I woke up but I didnt open my eyes. I slowly inhaled the clean air near the river. I could hear the water trickle over itself in almost a harmonic tone. It was so peaceful. The coolness of the air around us was at bay due to Giovanni's warmth radiating around us. I got up slowly trying not to wake up Gio. I got dressed and stepped out of the tent and walked down to the river. I watched as the cool water flowed slowly towards the town of Parker. That's how it got it's name. The river is so clean this far upstream. The wind was a little chilly, so I sank my hands into my jeans. I hear birds chirping in the background, and it sounds like something straight out of a Disney movie. I felt hands creep down to my waistband. I recognized the warmth and Gio placed his chin on my left shoulder. I put my hands on top of his and smiled.

"what are you doin'?" he said romantically.

"just watching the river. So peaceful." I replied.

"I know." he said in agreement. I could hear him snickering and he threw me down onto my back. I started to laugh as he climbed on top of me. He had a smile on his face as we joined in a passionate kiss. Gio started to slightly grind against mine. He kissed so well. I rolled him over and I was now on top of him. I smiled between kisses. He was so cute and the only person ive been seriously involved with. Yeah, I've had other relationships but they were just mere flings. This was different. Gio was different. We kissed a little harder and I picked Gio up. I walk him over, still kissing, to the side of the river. I pulled off his shirt and mine and I pushed him in. I jumped in too and our mouths met underwater. The river was so clear, I could see him perfectly. We floated to the surface, still kissing. Then I broke it off and splashed him. He giggled and splashes me in return. We were having so much fun. We headed back out of the water, and back to the tent. We gathered our shirts and walked back completely soaked. We entered our tent and collapsed next to eachother. Then I get up on top of Gio and slowly lower my hips onto Gio's. I can feel the warmth of our cocks force down on each other and the heat of our chests and stomachs colliding and the air becoming thicker and more humid because of our deep breathing. The pleasure of our cocks rubbing on each other makes my face and neck turn red as the adrenaline propels through my body. I begin to French kiss gio and make out; the moisture flying and our tongues are rubbing. I start to move up and down on Gio's body faster than ever before. My cock begins to rub harder and harder against Gio's as my balls start to tighten. I reach up and puts my hands on Gio's lower back. Without realizing, But I noticed, Gio moved his hands down but they end up under the strap of My under wear, and now I am grabbing Gio's soft, tight, naked butt. I pull on Gio's butt and helps to move our dicks together faster.

I start to become semi-hard and my balls tighten more. Gio is groping My butt and soon his left hand ends up moving into My crack. i was so into kissing and my cock rubbing against Gio's, neither of us notices where Gios hands are. Gio grabs harder and harder, and we continue to move. The only difference I notice is that im becoming hornier by the second. Gio's hand moves down my butt, and now he is touching My tight virgin hole. Gio grabs, and spreads my butt unintentionally as we continue to make out. I was becoming sweaty and hot and hornier by each movement.

Now I moves back, Gio's hands come out, and I lifts Gio's legs up. With underwear still on, I move in on Gio's butt with his semi-hard on and start to dry hump him. I move his face back on Gio's and we continue to make out. I start to hump harder and faster against Gios butt and both of us become hornier. Gio starts to make small moaning noises while I make the occasional 'ugh' sound and grunts. I hump faster and we make out like crazy with our spit mixing and our lips embracing and smacking, and our tongues wallowing over each other.

After a few minutes of dry humping and both of us dripping small beads of sweat, I slow down, now fully erect, and so does Gio. Our kissing slows, and we remain in that position staring each other in the eyes. I lift up and Gio's legs fall back down, and I lay on top of Gio, our fully hard cocks pressing on each other. Just staring at each other, I move my body up and down on Gio's and rubs our cocks together. I close my eyes in pleasure. Gio grips the sleeping bag as our hard cocks rub on each other. I moan quietly and breath heavily but start to slow down and we get back to looking into eachothers eyes *Havin' Gio's  hard cock on me is so good... oh man.* I thought to myself. I gets up and turn around and lay on top of Gio with our cocks touching. I moves up and down, rubbing our wet cocks and pre-cum together. We make out like crazy as our sweat drips and our cocks rub on each other. Gio rubs his hands through My short hair as I hold onto Gios shoulders. A few minutes later I sit up and straddle under Gios cock, and begin to pump my cock on Gios. I'm moaning and grunting as Gio and i are overflowing with pleasure. I then give Gio a look, and lift Gio's legs up. I try to penetrate Gios butt, and realize that Gio's butt isn't wet enough. With Gio's legs lifted, I spit into my hand, and begin to rub Gio's hole. Hip flips out and starts moaning freakishly and groaning louder than he has before. I stick my slick finger up Gios hole.

"Oh my fuh...yeah man! Mmm!"

I moves my cock down towards Gios butt, and start to put it in his hole. Gio's tight hole doesn't want to take My throbbing cock, so I slightly force it.

"Shi...man...mmm... yeah...." Gio says.

"Ahhh...uhhgh..." I groan quietly.

My cock his half way in and both of us are moaning and are overcome with ecstasy. I finally gets my huge cock all of the way in Gios butt, and start to pump. I bends my upper body down, still pumping, and we start to make out. I pump harder and faster and pre-cum begins to come out into Gio's butt. I pump harder.

"Yeah man...mmm oh yeah ugh, ugh, UGH" I groan loudly.

"Come on, you can pump faster than that...OH YEAH!"

I burst with adrenaline and pumps harder and faster than I ever thought I could. Gio grabs the back of my head as we make out and I take one hand and start to pump Gios semi-hard cock. Gio moans wildly and i get an idea.....




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