2007 Early Summer 26 yrs. Old

I’d known Stephanie a little over a year. We’d started out as a casual sexual encounter, but later grew to be best friends and regular lovers. Walt accepted my dalliances with other Transsexuals and an occasional woman: I won’t say he approved. But he grew to like Steph and they became friends. He eventually grew to love her, much as I did.

We had a lot in common. We both were more comfortable as girls early on. Her testicles were crushed when she was a young teen. I had mine removed when I was 24. She ran away from her family. My natural family had passed away suddenly. She was a street prostitute, by necessity, for a short time. I was a call-girl for a couple of years. We both had suffered had suffered abuse from people we thought loved us.

Stephanie never had a considerate lover until she met Roger, her husband, then later, me. Until then, she’d only been raped, or sold herself out of necessity. Roger was the first person to whom she freely, and unconditionally gave herself. I was the second. We were the only two.

I, on the other hand, chose to enjoy sex with many others. I only slowed down when I met Walt.

She married a man eight years older than her. I was in a relationship with a man 20 years older who would eventually become my husband.

Stephanie didn’t really care to be around most men. Oh, she would dress sexy whenever when went out on dates, but she dresses nicely and conservatively the rest of the time. She often got onto me for dressing sexy most the time. But then, I liked the attention, though I toned it down the longer I was with Walt.

She and I were in the deli in the lobby where Walt’s company had offices. Walt was going to join us for a quick coffee. Men, and even women, would look us over while we waited. I could tell Steph was not happy.

“Men are always staring at you wherever we go!” she complained.

“Why do you think they’re staring at me? You turn heads wherever we go!”

“But they only do it when I’m with you!”

“Exactly! Only when I’m with you!

“Did it ever occur to you lovely ladies we might be looking at BOTH of you?” Walt had come up unnoticed.

As he sat he said, “I’m in the company of two VERY lovely women.” He thought a moment and suggested one of us sit a table across the room. I went over first. Over the next fifteen or twenty minutes, a handful of me came by and offered to but me a coffee. Stephanie went next, with similar results. Walt knew what would happen.

Okay….. So we both turn heads.

Walt stayed with us a few moments longer then returned to work. We all stood and he kissed me nicely. He then kissed Stephanie on her cheek, then walked away.

Stephanie looked flustered and put her hand to her cheek. She was unusually quiet and distracted. I looked at her questioningly.

“While you were over at the other table, Walt put his arm on the back of my chair and held my hand with his other hand. He leaned over and whispered I was just as beautiful as you!”

“I know that, Silly!” I replied, though I wondered what Walt was up to.

We kissed goodbye. We had a “Play Date” set for the next day.

I sat on Walt’s lap that evening. We kissed some and he held me in his strong arms. (I always feel safe and loved when he holds me on his lap.) I was distracted and he could tell it. He finally asked what was bothering me.

“Stephanie told me what you did,” I said.

“When those other men came up to you, she looked so sad, I thought she might cry. I was just reassuring her. Both of you have serious self-confidence issues. Issues Roger and I can’t help you overcome. Both of you need help from someone trained in your situations.”

He’s right.

“Walt, I need a little “reassurance” right now”, I teased. “Take me to bed?”

“Always, Love, always.”

A long, thick cock up my ass for a half hour went a long ways towards reassuring me.

To hear me talk, you'd think Stephanie and I spent most of our time in bed together whenever we had the chance. Originally, that was true. We were each looking for a lover to meet our particular wants and needs. Later, we became close friends. We went out for coffee, or lunch, a couple of times a week. We also went shopping. We'd schedule afternoon 'play dates' every two or three weeks. 

The next day, Steph came over for lunch and our scheduled play date. After a light lunch and a couple of glasses of wine, it was play time.

When we first started our affair, Stephanie would quickly undress lay back, letting me fuck her. Other than her time with Roger, she was always just a warm body to dump cum into. (So was I for much of my earlier life!) After we'd fucked a few times, we began 'making love'.

I put on some soft jazz and slowly danced for her. I smiled invitingly to her and she soon joined me. It wasn’t long before we were in each other’s arms kissing. We danced slowly long after the music had stopped.

Stephanie wore a strapless dress that day. I ran my hands across her bare shoulders. Soon, my lips followed as I nuzzled her neck and shoulders. I slowly unzipped her and let the dress slide off her body. I kissed my way down to her breasts. She has large, dark aureoles with nice suck-able nipples.  I slowly moved down to her stomach. She is fuller figured than I am, with a rounder tummy, fuller breasts, and a fuller bottom.

I knelt and took her cock into my mouth. I slid all the way down and tickled her nut sack with my tongue. She ran her fingers through my hair. I kissed the head and ran my tongue along her slit. When she came, I parted my lips and allowed her cream to fill my mouth. She had a slightly spicy taste. (She loves hot Indian food, especially curry!) I lightly sucked until I'd swallowed her load.

I slowly stripped for her, watching the desire build in her eyes.  I had her sit on a bar stool , her nice ass over the back. I stood behind her and worked a lubed finger into her ass while I kissed her neck. She moaned. I stood behind her and slid my cock into her ass. I held her shoulders as I thrust upwards into her. Unfortunately, I didn’t last very long and filled her ass.

I knelt behind her and ran my tongue up her ass crack. I spread her cheeks enough to allow my tongue to lick the cream leaking out her asshole. I kissed the rim and pushed my tongue inside.

“Oooh, Babe! That feels so good!” she sighed. “I really wanted this!”

I licked her a few more minutes, then it was my turn. I lay back on the table an d raised my legs. She placed my legs on her shoulders as she thrust her cock into my ready asshole. I played with my cock as she slowly fucked me. It felt nice having her cock in my ass. I felt her nut sack slapping against my ass. She reached around my legs and played with my small, round breasts.

A few minutes later, she came. We cleaned up and retired to the guest room.

----------To be continued------------


Angie K


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