The Pet Pledge

by KennelKing

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Chapter 11

Becoming a Real Bitch

Once they were satisfied with the modifications, they began bringing me to a groomer so I could maintain my pretty new look for them. They took me to their friend who had previously worked on me. They would sneak me in through the alleyway. She would shave off any body hair, clip my nails, wash my hair, and scrub me down.

After my first grooming, Master paraded me around the neighborhood with my new look. My Masters were proud of their work and wanted everyone to see it. The bells on my penis and nipples jingled as I crawled at his feet. The bells drew everyone's attention. Master showed our neighbors my cute pigtails and modified genitals.

Our neighbors complimented what a great job my Masters had done. I was proud to bring honor to them. Whether or not it was humiliating, they fed me, let me use the bathroom, housed me, and taught me how to behave.

We returned to the house while my other Masters were at school. My Master took me straight to the backyard. My soft hands and knees moved across the grass toward the dog house. My Master tied my leash to the dog house. He left me outside while he retrieved lube from the closet.

My Masters had not used lube on me in quite a while. My spit was enough to coat my tail. I was unsure of why he brought it outside. Master pushed my head toward the grass. He lifted both of my hips until my ass was sticking straight up. He placed his hand on my stomach and forced my back to arch with his other hand. Master explained to me that this was called the down position.

After a moment in my new position, Master made me sit. I elevated to my knees. Once I settled on my heels, he commanded me down. I got back into the position that he had previously molded me into. He grabbed the inside of my thigh and left ass cheek while he called me a good bitch.

Master grabbed my tail. He slowly pulled it out of my ass so I felt the full tug. My Masters only removed my tail when I was forced to poop. I waited patiently for my command to poop, but it never came. Instead, I looked back at Master as he unzipped his pants.

Master stated that it was time for me to officially become a bitch. He squeezed the lube onto my hole. He dropped his pants and grabbed his cock. I had never seen this Masters penis before. My eyes lit up. I had not sucked my other Master's cock since his new girlfriend came into the picture. I desperately missed the sight and feel of his cock.

My ass began to wiggle on its own. I had never pleasured them with this side of me before. The fear turned to excitement as I begged for his cock with my hips. While my penis no longer showed excitement, my training had reprogrammed my butt to respond automatically when excited. Master slapped both of my cheeks with his cock. His tip kissed my hole before breaking through. I clenched as he stretched me beyond what the plugs had.

The bells on my penis and nipples rang as my face was pounded into the grass. His groin slapped against my butt. This position allowed his entire cock to enter me. My mind went blank as he grabbed each of my swinging pigtails. My back was forced to arch while he pulled my head towards my penetrated ass. He slapped my right cheek and commanded me to bark. I whimpered and barked while he conquered me.

Master relentlessly slid in and out of me. I thought back to my girlfriend. I was being used just like her. Before my body gave out from exhaustion, I felt a hot liquid inside of me. My Master had finished. As Master pulled out of me cum began leaking out. Before most of it could flow out, my Master put my tail back in. This sealed his cum inside of me.

My Master looked down at me and told me I had finally become a real bitch. My ass throbbed as he dragged my sweaty worn-out body back inside. Master locked me in my crate. My other Masters arrived soon after that. One of them took me out to relieve myself and fed me before bed. Afterward, I was put back in my crate and kept there until morning.