I received a call from my best friend back home wanting me to come back for his wedding, and since he was going to be married to my cousin, I felt I had to go, and also I'm a photographer by trade, I have my own studio, In Kansas City, 'Kens Photography'. Well he wanted me to do the wedding photos. And I thought I would, and give the album to the couple as their wedding present.

I arrived back at the old home town where I had grown up and called Benny, He had lived across the street with me and we had been best buds for almost all my life since we had moved into that house when I was three.

Benny was really glad I could make it I told him Hey Benny ya know that cock of yours, I always told you it would get you into trouble, and Now your getting married early because there's a little Benny, or Benita, on the way, and I laughed, Benny said screw you, and laughed, well I got settled into a Motel 6 room and Benny came over to see me, He almost broke me in half when he grabbed and hugged me, and my mind went back to earlier in my life when we had a sleep over, and Benny and I slept in a Camping Tent dad had set up in the back yard and I found out just what kind of cock Benny had, and we were only about 17 at that time. I had waited untill he was asleep and I reached over and started playing with his cock, and fuck man, It was huge, it felt like It must have been 9 inches and as big as Benny's wrist, frig man, mine was a measley 6.5 inches and not quite that thick but It was nice enough, And I wasn't thru growing yet either it's a nice 7-7.5 inches now and fairly thick.

Well that night I jacked Benny off, cause his cock loved attention, and he woke up on me and told me not to stop he was enjoying that, and then he grabbed my cock and joked about it being a sixpacker, and jerked me off too.

Well here we were both in our early twenties, and Benny's getting married.

Well we shot the shit and kidded around and Benny said, can I ask you a personal question? I said sure, I may not answer it, but, you can ask.

He said I have never understood why you decided to be gay, I stopped him and said Benny, you don't decide to be gay, it is what you are, you either are, or you are not. When did you decide to want women for sexual outlet, You didn't you just always wanted it. He said, I never thought of it that way before, but It makes sense. But your still my best friend and gay or straight don't mean a thing to me, Fuck man I'd still feel free to sleep with you. I said Benny that could be dangerous, and he laughed.

Benny said I have to go change, the rehearsal is at 5 p.m. tonight at the church, and the dinner is at the old Weprech Wine Gardens afterwards. I said I'll be there.

Time came and I took my photo geer to the rehearsal, did the setups for the pictures and In walked Benny's cousin, the best man, He was fucking gorgeous, Benny looked at me and said Brent is not married and I don't think he goes with anyone either, I knew what Benny was getting at, and said fat chance, knowing how my luck is, well Benny and Peg had their rehearsal and then we went to the Wine Gardens for a dinner.

Brent came over with a Couple beers and said Hi my name is Brent, Benny said you were his best buddy growing up, I was so taken back by his knockout beauty I started studdering, and said thats about the sum of it, He chuckled, and said Hey I could tell you some stories about Benny and me and the things we did, and Brent sat next to me at my table, I said the wedding party is setting up there at the head table, Brent said, Hey man, this dinner is all about Benny and Peg, I'd just as soon set her with you, if that's o.k. with you? and I said sounds great, then He said would you like this extra beer I got two, and I don't know why.

We set next to each other and I started feeling that feeling down in my stomach and I was sorta shaking and I grabbed that beer and chugged it all down in about one gulp, Fuck! Brent said, man, Do you drink like that all the time? I said, No not really only when something is getting to me, Brent sorta smiled mischeiveously and said thats it? I said yea, that's it. The dinner was wonderful, we really had a good time and quite a bit to drink and then Benny said, Man I wish we could have a Stag Party, for me, I said we could go back to my Motel room and pick up some drinks and a couple Porno's on the way. He said that sounds great, Brent said can I come too. I smiled and winked at Brent, and said How do you mean cum? and laughed, and he said probably the same way you do, he winked and then He laughed.

WE got to the motel room and popped open a couple beers and Benny started one of the porno's in the vcr, Benny had brought his own vcr to the motel and his nineteen inche t.v. Well we started watching some porno and Brent, said are we invited to spend the night here with you? I said sure, sounds fine with me, I will not be responsible for what I might try to do, after all the drinks and the porno's tonight. Brent,said , that goes two ways man, and Benny said I'm going to get more comfortable and he stood up and started undressing, Fuck I liked to swallowed my tongue, Brent did the same thing, they were down to their underwear and socks and I stood there with my mouth open and Benny said come on man dont be a party pooper. I looked at Benny and said Benny, you know? and He Said I told you no one here's afraid of that, Brent said, Afraid of what? Benny said man He's Gay, And Brent Just looked at me and said awesome, I have never really known a gay man before, I felt a little better and started getting out of my clothes, and We all set down on the only place we had was the king sized bed next to each other and started drinking and watching fuck flicks.

Brent ask me, man when your watching these flicks, do you zero in on the guys cocks and asses and such, and does that turn you on, I said yes, just like girls and their pussies and tits turn on a straight guy, He said wow, that is awesome. I noticed that Benny had sprung a boner and his boxers looked like had a thick tent pole in them, then I looked and I almost gasp for breath and looked and I watched as Brents cock just kinda layed down the leg of his briefs long and thick with the head sticking out from under the leg, and throbbed up with each beat of his heart, I almost got up and left, and I started too. Benny said man, don't go, The night ain't over yet, Brent Looked over snapped off the light and reached down and pulled off his briefs and his cock sprung up and said I hope you don't mind I really need to do this, and then Benny looked over and said Fuck man this is my last night of freedom, what the hell, I sat there between two, fucking handsome naked dudes both with hardons throbbing and I wanted to die, Well Brent was the first to reach down and sorta stroke his cock first and it wasn't like he was going to jerk off or something and then Benny started, Then Brent, fucking gorgeous Brent, looked over and said we know you have a boner too, go ahead and stripp the shorts off, Lets have a party, And then I really got to going, I looked over and saw pre-cum leaking out of Brent's 8 inch cock and I notice it was uncut and that beautiful foreskin was about half way back and, I said awe fuck man, I was leaking pre-cum and I was sopping wet with it. I saw Brent and Benny kinda look over at each other and then Benny kina nodded at Brent and Brent said, excuse me, but your hand is in my way, and I said, wha---

and he leaned over and pulled my briefs off, and took my cock all the way to the hilt into his mouth down his throat and started working it over and Benny reached over and started working on my nipples with his mouth and teeth, I thought I would faint, Mother fucker, I was about to pass out, I was already so friggen turned by seeing these two men next to me naked, but I never thought that this would happen. Brent had obviously done this before then Benny reached down and started masagging my nutsack and then I got so fucking excited that I said I need a cock in my mouth and I leaned over and took Brents cock into my mouth and started working it over Benny was smiling and stroking his hardon, then I felt Benny start doing something with my man hole, he was spreading some lube in my asshole, and I started wimpering and grunting and sorta pushing back against his fingers and then he started pushing his cock against it and I shoved it back and his cock broke thru and It stung at first and then the pleasure started building up and Brent looked up and said fucking awesome, man this guy can suck a cock, and Benny said, and his ass feels fenominal, I said fuck yea it does and the Benny shoved his 8 inch cock into my asshole, and I went back to sucking on Brents cock, Brent was stroking me off as Benny plowed my asshole for all it was worth, soon I heard Benny start to gasp like he was breathing funny and then he started really shoving that thick hot cock into my asshole and It felt like it was ten times harder than It started to be, and It was getting thicker, and harder I reached back and almost couldn't find his nutsack, I was going to massage it and it was drawn up so tight against his body I couldn't find it. Then it started, Benny was grunting, breathing, gasping for breath and I felt his cock start that jerking, Each volly of cum was a fresh jerk and my intestines was filling with hot man milk it was so intense that my cock started spasming and shooting all over Brent, and Brent got so excited his started to get extremely hard, the head felt hotter and flared out and I started tasting His love cream fill my mouth, God I was lost in paradise, Fuck I felt so fullfilled and satisfied all three of us had gotten off and was still laying there with each other cock in our mouths or hands and Benny was still pushing his three quarter hard cock into and out of my asshole. The feeling was incredible. I licked Brents cock off pulling his foreskin back to make sure I got it all and he was licking his fingers off and Benny spoke and said Fuck Fellas I don't know when I ever enjoyed the freedom of just pure raw sex before in my life this was just awesome.

We fell asleep and when I woke up, I was still laying there naked with Brents arms around me, He woke up and kissed me on the cheek and said morning, I said morning, Brent had a morning hardon and He said, wish we had time I would love to use that again, but we need to get moving. About that time Benny came in with coffee and rolls from the dele across the street from the Motel.

The wedding went awesome and beautiful and the reception was wonderful, a really nice day, on the whole, no problems, and I noticed that Brent kept looking at me, ever time we noticed each other he was smiling and looking at me.

After the reception was over Brent came over and said Hey, would you like a repeat and maybe more of last night? I said, 'Is there water in the O'cean'? and he smiled and then we got into my car and went back to the motel. He checked out of his room and brought his things back to mine. He said I have a few days free If you'd like, I said that sounds awesome. I had just gotten into the door of the motel room and noticed a note on the table, it was from Benny, It said Ken, I know your gay, but I hope you enjoyed last night, I set that up for you to enjoy yourself, Brent, My cousin had thought he might be gay and wanted to try, I think you helped him make his decision, Now you two enjoy yourselves, Love, Your Best Bud Benny.

I looked up to Brent and said so you knew about this, He smiled I did, and I didn't, not like it turned out,but, I don't want you to go away.

I reached over and said I'm not for a while, but while were here lets be happy together, I reached over and grabbed Brent by the neck and I pulled him over and kissed him on his lips, He just layed his head into my hands and let it happen, started kissing me back using his tongue and loveing every minute of it. I then started undressing him and got him down to his briefs and started sucking on his cock thru his briefs and the aroma of his crotch was like fine wine and his balls were drawing up tight and he was just groaning like he was feasting on fine food or something, I started undressing myself and I layed him down on the bed and started blowing his awesome cock again, He started reaching for mine and he took my uncut cock to the hilt and started making love, we layed in a sixty nine position for a few minutes and then he set up and He said I want you to fuck me, O.k. I said if that's what you want, have you ever been fucked before, he said, Once when I was about 15, I said at first it will kinds hurt and maybe burn, but bear with it, It will finally leave and be replaced with pleasure, and we started, I got some lube out of my bag and started stroking my fingers up his turd tunnel and he didn't seem to mind that, then I found his love knot and he started grunting and wimpering sorta, and saying that feels fucking fantastic, I then said I think your ready, and he said alright, I set up to his ass and started slowly punching against it and it finally popped thru the orafice and he grunted and said shit man that kinda hurts, I said I know but just push out man and it will relieve the pressure, and he did and said Hey man that feels pretty good, and I started giving him more, finally I looked at him and said, you doing alright, he said great, go ahead and I started pumping and he started feeling it, and starting loving it. I was into it for about five minutes and he started gasping for breath and saying fuck man I'm gonna cum, Ughnnmm, Oh fuck, man and He started cumming without even touching his cock, I started feeling that pulsing down in his rectum from his cumming and I started shooting my load up into his intestines, Fuck this was an awesome sexual experience, I just broke in a virgin asshole and I loved it and so did he. He was saying that was awesome, fuck man I didn't know an asshole being fucked would feel like that, I gotta do that againd soon. I said Just take it easy when you do and use lube, lots of lube and probably would be safer to have the other guy use a condom too.

Well we became good friends and we spent almost a week together fucking and sucking each other and haveing a wonderful time together.

When I got back home I received a call from Benny, and he said, I don't know what all you and Brent did after I left on my honeymoon but He thought you were just about the best guy he ever met, He will be contacting you soon for a rematch. Thanks for the pictures and see ya soon. Love, Your Best Bud always. Benny



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