This is an incident that happened to me a couple years back and is for the most part true, I changed the names for obvious reasons.

I was a thiryone year old man at that time, I had studied music as a major in my younger years, and I was really considered a very good Pianist. I played most all kinds of music, Jazz, R&B, Classical, Easylistening, and RagTime music were my specialties, I have won contests at Ragtime Festivals, classical contests, ect.

Well I had purchased this new Baby Grand Piano, If you know pianos you will know that they are the really good ones and I had gotten a very top of the line Brand, A Baldwin, I have been partial to Baldwins for years now.

I was going to be teaching in my home here In my town, As well as playing for wedding dinners, receptions, business dinners, and banquets, in the local Hotel Ballrooms, and At a very exclusive Jazz club here in the Kansas City Area.

I had the Piano delivered on a Tuesday and was very Pleased except for one thing, It was way out of tune. So I called the Local Piano Technicians Guild and got the name of a top notch Tuner, I knew I would have to pay extra for the best but to me, since it was my livelyhood, it was worth the extra.

I talked to this young man on the phone that I had called and he said he was booked up solid for a month, I almost cried (not really but I sounded like it, wanting his services) He said well, are you free Saturday evening about five o'clock, I said I just happened to not have any places to play this Saturday night, so I was free, and since My jobs Usually were on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nights that was a marvel to me, But I said So then, I will see you Tomorrow evening. He said Yes Sir, I said No man, Just Ken, He said Alright then Ken, I'll be there about five. I said great see you then.

Well I have always tried to stay in shape and keep fit, and lately with my schedule it has been pretty much a hard thing to do. I usually try to jog a couple miles every evening. But since Mr. Sanders is comming on this particular evening I decided to Jogg a little earlier this afternoon so I took off at about 3:30 so I would be back in time. I was huffing and puffing and about an hour later finished about 4:30 and got back to my street and noticed a small van parked in my driveway and standing on my front porch kinda looking around was this very nice looking guy looked to be about my age, I jogged up to the front porch and said Are you Sanders, he said Yes Sir, just call me Art, I said Art, he said that short for Arthur, I said fine Art it is.

We went in and I showed the Piano, he said man this is a very nice Piano, I said yea I just had it delivered Tuesday, He said wow, it really is in need of tuning, I said go ahead and do your thing, I need to grab a shower real quick, If you need anything just yell, I didn't even shut the bathroom door, without thinking because I'm always there by myself, I never shut the door.

I had just got into the shower and pulled my shower curtain back, was almost finished showering, and Art came to the door, he said, man do you mind if I come in and take a piss I'm about to explode here, I felt a little twinge in my stomach and just said real loud, over the sound of the shower, no not at all, help yourself, man you ain't got anything that I don't know about I'm sure, I was just finishing up and Pulled the shower curtain back and Fuck me, He was one of those guys that like to unbutton his trousers, and open up his pants, and hang both his cock and balls out while he pissed and damn man, did he have a cock and balls. I almost swallowed my tongue, I grabbed my towel and covered my self with it, Knowing his cock was that sized, I was a little embarrassed to let him see mine, especially since it was starting to bounch upward with my heartbeat, getting stiff, He just kept pissing and said thanks man, my bladder was full enought to float a boat in. I looked down at his cock and he noticed my hardon sticking out under my towel, he said man I am used to seeing hardons, hell I even get them myself about a hundred times a day. I relaxed a little and just let it sway while I dryed off, He put his garbage back into his faded jeans and went back into the other room to work on my piano again, I put on some sorta shorts looking things and a white tee shirt and went into the other room with him, Thats when I noticed as he tuned He not only had a very large package between his legs but he was really a very good looking man, He told me as I began to ask questions that he was a year younger that me. He was married had two little boys, and he was just recently divorced, and she lived about 250 miles away with her new boyfriend, on the other side of St. Louis, I said man, what a bummer, that sucks, he said yea, she was a real bitch, I ask, do you miss her? he said fuck no, I'm sorry that word just slipped out, I said its alright I use it myself sometimes.

I was looking at his arms, and his body movements, and I couldn't get my mind off his straight man cock, god I really wanted it bad, but felt like If I really tried, he'd probably tell me to fuck off, and punch me out or something like that.

I knew I had to try, he was perfect for the setup,

I ask him if he worked out, from the looks of it he was in great shape body wise, he said not as much as I'd like, I said well your body is awesome looking, He lifted up his right hand and rubbed across his Light Blue Polo shirt, that revealed his beautifully sculpted Chest muscles, and I could tell he had a very muscular set of washboard abs under that shirt. I asked Him why did he choose piano tuning as a vocation? he said My father was at tuner back in Cinncinati, I said well did he teach you? Art said yes, he taught all of his boys to tune and most of us are pretty good at it. I started tuning as a side line job, but when I lost my regular job as a machinist I took it up as a full time job, I don't just tune I repair and refinish Pianos for several music companies too.

I thought I need to redirect this conversation, I ask I'll bet since your wife left you, you have really picked up the women, He said not a one, damn man sometimes I get so friggen horny that I want to bust, and just doing the guy thing, you know? Jerking off every now and then don't cut it anymore, it was fine when I was in my teens but now it need to feel some ones body, or mouth or pussy, or something, I said man I know how you feel, I ask him how long since he had had sex? he said almost five weeks, and my nuts are getting sorta achy for some relief.

He said man I had always wanted my wife to suck my cock but she wouldn't, she said that it was nasty and gross, I said not shi? he said yea, I said man that's one of my favorite things.

He said what about you? you been getting any lately? I said I got some head about a week ago, he said yea, and looked up and smiled and said yea man? Was she good, I said Art, It wasn't a she, it was a he, and he was fantastic, I met him where I played and we sort got it on, He liked to suck the life out of my cock, and he took me over a mountain so to speak. He said no Shit, a dude, did that, I said effin A, I said I'm Gay, He said I have never had a dude touch my cock before, It sounds strange, I said only if your constantly thinking about who it is, instead of what they're doing and let the enjoyment of the moment take over and enjoy yourself. He said he was on a trip about a month ago and almost let a guy suck him off thru a hole in the wall at a rest stop on the Highway about one o'clock in the morning, but he changed his mind when he thought about all the std's out there floating around.

I looked at his beautiful body and said, I have done it before, he said what? I said sucked other dudes off, but I am very decreet, about it. He sorta got red faced and looked down almost like he was getting embarrassed and said, Are you attracted to me? I said oh yea, very much, He said I would not be opposed to you sucking my cock, only if you want to of course, I reached over and told him, Art there's more than just sucking a cock to the experience.

I ask Art if he was free for the evening, he said shit yea, where would I have to go? no one at home to go home too, I said great follow me, He said now, I'm not done with the piano, I said stay the evening, hell you can even spend the night if you'd like, He smiled and said O.K.

He stood up and smiled, I took his hand and led him to my bedroom, He just kept looking into my eyes, I said now, let me do the work you just relax and enjoy it, your beautiful, do you know that, he said really, my wife had never said that, thanks.

I Started by rubbing his gorgeous chest and leaning over and just lightly kissing him on his neck and finally I saw him relax and just let his head fall back as we stood there and moaned lightly, I slid my lips around to his mouth, and he was a little startled, and then he opened up to the kisses, I was so friggen horny for this dude I almost fellt like I would cum in my shorts before I could do anything with him, I felt the awesome feeling of his tongue as it entered my mouth, and he moaned lightly and started kissing back to me so tender and loveing, fuck it was fantastic, this straight dude kissing me, a gay mans wildest dream come true, I was in heaven, I reached down and slipped up his shirt and he raised his arms and I slid it off and his chest made me weak, it was lightly covered in a very soft light blanket of the most gorgeous dark almost black hair all the way to his Levi's. I leaned down and took his nipples into my mouth and started sucking and nibbling on them like a love starved hound, my cock was about to split in the middle I was so hard, I was rubbing on his shoulders with my hands and he was just standing there with his head leaned back, his eyes closed, and he was wimpering, he spoke up and said God man I have never felt like this before, this is really awesome, I then layed my right palm on his stomach and slid my right hand down into his lev'is and I touched his very very hard cock, I felt a little pre-cum coming out of the slit and I knew he was relly enjoying what I was doing.

I gently unbuttoned his Levi's and then undid the zipper and slid his lev'is down to the floor, he kicked off his shoes and then kicked his lev's over to the side and I knelt down and started kissing his body, his gorgeous muscular body, I was in heaven now without a doubt. I noticed his large oval nuts were almost already tight up against his cock and the cock was swelling and jerking upward with each flexing of the rectal muscle, God his body, his cock, his balls were a work of art.

I gently leaned down and smelled his crotch, and that aroma of manliness, that awesome odor, almost made me cum again.

I reached up with my hands and started rubbing his nuts with my left hand as I reached up with my right hand and placed it around his shaft and pulled his foreskin back and just started licking the underside of his cock head, awh Fuck, he said, Damn, I then started licking the full length of the shaft up to the head and then I got up to the tip and just stuck the tip of my tongue into the slit and licked it back and forth, tasting his pre-cum as it flowed from his cock, and he just wilted, His cock head was so hard it was shiny, so tight I knew he wasn't gonna last long at this rate, He was breathing rapidly and almost gasping, I said now Art, Lay back down on the bed, and he did with his legs over the side bent at the knees, and I leaned up over his body and took his cock to the hilt and he raisedup on his elbows, and said Oh fuck man, oh shit, and it took about five strokes with my lips around his hard cock and he was filling my mouth, grabbing my head and shoving it up into my mouth like a wild man, He just grunted and growled as his body jerked and sent shot after shot into my throat, I just swallowed it all and after about five minutes of recouperation he leaned up on his elbows again, and looked at me and said Fuck me man, I think I'm in love, I smiled and said I told you, I'm not only good at the piano, I very good on organs too, especially, guys sex organs, he said man that ain't no lie.

I ask Art to spend the night which He was very willing to do, He tried to not accept any money for Tuning my Piano, but I told him he had to make a living too, and I loved his tuning, he was very good, from that day on he was the only tuner for me.

Well he spent the evening and we went out to a fast food place for supper, he just kept looking at me and saying man, thank you so much, it was awesome, I said Art, theres more if you want to learn, He said like what, I said Hey man, Guys fuck too, he smiled and said yea? I said yea.

We went back to my home and he spent the night with me, since I have only one bed we slept together, naked of course, and He said man what about this fucking, I said you really want to try it, he said yea, I started by sucking his cock to get him ready and then I lubed up my asshole and layed back on my back and said have at it stud, he smiled and ask, just like I would fuck my old lady? I said yep! he said no shit and he layed his cock head against my love hole and I said, Art your rather big, be easy at first, he was and in about three tries he was in to the hilt and working my asshole over really good he was huffing and grunting, kissing me like wild, licking all over my chest and face, and looked down at me and said man, this is tighter than pussy, and hotter to, I'm gonna loose a load here any second now, I was really feeling it too, and I felt him let out a grunt and He shoved that gorgeous cock into my asshole balls deep, and I felt the spasming in my rectum and I used my rectal muscle to milk his cock, he just bucked and held his cock to the balls inside me and I was so turned I was humping back up against him and grunting too. I started shooting my load onto my stomach, Art said Whoa Dude, thats awesome I never saw that before you shot your load, without even touching your cock, that was awesome. He just smiled and finally his cock went soft and he pulled out and we slept like babies all night.

We stayed together all week end and finally he said man Ken, can I come back for more of this, I said Art, I will always need tuning to keep things up to par, and I will need my piano tuned from time to time too. He just smiled a big smile.

We saw each other regularly for several years and then he moved away back to Cincinnati, to be with his aging parents. But we keep in touch all the time and when he comes to town he always stays here. What can I say, in every area, he's the best Piano tuner I have ever known.



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