The bike relayed every undulation, every break in the surface, warp or slope. Spokes could read the surface of the road with his eyes and through his hands in the way the bike responded to the surface whether asphalt, concrete or whatever surface he chose to ride over. He tried to stay focused on his ride, tried to keep his mind alert to dangers, shifts in the traffic, the rogue driver or the unaware pedestrian but after last night it was tough. He kept reliving it over and over in his mind and it made him frustrated, anxious, made him remember his place; just a bicycle messenger trying to earn enough for college.

Graham had been great the last several weeks, they getting together as much as Spokes schedule would allow, but until last night it had been dinners at Graham's penthouse, or in a nearby restaurant, even a movie night to see some action flick, but last night Graham's upper class status, his standing in the community came rushing up at Spokes when he went with Graham to a fundraiser at some gallery. He knew as soon as they showed up he would stand out for the way he was dressed, the way he looked, and when Graham introduced him to one person after the next he saw the look, just before they put on their public persona, the look of disapproval. Graham didn't notice at first, so wrapped up in the cause and why he was there, but toward the end of the evening, when Spokes had gone to the men's room someone had come up to Graham and said something, something that made him so mad, so angry, he was red in the face when Spokes had returned.

"Let's go, we're leaving" he had barked when Spokes had walked up to him and he knew something was wrong. In the limousine back to his penthouse he had sat silent for most of the trip, then he had turned and apologized for the rudeness of those who had been judgmental and having dragged him to such a spectacle. Spokes tried to tell him it was alright, that he could handle some derogatory attitude, but the truth was it made their differences come up in stark relief.

Spokes cut through the stopped traffic, cut in front of a stalled car and began to cut back to the middle lane when it happened. He only saw the scooter at the very last moment, just the front end coming into view and it was too late. His bike slammed into the scooter and flipped over tossing Spokes off and onto the pavement. He landed harder than usual, not having time to prepare and when it was over he was lying in the road flat on his back, his helmet busted and one arm twisted in an unnatural way. Spokes came to with someone talking to him, asking him if he could hear them and he opened his eyes to the blurry image of a medic. Then the pain registered as he heard the sound of the ambulance reverberate in the background.

Spokes woke in a hospital bed. How long he had been there he didn't know but sunlight filtered through the blinds. He was sharing the room with someone who was snoring behind the curtain circling their bed. He sat up slowly, feeling the pains and aches, and looked down to see his arm in a cast and he knew it was broken. His first thought was what in the hell he was going to do now. He had no insurance and would never be able to pay for this emergency visit and now he wouldn't be able to work for weeks. He felt fucked.

His door opened and he saw it was his boss looking concerned. He came to the foot of the bed and asked how he was feeling. He told him to take it easy, get well that his job would be waiting. He tried to joke about him being irreplaceable, the best, and he couldn't afford to lose him, but Spokes wasn't in the mood for jokes. When his boss left he looked over on the side table and saw his phone lying out and he had several messages. They could wait as he settled back down, the drugs making him want more sleep.

He woke to a dimly lit room, it obviously being nighttime. He picked up his cell phone and scrolled through the missed calls and immediately realized there were several from Graham. He hit call and listened to the ringing. Graham picked up and in a voice that sounded unsure of what to say asked what was going on. Their conversation was short, Spokes not wanting to dwell on his current situation and not wanting to involve Graham in his problem. Graham didn't push him but told him he'd be down to see him as soon as he could get there. Spokes called several of his friends and his parents and let them know what was going on, then he tossed his phone down and laid back, wondering how in the hell he was going to keep his head above water. Graham arrived a few minutes later and they talked briefly, Graham realizing Spokes was medicated and in no mood to discuss his predicament.

The next day, after the doctor had made his visit, telling him his arm would be ok and the cast would be removed in about five to six weeks but in the meantime he'd be sore and his sprained ankle would mess with his mobility for a few days. He asked if there was someone he could stay with till he could get around. As Spokes listened the doctor finish the door opened and Graham came in hearing the end of the doctor's talk.

"He can stay with me" Graham immediately replied.

"No, you can't do that Graham" Spokes replied, sitting up in bed.

"It's no big deal and you know that."

When Spokes found himself wheeled to the exit of the hospital Graham's limousine was waiting. The nurse was surprised and commented it must be nice to have a limo pick you up. Graham stepped out and helped get Spokes into the car. They made a stop by the messenger service to get his last paycheck, then swung by his apartment to get some of his things. By late afternoon they were back at Graham's penthouse.

Graham helped Spokes to the living room and took his things to the bedroom. Dinner was served and Spokes asked to use a guest bed for he was tired. For the next couple of days he stayed in a guest bedroom, sleeping most of the time, but when he came out he was able to walk on his ankle and seemed in better spirits, resolved to his situation. He told Graham he needed to at least keep up with his classes at night so that evening the limousine was pulled out front and carried Spokes to his classes.

For the next couple of days Graham and Spokes went through their routines until Saturday morning when Spokes came into Graham's bedroom finding him sitting up in bed reading the morning paper, a habit he had developed years ago and had no intention of stopping now, even with the papers online.

"Hey... I want to tell you I appreciate everything you have done and it did drive me crazy at first, this dependency on you, but..." and Spokes faltered as he was unsure how to continue.

"Spokes..." and Graham smiled at him laying the paper down; "Ryan, it's okay, really. It is no trouble; I want to do it."

Spokes nodded and looked down at the floor, feeling like he should leave the room now but wanting to stay.

"Come here" Graham asked him, his voice casual but firm. Spokes came to the bed and eased down next to Graham.

"The ankle is a lot better I see. How does the arm feel?"

"Not too bad."

Graham smiled at Spokes understatement and he leaned over and kissed him. The barrier that Spokes had thrown up was suddenly crashed down as he kissed him back, wrapped his good left arm around Graham's neck and pulled their bodies together. Graham worked around on the bed, tossing the paper to the floor and pulling Spokes down flat, getting him on his back. He worked furiously to get Spokes' clothes off, pulling the tank top over his head and easing it over the cast, unbuttoning his shorts and tugging them along with his boxers down and off his legs, stripping him, getting the tall lean body naked. Graham got up on his knees and pulled his t-shirt off then worked his boxers off tossing them on the floor.

Graham was quickly between Spokes legs, feeling the hair on each one rub his stomach and chest as he took Spokes' cock, stroked it a few times then brought it to his mouth, licking the head, tonguing down the shaft and down over his sac feeling each ball move and shift as his tongue worked over them. Graham went back to his cock, held it up, seeing it harden and swell up as he leaned over the head and took it in his mouth. He sucked it, swallowed down the shaft as far as he could, and he worked his mouth up and down the shaft, over and over and over, till Spokes was so hard his cock ached as it bobbed in Graham's hand when he pulled off and licked the head.

Graham moved fast, his desire for Spokes even stronger with him being in his penthouse and yet unavailable for the last few days and he moved over Spokes, rubbed his ass over Spokes' hard cock, felt it along his ass as he worked his hips back and forth. Spokes put his one good hand on Graham's cock, stroked it as best he could with Graham moving so urgently over him. When Graham moved forward and reached back Spokes knew what he wanted and he felt Graham take his cock, work his fingers up and down his shaft, smeared the slick liquid over the head. He felt Graham hold his cock to his opening, rub it over his hole as he pushed down.

Spokes felt his cock penetrate Graham, as he slowly eased down, worked his hole down over the hard cock. With his head thrown back and a guttural noise coming from him Graham lowered his body the final inch or so and sat fully down on Spokes' cock. He hesitated for only a moment, held still just long enough to feel the pain of entry subside and he rose up, brought his ass up till only the head of Spokes' cock remained in his hole and he eased back down, all the way in one fluid move. Graham felt the way the cock slid through him and he began to ride Spokes' cock, faster and faster, pulling up and dropping back down, working his hole over the hard cock buried in his ass. He rocked his hips, rose up on his knees, and slammed his ass down hard, over and over till the bed rocked noisily, squeaking loudly. Spokes just lay there, holding to Graham's thigh, stroking his cock when he could, or just lying back enjoying the feel of Graham riding his cock. Graham knocked his hand away after a few minutes and began to stroke his own cock, hard fast strokes, his hand worked furiously over his shaft as his hips rose and fell on Spokes' cock.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm going to cum" and Graham hips began to jerk and he stroked his cock hard a few more times and he came. Thick white wads blasted out of his cock and spattered in Spokes' face, down his neck and a final third thick wad created a line up the middle of his chest before Graham's cock began to dribble to an end. Spokes' felt it all in his cock, the way Graham's ass flexed as he came, squeezed his cock every time he shot a wad of cum and Spokes' pushed up with his hips, fucked his cock up into Graham harder and he too came. He felt his cock flex and shoot over and over and over as it was buried in Graham, filling his hole with his load.

It had been a fast fuck, one both needed and when they were both spent Graham moved down beside Spokes, snuggled up next to him. Both lay with their eyes closed, their breathing returning to normal. How long they lay like that neither really knew but it was Graham who stirred first, leaned up on his elbow, looking down on Spokes.

"There's something I should tell you so you'll stop worrying about it."

"What?" Spokes asked, concerned what Graham had to tell him.

"Well, I know you can't work for a few more weeks so I..."and he hesitated.

"Yeah, you did what exactly?"

"I went by your apartment and paid your rent for the next two months, along with all your bills I found in the mail."

Spokes looked at him, shocked at the gesture, not sure what to say, not sure whether to be grateful or upset, then he saw Graham smirk, a smile break out.


"Spokes before you get mad let me tell you it wasn't anything really. I mean I piss more money away on dinner with friends, so don't worry about it, okay?" Graham looked away for a minute then back at Spokes who was still staring at him. "I sort of paid your medical bills too."

"Graham, you shouldn't' have done that, I mean we've been seeing each other for only a short time and..."

Graham cut him off. "And nothing, it's not a big deal. I even made the hospital take less than they were billing, so it wasn't as much as you think. Besides I'm going to work it out of you while you're here" and Graham reached for his cock, ran his hand along the shaft feeling it start to respond again. Spokes couldn't help it; he smiled.



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