play, do you?”

I wiggled my bottom enticingly in reply. He grabbed my hips and buried his long, thick cock balls deep inside my ass. I gasped as he stretched me to the fullest. I hid my face in my pillow as he pulled me onto his cock with every stroke.  His cock rubbing against my ass walls soon had me erect and creaming the bed. He fucked me roughly for at least a half hour before he filled my now very sore ass with his hot seed.

He pulled out and rolled to his side, pulling me close. I lay there thinking about this play date and anticipating the next one.


Angie K


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