I guess you might say that I have always known that I liked men, when I was a kid, I loved standing at the public urinals in parks, and Malls, and just ogling and staring at guys cocks, My old johnson would stand up and do a dance, in the most enexpected places.

I had just turned eighteen when I had my first man on man experience, I was setting in the Doctors office waiting to be called for my appointment, I looked across the room there was only one other person, a young man, setting there in the room. And as always I couldn't help notice this dude, he was handsome about twenty six to twenty eight years old in age, and he was wearing a very tight showy light grey tee-shirt, he was nicly built with a slight showy six pack and nice pec muscles,I could tell he worked out, my seven inch cock started to thicken from just looking at this young man, I was setting straight across from him and he was wearing these faded jeans, and between his legs was the most awesome bulge,I know this is and exadureration, but damn it looked like he had stuffed a bath towel rolled up down there, it looked huge.

I was mesmerized by the sight and I was just staring at him, thinking he was reading his magazine as I stared at him, I was unaware that he was watching me over the top of his magazine.

I hadn't realized I was wetting my lips and rubbing my own swollen cock, as I ogled this gorgeous man, the next thing I knew I saw his hand go down to that bulge and began to rub on it, I thought I would swallow my tongue.

I looked up and he was looking straight at me,staring into my eyes and he winked at me, and motioned for me to come over and sit by him.

'Hey man, your really cute, whats your name,?' he asked.

I was almost embarrassed as I studdered, 'Kevin' I answered, whats your?'

'Jason, glad to meet you Kevin, I noticed you were sorta fstaring at a certain spot on my body, you like that sort of thing do you?

'Hell yeah! man, in embarrassment, your one good looking stud, and that bulge in your jeans is awesome.'

'Well Kevin, when we leave here are you free to stop by my apartment, I'll be glad to show you whats under it, if you'd like.'

I was stunned by his openess, But without hesitation I said,'Wow! would I ever.'

Well we both took care of our business at the office there, and I followed him home in my Toyota.

We went into his appartment which was quite a nice place, and he turned around, 'Hey Kevin, its all yours to do with what you want, like a gift, but you have to unwrap it,' I looked up into his dark dreamy eyes and reached out and put my full hand over his bulge and felt almost faint, it felt so awesome, I was shaking like a leaf in a strong wind as I reached over and undid his belt and opened his faded 501 Levi's, I opened his fly and gently pulled down his Levi's, and saw the most gorgeous pair of Hanes white breifs, man were they stuffed full, I looked up at Jasons smiling face and he said, go ahead have a blast, I felt this thick, slowly swelling long slab of man meat pushing out against the soft white cotten of his briefs, the outline of the thick head of his cock was very noticeable, and when I opened his package and pulled the elastic back, out flopped a good eight incher not yet fully hard, very thick, beautiful foreskin and a pre-cum leaking tip, waiting for a pair of wet hot lips to lick it off, and nibble on that foreskin.

'Well Kevin, are you pleased?'

'Oh Fuck yeah man, that is gorgeous,'

I reached and wrapped my hand around his thick meat, shaking and about to asphixate, and I took the tip of his cock and tasted that awesome tasting pre-cum and began to lick that end and nibble on the tip of his foreskin enjoying every savory little drip of his pre-cum, I was in heaven, I was afraid I was gonna wake up and find that this was a dream.

When I really enjoy it tho, was when I slid back that foreskin, and staring at this beautiful, thick bluish, pink dick head, I took it into my mouth and took it to the half length of his cock, I heard Jason moan as I began to suck and slide my mouth back and forth the length of his big cock, It took some time but I was not going to be cheated out of the whole enchilada, and before long I was taking the full lenght of his awesome uncut cock to the point His thick dark bush was tickling my nose, I was in another zone, I had no Idea I would like sucking cock this much.

I realized my cock was still being held back by its material restraints and I undid my pants and zipper and pulled it out and began to stroke, I was at that point when if I stroked it too much I tould be blowing a load all over us.

I pulled my hand away, but I almost did it premature, because I felt Jasons strong hands grab the side of my face and slip his thick cock deep into my throat and held it there as he moaned and grunted and I felt his cock doing that cumming dance in my mouth and I felt that sensation of my mouth filling up with warm, sweet, salty, musty tasting cum. I gulped like a starving wolf, and emptied his load from its faucet.

Jason just sorts flopped back on his sofa, God Kevin I needed that bad, it was about a two week load you got there.

He got his breath and then he reached down and took hold of my cock and said, 'Here kid, let me help you with that,' and then he spun me around and sat me down on the sofe and he leaned over and took my cock to the balls in his mouth, I really felt like I had died and gone to heaven now, Man could Jason suck cock, and I was in Love with what he was doing, it took me all of three minutes and I was filling his mouth with the biggest Load I think I ever shot.

I was eighteen then, and Jason and I met every so often, I loved him then he just up and moved away.

I went to college graduated and wanted to do something with my life after that. So I joined the Peace Corps, went thru some training for it and went to The Central Americas.

I had been there about two months, we were based not far from Belize, and we had been told not to stray too far from our base of operations due to the rebel factions in the surrounding areas, they called themselves 'freedom fighters.'

There were three of us that had left to go to this village and take some medical supplies, we had all been trained in basic medical training, and so we headed out thru the jungle, it was hot, weary and somehow we got lost.

Jamie, Kyle, and me, were all in a quandry as to what to do, Jamie decided to try to go back and headed out, we weren't too pleased with him doing this, and felt it was best we stuck together, but some people just like to do things there own way.

Well he disappeared and we never saw him again untill a long while later.

Kyle and I stuck really close to each other, we were both in our early twenties and then one night we heard these strange sounds and couldn't tell from which way they were comeing, the jungle plays strange tricks with sound, especially afer dark.

We had stopped to sit down, eating some dried fruit we had taken with us for snacks, when I heard the unmistakable sound of a gun being clicked behind up, I turned around and there were three Rebel fighters with their guns cocked and ready to fire pointing right in mine and Kyles faces, I almost pissed my pants.

One of the fighters told us to kneel down, this was a terrifying thing since I was believing the worse, they were going to shoot us, I had no idea how they felt towards Americans, were they possibly going to execute us or what?

They blindfolded us and searched our bags, and comandeered the medical supplies.

Kyle and I both were almost shaking in terror, we had never experienced being held captive by terrorists, or freedome fighters, or by anybody for that matter, they were gruff and mean looking, just looking at their eyes was terrifying.

They took us back to their camp, blindfolded and tied up.

Finally they unblindfolded us and we stood in the middle of the campe there in the Jungle, out of a hut walked this Man, called Carlos, I found out later his last name was Sanchez, He looked to be about thirty or so, but I was immediately taken by him, he spoke perfect english, and I was lucky I spoke spanish too.

Well He came out and took each of us one by one into his hut and interrogated us, Kyle came out looking terrified, and they put him in a hut by himself,and seperated us.

But he waited untill after Dark to call for me, I went into his hut, he smiled and said, 'You my good man, are one good looking young hunk of man, I have this thing for young, good looking Americans, I wasn't sure what he meant by that. He walked over and (My hands still tied), he grabbed my face and said,'I like pretty American Boys. I looked into his eyes and there was a strange gentlness as we stared into each others eyes.

He had a very almost even in his roughness as a rebel, I found a gentleness in his touch, he kissed me hard on my mouth, and I found myself loving it, I closed my eyes as he began kissing me in the dimly lit hut, I felt his hands as they began exploring my body, I was slowly getting so turned on, it had been so many days I had gone without sex, it was easy for me to get turned on.

I felt his hands undoing my restraints, 'I don't think you will run, will you, it will only get you shot anyway,' He said.

He took my shirt off and began undoing my trousers, Feeling his fingers and hands rubbing my naked stomach, chest, tweeking at my nipples was almost more than I could take, I knew my hard cock would be bouncing out in a second, I was wearing these boxers with the split front fly, and sure enough when he undid my trousers out popped ole hard as a flint Johnson, Carlos smiled, He looked into my eyes and said 'Hey man, you like this don't you?'

Carlos grabbed me yanked down my boxers and turned me around, 'You have a very nice looking ass, I bet it likes to get Fucked,' as he began to rub it and slide a finger in and rubbed around my hole, I thought I would faint, fuck that felt so awesome, 'Would you like Carlos to Fuck it?'

I watched as this handsome latin looking dark skinned man, began to remove his clothing, and he said, 'Here you undo these,' It reminded me of the night with Jason.

I reached over and in the light of the torches outside the hut, shining thru the window, I undid the tie on his pantalons, and watched as they dropped to the ground, Holy Shit, his cock was that Beautiful Latino, thick, dark, long and uncut, who would have given thought to getting to suck a cock like this, or getting fucked in these Jungles.

Carlos put his hands on my shoulders as he looked into my eyes and shoved me down with this huge grin on his face untill my mouth was less than and inch away from his cock, He took his cock and rubbed its slightly pre-cum wet tip against my lips, I felt sexual sensations flooding my senses and body, I could smell his manliness which was a turn on, his jungle sweatiness, I leaned over and began to lick and suck and nibble on the tip of his beautiful dark foreskined tip, having had sex with Jasons uncut cock, I was no stranger with a foreskin, and I began to work, I could feel it as Carlos began to tweek his nipples a rub his chest as I sucked his awewsome cock for him, Hell I was even loving doing this for him. It was a fantastic sensation to reach around and pull his body into my mouth with his ass muscles clenched, and fell his leg muscles as they tighten up.

Reaching up to rub his big hairy nuts was an awesome feeling, they were tightening up agains his body as I kept up the continued sliding of my mouth the full length of his beautiful cock.

I had sucked Carlos's cock for some time when he pulled his cock out of my mouth, smiled I want to fuck that ass. He went to a drawer and pulled out some stuff that looked like vaseline, and slathered his cock with it and then He bent me over his table there in the hut and I felt him so tenderly and gently began to slide his cock to the balls into my asshole, I won't say it was not a painful experience at first, he was so thick, but I knew a few minutes and I would be enjoying this as much as he was, I was huffing and puffing, grunting and fucking back with each thrust as Carlos would pull all the way out and then quickly shove it to the balls back into my love hole, Carlos gave me the most fantastic fucking I had had in a long long time.

God man, was I loving it. I was thinking about asking Carlos If I could join him and his band of merry men and be his love captive.

As Carlos was fucking he was totally into his fuck I wanted to roll over and face him while getting fucked, I rolled over and pulled my legs up on his shoulders as he sunk his cock to the hilt and ground his pubic hair agains my ass cheeks, then he began to pull my body up to his, and he began kissing me like I was his virgin bride, and when he finally unloaded his latin seed With a very loud groaning, into my asshole I was totally in love with this dude. Damn he shoved it to the balls as it emptied its seed into my bowels.

He collapsed on top of my body and just kept kissing and hugging me, 'You know what kid, that was the best Peice of ass I have ever had, Im gonna keep you around for a while, I smiled, as long as we can keep on doing this I would love it, I responded with a smile, I looked down and realized I had shot my load while he was fucking me and there was a big glob of my cum on my stomach, That was one awesome sexual encounter. I stayed with them for almost two weeks having sex with Carlos as his personal fuck on a daily basis, untill one afternoon a very sad Looking Carlos come over and told me he was taking Kyle and me Back to our camp, They could not take us with them,they had to return to their own country. I was very sad at this but I guess I knew really it would eventually come to this, but I really didn't want it to. We parted company later that afternoon and I was sad to watch Carlos and his men disappear in the Jungle knowing I would never see him again, The last thing I saw was Carlos Turning around a looking back at me and waving, I began to cry.

They had dropped us off at a road about a mile from our base of operations, and as we walked back I turned to Kyle and asked me how he was doing.

Kyle told me that the other men (Rebels) used him for sexual pleasure too, in a different hut. 'Well How was it, terrifying?' I asked.

'Truthfully, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, actually after a couple times, it was kinda pleasureable, I got off myself from it several times, but at first my asshole hurt really bad.'

'I just looked at Kyle and laughed, 'Who would have thought Old Straight Kyle, the stud, would ever enjoyed taking it up the ass.'

Kyle and I became very close friends after that. Well what did you expect? Ciao.



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