The Pet Pledge

by KennelKing

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Chapter 12: Bitch Training

My training was modified to reflect my official bitch status. I now ate while in the down pose. Down had become a large part of my routine. This was lumped in with my previous training methods.

The electric rod had been reintroduced to ensure I mastered the down pose. I flinched as Master would place it on my ass. He would make me spread my legs and arch my back as much as I could. He would zap me until he was satisfied with my posture. Master also had me shake my hips back and forth as a way to attract mates. He zapped me until I waved my hips how he wanted. We continued training until he considered my posture submissive enough to move on.

The more I performed down for my Masters, the more I wanted the reward of being mounted. It took weeks, but I perfected the pose. I would get into the down pose facing away from my master and shake my ass for them.

After a month of performing the pose, I had become incredibly helpless. I would do anything to be fucked again. I wanted nothing more than to feel that spiking pressure in my hole. My one Master was the only one who knew about my desperation for anal penetration. The rest of them thought these were normal movements for a bitch. They didn't know what my hips begged for.

I thought I had gotten lucky one time. My one Master had taken me outside as he normally would while the rest of them were in night classes. In the middle of my training, my Master pulled out his penis. This was not the Master whom I had been pleasuring at night nor was this the Master who fucked me. I got in the down pose immediately without command. I thought my dreams were about to come true.

Master was confused as to why I naturally went into the down pose. My Master told me to beg like a good bitch instead. I began begging, I thought I was going to receive this large penis before me. I lifted my ass off of my feet. I wagged my dangling, useless clit so the bell would ring. My tail waved back and forth as I panted and barked. I stuck my tongue out until I was drooling uncontrollably.

I begged for a few minutes. Master stared at me while he held his penis in hand. All of a sudden, he began pissing on me. He directed his cock at my face. I was showered in his warm piss. He told me to continue begging. I didn't break my form. I continued to humiliate myself while he peed on my face. I got a good taste as a lot got in my mouth. The rest of the piss I could not catch dripped down my pale naked body.

When Master finished peeing, he looked down at me and told me to get in the dog house. He chained me up and went inside. I was left there until morning. Watching him cover me in fluids made me have to pee. While I was already outside, I was not allowed to pee without being watched. I slept holding my bladder while covered in master's piss. While it was not what I had hoped for, it did make me feel like a bitch. At least it took my mind off being fucked for a little while.