Hi, my name is Daniel. I am 19 years old, still in high school, only because I got held back in first grade. my best friend Giovanni, or gio for short, is 18 years old, and is star quarterback for my varsity football team, and I have a major crush on him. he is the most gorgeous boy

I have ever seen in my entire life. He is Italian, and is very light brown skin, almost like a light caramel color. he has deep brown eyes brown hair but he keeps short, and stands around 6 feet tall. he has a very muscular build, and I really only go to the games so I can watch him play. The way that he plays football so graceful, but powerful, that almost makes me want to just run out on the field and tackle him and kiss him passionately in front of everybody.

I was always afraid of being outed, but it seems whenever I'm with him, I just feel so safe, loved, and care for, that I just can't handle myself when I'm around him. I play football too, have a similar build to him, but not nearly as defined. I feel so self-conscious when I'm around him, because he's just so big, and so good looking, that I feel insecure and worthless. the only reason why I join the football team, what's to stare it is godlike body.

But I don't let it show in front of the other guys because of a little embarrassed of my sexuality. I'm not embarrassed of myself being gay, I'm just not ready to come out front of my entire team. I play wide receiver myself. So I have kind of the runner's body, but I can still lift if I need to. my 6 pack is nowhere near as defined as he is, but I still get great compliments from it by the rest of my teammates.

Sometimes a little creped out by it, but I already know who my number 1 idol is. And that's Giovanni. his face is perfect too. Not a zit on it. And you would think because he's Italian he would have a big nose, but he doesnt. It's perfect. He has everything that every guy and girl alike, would love to have in a guy. anyway, getting back to the story now.

giovanni approached me after practice and asked me if I would like to go camping with him. I accepted of course, because who would want to miss 3 days with the most gorgeous guy in the entire school? I know I wouldn't! he told me to be ready by 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon, because there is no practice. We're going to hike up to the Parker river together set up a tent, build A fire, and spend the next 3 days out there.

I called my mom and dad asked if I could go, and they said of course I could. when I got home that night, I quickly pack my bag full of everything I would need. Boxers, shirts, shorts, deodorant, and especially condoms. Because I knew something was going to happen at the river. Everything happens at the river. That's where everyone goes to make love.

I've heard so many stories from that place, that I would go there just to watch what happens, but that happened normally when I was around 12. but even when I went, I really went because of the guys. I laid my head down to go to sleep, but couldn't. I kept thinking about what could happen. like maybe, having sex with my best friend. or him asking me to suck his dick. so many things went through my head, that I could barely even close my eyes.

But eventually the thoughts went away, my boner disappeared, and I went to sleep. the night flew by like no one's business. Soon it was the morning, and I was getting ready for school. the school day went by really fast too. Then it was football practice.

" hey gio! are you excited about camping tonight?" I asked with my voice for the excitement.

" hell yeah! Itll be a blast. I can hardly contain myself." he said with lust in his eyes. I knew it. I just knew it. We were going to fuck tonight. when all the sudden, I got very nervous. I didn't understand why. I was just so excited the night before. What's happening? why do I feel so nervous? this never happens to me.

" alright ladies, time for jogging. get your asses moving!" coach Carson said with his thundering voice.

" not you McGuire! you're doing sprints." he said shouting at me. I didn't mind doing sprints, they were just very very often. But I assume that they were happening so often, so coach to keep me in shape. which is understandable considering that he wants us to get to a championship. she pulled out his stopwatch, and screamed go. I pushed off the ground is hard as I could, rocketing forward. I did about 10 to 15 steps as fast as possible.

Then I stopped, turn around, and lunged forward the opposite direction. the coach was really pushing me this time. I started to doubt my running ability, something I haven't done in a very long time. was I losing my edge? no. I could be losing my edge. I did this about 4 or 5 times. My chest felt on fire, when coach gave me the okay to stop.

I was sweating so much, that I thought I was the Parker river. thank God it wasn't full contact practice. I threw off my shirt, and sat down. Gasping for air. my sweat was glistening in the sun so much that it was reflecting right to my own eyes! I noticed the Giovanni had stopped jogging, and started to stare at me. was he checking me out? no. He straight. He told me himself. or, could there be that 1 chance in hell that he could be gay? no. Now I'm being ridiculous. I'm letting my emotions get too far off track.

" alright ladies, hit the showers. Next game is Sunday so be ready!" coach Carson boomed. I slowly got up, and walk towards the showers. I was so hot , and a little overworked. I tore up the rest of my clothes got in the shower. I turned it on too it's coldest setting. The water felt so good falling over my warm body. my nipple started to get hard, and so did my dick.

I thought to myself, oh shit. what is Giovanni sees this? I quickly thought of old women, and my boner went away. that was a close one. I turned around, and stuck my head to meet the faucet. cool water flowed over my hot head. it felt so good to have that feeling. I felt relieved, so much so that my knees almost gave out. I finally felt relaxed. I stayed in the shower for another 10 or 15 minutes, write off, and got dressed. giovanni approached me again:

"you ready?"

" no I want to fuck your brains out right now." I thought to myself.

" yeah, I'm all set. What about you?"

" I just got a package few more things, and then I'll be all set. It's going to be fun." he replied in a happy voice.

" I gotta run back to my house and grab a few things. Do you want to go?" he asked.

" sure! Yeah, I'll go with you." A smile creeped across his face. God he was so handsome!

" awesome! Let's go." what's that we entered his truck after we left the locker room. I had to step up a quite a few steps to get just to his cab. I got in, close the door, fast my seat belt, and put my bag on the floor. he started the engine, which gave a slow rumble. we sped off towards his house, and I watched the houses pass by, and the birds flew, and the sun glistening off of the parked cars windows. I gazed off, into a daydream. And a few seconds later, we are at his house. I didn't even notice because I was staring off into space.

" I'll be right back." giovanni said, and he flashed his gorgeous eyes at me. I almost melted right then and there. he was a perfect guy. I loved him. I had crush on him ever since freshman year. We have been friends before then, but my love for him only grew then and is still growing now. With every passing day, my love grows more and more. like any other crush really fell in love with Giovanni Morello. ( that's his last name ).

He came back out with another bag it was close the back of this truck, and climb back into the cat shut the door, started the engine, and also we went towards the hiking trails. it took us around a half an hour to get there. But I was so excited, it felt like 5 minutes. we got out of the truck, grabbed our stuff, and continue to walk down the trail. Giovanni alarmed his truck from a distance. we walked and talked for about 15 minutes.

Then we came upon the Parker riverbank. we set up the tents, put the air mattresses in them, I built a fire. started to get cold so we went into our tents. load outside mine. It looks so pretty. all the sudden my dick got hard. I thought why not? and pulled it out of its prison. my 7 and a half inch dick shot up towards the sky. I grabbed a hold of it, and gently massaged the head.

I slowly moved my hand down towards my balls, and gently stroked it. I started to pick up a little speed. my left hand moved up my chest. Along each of my muscles from my 6 pack all the way up to the top of my pecs. at this point I am now jerking my dick. a loud moan of pleasure escaped my mouth.

" Danny are you-" he stopped to see when he opened my tent door and saw me. I was in shock, so much that I thought I was going to faint. to my amazement, he stepped inside my tent!

" let me finish the job." he said, I was stunned. before I could say anything he was already licking my dick. I was in complete disbelief. Giovanni was sucking my dick! I couldn't even form words. The pleasure was so incredible. I look down to see him licking the base of my penis. I watched as he slowly licked up my shaft towards the top of the head. he took my whole dick in his mouth, and started to deepthroat me slowly.

" ohh my god!" I screamed in pleasure. I could hardly contain myself. I felt the cum ready to explode out of my dick hole. I look back towards my crotch and saw a pair of big brown eyes looking back up at me.

"Gio, I'm going to cum!" I said out of pure desperation. my cock was longing for release. 3 huge loads of semen squirted out of my dick. And down his throat. He slurped it up.

my eyes opened slowly, to see Giovanni looking at me with those big brown eyes full of wonder. " Daniel McGuire, will you have sex with me?"

what do I say to him? I want to but I'm nervous. I don't want to hurt his feelings spin say no, but at the same time I don't think I can do it. I'm so conflicted. his big puppy dog eyes were not making my decision any easier. I placed my hand on the back of his neck, I pulled him close to me, I inched him closer, inch by inch, and his silky smooth lips against mine. we kissed slowly for about five minutes. he slowly grinded his body up against mine, up and down he slowly moved as he kissed me.

I slid my hands slowly up is back, underneath his shirt. I felt each 1 of his back muscles move underneath my palms. our lips locked once again, we continue to kiss and feel each other's bodies. his body heat kept me warm as the temperature outside the tent got colder. we will go over, and now I was on top of him, slowly moving my body with each kiss.

Our dicks are now fully hard, and we started to grind them together. silent moans kept exiting are mouths at the same time. we started to kiss a little harder, and I finally pulled off his shirt to reveal his nice perfectly chiseled body. the sweat was glistening because of the fire outside. we lock lips once again.

" you taste so good Danny." giovanni whispered between kisses." oh God... I love you so much Gio." I whispered between my kisses as well. he somehow pulled off my shirt, revealing my body. he stopped, and admired me.

" you're so cute Danny." he said looking up at me with a smile on his face.

" do you want to just cuddle?" I asked. his facial expressions changed, and had him to disappointment in it. Why Did he look so disappointed? Did I do something wrong? But soon a smile crept across his face. " Sure " He said. I climbed off Of him.

I crawl behind him and wrap my arms around his lean, muscular body, And went to sleep.




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